Friday, October 30, 2020

'A Failure Of Leadership'

By Ralph Cipriano

On a day when the National Guard had to be sent in to restore order, all Philadelphia cops on duty were pulling 12 and 16 hours shifts in the wake of rioting and looting over the fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. 

The cops made some 225 arrests during the riots, but the cost was 60 injured officers, the most serious of which was a female sergeant who's still in the hospital after she got hit by a truck and broke her leg.

Besides the wounded officers, 17 police vehicles and two Fire Department Rescue Unit were damaged by rioters. Some 210 businesses were looted and sustained property damage. Across the city, 24 ATM machines were blown up by explosive devices.

In the wake of the latest round of civil unrest, former Mayor John Street made headlines by telling anchorman Ukee Washington of CBS 3 that the blame for the fatal shooting of Wallace rests on a "failure of leadership." Street was talking about Mayor Jim Kenney and Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, who told Washington, "It's really easy to sit back and Monday morning quarterback.”

Meanwhile, the city's murder rate continued to climb. Philadelphia had seven shootings and one homicide overnight, and the city is now up to 412 homicides for the year, with a full two months to go. When I talked to a veteran cop about how bad things were, he had one more name to add to the city's list of failed leaders.

"This city is out of control under Jim Kenney, Larry Krasner and Danielle Outlaw," the senior police commander said. "These three are the faces of failed progressive policies."

“This is a failure of leadership," former Mayor Street told Washington. "We take nine months to train someone to be a member of the Philadelphia Police Department. We spend tens of thousands of dollars. It is inexcusable for those police officers to be there without the proper equipment. The only person that you can hold responsible is the leadership of the city. That situation should've never have happened."

Street was talking about the two cops who shot Wallace not having tasers at their disposal. So Washington asked Outlaw why aren't all Philly cops outfitted with Tasers.

“I do know that there has been a line item in our annual budget for $900,000 for tasers," Outlaw told Washington. "That has been approved. No one has said no, we’re not going to give you this money."

"Did there need to be some rethinking in how we deploy the tasers or the amount of tasers that we were purchasing?" Outlaw asked rhetorically. "Maybe, but to say it’s a failure of leadership I think not only is it unfair, but I think it’s really easy to sit back and Monday morning quarterback."

The city has not yet released the toxicology report on Wallace, but don't be surprised if he was loaded up on drugs. Some cops who watched the video of Wallace charging the cops with a knife wondered whether Wallace was on PCP. 

If he was, there's a good chance that even if the cops had Tasers, they might not have been effective against Wallace.

Street, however, is right when he talked about a failure of leadership. Right now, the new brass in the Philadelphia Police Department, thanks to a purge by Mayor Kenney, doesn't appear to have any idea of what they're doing. 

A case in point: Outlaw told reporters that she was surprised that the looters decided to ransack stores along Castor and Aramingo Avenues in Port Richmond.

"This is a big city and Castor and Armingo has never been on the radar," Outlaw told reporters. She apparently forgot that back in June, during the riots over the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis, rioters in Philly ransacked numerous businesses in that exact same area of Port Richmond. 

Another case in point: Last night, First Deputy Commissioner Melvin Singleton decided to deploy dozens of cops on overtime to lock down Center City, from Arch to Walnut, and 8th to 20th Street. Every intersection was closed off as cops sought to protect Center City from riots and looting.

But on a cold and rainy night, "there wasn't a soul out," said one cop who was on duty during the lockdown. It turned out to be a total waste of police manpower. At a time when cops have been pulling 12 to 16 hour shifts since Monday, Oct. 25th, and all days off have been cancelled until Nov. 8th.

Sadly, this isn't the first time that Singelton, known as "Simpleton" to his critics, has overreacted to threats of riots, after the show had already left town.

On July 25th, as the George Floyd riots were dwindling down, Singleton ordered hundreds of cops on overtime to mobilize outside City Hall, Love Park, police headquarters, the Liberty Bell, and the Art Museum. 

Under Singleton's direction, the department deployed 100 bicycle cops, at least 100 other cops redeployed from other units, as well as an additional 50 cops from the Major Incident Response Team. 

In addition, the department under Singleton's direction ordered the entire citywide night shift, some 200 cops, to come in four hours early. And then he ordered the entire midnight to 8 a.m. shift, at least 75 to 100 cops, to stay an extra four hours on overtime. 

The total cost of the extra police personnel had to run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. All to babysit a couple hundred protesters that day at a couple of peaceful demonstrations. 

Singleton's other claim to fame -- he ordered cops to take a knee during the George Floyd protests. 

Other cops subsequently pointed out that by taking a knee to show solidarity with demonstrators, Singleton, as well as Police Commissioner Outlaw, had violated the Police Department's own policies.

Policy Directive 8.3 states: "Police personnel of all ranks shall maintain complete neutrality and objectivity at all times." And: "Under no circumstances shall the department be made subservient to any group."

The fact that the city had to call in the National Guard today is due to another failure of leadership.

Before the National Guard was called in, the Philly P.D. sent out requests for mutual assistance to numerous suburban police departments in Montgomery, Chester and Bucks counties, as well as to the state police.

But all of those departments said no to Philly's requests for help because of D.A. Larry Krasner's propensity for arresting cops. Having a cop go to jail for following orders, something that's already happened several times in Philadelphia under Krasner's reign, has become a risk that other police departments simply aren't willing to take.

Of course, Krasner is also responsible for Wallace being out on the street in the first place, so he could attack his own mother. That's why the cops were repeatedly summoned on Monday to West Philly to deal with Wallace, when they wound up shooting him.

Wallace is a a guy with 18 previous arrests, including robbery, assaults on cops, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and repeated domestic abuse incidents where he violated at least three domestic violence protection orders by assaulting his own mother, as well as the mother of his children.

In March, his most recent arrest, he stabbed the mother of his children and threatened to "shoot you and that house up." But after the victim declined to press charges, the D.A.'s office only charged Wallace with making terroristic threats. 

It only cost Wallace just a $1,000 deposit on $10,000 bail to go back out on the streets, so he could continue to harass and assault his mother and the mother of his children. Even though Wallace was still on probation when he stabbed the mother of his child in March. Because back in 2017, Wallace was sentenced to 11 1/2 to 23 months in prison, plus probation for five years, after he was found guilty of robbery, simple assault and possession of an instrument of crime. 

Another failure of leadership. But Krasner has repeatedly declined to answer any of Big Trial's questions about why Wallace was out on the street when he was shot to death by police. And the rest of the media, led by The Philadelphia Inquirer, the official Pravda for the local Democratic party, hasn't even bothered to ask Krasner the big question.

And so it goes here in the Progressive paradise of Philadelphia, where we've had nothing but uninterrupted Democratic rule for the past 68 years. Who needs an opposition political party, or a local press to hold city officials accountable? 

In the birthplace of democracy, what's going on now is both a tribute to lawlessness, and a free advertisement for Donald Trump's presidential campaign. 

Vote Republican, or you'll end up living in a lawless Progressive hellhole like Philadelphia. A place where they have to send in the National Guard to restore law and order. Because our local Progressive Democratic leaders clearly aren't up to the job.


  1. This shooting broke internationally. I love the fact that the entire world now knows that the police commissioner, district attorney and mayor are complete failures. They should all be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. Not only have they lost the police department, they lost the city.

  2. Has anyone asked the police commissioner if all sworn police personnel have been called in to prevent the violence and looting? Because I can tell you that they haven’t been called in. Certain Officers (protected and hidden), Detectives and Supervisors have been sitting at home watching the looting and violence on TV. While some officers are forced to work.

    1. They should have IAB suit up. They are supposed to still have their uniforms.

    2. IAB is too busy hanging good cops for minor infractions, and letting the "protected class" of the PPD skate on big stuff. You know, like the brothel the black bosses were running.

  3. How many deaths will it take until Krasner realizes that too many people have died? Will any of the three, either Kenny, or Krasner, or Outlaw ever accept responsibility for their actions?

    1. Liberals never "accept responsibility for their actions". All their failures are blamed on "white supremacy" or "greedy capitalists".

      It's one thing when a bunch of liberals on campus have their two minutes hate, its a free country, one can bitch about phony grievances all one wants. It's another when these disgusting "progressive" types are given actual power. We then get murder and mayhem.

    2. No. And the media will never hold them accountable.

  4. As a retiree from a great and proud Philadelphia Police Department I can only watch in disbelief to see how inept the top leadership in our department has become. I pray for the men and women in blue who cannot make a good decisive decision per legal guidelines who get second guessed when a criminal has their feelings hurt. With DA Crapner taking the side of the criminal and charging police officers doing their duties instead of being an advocate for the victims. Finally the spineless mayor Kenney who has taken a fantastic city and pissed it away with his progressive policies but even worse than that will not take blame for any of his decisions. God I pray for some adults to take charge of this city and put people in place that know what they are doing. (It's not anyone in city council)

  5. Ralph, many thanks again for your information. Your a source of light in a city of darkness.

    1. Indeed, he is. At times, he seems to be the only source.

    2. Thanks, guys. Just playing the game the way it used to be played, holding people accountable.

    3. The Philadelphia Inquirer, the official Pravda for the local Democratic party.
      Perfect analogy ......holding public officials ACCOUNTABLE ? Ralph, when did the Inquirer do that?

  6. The Title of This Post, 'Failure of Leadership,' addresses only one glaring example of the Rapid Decline of a Formerly Great and Important City.

    As Glenn Greenwald, Co-founder of the Intercept, describes in his Resignation from that acclaimed Journalist Platform, his Editors were in the tank for Biden with the rest of the gaggle of Media Titans and Elites.

    Documented Evidence has been presented to show clear Criminal Corruption by Biden in a Pay-to-Play Scheme that was perfected by Fast Eddie Rendell who remains the Master of 'Plausible Deniability.'

    The Key Complaint in his Clear Denunciation of the MSM is CENSORSHIP.

    When Public Elected Officials refuse Objective Media Scrutiny we have entered the Realm of Dictatorship.

    Why hasn't US Attorney McSwain convened a Grand Jury to investigate the Treacherous and Unlawful Criminal Policy employed by Deputy Commissioner 'Simpleton' ordering Police Personnel to stand down and watch criminal insurrection in plain view.

    There must be a Stand Up Police Commander who would testify as to the Crimes, duly sworn Officers were ordered to witness and when will the Commissioner, Mayor and DA face their comeuppance and retribution for the Policies that they have inflicted on this City.

    Jason Brando

    1. Great post, Jason. Especially the Rendell reference. He's been fooling many, for many years. He's a snake.

    2. If I can engage in a bit of shameless self-promotion, in a book I wrote about the trials of Vince Fumo, Target: The Senator, there's a chapter called "Trading Places." In that chapter I spent quite a bit of time dwelling on Fast Eddie Rendell's sleaziness, and how the Inky always gave him a pass, especially when compared to the Vince of Darkness.

      In my opinion, it's the most truthful thing ever written about Rendell. Check it out some time.

  7. All these comments are valid this fall on Kenny, Krasner and Outlaw. Kenny for being a coward, Krasner for befriending criminals not victims, and Outlaw for NOT HAVING ENOUGH EXPERIENCE TO BE A POLICE COMMISSIONER!!! But then again she might have been hand picked to be a scapegoat!!

  8. How about freedom of speech or do you deside who has that freedom.

  9. Curious to see if Outlaw will resign or step down like other commissioners across the country had to do after police involved shooting deaths. City council wanted Coulter to resign over a tshirt she wore almost 30 years ago, but they won’t call for Outlaws dismissal after 400+ homicides and 2 outbreaks of looting/riots

  10. We all say failed leadership but we all voted most of these morons into the positions they hold. Please don't say you didn't vote for them because that isn't enough, did you tell others not to vote for them or did you assist those who were running against them. We are all to blame for being tricked. Car-2 DC Singelton needs to be removed asap and that the 1st example that needs to be made.

  11. There are answers out there who know all the players and who can restore civility to our city. Fix this mess, hire some of our former officers who are chiefs in other cities.

    1. Krasner needs to be removed, outlaw needs to resign and Joe Sullivan needs to be made Police Commish. That is.....if he’s still interested. He’s the only one with a real set of balls. All other commanders are scared and quiet and don’t say shit

  12. I only have two things to say regarding this current police situation, Frank Rizzo and Joe O'neill are spinning in their graves.

  13. In other police shootings around the country, media exerts pressure on the police commissioner and he or she will quickly tender their resignation yet the Inquirer holds Outlaw totally blameless for the police shootings and rioting. Time for Outlaw, Krasner and Kenny along with my the progressive members of City Council to resign with the exception of be the conservative members of City Council.

    1. That sounds like a dream come true.

  14. Of all the Surviving Former Mayors of this City, to trot out John Street and his Views of Failed Leadership is Tragic and Laughable.

    I remeber Franny Rafferty and John Street squaring off in the ornate chambers of City Council, when Street was accused of being a low life criminal and he took offense to such an obvious and well known reality.

    Street, as Mayor, was the Target of a FBI Investigation into Criminal Corruption with blatant evidence which incriminated his Brother Milton, a Career Criminal, His Finance Director Cory Kemp who was convicted of payoffs and served time, and the Bagman and Chief Corrupter Attorney Ron White, a Professional Sleaze Bag of the Highest Order, who fell on the sword and passed on before being tried and convicted.

    This City has survived a Cast of Living Failed Politicians who have paved the Way for the Present Title Holder, Jumbo Kenney. But they continue to inhabit their protected quarters and recite in unison their support for the Worst and Most Corrupt Nominee for President since this Nation's Founding, Joe " I don't know where I'm at' Biden.

    Biden has profited and colluded with Foreign and Domestic Enemies of this Country and these Democrat Politicians have the egregious effrontery to continue to proclaim their support and expect obeisance from an Electorate who now are held Prisoners in their Own City and Homes while protected by the National Guard because a feckless and Criminal Party demands and protects the rights of drug addicts looters anarchists and their enablers.

    Hunter Biden has provided clear proof that his Father is unworthy of holding Public Office. He has been screaming and streaming that reality for decades while his Father sponsored legislation to lock away Millions who weren't protected and lived the privilege of being the Son of a Failed Parent and Politician.

    We can only blame ourselves if the Democrats are allowed to continue in Power.


    Jason Brando

    1. Maybe you're not familiar with this, but if you ever wanted to watch a superb, fantastic documentary regarding Philadelphia Democrat "leadership" and their total absence of moral fiber, it's called "The Shame Of A City" by Tigre Hill. It covers the 2003 mayoral race between Street and Sam Katz. You can watch it as is, with commentary from Tigre Hill, or commentary from Sam Katz. It is so good, you may find yourself watching it in all three forms. They're so crooked, they remind me of The Sopranos.

  15. I am Disgusted with this mayor, police commissioner and DA after last nights press conference. They lied to everyone. This is the last straw. This is utterly sickening.


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