Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Apocalypse Philly: A Deadly D.A., Cowardly Mayor & Lightweight P.C.

By Ralph Cipriano

In this apocalyptic year, the citizens of Philadelphia had to endure riots, a pandemic, and a record number of murders. 

They also had to put up with incompetent and corrupt leadership from a trio of top city officials. We're talking about our "reform" district attorney whose radical policies have repeatedly proved to be deadly. Next, there's our lying, cowardly but politically correct mayor who repeatedly refused to defend his city. And finally, we have the mayor's "diverse" new police commissioner, who turned out to be a real lightweight.

Cranking out an average of three stories a week, many of them scoops, Big Trial was the only local media outlet to rise to the occasion, and hold our public officials accountable throughout the year by documenting their lies, incompetence, and corruption.

It's a full-time job, but here in Philadelphia, official incompetence and corruption have deadly consequences. We're up to 498 murders for 2020, the highest number in 30 years. 

As far as our corrupt city officials are concerned, let's start with District Attorney Larry Krasner. This man, bought and paid for with $1.7 million of billionaire George Soros's money, is a walking, talking perversion of what a district attorney should be.

As D.A., Larry Krasner sees the primary function of his office as doing favors for criminals. 

He doesn't give a damn about crime victims. And he hates cops, and has a lust for indicting them.

In the past 12 months, Big Trial documented in 23 scoops the perverted way the D.A. runs his office. Here's what Larry Krasner did for criminals, always at the expense of crime victims, often the most vulnerable among us.

As chronicled by Big Trial, Krasner's D.A. office:

-- helped a career burglar beat 27 new burglary cases.

-- freed a stoned pharmacist caught with $30,000 worth of Xanax.

-- wouldn't prosecute a theft caught on video by a suspect who confessed. 

-- let John Allen Kane, a two-time murderer, out of jail because of a legal dispute over a $25 traffic ticket; the feds had to go out and re-arrest the killer. 

-- helped a Haitian immigrant who severely beat and strangled his fiancee stay in the U.S.

-- twice declined to prosecute a criminal for alleged gun crimes, a criminal who subsequently murdered a pregnant woman

-- failed to protect a mother who was a victim of domestic abuse by her boyfriend; and subsequently failed to protect that mother's deaf six-year-old child from being brutally beaten to death by that same abusive boyfriend.

-- gave house arrest to a confessed baby killer.

-- let a supposedly nonviolent prisoner out of jail during the pandemic, a prisoner who promptly went out just 20 days later and participated in the brutal murder of a bodega owner.

-- ran a revolving door for armed and dangerous drug dealers.

-- failed on multiple occasions to put future civil rights martyr and alleged family man Walter Wallace Jr. in jail, when the law clearly required it. The D.A.'s dereliction of duty allowed the mentally-ill, knife-and-gun-wielding Wallace to continue to menace his family, and finally -- and fatally -- the cops.

-- routinely allowed armed and dangerous drug dealers to get out of jail, so they could commit more crimes that included armed carjackings, gunpoint robberies, rape, as well as -- in just one month -- a half-dozen murders.

Nice work, huh? And as far as Krasner's war on cops, here's what the D.A.'s office did to police officers:

-- freed a suspect in a cop shooting.

-- conspired to maliciously prosecute a detective for telling the truth about an officer-involved shooting, because Krasner wanted to indict the cop, but the detective refused to change his story. 

-- let an armed and dangerous drug dealer out of jail who subsequently murdered Corporal James O'Connor. 

-- let a second armed and dangerous drug dealer out of jail on two different occasions the month before Corporal O'Connor was murdered; the second armed and dangerous drug dealer was also charged with O'Connor's murder. 

-- stonewalled Krasner's own role as a fact witness in the case of an AR-15-wielding suspect who shot six cops, by the D.A. repeatedly refusing to be interviewed by police.

-- indicted a decorated SWAT team member for following the orders of his superiors, who told him to clear the Vine Street Expressway of protesters, because they were breaking the law by illegally blocking  traffic during rush hour. 

-- libeled and indicted Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna by falsely charging that he struck a protester in the head with his baton, supposedly opening a gaping wound. Video of the incident, however, shows no such blow to the head, no blood, and no such gaping wound. But the video does show the protester interfering with Bologna and other officers, and stealing Bologna's baton. 

-- in a notorious, 40-year-old case, the D.A. tried to free convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, even though Krasner admitted under oath that Mumia is guilty.

Quite an impressive record for the city's highest law enforcement officer, wouldn't you say?

Now let's talk about Krasner's character, and who he really is, as revealed by his actions, and not his deceitful words. According to reporting done in the past year by Big Trial, D.A. Krasner:

-- lied about the existence of public records that showed the many thousands of cases that his office declined to prosecute.

-- cooked up some deceptive crime stats to cover up the incompetence and corruption of his office.

-- and finally, when he got caught near a gun battle, he ran "like a bitch." 

Of those 23 stories, not one of them would have ever been told if it was up to the so-called journalists at The Philadelphia Inquirer and every other local media outlet you can think of.

And now, for another exercise in futility, guess how many times Larry Krasner and Jane Roh, his alleged spokesperson, decided to comment on those 23 stories? 

The correct answer is zero. The D.A., who gets paid $179,299 a year, and Roh, the $82,000 a-year hack who gets paid for doing nothing, stonewalled Big Trial on every one of those 23 stories, as well as countless others.

And by joining the cover up, the Inquirer and the rest of the local media let Krasner get away with stonewalling.

Here's where we're at in Philadelphia: Krasner's progressive policies are literally responsible for killing people. And the local media, led by the Inquirer, is too timid and politically correct to report about it. 

Besides the misdeeds of the D.A. himself, Big Trial devoted eight more stories to chronicling the hijinks and illegal activities of Krasner's top aides and progressive young prosecutors, such as:

-- the D.A.'s newest advisor, who turned out to be a disbarred lawyer.

-- the D.A.'s corrupt former aide, Movita Johnson-Harrell, who caught a break when Krasner decided to ignore an obvious conflict of interest and not prosecute Movita's son for brazenly beating up his baby mama

-- the head of DA's conviction integrity unit, Patricia Cummings, who herself lacks integrity. Cummings was the villain in a five-part Showtime documentary that revealed her own shocking breach of legal ethics as a criminal defense lawyer in Texas that resulted in one of her clients, a former high school football star, spending years in jail for a horrendous crime against a child that he didn't commit. 

-- a top aide to D.A. Krasner who was arrested for abandoning her own child. 

-- one of Krasner's assistant district attorneys who posted "Fuck the cops" on Instagram. 

-- another diverse Krasner ADA who had a persistent habit of going on social media to proclaim how much she doesn't like white people.

-- the D.A.'s gun violence counselor who, after he arranged a rendezvous during regular work hours, shot and killed a male prostitute. 

-- the D.A. himself who rolled out the red carpet for an accused serial rapist, so he could "train" Krasner's young impressionable prosecutors. 

Predictably, Krasner and Roh declined to say whether any of their young impressionable prosecutors were raped or sexually abused by this accused predator. And when I filed a right-to-know request to find out how much taxpayers money Krasner had paid to the accused serial rapist, Krasner's minions filed a request for a 30-day appeal. 

It's amazing how many corrupt people and downright criminals that D.A. Krasner has chosen to surround himself with. Predictably, most of these Big Trial scoops about the criminals in Krasner's office wound up being ignored by the rest of the media. But even the Inquirer had to write about the top aide to Krasner, after she got arrested for abandoning her child.

The Inky also was forced to run a follow-up story on the gun violence counselor who shot and killed a male prostitute, after U.S. Attorney William McSwain publicly called the newspaper out. 

"Your Philly DA's office: where Krasner hires an employee who allegedly ends up shooting and killing a man," McSwain tweeted. "You can't even make this stuff up. The destruction that Krasner has wrought on that office is a tragedy."

"So where's the @PhillyInquirer article on this?" McSwain wrote in a subsequent tweet. "Everybody knows that the Inquirer bends over backwards to protect Krasner, but this is a little too obvious -- even for them."

As for Mayor Kenney, who gets paid $218,000 a year, Big Trial was there on June 11th when an army of anarchists posing as homeless protesters took over a kids' ball field on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and the courageous Kenney responded by ordering the cops to stand down.

And Big Trial was there three months later when Kenney again backed down to the anarchists, and called off a planned police raid on the homeless camp, which was overrun with drugs, filth, and lawlessness. 

Throughout the year, Kenney repeatedly refused to defend the city as it was being repeatedly invaded by rioters, demonstrators, and anarchists. Acting as judge and jury, Kenney even let 756 of the supposedly nonviolent protesters out of jail without a hint of due process. Kenney also repeatedly betrayed the cops who were trying to protect the citizens, by stabbing them in the back, after he and his new police commissioner sent them out to uphold the law. 

The following Kenney embarrassments and scandals were reported exclusively by Big Trial:

-- how the Kenney administration and Kenney's new police commissioner fiddled while Philly burned during the George Floyd riots. 

-- how the cowardly and deceitful mayor presided over the ritualistic public sacrifice of former Deputy Police Commissioner Dennis Wilson. He took the fall for Kenney and Police Commissioner Outlaw by falsely stating he and he alone ordered the teargassing of protesters on the Vine Street Expressway, when the truth was that both Kenney and Outlaw were in on everything that was going on. 

-- how the Kenney administration secretly provided 24/7 security details for VIPs during the George Floyd riots; the VIPs included all but one City Council member, and Kenney's alleged girlfriend. 

-- how the Kenney administration had an official database that recorded dead people voting, like former heavyweight boxing champ Smokin' Joe Frazier. And after Big Trial wrote about that database, the city promptly shut it down and floated an alibi about a faulty algorithm

-- how Kenney's original mentor, former state Senator Vince Fumo, called Kenney a "liar, hypocrite and pussy," and was so outraged by Kenney's repeated betrayal of the citizens that the elderly Fumo, who has a bad back and ticker, publicly challenged his former protege to a street fight. 

Regarding our low-profile Police Commissioner Outlaw, Big Trial was there when the rookie commish:

-- issued her first official policy directive, about nail polish.

-- ordered the cops during the pandemic to stop making arrests.

-- violated official police department policy by taking a knee with protesters.

-- saw her official alibi for allegedly not being in the loop about the teargassing of protesters go up in smoke.

-- recited meaningless crime statistics while dead bodies were piling up.

-- came up with a 37-page crime-fighting treatise that was panned by three former high-ranking police officials as a "B- freshman sociology paper" and "Crime-fighting Lite."

-- presided over a police department with a social media policy that's a ridiculous double standard. 

-- wound up on the side of a milk carton after her own troops dubbed her MIA, as in Missing In Action.

While she consistently remained publicly out of sight, Outlaw, who gets paid $285,000 a year, was busy mismanaging the Police Department.

In one of her big personnel moves, Outlaw promoted to Chief Inspector Altovise Love-Craighead, as the leader of the Police Department's Community Relations Bureau. During a bloody 48-hour period that included Thanksgiving, when the city was besieged by 20 shootings, including nine murders, Love-Craighead sent out an email to more than 7,500 sworn officers and civilian personnel, advertising an upcoming "Audition for Family Feud! You could win up to $100,000 and a brand new car!"

"It was embarrassing to say the least," one senior commander said. "The entire department is laughing."

In another brilliant management coup, Outlaw also appointed Melvin Singleton, known as "Simpleton" among the troops, as her first deputy commissioner.

In his brief reign, Simpleton, who was getting paid $149,000 two years ago before his big promotion, ignited an internal police investigation when he ordered cops to kneel before BLM protesters. 

For his next trick, Simpleton totally mismanaged the deployment of police personnel in response to threats of further riots. 

Finally, Simpleton unwisely packed cops on buses and vans during the Walter Wallace Jr. riots, causing a severe outbreak of COVID-19 that resulted in 500 sick cops and several dead cops.

This is the woeful record compiled in the past 12 months by our D.A., mayor, and police commissioner, and their top aides who between them earn some $1 million annually. 

Yes, Philly's in sad shape when it comes to leadership. And it's in even sadder shape when it comes to journalism.

If you've made it this far, consider this. If it wasn't for the work of a part-time blogger, none of the fifty stories mentioned above would have ever been told. 

As was often said during the Watergate scandal, the cover up is worse than the crime. In Philadelphia, sadly, that's what most of our alleged journalists were busy doing during the past year, led by the official Progressive Democratic apologists at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

They were busy covering up the crimes, cowardice and malfeasance of our public officials, when they should have been exposing them.

For shame. 


  1. Thank you Ralph for being the only real reporter in this city.

  2. Ralph, thanks so much for your courageous reporting. You are one of only a few media folks in Philly who get it. Please keep up the great work. Happy New Year

    1. There are not enough Saw Doctors Fans in Philadelphia. I wish we could get one more tour out of them.

  3. Ralph, A bad year for the city, but a good year for you. Outstanding reporting and commentary. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Paul, and Happy New Year to you as well.

      Paul previously wrote about me in a column for Philly Weekly:

    2. Ralph with much respect Have a Happy New Year. Keep up this incredible work that you do. W/O you we wouldn't be able to make the ppl AWARE of all the CORRUPTION that goes on in this filthy city.God Bless you & Family.

  4. Its a long fly ball, its . . . its . . . outta here! Home run Ralph.

  5. Ahh, the great Harry Kalas. His former lawyer, Dion Rassias at the Beasley Firm, has kept Harry's famous home run call as the message on his phone. Every time I call Dion, I'm secretly hoping he's busy so I can hear Harry make that call again.

  6. If the city hits 500 homicides, the P.C. should be immediately fired. Great reporting Ralph. Happy New Year!

  7. Funny how City Council ignores Outlaw’s inefficiencies, yet they wanted Coulter to resign over a t-shirt from 30 years ago. I guess a Rodney King shirt from 30 years ago is more important to crooks on city council than almost 500 homicides.

  8. Great job again Ralph. Here is one for you. Gun permits has a 1400 backlog. Word is cops are being told to approve all applications without fingerprints or background checks!! WTF. Check with the LT there!! She thinks she can get away with anything! We are watching you and a letter has been sent to Outlaw and her Deputy!! Investigate Ralph!

    1. I got denied a cop cause of a background. I guess I can at least carry a gun then.

  9. To the Inquirer: "Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly -Gandhi" Your voice must be continued to be heard as the silence of the voters has to be stirred up by telling the truth about the City and its three Mouseketeers.

  10. Great article Ralph. Your next one should be on how the Feds just paid a visit to a certain DC's house and reclaimed her service weapon because, apparently, her thug daughter was using it to commit robberies. I thought Danny wanted to be transparent? So why hasn't she called a press conference to throw this DC under the bus like she did former DC Wilson???? Anyone??

    1. I think that we already know that answer.

    2. Wilson is White and Simpleton is Black as
      easy as that.

    3. Exactly!! This department is so double standard its sick. Put her on the news to walk the plank like you did Wilson!

  11. Excellent piece, Ralph. Certainly the three stooges in question provide you with a great deal of material. Unfortunately, all of it is bad. Happy New Year and keep up the great work.

  12. Excellent piece, Ralph. Certainly the three stooges in question provide you with a great deal of material. Unfortunately, all of it is bad. Happy New Year and keep up the great work.

  13. Here is an idea that works if u are interested in cutting down killings: stop and frisk. Don’t have to be Wyatt Earp to figure that out.

  14. Just a simple "Thank you" Ralph. Stay healthy and safe in the New Year. John

  15. I would not be surprised if in the next year or so big tech conspires to ensure that every negative article written regarding Soros minions like Krasner has a disclaimer linking to "facts" published by the ministry of truth about how releasing armed drug dealers "is actually good". That's what presently happens when anyone dares point out the election fraud perpetrated this year. Good luck and happy new year Ralph!

  16. Attention LT. in gun permits. Expect a visit soon! Very soon.... ATF? FBI?.....All eyes on you!!!

  17. Lisa you better believe we are on to you.....How many people have been processed so far that no backround check was conducted no fingerprints taken? Damn near 500 Homicides this year and the Gun Permit unit is giving away permits to carry like free turkeys on Thanksgiving!!! SMDH Checking the DAR NEXT!!!.

  18. Happy new year Ralph. Thanks for your service as the last muckraker in muckadelphia.

  19. Great work Ralph, looking forward to another year of truthful and insightful reporting. The Inky is not made up of individual journalists reporting facts as they see them, our paper of record produces a mass edict on many subjects, crime being one of them.

    If men and women are drawn to journalism as their chosen field and believe that rooting out corruption and abuse is what they live to uncover, I would say those employed by the Inky have shortchanged our region when it comes to crime.

    Being told to check our motives when it comes to discrimination does not sit well when we watch the bias their journalists show towards defendants. Condemning a defendant prior to a trial should be illegal, it denies a defendant a fair trial. Working with the prosecution to sway public opinion crosses the line for a journalist.

    If a police officer coerces a witness into giving false or misleading testimony against a defendant, its criminal, how does this differ from a journalist reporting “ facts” given them by the prosecution. Being used by the prosecution to disseminated false or misleading information is also criminal.

    The Inky needs to make a collective New Years resolution to get out of the prosecution business. We all need a fairer more transparent justice system, recognizing the part we all play in its repair. There is no way to turn the ship around when prior to a trail, especially a high profile trial, when weeks, months and years of false information made its way into the hands of millions of readers.

    Regardless of what your readers feel about the Philadelphia Traffic Court trial, the FBI agent on the case lied repeatedly and was caught repeatedly by the defense. It was a weeks long trial, it was hard to miss, unless the Inkys motive was to deny defendants and the public the truth, which they succeeded in doing. The antics of the prosecution hiding tickets and trying to hide a crucial witness for the defense, also was incredulous.

    These truths should have been front page news, instead it was buried by people we are supposed to go to for the truth. The agent and prosecutors are still working on other high profile cases. Like journalists who cover these trials the ends must justify the means, lying and scheming to gain a conviction are accepted practices in the justice department and it seems like its acceptable practice at Inky as well.

  20. and when he got caught near a gun battle, he ran "like a bitch."
    LOL Happy New Year! & Thanks for keeping it REAL.....

  21. A Fitting Start to A Healthy and Happy New Year, would be a March On City Hall led by the Loyal Opposition and You Ralph and Carlos Vega as Grand Marshalls.

    Let's see if Kenney has the Balls to Stop That Protest and whether there are Police willing to intervene or arrest the Participants.


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