Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Larry Krasner's 'Diverse' ADA Doesn't Like White People

By Ralph Cipriano 

She's an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia who doesn't like white people. 

She goes on Twitter to advise members of Black Lives Matter on how to keep themselves out of jail by not posting videos of their illegal activities online.

She thinks the legal profession is racist, the criminal justice system is racist, the bar exam is racist, elite law schools are racist, the Republican and Democratic parties are racist, and the U.S. Constitution is racist. 

She's Assistant District Attorney Isabella Aguilar, a native of Chicago, and a graduate of the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. She's been a Philly ADA since August 2019, when she was personally recruited by District Attorney Larry Krasner. On her Twitter account, Aguilar says that she's "currently in Philly trying to reform our system," and she's "unapologetically Latina."

She's also unapologetically candid on Twitter about how much she can't stand white people. 
Aguilar, who did not respond to a request for comment, was one of more than 60 rookie prosecutors personally recruited by D.A. Krasner in 2019. It was a class that Krasner hailed in a Sept. 9, 2019 press release as the "largest and most diverse class of new ADAs ever hired by the Philadelphia DAO from top law schools across the country."

Eighteen of the more than 60 rookies personally recruited by Krasner last year promptly failed the bar exam.

As they have done for more than a year, D.A. Krasner and Jane Roh, his alleged spokesperson, did not respond to a request for comment. But taken together, Aguilar's numerous tweets present a disturbing view of the mindset in Progressive Larry Krasner's D.A.'s office.

Krasner has previously had a problem in his office with outspoken employees going on social media to trash white people, as well as cops.

Jane Roh, Krasner's official spokesperson, posted a tweet last year mocking white protesters who were carrying "Dump Krasner" signs at a rally in support of Maureen Faulkner, the widow of slain Police Officer Danny Faulkner.

Krasner wants to let Mumia Abu-Jamal, Danny Faulkner's convicted killer, out of jail. And Roh thought there was something funny about the racial makeup of the slain officer's supporters, who were protesting Krasner's plan to let the nation's most infamous cop killer out of jail.

"There's something about this picture can't qwhite put my finger on it . . ." Roh tweeted about the protesters.

Roh was subsequently reprimanded for violating the D.A.'s official policy on social media that "prohibits employees from making any comment about a pending or future case." According to a Dec. 2, 2019 affidavit, Arun S. Prabhakaran, then Krasner's chief of staff, stated that he "informed Ms. Roh" in a written memorandum about the policy violation.

Roh isn't the only offender in Krasner's D.A. office. On May 31st, while the city of Philadelphia was under siege by protesters, looters, and arsonists, Assistant District Attorney Sonam Vachhani tweeted, "FUCK THE COPS." Vachhani, who was told to stay home for a few days, subsequently resigned.

When he hired his rookie prosecutors, Krasner was outspoken about their qualifications. In a press release, Krasner boasted about this "incredibly bright group of new prosecutors who are fully committed to seeking justice for the people of Philadelphia."

On Twitter, he said his new rookie prosecutors were "brilliant and reform-minded."

On Oct. 12, 2019, Krasner went on Fox 29's Good Day Philadelphia Weekend show to tell host Lauren Dawn about his new group of diverse prosecutors. The rookies all had "different levels of talent and intelligence together and that's what we want," Krasner told Dawn.

One of the two rookie prosecutors Krasner brought with him on the show was Aguilar. She told Dawn that Philadelphia reminded her of her hometown.

"I think Philadelphia and Chicago have some of the same issues," Aguilar said. She said she was excited to join the Philly D.A.'s office because, "I believe the district attorney is interested in the same issues that I am; that meant a lot to me."

But on her Twitter account, Aguilar has expressed disenchantment with "progressive prosecutors," as well as the D.A.'s office under Krasner.

She's also consistently stated that she's not a big fan of white folks.

On Feb. 4th, she wrote, "It always makes me cringe when I go on someone's Instagram and every single person in every group photo is white."

On April 4th, she wrote, "I'm gonna need the yt [abbreviation for "whitey"] saviors to chill."

On April 10th, she tweeted, "I am determined to live my life with the confidence of a mediocre yt ["whitey"] man."

On June 29th, she tweeted, "I'm really sick of liberal white men determining legitimacy. An institution isn't legitimate if it sometime gives you an ideological victory, while it also severely marginalizes historically disadvantaged communities. Listen to black folks, you don't always have the best take."

On July 18th, she blasted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, another white male, by saying, "You have spent you're entire career blocking process and marginalizing oppressed communities. FUCK YOU."

On Aug. 11th, she wrote that "Two party systems are for maintaining a white supremacist patriarchal colonial state."

On Aug. 15, 2020, when people were criticizing Richard Posner, a former U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge in Chicago, Aguilar wrote, "He thinks (1) people want to hear everything he thinks, & (2) he's an expert on everything, because he's a mediocre white man."

She even resents whites who share her progressive political views on criminal justice reform. On Aug. 20th, she posted, "Let's be 100% honest here, there's a lot of white saviors in the criminal reform & public defender space."

Let's point out the obvious here -- if Aguilar was tweeting these remarks about black people, she'd be out of a job by now. But in the world of Progressive Larry Krasner, reverse racism is Ok. It's perfectly acceptable to despise an entire race strictly because of the color of their skin.

Aguilar also thinks that the U.S. Constitution is racist, and that its conservative defenders are racists.

On April 16, 2019, she wrote, "I think textualism is a bullshit doctrine. White cis [cisgender] powerful men of the past wrote our laws and Constitution. Current white cis [cisgender] powerful men want to interpret those laws to benefit them most. Sounds like 'identity politics' to me."

She also believes the U.S. Supreme Court is corrupt. On June 29th, she tweeted, "The Supreme Court is still a political entity masking as a nonpartisan institution. It's still illegitimate."

On Twitter, Aguilar has taken it upon herself to dispense free legal advice to members of Black Lives Matters on how to stay out of trouble with the law.

On Aug. 10th, she posted, "stop posting videos of yourself or others online doing incriminating things! #BLM."

On Aug 16th, she posted, "PLEASE be careful posting videos of protesters engaging in potentially incriminating offenses in stand offs with police. The feds ARE making warrant arrests based off the videos you're posting & circulating. Even further, those videos are then used at trial to convict someone!"

Also on Aug. 16th, in response to tweets about cops arresting protesters, Aguilar wrote, "And even more get arrested because folks are posting videos of protesters online, which law enforcement then uses to identify people and make warrant arrests."

Why is Aguilar so angry that she has to publicly vent her anger on white people? Well, like many young people, she's carrying a lot of student debt.

On March 9th, Aguilar tweeted, "after Northwestern Law School gave me $8,500 to pay off loans, I still owe over $250,00 in student debt. I will never, and I mean never, be able to pay this off. #cripplingstudentdebt."

To prove it, she posted online the account balance on her student loan, which was $252,134.10.

When Aguilar took the bar exam the first time in 2019, she flunked. Passing the bar exam is traditionally a condition of employment in the D.A.'s office. But under Krasner's reign, Aguilar kept her job, as well as her salary of $61,140 salary as an ADA, even though -- because she hadn't pass the bar exam -- she couldn't go to court or write briefs.

But, Krasner kept Aguilar on the payroll as an ADA, so she could cram for the next bar exam. The second time around, on April 9th, Aguilar tweeted, "Today I passed the bar exam."

But she continued to dismiss the test as racist, a sin that she believes has contaminated the entire legal profession.

On June 19th, she tweeted, "The reason we still have a bar exam requirement is because (1) the legal profession is racist & wants to continue to gatekeep, & (2) bar companies & states make way too much free money to ever be ok with giving the bar up."

On July 7th, she tweeted, "We know that the legal field will always work overtime to exclude first students of color. We don't need reminders of our 'chances' at obtaining prestigious clerkships or jobs. We already know our odds. What we need is encouragement. Constantly."

On July 15th, she tweeted, "The bar exam is racist and stupid. It measures your access to privilege, not your potential for being a capable attorney -- sincerely, someone who just passed the Feb 2020 exam."

On July 16th, she wrote "the folks like myself who took the Feb 2020 bar exam should be the last people to ever take it. #DiplomaPrivilegeNow."

On July 26th, she tweeted, "I lived with my parents all of law school (thank god that was a possibility for me) and saved all the money I made from various research gigs to travel to Paris and the Amalfi Coast for the first time. It was my dream."

Left unsaid was the obvious point that Aguilar could have used the money from her various research gigs to pay off her student loans. She could also have been grateful to her parents for giving her a place to stay.

But on Twitter, Aguilar dissed conservative parents by saying, "I find it beautiful when kids raised by homophobic, racists, sexist, transphobic conservative parents grow up to become radical leftists. #ItsME #NotSorryDad."

And she continued to trash America on Twitter, as well as "elite law schools," like the one she had just graduated from.

On Aug 19th, she tweeted, "elite law schools are racist, classist, sexist . . . need i continue?" 

She also appears to prefer communism over democracy, and women over men.

On July 29, she retweeted comments saying "under communism we will abolish the constitution" and "eat the rich." And then she wrote, "I can't wait to have a daughter so I can teach her to be strong, independent, and to take over the world #TheFutureisFemale."

Her goal, which she shared on Twitter, was to become a federal law clerk.

On July 7th, she wrote, "I have my federal clerkship application materials read to go. For some reason, I just can't muster up the courage to send them off."

But on Aug. 12th, Aguilar was pining for the freedom of a job in the private sector. "One day, I won't work for the government and I can post controversial takes/critiques on Twitter -- I like to swear."

"Just get a burner account," somebody else tweeted. "I've been thinking about it," she replied.

But she decided she still wanted a government job.

On Aug. 29th, she tweeted when she becomes a federal law clerk, "I promise to do everything I can to make the ranks of clerks as diverse as possible." She stated that her goal was to "be back in the Northern District of Illinois by fall 2022."

Other Aguilar tweets reflect disenchantment with judges, progressive prosecutors, as well as the D.A.'s office under Krasner.

She tweeted that most judges are former prosecutors, so they're pro-prosecution, and she thinks that some so-called progressive prosecutors really aren't. She also described the Philly D.A.'s office under Progressive Larry Krasner as "an extremely hostile & resistant institution."

On March 21st, she tweeted, "not everyone in a 'progressive prosecutors' office is 'progressive.'"

On July 24th, she wrote, "In an unjust system all you can ever do is harm reduction."

On May 26th, Aguilar tweeted, "I've been really dismayed at the way I see prison abolitionists asking evil racist murderer cops to be imprisoned or get the DP. Prison/the criminal system doesn't give us justice. We deserve something better. Change, accountability, the dismantling of white supremacy."

"If we legitimatize the system when it feels good to do so, we also legitimize the system when it marginalizes and oppresses poor people of color," Aguilar said. "And this is the rule. Getting 'justice' for a cop or vigilante through the system is the rare exception."

On July 23, 2020, Aguilar wrote, "Something I didn't used to understand, and something many critics still don't understand, is even the most 'progressive prosecutor' is still a prosecutor. Their job is to prosecute crimes, and they have to care about 'safety risk.'"

"I was naive to think a progressive prosecutor would drop every case, never ask to hold someone pre-trial, etc," she wrote.

But alas, we're not going to hear any more Aguilar gems on Twitter. Yesterday, after Big Trial emailed Aguilar, asking about her tweets, she deactivated her account.


  1. Memo to ADA Isabella Aguilar

    Re: Social Media Commentary


    (Neither black, nor white)

  2. Gee, she's a real gem. Vote Republican, forever. Our city government was bad enough, now we've this blathering, racist idiot, from Chicago, another gem of a vapid, moronic liberal from San Francisco, that Helen Gym, and of course, from the great city of Portland, we now have the little girl in the big policeman uniform, Danielle Outlaw. They've got me yearning for the good old days when it was merely utter corruption, the John Street Era.

  3. She should sue the University of Nortwestern Law School for the 250.000...Her verbal and cognitive skills bring to mind an angry immature teenager

    1. Or maybe we should sue the University for the poor education they provided to her before letting her loose to endanger the citizens of Philadelphia.

  4. Thank you for bringing these stories forward, you know the mainstream news won’t.

  5. Must be a slow news day. People like you have had it on for Krasnee since day 1. She spoke a lot of truths. The only people who should be offended are mediocre yt (it means white not whitey) men. Guess you count yourself among them.

    1. Is this little Bennie Waxman again?

    2. Oh looks like Larry found one of the numerous dopes in his office to comment!!

  6. What a pack of mongrels Krasner has assembled in the DA Office.

    There should be a fund to neuter that Office before the Next Election.

  7. Thanks for your articles. A breath of fresh air.

  8. It's a amazing that somebody as vocal as her against white people could actually work in the DAs office.

  9. The legal system is chock full of institutional racism.

  10. She is far from a professional. It just goes to show that as long as you can memorize information, you can be anything you want in college without being intelligent.


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