Saturday, November 14, 2020

City Shuts Down Database That Showed Dead People Voted

By Ralph Cipriano

A funny thing just happened to "Voter Inquiry Menu," the internal city of Philadelphia database that showed  dead people voted.

This morning, without any prior warning, the city abruptly shut it down. City employees who tried to log on to the database found a note across the bottom of their computer screen that said it had been "disabled and cannot be used."

Meanwhile, officials at the Board of Elections, such as Al Schmidt, the GOP elections commissioner who's been called a RINO by President Trump, has plenty of time to do interviews with CNN, where he proclaimed that no dead person voted in Philadelphia. But Schmidt has repeatedly declined, by email and on Twitter, to answer Big Trial's questions about the 22 people who, according to the database compiled by his own office, have voted in prior elections.

As Big Trial has previously reported, city employees who logged into the "Voter Inquiry Menu" database discovered a parade of 22 dead people, led by former heavyweight champ Smokin' Joe Frazier, who miraculously came back to life to vote in past Philly elections from 2015 to 2019. 

Since all the information stored on that "read-only" database emanates directly from the Board of Elections, in corrupt and contented Philadelphia, did the city have to shut it down for some urgently needed "housekeeping?"

In the case of Smokin' Joe, he died on Nov. 7, 2011, but in 2018, according to the Voter Inquiry Menu, Frazier voted in the general election.

Other celebrities on the list of dead people who voted in Philadelphia included Will Smith's late father, Willard Carroll Smith Sr. He died on Nov. 7, 2016, but still managed to vote in the 2017 and 2018 general elections. 

And Anna Henderson, the oldest living person in Pennsylvania, who died on July 1, 2014, at 114. But, according to city records, she still managed to vote in the 2017 and 2018 general elections.

The other names on the dead people voting list included seven hero cops who died in the line of duty, a murdered community activist, and 11 dead relatives of cops. 

According to federal and local sources, the U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia has launched a criminal probe into multiple allegations of voter fraud here in the city, including Big Trial's report about the 22 dead people who voted in previous elections, led by Smokin' Joe.

While the commissioners on the Board of Elections, such as Al "RINO" Schmidt, aren't talking to Big Trial, they are talking to other media outlets, such as 

According to that website, the board sent the records of 15 Philadelphia voters named Joseph Frazier, and only one had Frazier's correct birthdate. The Board of Elections told that it canceled Frazier's active registration shortly after his death, and that the real Smokin' Joe Frazier with the correct birthdate last voted in the city in 2006.

This led to conclude that Rudy Giuliani, President's Trump's personal lawyer, was lying when he repeated the allegation at a couple of press conferences that Smokin' Joe had voted from the grave:

"Considering that irrefutable evidence — which was directly from the state-certified computer system running elections in Philadelphia — we can say definitely that no person or group used the identity of the famous boxer to vote after his death, including in the 2020 presidential election," confidently declared.

As further proof, the website offered this official statement from the Board of Elections:

“The Board of Elections updates all voter records in Philadelphia upon receiving word of a voter’s death from state health officials," wrote Kevin Feeley, a PR spokesman. Regarding Smokin' Joe voting after his death, Feeley wrote, "The Board has no evidence to support this allegation.”

Now there's a carefully crafted statement. First Feeley, formerly known as Mayor Rendell's press secretary, a job that might require you to fudge some facts from time to time, describes how the system is supposed to work. Then he claims "The Board has no evidence to support this allegation.”

But that's not true. If the board looked at its very own "Voter Inquiry Menu" database, they would discover this document below. It records that one Joseph Frazier, AKA Smokin' Joe, complete with the historically correct birthday of Jan. 12, 1944, did indeed vote in the 2018 general election:

I sent Feeley a copy of this record and requested an explanation for why the Board of Elections' own records contradict the story that the board and Feeley told

Perhaps that's why nobody at the Board of Elections will talk to me? Because I've got their own records that show the dead voting, records that they'd prefer not to discuss at this inopportune time?

The specter of Smokin' Joe voting from the grave is not an isolated incident. In recent days, I have been contacted by several city employees who discovered that according to that same Board of Elections database, they also had dead relatives who voted in past Philly elections.

Since the Big Trial report on the dead voting, it's become a pastime in certain city offices for municipal employees to log onto the database, and see if they have any dead relatives voting.

I don't know of a single employee who's played this game and didn't discover that in Philadelphia, the dead come back to life on Election Day!

One city employee wrote to say that co-workers in his office independently discovered 15 dead relatives who had previously voted, according to that database. I have since obtained copies of records that showed that eight of those dead relatives indeed had voted in previous elections from 2015 to 2019. 

A second city employee discovered that his grandmother who had moved out of state in 2009 voted in the 2016 primary election. He also found out that his wife's mother and another uncle, both of whom had been dead for more than 10 years, had been voting ever since.

That second city employee said that ten co-workers in his office have since discovered that they had dead relatives who had been voting in Philadelphia. 

A third city employee employee discovered that her father, who died in 2015, voted in the 2016 primary and general elections, and also voted in the 2018 general election. A screen shot of the database confirmed that's what city records say. 

A fourth city employee discovered that his dead cousin was still voting. A fifth city employee discovered that his dead brother was still voting. 

And so it goes. Big Trial was in the process of collecting even more screen shots and electronic copies of those records to verify the allegations when the city shut down the database, which is accessible only to city employees, and can't be viewed by the general public. 

Any further investigation of that database will have to be done by lawyers investigating voter fraud on behalf of President Trump.

Or the feds.

But somebody in authority needs to start digging quick. Before the locals scrub those records clean. 


  1. Wow, but I'm assuming it was all Biden votes if so, even after the 1994 fraud case for the Senate seat against the Dems the Dems are still doing it in Philly.

  2. What was the link to this Philly voter database? All year I've been checking records and never saw a reference on a city site, Committee of 70 site, or elsewhere to anything other than the state database, which is still active.

  3. The database is not open to the public, and can only be accessed by city employees who have a password. For the employees who get into the database, it's read only. And all voter information comes from the Board of Elections.

  4. How can you tell that the dead people recorded as voting are not just errors or glitches in the computer database? Maybe the real story is that the voting database is just very inaccurate or buggy.

    If this was deliberate and ongoing voting fraud why did dead Joe Frazier only vote once, in the 2018 general election?

  5. You'll have to ask Smokin' Joe why he only voted once.

    If the dead people voting are just "errors or glitches," why hasn't the board of elections simply said so? And why have all those city employees found so many "errors or glitches" in the voting records of their dead relatives?

    Regardless, since that database is used to draw up arrest warrants, if there are that many "errors or glitches" I'd say we still have a real problem here.

  6. Searching back to your Post of August 15,2019, Ralph, You reported claims made by the City Controller as to improprieties in the awarding of a Contract to E S & S, the Voting Machine and Software Company which has an ownership relationship with Dominion Software.

    Would it be a fair conjecture that Persons in the City Controller's Office would be cooperative in laying out facts and figures relating to what is becoming obvious as the Greatest Election Scandal in Modern American Political History.

    Has there been any Criminal Charges brought or adjudicated in this Matter, seeing that it has direct relevance to the fraudulent practices of the Commissioners of the Board of Elections who accepted payoffs in awarding the Contracts pf these Suspect Machines and Software by Alan Kessler Esq. Partner at Duane Morris LLP and a close ally of Fast Eddie Rendell, the Master Fixer of Ill Repute.

  7. The Reported 'scrubbing' of the City Databases in an overt 'Coverup' has a similar stench as had emanated from the Hillary Clinton Criminal Act of deleting emails as part of her deception and criminality during her reign as Secretary of State.

    Is the Art of the Coverup a Popular Class at the Elite Law Schools, or should the said "Practice" and the Biden perfection of" Plausible Deniability" just be relegated to the Trash Bin of Coincidence??

  8. How about the fact that local 98 admits to voter fraud.

  9. You have posted one “record” that could easily have been doctored and nothing else.

    You are like Joe McCartby waving around a piece of paper making claims about what is in it.

    There is no reason to believe you.

    1. Sure there is. This city is controlled by your people, the Democratic/Socialist party. The party itself is as crooked as a barrel of snakes, and that's no secret. Absolutely, totally, 100% corruption stained. There is no honest reason for you to deny it.

  10. Marc, what took you so long? I've got 30 more such records. And city employees have plenty more.

    We have a problem here that needs an explanation. Only ideologues like yourself refuse to acknowledge that.

    If everything's kosher, why is the Board of Elections stonewalling me? And why did they shut down the system? That doesn't bother you in the least, right?

    If what's going on here is glitches and errors, why isn't the Board of Elections saying that?

    You could drive a truck through Kevin Feeley's statement to I just heard from Kevin and he's going to get back to me tomorrow. Let's see what he has to say.

  11. Oh wait, why bother for Kevin to say anything? You've already got this all figured out as a hoax. Amazing since all you have to go on is your preconceived notions.

  12. The Attempt to Steal an Election can never be so blatant and obvious as when Disney, CoNCast, et al, roll out Treasonous and Treacherous Actors like the Proven Public Enemy, the Scull and Bones, Yale University celebrated Fraternity Villain, John Bolton, who has lived every day to undermine a President and with Academic Fraud Enablers in the Elite Universities who have emerged in force to exact pain and harm on a Free Society to benefit their Communist Chinese Partners and Masters.

  13. Very telling that they just scrub information rather than explain it. No doubt newly "elected" fuhrer Joe Biden will try to scrub this website by declaring it "hate speech" after he packs the SCOTUS with 25 new judges that all agree that "hate speech" is unprotected by the First Amendment. Our so-called "independent press" will call this "progress".

  14. Vote in the Police system was an old Detective tool. You may know someone lives on a block and you have their name but not other info. Also if you put in an address, you could see who lives there if you just have that information like something going on at a location. So if the one vote for Joe Frazier is incorrect and a "mistake" then why are so many officers finding that their relatives voted. That system made all those mistakes all those years? Yes the city has not updated it because they were doing away with it in 2019 because other things are available for detectives now. However, if the vote database is so unreliable, why wasn't it disabled when it was decided not to be updated in 2019. Why did it take your story for it to be disabled. Yeah so cops can't find more of their relatives voting. I am sure their other system is being scrubbed as I type. However, most of the detectives made copies so disable and scrub away. When Rudy mentioned Frazier voting, he did not say in this election, so of course that fact cannot be used. Deflection is a Dem tool. Sad that they're admitting their system for years that was used is unreliable. A lot of information from that system was obtained. I guess there will be upcoming lawsuits for the prior Police work where information was obtained from it previously. Funny how most of the info like DOB's and addresses were correct but when they voted was not. Yeah sure.

  15. Philadelphia is THE most corrupt city in the entire country.

  16. As 5 Weeks have passed since Allegations were presented about Voter Fraud made against the Phila. Board of Elections and Dominion Voting Systems LLC, in particular, pending Litigation is being threatened by Defamed Parties against Media Pundits who have claimed Grand Fraud has been committed.

    Will the Discovery Phase of any such Litigation favor the Journalists who seek the Truth regarding the Alleged Steal and/or will they pay stiff penalties in the Pursuit of the Greatest Theft in American Political History??

    A Happy and Healthy New Year in Search Of and Presenting the Truth

    Jason Brando


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