Wednesday, July 29, 2020

To Save His Own Ass, Mayor Jim Kenney Presided Over The Public Sacrifice Of A Scapegoat Named Dennis Wilson

By Ralph Cipriano

At a June 25th press conference, a masked Mayor Jim Kenney stood silently off to the side of the podium so he wouldn't get any blood splashed on his suit as he watched the ritualistic slaughter of a scapegoat. 

The public sacrifice of Deputy Police Commissioner Dennis Wilson was an ugly but necessary spectacle, however, because it served to absolve Kenney and his hand-picked police commissioner of any personal responsibility for the June 1st teargassing of protesters on the Vine Street Expressway.

After Wilson had been dispatched, Kenney came to the podium, took off his mask and proceeded to throw his entire police department under the bus by lying about what had actually transpired on the Expressway. 

In doing so, Kenney once again raised the white flag of surrender to the lawless mob that's been invading his city, with little resistance under Kenney's command, since May 31st. Kenney's handpicked police commissioner finished the job by making an announcement that all but guarantees the city will be defenseless the next time the mob decides to return to inflict more damage. 

Even by Kenney's standards, it was a remarkable display that he presided over on June 25th, one of cowardice, deception, and treachery. And when I called Kenney on it yesterday, the mayor was still hiding under his desk. And no doubt hoping that the rest of the press corps won't awaken from its slumber and finally get around to reporting that Kenney and his handpicked police commissioner had lied to their collective faces about the deployment of tear gas. And, as of this morning, they're still getting away with it.

In the light of recent revelations, it's worthwhile to take a second look at the show Kenney and Outlaw put on for the press and public on June 25th.

Kenney began his performance at the 25-minute press conference at police headquarters by watching Deputy Commissioner Wilson take the fall for the entire Police Department. 

Wilson did it by claiming that it was he and he alone, and not Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, who made the call to deploy tear gas on the Vine Street Expressway. And Wilson confessed that he forgot to get the commissioner's final approval before the cops sent tear gas canisters flying. 

The only problem was, it's not true. As revealed previously by Big Trial, several police sources confided that the story Wilson told at the press conference was total B.S. And that Wilson knows -- and phone records would show -- that even though, according to police department policy, as the highest ranking commander at the scene, he didn't need Outlaw's approval to deploy tear gas, Wilson sought it anyway, and that she indeed gave him the green light.

Why did Wilson take the fall, along with a voluntary demotion to chief inspector, and an annual pay cut of $30,000? Because, according to police sources, he'd been threatened with arrest by our corrupt district attorney. And if convicted by a jury during a time when everybody's dumping on the cops, under Pennsylvania law, Wilson stood to lose not only his pension, but also a DROP bonus of some $800,000.

To recap, on the day of the press conference, Kenney and Outlaw were under attack, not only for weeks by the local Progressive press corps for the use of tear gas on the allegedly "peaceful" protesters. But just that morning, the bible of the left, the all-powerful New York Times, had terrorized the locals by posting a ten-minute edited video online that as far as left-wing Progressive snowflakes were concerned, made what happened on the Vine Street Expressway the moral equivalent of the My Lai massacre. 

As a card-carrying Progressive, when the mighty New York Times publicly indicts you for sins against Progressivism, and the Twitter mob is ready to pounce, Kenney knew the only acceptable thing to do was to grovel and surrender, appease and apologize. 

The mayor had just watched as his handpicked commissioner had "humbly" apologized to those peaceful demonstrators and pronounced that she was not only "disgusted" but "sickened beyond description" by the horrors that she saw on the Times video. 

Not to be upstaged, Kenney began his speech by saying, "I'm as disturbed as the commissioner by what is depicted in the New York Times video report."

An investigation into the teargassing of the protesters was already underway by the Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau. Kenney had also previously announced that he had commissioned an independent investigation of the city's response to the protests.

But with the NYT on his tail, Kenney knew he had to do something fast to satisfy his Progressive base. So he ordered up the press conference featuring the public sacrifice of Wilson.

"It was clear to me that we cannot wait for the results of these probes to take action," Kenney declared. Then it was time to grovel.

"I should also be held accountable," he said before confessing that the day before the protests on the Vine Street Expressway, Kenney had approved the use of tear gas on 52nd Street in West Philadelphia, where rioting, looting and arson was being done by those peaceful protesters. As had Outlaw.

For acting albeit briefly to defend the city, a guilt-stricken Kenney confessed, "I ignored what my instincts told me." 

And what were those instincts telling our surrender monkey of a mayor? That deploying tear gas was always evil, especially when used on Democratic voters.

Ever since, "I've regretted my decision," Kenney blubbered. And, as a true Progressive, Kenney continued, "I recognize that I also need to apologize."

Then it was time for the bus to rumble through the press conference, over the bodies of the entire police force.

"I apologize sincerely to the peaceful protesters out there on that highway on June 1st who were simply choosing to exercise their right to speak out against injustice and institutional racism," Kenney said.

Yo Mr. Mayor. At the time the tear gas was deployed, those peaceful protesters were not speaking out against injustice and institutional racism. They were breaking the law by dangerously venturing out into the Vine Street Expressway, to risk their own lives and others by blocking traffic during rush hour.

That's a crime. The entire New York Times video is built on that lie. And the cops were acting to clear the expressway of lawbreakers by using the classic tools of the trade, which included tear gas and pepper spray, tools that Kenney and Outlaw had personally authorized for use against rioters, looters and arsonists the day before, on 52nd Street.

Congrats Mayor Kenney and Commissioner Outlaw; way to lose the entire police department. Can you imagine any police officer deciding to risk his or her life in the service of the city? Even if they're following orders, like former SWAT team member Richard Nicoletti was, the cops know if public opinion blows the other way, now they risk having to face the firing squad of Kenney, Outlaw and Krasner.

As Ricky Watters once said, for who? For what?

But Kenney was on a roll. At the press conference, he invoked his previous less-than-inspiring call for "healing and reconciliation." And then he said that what the cops did on the Vine Street Expressway "was the precise opposite." 

Having cleansed his soul through a ritualistic blood sacrifice, a public confession and an apology, Kenney followed up with a pledge.

"I pledge to do everything I can to fix what's broken in this police department," he said. "I pledge to do much better for this city."

Yo Mr. Mayor, if you want to fix what's broken in the police department, look in the mirror and resign. And take your rookie police commissioner with you.

It's Kenney who bears responsibility for the rioting, looting and arson fires that ensued during the George Floyd protests. Because it was Kenney who got rid of former Police Commissioner Richard Ross and Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Sullivan, a couple of guys who knew how to handle an unruly crowd.

It was Kenney who gutted the Police Department's leadership and replaced them with the incompetent but easily controlled Danielle Outlaw; riots promptly ensued.

It was Kenney who watched helplessly as the rioters, looters and arsonists pillaged the city. It was Kenney who got down on his knees with the protesters, and never stood up. It was Kenney who ordered the cops to stand down when the protesters came for the Frank Rizzo statue. And it was Kenney who told the cops to stand down when an army of homeless activists took over a ball field on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

It was Kenney the career bureaucrat who's never missed a government paycheck in 30 years who has kept the bars and restaurants in this city shut down for the past three months while he's given the key to the city to whatever group of anarchists wants to show up next. 

And it was Kenney's handpicked police commissioner who. at that same June 25th press conference, announced a new moratorium on the use of tear gas to disperse crowds, unless they're "armed and dangerous."

So barring an invasion by an armed militia, it's perfectly legal to block traffic in Philadelphia. As well as to camp out in public spaces.

Yesterday, I sent Deana Gamble, Kenney's spokesperson, an email posing a simple question:

"Why did the mayor feed this false narrative to a gullible press corps," I asked. "Why did the mayor lie about who really approved the teargassing of the protesters?"

The response: silence, crickets. 

Gamble and Kenney are cynically betting that the rest of the Progressive press corps in this town, headed by the relentlessly Progressive Philadelphia Inquirer, will continue to cover for them.

Sadly, it looks like a safe bet.


  1. I'm born 1954. Seasoned. This piece is probably the finest piece of raw journalism I've ever read. This piece should be read not only in the entire city of Philadelphia, but the entire United States of America. It is not fiction. It is the polar opposite. Great, great job here by Mr. Ralph Cipriano. Please forgive me if you receive a call (I hope) from Fox News. I sent an e-mail to Tucker Carlson Tonight. I hope they'll read this journalistic masterpiece.

    1. I second that, I hope Tucker reaches out to this gentleman....Wake up America

  2. I second that emotion! Ralph, you have exposed the Administration and the media for the Crime Bosses THEY are! The media has repeatedly LIED to the citizens, regarding 'unyieldingly peaceful protestors' What pure BS! Folks, wake up. With the destructive dishonest path the STINKquirer has chosen, they should be out of business in a year! Unfortunately, the way the administration is handling the covid / anarchy crises, they are making sure everyone else will be out of business as well! What a disgrace. YES, Ross / Sullivan could have handled these rioters / looters properly and easily separated them from the peaceful protestors, who of course, did exist. Thank You Ralph, you are a Masterful Reporter of the Truth - the question is - how many people Can really HANDLE the Truth!

  3. U r so right on every word of your article..but dont 4 get his hypocrisy with Columbus statue either..meanwhile when he needed south philly behind him he was marching in the Columbus parade with Italy shirts on..and as with rizzo whom he he he has no use for south philly either..unless he is at his girlfriends house getting drunk...he is probably on both knees there

  4. The response: silence, crickets.

    Gamble and Kenney are cynically betting that the rest of the Progressive press corps in this town, headed by the relentlessly Progressive Philadelphia Inquirer, will continue to cover for them.

    Ralph, who is in charge of investigative journalism at the Inquirer? I have sent numerous emails to executives and management at the Inquirer as well as executives and Board members of the Lenfest Institute of Journalism regarding genuine, fact-based instances of ethics and integrity violations by senior city officials over the past few years and there is simply no acknowledgement, response or investigation. The "free press" in the city where our nation and its principles were founded ?? Not a chance, the Mayor has the "free press" stuffed in his back pocket....strategically located, don`t you know.

    Michael Skiendzielewski Captain, Retired, PPD

    1. This Blog captures the Interest of Many, including Federal Investigators and the U.S. Attorneys Office.

      If you can provide with documentation One Story from your career as a District Commander that exposes corruption that you know exists, it may serve to advance Your Issues with greater credibility.

      Can't you find another Active Guty Commander who wants to bring Kenney and Outlaw down??

  5. Who is in charge of anything at the Inky? I really don't know. It's probably either Mayor Kenney or Larry Krasner. Ed Rendell is in retirement, so they can't do any more puff pieces on him.

  6. Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw was on police radio repeatedly asking, "where's the device?" referring to the smoke (referred to as "tear gas"). So she knew about it, authorized it and followed-up to ensure it was used. Request the police tapes and listen to them. Or, howabout the media probably have the police tapes via Broadcastify and won't report on them because they exonerate Wilson and implicate Outlaw.

  7. Consider yourselves lucky. There will probably be a few buildings left in your burg when Seattle is burned to the ground.

  8. BLM is extorting McDonalds and demanding they remove Racist McNuggets from the Menu and replace them with John Lewis Tenders as a fitting Memorium to the Lover of the Happy Meal.

    If they refuse the DEMANDS they threaten to torch locations during their New Freedom Rides.

  9. Coincidentally, yesterday six of the Vine street "peaceful protesters" were arrested for destroying two state police patrol cars. According to local news accounts four of the rioters are suburbanites who came into our city to terrorize and vandalize. Surprise, surprise two of the rioters didn't have to be arrested because they were already incarcerated on unrelated charges.

  10. An in depth Investigation of the Life and Times of Kenny Gamble from his drug dealing, pimping, and real estate corrupt practices while covering his criminal activities with his mega music recording and publishing career.

    To then advance his Charter School Empire through the sham Universal Charter School Empire, we may have a clear picture of the Direction and Future Mad Dawg Kenney has for this City.

    Will he enforce the same strict policies towards Gamble's Charter Schools as he will apply towards the Public Schools as the Plague continues???

    If Stories were Published exposing Kenney's Deep and Dark Alliance with Gamble, his Daughter-in- Law and confidante to the Mayor may finally respond to the questions she refuses to acknowledge or answer.

  11. “All our municipal governments are more or less bad,” Steffens declared. “Philadelphia is simply the most corrupt and the most contented.”
    Not much has changed since 1903

  12. What a Disgrace, making a scape goat out of a seasoned Dep.Comissioner Wilson. The Mayor and Current commissioner should resign.

  13. An excellent overview of the failure of our alleged leaders and I included a weak report from the city Controller. In my opinion, there is always something missing that should have been included. If you hire a law firm to investigate an event that ended up in a violent confrontation where teargas was used then don’t just state how it was used but seek out what other alternatives could have been used. Here is a list that most are more harmful than gas because they can cause physical harm. They are Rubber bullets, rubber buckshot, soft polymer rounds, wax bullets, plastic bullets, beanbag rounds, sponge grenades, ring airfoil projectiles, taser XREP rounds. I suggest that Councilperson Helen Gym choose an alternative from the above once she feels which one would make her not become violent at a peaceful demonstration. During the Rizzo years, there was always a police bus ready to respond immediately to any crowd problem but now only once the problem begins Septa supply buses, and during Covid-19 packs officers at risk in the bus. Real healthy planning. Lastly, the report slides into the automatic inclusion of systemic racism, structural racism which played no part in the police response or any factual study to support such a blanket statement.

    Leave a Reply

  14. Once the leadership admitted failure on their part and did so without a thought to all the legal suits that either have been filed or will be from the "protestors" from every hostile event. Any good lawyer or ambulance chaser will open their case showing the admittance of guilt by every member of the cities hierarchy and the taxpayer will pay twice once for the damage and once again to those who caused it. Welcome to the city of brotherly payouts.


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