Thursday, October 22, 2020

U.S. Attorney Rips Krasner, Inky, Over Killing By D.A.'s Staffer

By Ralph Cipriano

It's day two of the local news media blackout over the latest scandal in the Philly D.A.'s office, involving a gun violence counselor who shot and killed a male prostitute.

And who's trying to expose the ongoing cover up? 

U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain went on Twitter today to rip D.A. Larry Krasner:

"Your Philly DA's office: where Krasner hires an employee who allegedly ends up shooting and killing a man. You can't even make this stuff up. The destruction that Krasner has wrought on that office is a tragedy."

McSwain subsequently went on Twitter again to rip The Philadelphia Inquirer, which, as usual, was sleeping through another news cycle involving possible bad publicity for their favorite progressive D.A.:

"So where's the @PhillyInquirer article on this? Everybody knows that the Inquirer bends over backwards to protect Krasner, but this is a little too obvious -- even for them."

Gabriel Escobar, editor and vice president of the Inquirer, did not respond to an email and questions posed on Twitter as to why the Inquirer continues to cover up for Larry Krasner. Meanwhile, Krasner, along with his alleged spokesperson, Jane Roh, were stonewalling as usual, refusing to comment. 

In case you missed it, shortly before 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning, DeVonte' Douglass, 28, of the D.A.'s office shot and killed Vernon Harris, 31, after the two met on Instagram, and according to what Douglass told the cops, Douglass agreed "to a sexual encounter in exchange for money." 

Douglass was interviewed by detectives in the homicide unit of the Philadelphia Police Department, but was not arrested. In an interview, Douglass claimed after his encounter with the male prostitute, Harris pulled a gun on Douglass and tried to rob him. Douglass responded that after Harris stuck his Smith & Wesson .357 magnum in his waistband, he made a move that Douglass interpreted as going for his gun.

So Douglass whipped out his 9 mm pistol and shot Harris twice in the chest. A police source said this was not the first time these two men had had a sexual encounter for money, and that the price was $500.

Cops said the victim's gun was holstered when they found him dead at the scene, a scenario that could turn an alleged shooting in self defense into a murder. 

The cops said that Douglass had a permit to carry his gun, but another logical question is why is a civilian in the D.A.'s office who's a gun violence counselor carrying a gun?

The case was referred to the state attorney general's office for investigation, an office spokesperson confirmed. Sources say the A.G.'s office has made a decision not to arrest Douglass, who contends that he was acting in self-defense, but an office spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

The area's media outlets were slow to react to the shooting, and when they did, it was in a timid and wary way that reeked of censorship. In a nine-sentence story, Kristin Johanson of KYW Radio did not identify Douglass, other than to say that the shooting involved "a Philadelphia District Attorney's Office Employee" who worked as a "Victim/Witness Services Coordinator." The KYW story also did not identify the victim.

On Twitter, Johanson explained to critics that the shooting was only worthy of a brief, with no names mentioned, because the shooter had not been arrested for a crime. Johanson also tweeted that it would be "hurtful," "spiteful," and might possibly cause "irreparable harm" to out someone for being gay, especially if the nature of the relationship was unknown. 

She also tweeted that outing the shooter amounted to "sensationalism" and "mockery." This is where we're at when it comes to our social justice warriors in the media, who are actively involved in censoring the news to accommodate their P.C. beliefs. 

NBC-10 aired a minute-long story by Randy Gyllenhaal on this morning's newscast. The station also posted a six-paragraph news story on the shooting of an unnamed "sex worker" by an unnamed employee of the D.A.'s office.

But NBC-10 did get a statement out of Krasner's office.

"This is an active investigation that has been appropriately referred to another agency," Jane Roh, a spokesperson for the District Attorney's office said. "We have no further comment at this time."

Last night, at 8:46 p.m., after two days of silence, the Inquirer finally posted a story written by reporter Mensah Dean about the shooting incident that identified Douglass by name, occupation, and also ran a photo of the shooter. The Inky story also identified the victim, "described by authorities as a male prostitute."

Apparently, it's not sensationalism or mockery when the Inquirer does it. 

In the story, which subsequently disappeared from the newspaper's website this morning, the unusually talkative Jane Roh told the Inquirer that Douglass had been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the state investigation. 

There may be a reason why the story disappeared so quickly from, and the fact that you had to do a Google search to find it. The story included this sentence: "The shooting was first reported by the website"

Apparently, this was a story that the Inquirer was reluctant to share with readers, because of their continuous support of Krasner and his progressive policies. So they had to be publicly called out by the U.S. Attorney, and embarrassed into publishing the news.

And after they took their bitter medicine, and posted the distasteful story last night, a story that puts our progressive D.A. in a bad light, the editors at the Inky decided they had to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

That's how much the Inquirer, and the rest of the media, are in the tank for Uncle Larry. It goes as far as being willing to overlook a dead body left behind by one of his employees. 


  1. If he was on the clock at 10am Tuesday and he arranged the liason on a city phone device.the Harris family are eligible for a big lawsuit.

    1. Yeah, and against who? The law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of Philadelphia! Outrageous. Krasner needs to be jailed, or institutionalized, or (preferably) put down not unlike a rabid skunk.

  2. As a Journalist of your Stature who has investigated and uncovered Political Corruption of Elected Officials for Decades, where is YOUR OUTRAGE about the FBI and DOJ covering up evidence of the LYING BASTARD DRUG AND CHILD MOLESTING BIDENS????

    The FBI has been in possession of irrefutable evidence that the Bidens were corrupt and part of a Massive Pay-to-Play Scheme which incriminates the Obama White House and Administration.

    We expect at this point that the Inquirer would not devote an inch of space to the Story exposed by the NY Post. But at this point when the Executive Branch of Gobernment seeks to undermine the President that they are responsible to protect and the Country they have sworn to serve, WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE at the events we are now learning of???

    US Attorney McSwain, if he had any self respect or balls, should turn in his badge and whistle because he's as full of shit as the Rest of the Justice Department.

  3. The Mayor needs to do his job by firing Douglas. Was the 9mm Glockhis personal weapon or one issued to him by the DA from be the police and why would the police issue him the Glock?

    1. The DA Office doesn't issue guns to civilians only sworn law enforcement

  4. The party's propaganda outlet always covers for party members and their underlings. Comrade Krasner and his men did nothing wrong, just like Comrade Biden.

  5. Having known on a first hand basis Mel Weinberg, the key player who orchestrated with the FBI the development and execution of the ABSCAM Case which snared prominent Phila. Elected Officials, there has not been a case that shines a light on the corruption of the FBI and the Media to obstruct and failure to investigate the Biden Pay-to-Play Criminal Conspiracy.

    Ralph, why not at least share your thoughts and opinions???

  6. Ralph,under Terms designated by the SEC for Whistleblowers, which of your Greatest Investigations of Past, Present, and Future would put you in the running for Financial Reward that may further your ambitions and efforts to expose Government/Personal or Institutional Corruption.

    Jason Brando

  7. Here's another example of an Inquirer coverup. ON October 27th, New York Post headline reads "At least 30 Philadelphia cops injured during riots over police shooting of Walter Wallace". But the Inquirer sees it differently. Here is their headline for the same incident: "Fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. prompts heated overnight protests in West Philly.

    It's a disgrace that we have to read the New York papers to get Philly news.

  8. The Obama/Biden Reconstruction and Reconciliation Plan will be presented leading up to the Voting on Mov. 3. South Africa is their Model.

    Turn the Ghettos into Opportunity Zones for gangbangers, looters, and the typical illiterate criminal to be policed by the crips, bloods, and their favored Cartel suppliers and defenders.

    The Police should refuse to serve in these Districts and let them kill each other.

    Its better than Planned Parenthood.

    There are too many of these slugs to begin with, starting with Obama.

  9. OMG Inky actually credited you


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