Friday, July 10, 2020

'Woke' Inky On New P.C. Crusade To 'Dismantle Systemic Racism'

By Ralph Cipriano

The social justice warriors at The Philadelphia Inquirer have decided that before they can remake society, they must first remake the newsroom.

So for the last month, some 30 newsroom managers have been working out a plan to dismantle "the systemic racism in our coverage and newsroom culture."

To embrace higher levels of "wokeness," the Inky's newsroom managers, who see systemic racism lurking around every corner, have decided to involve more diverse voices from the staff to help them make "long-term decisions on core questions of coverage, culture and editorial policy." 

Yes, the Inky brain trust has decided, a committee approach is what's needed to make the P.C. Paper of Record even more P.C. How are they going to do that? By "creating a process for flagging sensitive content" as well as a "safe environment for staff to question and stress test our work." 

That's according to Patrick Kerkstra, managing editor and guilty white guy, who outlined the bold new plan in a Wednesday memo to colleagues [or was it comrades?] Regarding longterm decisions Kerkstra wrote, "Historically, these calls have been made by a small group of predominantly white editors. That has to change."

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Fumo Rips 'Clown' Kenney For Freeing 756 Protesters

By Ralph Cipriano

Vince Fumo is ripping his former protege, Mayor Kenney, as a "clown" who sold out the city by giving a free pass to 756 lawbreakers arrested by the cops during the George Floyd protests.

"Jimmy, I am flabbergasted at the latest insult you have hurled upon EVERY law-abiding taxpaying citizen of Philadelphia," Fumo wrote tonight in a profane rant on Facebook. "You are a disgrace to your office. And more importantly, you are a disgrace to the memory of your deceased father."

Kenney's father, a firefighter, "risked his life daily to protect all of us," Fumo wrote. "And now you, you clown, have released 750 people (and I use the term people loosely) who came to our city from parts unknown, to wreak havoc on our populace."

In case you missed it, Kenney yesterday announced he was giving a free pass to 756 people who were arrested during the George Floyd protests and charged with code violations, such as disorderly conduct, curfew violations, and failure to disperse.


Philly's Official Ineptitude Enables A Surge In Violent Crime

By A. Benjamin Mannes 


In 2020, Philadelphia’s violent crime rate has seen surging at levels not seen since the “crack explosion” era of the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

What makes this issue more frightful for the city’s residents is a seemingly ineffective response to a crimewave embodied in a 37-page plan that Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw attributes to a partnership with the District Attorney and Mayor; which is high on platitudes and low on action.  

Despite the talk of progress and social justice, the 4thof July holiday weekend resulted in 34 shootings and eight murders throughout Philadelphia; which included those of a six-year old child and a 15-year-old teen. The city’s response has not bolstered confidence in their ability to get crime under control. This is largely because the Mayor, District Attorney and Police Commissioner have created a double standard in enforcement in where police officials face unlawful transfers and/or termination for enforcing laws during protests or using force to arrest violent criminals. This has resulted in an emboldened criminal element. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Mayor Kenney Gives 756 Protesters A Free Pass

By Ralph Cipriano

Mayor Kenney today decided to give a free pass to 756 people arrested during the George Floyd protests for code violations such as disorderly conduct, violating curfew, and failure to disperse.

"My decision to waive the violations is not a statement on the validity of the individual citations," the mayor said in a press release. 

"Rather it is a recognition of the core concerns that caused thousands to demonstrate on the streets of Philadelphia," Kenney stated. "In waiving these notices, I recognize that those issues are vitally important, that the pain of those marching is very real, and that the message -- Black lives matter -- needs to be heard every day until systemic racism is fully eradicated from the city and nation."

Noble sentiments, Mr. Woke Mayor; even though you're a guilty white liberal, we know you're down with the struggle. But Kenney's generosity -- and endless pandering to the Black Lives Matter mob -- may end up costing the city big time.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Danielle Outlaw: Not On Vacation And Not Into Sound Bites

By Ralph Cipriano

Every few weeks, a new rumor sweeps through the Philadelphia Police Department about new Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw.

In May, one of the earliest rumors had Outlaw heading back to the West Coast, to take over as police chief in her native Oakland. Other rumors had an unhappy Outlaw negotiating a buyout, and packing her bags for other locales.

This week, the big rumor was that Outlaw was supposedly out of the office on a two-week vacation sandwiched around the July 4th holiday, when all days off for cops have been canceled for Saturday, because a fresh round of protests is expected in the birthplace of democracy. As a joke, somebody sent around a photo of a milk carton with the police commissioner's face on it, under the caption, "Missing. Have You Seen Me? If found, contact Philly Police."

"Bullshit rumors trying to undermine her," snapped Managing Director Brian Abernathy, when asked about the Outlaw on vacation rumor; he referred further comment to the police department.

But today, instead of having a department flack issue a statement, Outlaw decided to address the latest rumor personally. Not true about that vacation, she stated firmly in a phone interview today. "As you know there's rumors that just run amok" at the Philly P.D. But contrary to rumors, Outlaw said, "I'm here and I'll be working this weekend."


The Plot To Whack Columbus In The Dead Of Night

By Ralph Cipriano

On June 15th in Common Pleas Court, City Solicitor Marcel Pratt was trying to assure Judge Paula Patrick that his boss, trigger-happy Mayor Jim Kenney, had no plans to whack the Christopher Columbus statue in the dead of night. 

Even though just twelve days earlier, that's exactly what Boss Kenney had done to the Frank Rizzo statue. But George Bochetto, the lawyer for residents seeking to defend the Columbus statue, had already seen this act before.

"And we were told, Your Honor, in writing --- I have the letter from the managing director -- that they [the city] were going to go through the Art Commission," and not move the Rizzo statue, Bochetto told the judge. "And at 1:00 in the morning, without announcement, without notice, without any warning, that statue was removed. And we are definitely concerned that that's exactly what's going to happen here."

Bochetto was in court seeking an emergency injunction to protect the next target of Kenney's virulent hatred of public monuments to Italians, the Christopher Columbus statue. Bochetto told the judge that although he believed Pratt to be a "wonderful civil servant," "the mayor has certain agendas that may not be shared with Mr. Pratt. And I think that the people, given the Rizzo statue experience, are entitled to some kind of assurance that the mayor isn't going to just declare a public emergency in the middle of the night and remove that statue."

The judge agreed with Bochetto that it was time to take a stand against lawlessness and mob rule in Philadelphia, even if in this case this particular mob was being led by a bully named Jim Kenney.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Where's Big Frank? 'Crumb-Bum' Kenney Won't Say

By Ralph Cipriano

Since Mayor Jim Kenney ordered the toppling of the 9-foot-tall Frank Rizzo statue under cover of darkness on June 3rd, city officials have refused to divulge the condition or whereabouts of the 2,000 pound bronze monument to the Big Bambino.

So George Bochetto, a lawyer for the committee that commissioned the statue, filed an 11-page complaint in Common Pleas Court yesterday seeking an injunction to protect Big Frank against any further harm from an increasingly vindictive mayor and the city.

Bochetto went to court after a passerby snapped a photo of the still-bound statue that had been abandoned and "left in the back of an open flatbed truck," Bochetto wrote.

In his complaint, Bochetto said that his client, the Frank Rizzo Monument Committee, "is entitled to injunctive relief" to prevent Kenney and the city "from intentionally damaging or destroying the statue" through further abuse or neglect.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Lubrano Speaks Out About PSU Cover-Up, Lack Of Due Process

Anthony Lubrano, an outspoken Penn State trustee, opened up about the inner workings of that board during the so-called Penn State sex abuse scandal.

Lubrano did his talking on the latest episode of Search Warrant, a podcast hosted by three former cops, and joined by your humble Big Trial correspondent. 

During a two hour interview, Lubrano talked about the lack of due process at every stage of the scandal and the ongoing cover up that the board has engaged in until today. 

Lubrano, who left the board in 2018, when his term was up, but was reelected again and returns as a trustee today, also outlined some unfinished business that he wants to pursue -- a proposed resolution  to go to court and sue former FBI Director Louis Freeh, to recoup the $8.3 million that the university paid for a "fact-free report."

The entire two-hour podcast can be heard here.  But Lubrano wasn't done downloading on Penn State. Part II of the Lubrano interview can also be heard here.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Did Police Commissioner Taking A Knee Violate Dept. Policy?

The Philadelphia Inquirer/Charles Fox
By Ralph Cipriano

Outside City Hall earlier this month, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw knelt in solidarity with protesters angry about the murder of George Floyd in police custody.

"I'm here not only in solidarity, but in collaboration, in the spirit of partnership, in the spirit of fellowship," she told the protesters on June 6th, who hailed from nine black fraternities and sororities. "I appreciate the spirit of peace that you're bringing here, and the spirit of positivity and collaboration. We will get through this together."

To the protesters, it may have come across as a conciliatory stance, but in taking a knee, along with Deputy Commissioner Melvin Singleton,  Commissioner Outlaw appears to have violated the Philadelphia Police Department's written directives for handling demonstrations and labor disputes.

According to the Police Department's Policy Directive 8.3, Section E, "Police personnel of all ranks shall maintain complete neutrality and objectivity at all times." Section G further states, "Under no circumstances shall the department be made subservient to any group."

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Ten Tough Questions The Inky Would Never Ask Mayor Kenney

By Ralph Cipriano

A big problem in this town is that Mayor Jim Kenney, District Attorney Larry Krasner, and the reporters and editors at The Philadelphia Inquirer are all card-carrying Progressive Democrats who share the same values, think the same thoughts, and drink the same Kool-Aid.

And one of the first rules of being a Progressive "journalist" and social justice warrior is that you don't embarrass or hold accountable a public official who happens to be a fellow Progressive Democrat down with the cause.

So in that spirit, Big Trial, which is barred from attending Mayor Kenney's virtual press conferences, and is typically stiffed by the mayor's press office whenever it asks a question that the administration doesn't want to answer, is going to publicly post 10 tough questions for our mayor. 

These are questions that the Inquirer would never ask, and some of these questions Kenney's flacks so far have repeatedly refused to answer. But nevertheless these are 10 questions that demand answers.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Inside The Frank Fina Dirty Tricks Playbook

On the latest Search Warrant podcast, John Zimmerman, a former White House aide, gives some insights into the Frank Fina Dirty Tricks Playbook.

Zimmerman has seen Fina's act up close. In 2009, he was indicted and subsequently cleared by the state attorney general's office in the so-called Computergate scandal in Harrisburg. 

Zimmerman believes the indictment was issued to keep him from appearing as a witness in the case, and giving testimony that did not jibe with the attorney general's story line. When Fina got a chance to interview Zimmerman, his first question concerned the location of a so-called "sex room" in the state Capitol building.

"It seems like he was obsessed with sex," Zimmerman said. Zimmerman also sees some interesting parallels between Computergate and the so-called Penn State sex abuse scandal. The episode of the cop-hosted podcast can be heard here.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Big Trial On Chris Stigall's Radio Show

Ralph Cipriano was Chris Stigall's guest on 990 AM yesterday morning. The topics of discussion included
Philadelphia's two Progressive nightmares, District Attorney Larry Krasner and Mayor Jim Kenney.

Stigall wondered out loud why Krasner acts the way he does. The radio talk show host was also bewildered by Mayor Kenney's hostility to his South Philly neighbors.

A podcast of the two-hour show can be heard here. Stigall introduces Cipriano at the 31.21 minute mark.
Thursday, June 18, 2020

Columbus In A Box

By Ralph Cipriano

After city workers got through boarding up the 20-foot high Christoper Columbus statue at Marconi Plaza, the city solicitor signed a stipulation yesterday that will prevent trigger-happy Mayor Jim Kenney from toppling the marble monument in the middle of the night, like he did with the Frank Rizzo statue.

The stipulation was signed by City Solicitor Marcel Pratt, and George Bochetto, the attorney for the South Philly residents who went to court Sunday night seeking an emergency injunction to protect the Columbus statue from the city and Kenney.

At 12:37 p.m. today, Common Pleas Court Judge Paula Patrick signed the stipulation, which became the judge's order. And "any violation of the terms . . . will be contempt of court, and punishable in the same fashion as an injunction order," Bochetto wrote to his clients.

The order calls for the Philadelphia Art Commission to hold a public process "to determine the possible removal" of the Columbus statue. "Consistent with its prior plan, the City presently has no intention to and will not remove, damage, or alter the Statue, until such time as the Art Commission determines whether it should be removed, or, if sooner, upon Court Order," the order states.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

D.A. Declares War On 'Vigilantes;' Popular Police Captain Demoted

By Ralph Cipriano

In the upside-down world of District Attorney Larry Krasner, he's working to free most of the 2,000 looters and demonstrators arrested by cops during the protests. 

But Krasner has already indicted one cop for allegedly using excessive force during the protests, and he's looking to indict a few more. And yesterday, the Progressive D.A. announced plans for targeting a new type of criminal for prosecution -- "vigilantes."

In a memo to cops announcing new "Procedures for Misdemeanor Arrests," the district attorney's office outlined how to arrest and charge alleged vigilantes for using bats, golf clubs and hatchets to menace allegedly peaceful protesters.

"Bats and golf clubs are criminal when used to menace/threaten," the D.A.'s office wrote in the memo. "A baseball bat in a park where the pandemic has banned sports, there's no ball field, and they're being handed out of garbage bags . . . is not manifestly appropriate."

This is rich coming from Krasner whose office has routinely freed armed and dangerous drug dealers, a two-time murderer, and a guy who strangled his girlfriend. Under Krasner, while the D.A. is now out hunting vigilantes, he's turned a blind eye to protesters who were arrested after throwing rocks, bottles filled with urine, and tennis balls filled with cement at the cops. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

South Philly Wins Court Battle To Protect Columbus Statue

By Ralph Cipriano

The rumor was that the 20-foot high marble statue of Christopher Columbus was going to get the Frank Rizzo treatment from Mayor Jim Kenney.

The story making the rounds in South Philly was that the Kenney administration was planning to take down the Columbus statute between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. Sunday. And, to add insult to injury, the city had supposedly hired a non-union contractor to do the job.

So attorney George Bochetto went into Common Pleas Court on behalf of a few South Philadelphia neighbors with a petition for an emergency hearing. On Sunday night, according to Bochetto, Judge Marlene Lachman was ready to issue a temporary restraining order preventing the city from moving the statue until a second hearing could be held at 2 p.m. today. But the city agreed not to move the statue, and told the judge no order was needed.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Superior Court To Hear Sandusky's Argument For A New Trial

Kathleen McChesney
By Ralph Cipriano

The state Superior Court on Friday decided to hear arguments on Jerry Sandusky's bid for a new trial based on newly discovered evidence.

The court Friday gave Sandusky's lawyers 21 days to file a brief. The state Attorney General's office has 21 days after the Sandusky filing to file their response. "No extensions will be granted," the court declared in a docket entry.

"The motion for new trial on the ground of after-discovered evidence," along with a motion to dismiss the case against Sandusky are "DEFERRED for disposition to the panel of this Court to be assigned to decide the merits of the appeal," the court stated in a docket entry.

The motion for a new trial is based on newly discovered evidence that includes a 79-page diary kept by former FBI Special Agent Kathleen McChesney back in 2011 and 2012, when she was the co-leader of a supposedly independent investigation of the Penn State sex abuse scandal as led by former FBI Director Louis Freeh.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Mayor Kenney Orders Cops To Stand Down As Squatters Erect Tent City On Scenic Ben Franklin Parkway

By Ralph Cipriano

As a band of homeless activists set up a tent city on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway yesterday, Mayor Jim Kenney ordered police to stand down and do nothing.

Activists set up less than a hundred tents at the base of the Von Colln Memorial Field, at the corner of 22nd and the Parkway, where spectators used to gather to watch Fairmount kids play ball. 

Signs went up proclaiming "Housing Now!", "Black Lives Matter" and "Defund and Disband" the police. 

Cops were furious about the mayor's stand-down order. "We are under a tyrannical dictatorship," one cop said about Kenney. "The people of the city want and frankly deserve and should demand better."


Thursday, June 11, 2020

Do Private Security Details Amount To Fraud?

By Ralph Cipriano

Those private 24/7 security details for top city officials and their significant others may be over, but questions remain about how the city handled at least $240,000 in expenses for those details.

Was it simply a double-standard for the folks at the top of the City Hall pay scale at the expense of the rest of us, or was it fraud?

"At the very least it's inappropriate because they [the VIPs] were treated differently than the people they represent," said one seasoned former prosecutor who preferred anonymity. 

"And at most, they've committed a fraud because those funds were there to deal with issues caused by the protests, such as rioting, and looting," the seasoned former prosecutor said. Those funds were not intended to provide private police protection for top city officials "at the expense of the rest of the citizens whose lives and property were in danger."

A former federal prosecutor who also sought anonymity went a step further, saying it was doubtful that there was "a shred of evidence to support such protection." He wondered if all the officials who benefited from those 24/7 security details outside their homes had "received credible threats" to their safety.

"Secondly, disguising the payments is classic evidence of fraudulent conduct," the former federal prosecutor said. "Clearly a wrongful expenditure of public funds."

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Cops Provided 24/7 Private Security For City Council Members

By Ralph Cipriano

Fourteen of seventeen City Council members just came out against the mayor's plan to increase the police budget by $14 million.

But most City Council members apparently had no problem with accepting a big increase in private police services for themselves. We're talking about the cops providing 24/7 security details for just about every City Council member during the recent riots and protests that have left Center City and other parts of town boarded up and charred by arson fires.

"They [City Council members] all felt threatened by the rioting and looting," one cop explained.

For the past 11 days, each of 16 city council members -- with the lone exception of Councilman Alan Domb -- have had three city detectives working 8 hour shifts every 24 hours to provide them with private security. Since May 30th, some 48 plainclothes detectives were paid to sit in unmarked police cars outside the homes of City Council members. That's instead of going out to investigate crimes, or obtain search warrants and arrest warrants. The estimated cost of the City Council security detail: about $178,000 without including the costs of overtime.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

D.A. Krasner Ditches Usual Protocol To Indict Police Inspector

By Ralph Cipriano

There was rioting in the streets. Looters ran amok. Criminals were blowing up ATMs and setting arson fires all over town.

But while Philadelphia lay in ruins,  District Attorney Larry Krasner's top priority was to indict a cop for allegedly striking a demonstrator.

The normal protocol for any officer accused of misconduct is to wait for the Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau to complete an investigation, and then forward the results of that investigation to the D.A.'s charging unit. So the D.A. can make a decision on whether to charge the cop with a crime.

But when it came to the case of staff Inspector Joseph Bologna, accused of striking a Temple University student with his nightstick during a demonstration, Krasner dispensed with the usual protocol. It famously took Krasner's office five weeks to get around to charging all three accused killers of Corporal James O'Connor. But when it came to Inspector Bologna, Krasner immediately pounced.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Fumo Rips Former Protege Kenney As A 'Liar, Hypocrite & Pussy'

By Ralph Cipriano

Vince Fumo went on Facebook yesterday to rip Mayor Jim Kenney, his former protege who hasn't spoken to him in a dozen years, as a "liar, hypocrite and pussy" for taking down the Frank Rizzo statue in the dead of night.

"Jimmy, you worked for me for decades and yet every day you never cease to amaze me," Fumo wrote. As a state senator for 30 years, Fumo elevated Kenney from a chubby young intern known among staffers as "Baby Huey" to Fumo's chief of staff. Then the former senator got Kenney elected as a city councilman at large.

"You fought for this statue to be at that very location," Fumo reminded Kenney. "How hypocritical of you now to remove it saying that it 'represented bigotry, hatred and oppression for too many people, for too long . . ."

"Wow, did I miss something, did that just happen or were the feelings toward Rizzo the same back when YOU championed this very same statue?" Fumo wrote Kenney. "If they were why did you support it then and not now?"

Fumo, no fan of Rizzo's, then went on to apologize to the citizens of Philadelphia for having to put up with Jim Kenney as their incompetent mayor "because I am the ultimate cause of you being where you are today."

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Is Uncle Larry Giving Looters A Pass?

By Ralph Cipriano

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw has announced that the cops  made 429 arrests over three days of rioting, looting and arson fires.

But over at the District Attorney's office, several sources say, the Great Emancipator, D.A. Larry Krasner has been busy doing what he does best, liberating criminals.

According to sources, many suspects that the cops arrested for burglary or criminal trespassing over the weekend have gotten a free pass from the D.A.'s charging unit because of a technicality -- that the cops did not obtain an official "ownership non-permission," or "ONP" as it's known in cop jargon, from store owners.

What's ONP? It means that when the cops, who had days off canceled and were working long shifts in the middle of a riot, apprehended a suspect inside a burgled store, or caught the suspect red-handed carrying out loot, they also had to obtain from the store owner an ONP. Why? To certify that the burglar didn't have official permission to enter the store. So the D.A. could charge the suspect with a crime.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Mayor, Police Commissioner Fiddle While Philly Burns

By Ralph Cipriano

The day before Philadelphia went up in flames, Mayor Jim Kenney sent a message to the invaders who were coming to loot and pillage his hometown.

After publicly lamenting America's "original sin of racism," Kenney pledged that the city police were going to be "respectful" of the protesters who were supposedly showing up just to "express their anger, express their concern" over the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, in the week before the city went up in flames, the police department knew the demonstrators were coming, and they also knew that outside agitators were guaranteed to show up as well. But on game day, the police under the leadership of rookie Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw were woefully unprepared for the mayhem that unfolded. For about an hour, criminals looted, pillaged and burned stores in Center City with impunity, while the police were nowhere in sight.

It's not as if the Philadelphia police doesn't know how to handle demonstrations and much larger crowds. The city didn't burn and looters weren't allowed to freely wreak havoc when Philadelphia celebrated the Phillies winning the World Series in 2008, and when the Eagles had their Super Bowl parade in 2018.


Krasner ADA Posts 'F--k The Cops' On Instagram

By Ralph Cipriano

She's an assistant district attorney who works for D.A. Larry Krasner.

Yesterday, at 8:56 p.m., while Philadelphia was under siege, the ADA put out an Instagram post of a Philly cop in Center City standing next to a graffiti scrawl that said, "FUCK THE COPS." The message was sent out under the hashtags "#justiceforgeorgefloyd, #nojusticenopeace" and "#blacklivesmatter."

The ADA's name is Sonam Vachhani, and she's been working for the D.A.'s office since  May of 2017. She's currently assigned to the D.A.'s charging unit. That's the group of ADAs who decide whether to charge suspects with crimes, like the alleged protesters who were arrested yesterday for looting and pillaging  in Center City.

Vachhani did not respond to a request for comment. Her boss, D.A. Krasner and Jane Roh, his alleged spokesperson, also did not respond to requests for comment.

On Twitter, Stinky Feat, a frequent Krasner critic, was calling for Vachhani's head.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Off-Duty Cop Shot At CVS By Meth Addict; Krasner On Scene

By Ralph Cipriano

A man reported by his wife to be heavily armed and suicidal shot an off-duty police officer shortly after 6:30 this morning at a CVS in South Philly.

The assailant, identified by police as Richard Anthony Kralle, was reported missing by his wife Thursday night, after telling her "He has nothing to live for and is going to end his life."

According to a police report, Kralle had been on meth for the past four months and was said to be armed with two revolvers and a AR-15 style rifle. The police had been looking of him all night. This morning, after his overnight shift ended, Lt. Robert Friel witnessed another officer confronting Kralle at the CVS at 10th and Reed, so Friel went over to assist the other officer.

During a struggle, Kralle shot Lt. Friel in the upper left leg. Kralle was taken into custody and Friel was reported in stable condition before he had surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. On Fox 29, D.A. Larry Krasner was seen lurking outside the CVS. The FOP, however, had already staked out the hospital, and officers were planning to block Krasner again should he attempt to visit another wounded officer.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Sure Sign Of The Apocalypse: Truth Leaking Out At Penn State

By Ralph Cipriano

The mainstream media doesn't think it's a story yet but the Penn State sex abuse scandal is about to blow wide open.

So far, during the entire sordid 10-year-history of this case, the corrupt Pennsylvania judiciary has been remarkably single-minded as well as highly successful in its desire to keep Jerry Sandusky rotting in prison for the rest of his days. And that corrupt judiciary has been even more remarkable -- and similarly successful -- in circling the wagons over the years to deny any and all appeals. That's despite overwhelming evidence of rampant official misconduct and wholesale trampling of constitutional rights that pervades the entire case.

But on Feb. 5, 2019, state Superior Court Judge Carolyn Nichols wrote a 70-page opinion denying Sandusky a new trial, an opinion she foolishly staked to the credibility of former Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina.

In her opinion, the Hon. Judge Nichols bought former Deputy Attorney General Jonelle Eshbach's argument that she and Fina had set an "internal trap" for the person in their office who was leaking grand jury secrets to reporter Sara Ganim. The gullible Judge Nichols also bought the argument that Fina couldn't have been the leaker because he had previously asked the grand jury judge to investigate those same leaks.

"It is a fact of human nature that one engaged in or aware of misconduct he does not wish to have exposed does not ask an outside source to investigate it," Judge Nichols opined. She didn't mention this in her 70-page opinion, but she's probably also convinced that O.J. Simpson is still out looking for the real killers. That's how laughable Judge Nichols's opinion is right now after Frank Fina has been completely outed as an overzealous and unprincipled prosecutor with a demonstrated track record for leaking grand jury secrets.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Uncle Larry's Revolving Door For Armed Drug Dealers

A gun, ammo & marijuana recovered by police from Vernon Harris
By Ralph Cipriano

If you're looking for an example of an armed drug dealer who keeps going through District Attorney Larry Krasner's revolving door of justice, meet Vernon Harris.

On April 30th, police, using Operation Pinpoint, a computer grid system that isolates hot spots for crime, stopped Harris, 19, of Southwest Philadelphia, and discovered that he was carrying marijuana and a gun. The police charged Harris with carrying unlicensed firearms, intentional possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, and illegally carrying firearms in public.

On Twitter that same day, Capt. Scott Drissel Jr., the commanding officer of the 12th Police District, wrote: "Outstanding work! This particular male, who is only 19 years old, has now been arrested for illegally possessing a firearm 3 times in 14 months, all by 12th District officers."

Yes, the cops keep arresting Vernon Harris, the armed drug dealer. And thanks to the Progressive polices of Uncle Larry over in the D.A.'s office, drug dealers like Harris wind up right back on the street again.

Friday, May 22, 2020

'Unimaginable Mistakes' Lead To New State Supreme Court Standard For Prosecutorial Misconduct -- Reckless Behavior

By Ralph Cipriano

An 18-year-old murder case that involved what a judge described as "unimaginable mistakes" by a veteran prosecutor, a veteran cop, and a forensic scientist has prompted the state Supreme Court to issue a landmark ruling that sets a new standard for prosecutorial misconduct.

In order to get a criminal case tossed for double jeopardy, the old standard in Pennsylvania was intentional prosecutorial misconduct egregious enough to knowingly deprive a defendant of a fair trial. But in a 32-page majority opinion issued Tuesday, the state Supreme Court set a new standard for overturning cases based on prosecutorial misconduct -- "Reckless Behavior."

The opinion was issued in the case of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Kareem Johnson, who spent nine years on death row for a murder the state Supreme Court says he shouldn't be retried for. The unimaginable mistakes that resulted in what a judge described as a "farce" of a trial begin with a mixup of evidence that convicted Johnson involving a couple of baseball caps.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Drug Dealer Graduates From D.A.'s Innovative Diversion Program; Becomes An Armed Robber And Hostage Taker

By Ralph Cipriano

On May 7, 2018, Jayvonne Campfield, 19, of North Philadelphia, pleaded guilty to a drug dealing charge.

He could have been shipped off to the county jail or been put on probation but the D.A.'s office under Progressive Larry Krasner decided to give Campfield a break. They hooked him up with a Jewish faith-based organization known as TCY of Philadelphia, as in "The Choice Is Yours." TCY's self-proclaimed mission is to "Make Hope Happen" with an "innovative diversion program for first-time nonviolent felony drug offenders facing one or two year prison sentences." Instead of going to jail, Campfield had to perform 220 hours of community service.

On May 23, 2019, after he had completed his community service and graduated from TCY, Campfield got another break -- the drug dealing charge that he pleaded guilty to was marked as withdrawn by the D.A.'s office. On July 1, 2019, Common Pleas Court approved an "Order for Limited Access," meaning Campfield's drug case was now designated as "LA" for "Limited Access," so that the press and public can't see it. That's another benefit for TCY graduates, "removing the stigma of a criminal record," as in expunging past charges, so that Campfield could start a new life.

Exactly one week later, on July 8, 2019, Campfeld was one of a trio of masked and armed bandits who attempted to rob a Sprint store in Chestnut Hill. The trio wound up being trapped inside the store with frightened customers and employees while a SWAT team camped outside, brandishing armor and assault rifles. During a standoff that led to the evacuation of an entire shopping plaza, three employees held briefly as hostages managed to escape the bandits. "We were scared to death," one employee told CBS3. The standoff ended when the trio of would-be robbers surrendered to police.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Big Trial Explains Sandusky's Motion For A New Trial

On the latest "Search Warrant" podcast, Ralph Cipriano of explains Jerry Sandusky's motion for a new trial to the three cops hosting the show.

The motion is based more than 100 pages of newly discovered evidence, formerly confidential documents that show rampant collusion and grand jury leaking going on between the state attorney general's office and the supposedly independent investigation conducted by former FBI Director Louis Freeh.

Sandusky's lawyers are in state Superior Court seeking an evidentiary hearing so they can depose Freeh and former deputy attorney general Frank Fina, among many others, to learn the depth of the collusion, corruption and illegal grand jury leaks.

The podcast can be heard here.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Jeff Cole Interrogates Police Commissioner Outlaw

By Ralph Cipriano

At today's virtual press briefing, reporter Jeff Cole of Fox 29 got a chance to ask Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw about the big rumor that's been sweeping her department.

"Commissioner Outlaw, Are you considering or will you take the police chief's job in Oakland, California," Cole asked.

"No and no," Outlaw replied definitively from her wood-paneled office with an American flag posted behind her. She was wearing her dress whites, a black tie, but had deep circles under her eyes.

"Have you contacted by that department in asking you to seek the job?" Cole followed up.

"No, not at all," she said. She said that the first time she heard the rumor that she was leaving Philadelphia to return to her native Oakland was at last Friday's press briefing. That's when city managing director Brian Abernathy threw Outlaw under the bus by saying he was not concerned about Outlaw leaving town "at this time."

The pugnacious Cole was just getting started asking tough questions about Outlaw's conspicuous lack of visibility, as well as her job performance so far. While Cole was going hard after Outlaw, the moderator of the briefing cut him off, and Mayor Jim Kenney felt the need to butt in, to defend a damsel in distress. "I think she's doing a good job and I hired her," Kenney stated.


What Juror In Sandusky Case Told Louis Freeh's Investigators

By Ralph Cipriano

In their motion for a new trial, lawyers for Jerry Sandusky question whether one of the jurors who convicted him gave truthful answers in court when asked about her previous dealings with Louis Freeh's investigators.

Had the defense known the extent of what the juror told Freeh's investigators, Sandusky's lawyers said in their motion for a new trial, she would have been stricken as a potential juror.

During jury selection on June 6, 2012, the juror in question, identified in the motion for a new trial as "Juror 0990," was asked by Joseph Amendola, Sandusky's trial lawyer, what she told Freeh's investigators. In an April 19, 2011 summary of that interview, the juror is identified by Freeh's investigators as Laura Pauley, a professor of mechanical engineering at Penn State, who could not be reached for comment.

"It was focused more on how the board of trustees interacts with the president," Pauley told Amendola, as well as "how faculty are interacting with the president and the board of trustees . . ."

In a summary of Pauley's interview, however, Sandusky's lawyers say, "it is apparent that the interview . . . included something more than how the Penn State faculty interacted with the president and the board of trustees."


Another Career Criminal Freed By 'Uncle Larry' Meets A Tragic End

By Ralph Cipriano

When Anthony O'Connor got out of jail last year, thanks to a boatload of favors from his Uncle Larry in the D.A.'s office, O'Connor's lawyer was hoping his client could turn his life around.

The police say that O'Connor, 30, of Jamison PA, was a career burglar who belonged in jail. But the D.A.'s office saw O'Connor as another unfortunate victim of mass incarceration who deserved another chance.

So in four separate court appearances over the last two years, prosecutors under District Attorney Larry Krasner agreed to drop 27 new burglary cases against career burglar O'Connor. On top of that, the D.A.'s office under Uncle Larry made a total of 184 charges against O'Connor stemming from those 27 new burglary cases literally disappear from court records. The D.A.'s office pulled that off by marking all 27 of those new burglary cases "limited access," so that the press and public couldn't see them.

"Hopefully, he's keeping out of trouble," Joseph Kevin Kelly, who bills himself as the DUI lawyer, said in January when interviewed about his client the career burglar who, thanks to his D.A. Krasner, was out there enjoying his newfound freedom.

Tragically, trouble found O'Connor last week. At approximately 9:42 p.m. on Wednesday, May 13th, a driver operating under the influence -- and another possible new client for Kelly -- struck a car driven by O'Connor and killed him.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Where's Danielle Outlaw? Rumor Mill Has Her Leaving Town

By Ralph Cipriano

While Philadelphia's new police commissioner remains conspicuously out of sight, rumors are sweeping the department that she may be quitting, supposedly to head back to the West Coast.

The rumor mill had Outlaw returning to her native Oakland, where she previously served as deputy chief, from 2013 to 2017. And where on Feb. 21st, an independent commission fired Anne Kirkpatrick, Oakland's first female police chief, and they're still looking for a permanent replacement.

When asked about Outlaw's rumored departure, a spokesman for the Philadelphia Police Department, Officer Eric McLaurin, responded, "We have no information pertaining to that." At a press briefing earlier today, managing Director Brian Abernathy didn't put out any fires when he stated that he was not concerned about Outlaw leaving "at this time." A top elected official also heard the rumor but said it wasn't true.

A spokesperson for the Oakland Police Department could not be reached. But a spokesperson for the Oakland mayor's office, who described Outlaw as "one of my favorite people of all time," said she hadn't heard the rumor.

Back in Philadelphia, John McNesby, FOP president, wasn't buying it. "She's not going anywhere," he said. "Bad rumor."

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Sandusky Seeks New Trial Based On Fina-Freeh Collusion, Leaks

Kathleen McChesney
By Ralph Cipriano

Lawyers for Jerry Sandusky have filed a motion for a new trial based on newly discovered evidence that documents rampant collusion between the criminal investigation of the Penn State sex scandal conducted by the state attorney general's office and the supposedly independent $8 million civil investigation of PSU presided over by former FBI Director Louis Freeh.

Throughout the Freeh investigation, which was the legal basis for the NCAA's unprecedented sanctions imposed against Penn State that included a record $60 million fine, there were "substantial communications" between the AG's office and Freeh's investigators, the motion states. Those communications included a steady stream of leaks to Freeh's investigators emanating from the supposedly secret grand jury probe overseen by former Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina, a noted bad actor in this case.

The collusion and leaks between the AG's office and the Freeh Group are documented in three sets of confidential records filed under seal by Sandusky's lawyers; all those records, however, were previously disclosed on Big Trial. The records include a private 79-page diary kept by former FBI Special Agent Kathleen McChesney, the co-leader of the Freeh investigation, in 2011 and 2012; a seven-page "Executive Summary of Findings" of a 2017 confidential review of the Freeh Report conducted by seven Penn State trustees; and a 25-page synopsis of the evidence gleaned by the trustees in 2017 after a review of the so-called "source materials" for the Freeh Report still under judicial seal.

In documents filed Saturday in state Superior Court, Sandusky's lawyers argued in their motion for a new trial that the collusion that existed between the AG and Freeh amounted to a "de facto joint investigation" that not only violated state law regarding grand jury secrecy, but also tainted one of the jurors who convicted Sandusky.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Top Aide To D.A. Krasner Arrested For Abandoning Child

By Ralph Cipriano

Police yesterday arrested a top official in the Philadelphia district attorney's office for allegedly leaving her four-year-old daughter unattended in a parked car.

Cops were on routine patrol on the 200 block of Rittenhouse Street in the Mount Airy section of the city at 3:21 p.m. when they were flagged down by a man who told them a child had been left alone in the back seat of a gray Ford Fusion.

The police made eye contact with the child, unlocked the car door through an open window and took the child into custody. The victim's mother, identified as Dana Lynn Bazelon, 40, of Center City, returned 34 minutes later with her six-year-old son.

The mother told police that she went for a walk with her son and didn't want to wake her daughter because she hadn't been sleeping well. Bazelon told the police that she's an employee of the D.A.'s office, as an assistant district attorney. On her Facebook page Bazelon states that she is a "proud Philadelphian" and "criminal justice reformer" who happens to be a "policy advisor" to D.A. Larry Krasner.

Police placed Bazelon in custody and transported the mother and her two children to the Special Victims Unit, where the four-year-old was reported in good condition.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Would-Be Cop Killer Finds Freedom, Seeks Romance, Finds Death

By Ralph Cipriano

Twenty-two years ago, John Ruane was a cop patrolling the North Philly Badlands when he interrupted a turf battle between rival drug dealers.

"We drove right into the middle of an execution in progress," recalled Ruane, now a trustee at the FOP. Four drug dealers were in the process of dispatching a rival drug dealer. But when the cops showed up, Ruane said, "the four shooters turned their guns toward us."

Bullets struck the Ford Bronco that Ruane and two fellow cops were riding in. Ruane saw a bullet hole in the window of the Bronco at eye level; another 9 mm round caught the bottom edge of the back of his police vest. It was another case of being saved by Kevlar, the bulletproof plastic in police vests. The distance between the bullet hole and the edge of the vest was about the size of a thumb.

The drug dealer who shot Ruane, Alberto "Hawk" Pagan, wound up getting sentenced to jail in 1999 for 22 to 44 years for the attempted murder of a police officer, as well as other charges. Imagine Ruane's surprise when he heard from fellow cops that halfway through his prison term, Pagan was not only back on the streets again, but also on Facebook, seeking "to make female friends."

"Thanks D.A. Larry Krasner for NOT letting me know you let out the guy who shot me 22 years ago, out of prison halfway through his 44 year sentence!" Ruane wrote Tuesday night on social media. "Apparently he [Pagan] has been making new friends on FB since his release in November."

Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Guns Of July: Out Of 236 Gun Cases D.A. Had 37 Convictions

By Ralph Cipriano

When it comes to prosecuting gun crimes in Philadelphia, District Attorney Larry Krasner presides over a revolving door for criminals that puts them right back out on the street again, so they can wreak more havoc.

In July of 2019, court records show, the D.A.'s office prosecuted 236 gun cases. And as of March 16th, the last day the courts in Philadelphia were open, records show, 66 cases, or nearly 28 percent, had either been dropped, dismissed or lost by the D.A.'s office.

If you get arrested for illegally carrying guns in the city, your chances of walking are almost twice as good as getting convicted. Of those 236 cases stemming from July 2019, as of March 16th, only 37 defendants, or 15.6%, were found guilty. And all 37 of those cases were the result of plea bargains that for the criminals, turned out to be deals just too good to pass up.

Why? Because defendants who pleaded guilty to gun crimes typically were either put on probation and walked immediately. Or they pleaded guilty in order to get sentences well below state sentencing guidelines for gun crimes.

And if you're one of those rare defendants in a gun case who has to go to trial, your chances of walking are still good. Why? Because out of the 236 gun cases from July of 2019, only 2 cases ever made it to trial. And the D.A.'s office lost both cases.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Head Of D.A.'s Conviction Integrity Unit Lacks Integrity

By Ralph Cipriano

On Twitter, District Attorney Larry Krasner has been praising a Netflix documentary that profiles the work of Patricia Cummings, head of the D.A.'s Conviction Integrity Unit.

It was Cummings who got Chester Hollman III out of jail in 2019 after he had served 28 years for a murder he was falsely convicted of. It's a featured episode of the "Innocence Files" a nine-part series now airing on Netflix. "Thank you for taking such care with Chester Hollman's story," the D.A. tweeted on April 16th. "Honored to be part of this important series."

But don't expect Krasner the film critic to be praising another documentary that's coming out in June.  "Outcry," a five-part Showtime series, also deals with the work of Patricia Cummings, but this time around, she won't be presented in a flattering light. Outcry is the story of Greg Kelley, an 18-year-old high school football star in Texas who in 2014, was sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole for sexually assaulting a four-year old child in a day care.

Only Kelley was falsely convicted. And the list of villains includes Patricia Cummings,  Kelley's defense lawyer at the time, whom a judge found, was not only ineffective, but she also had an undisclosed conflict of interest. It turns out that Cummings had as a former client the woman who owned the day care where the attack took place. And she had a son who not only lived there, but he was also a real dirt ball who was suspected of being the real child abuser. But Cummings kept quiet about her conflict for three years while Greg Kelley, an innocent man, rotted in jail.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

D.A. Krasner Uses BS, Deceptive Stats To Con Public About Crime

By Ralph Cipriano

Attention Philadelphia, District Attorney Larry Krasner is using some BS and a batch of misleading crime stats to try and cover up how his permissive policies have fueled gun violence.

Krasner, who was publicly ripped last month at a joint press conference held by the mayor and police commissioner for his revolving door style of justice, held his own virtual press conference last Friday, with just an underling present. There weren't any other city officials around, or any reporters, not even on Zoom, so that anybody could question Krasner's fraudulent claims or deceptive stats.

The Philadelphia Inquirer may have given fellow progressive Krasner a pass while Philadelphians this year are shooting and killing each other at record rates, but here at Big Trial, we're going to hold the D.A. accountable.

At his virtual press conference, Krasner tried to con his fellow citizens into believing that the crime rate in the city is actually down when just the opposite is true. And no amount of lying or spin-doctoring is going to change that, or wash the blood off Krasner's hands.


When It Comes To Crime Stats, Larry Krasner Is A Spin Doctor

By A. Benjamin Mannes 

On April 17, 2020, a Virtual Public Safety Briefing was hosted by District Attorney Larry Krasner, Violent Crime Unit Chief Anthony Voci and DA’s communications director Jane Roh to discuss crime statistics in the city. 

This briefing struck many in the public safety community as strange, first because it heavily covered crime statistics; a task that is the responsibility of the police not the District Attorney, and that it seems to have marked a drastic shift in messaging for the District Attorney.

Since his election, D.A. Krasner has been almost uniform in his messaging toward his progressive base, and not appearing to have a “tough on criminals” tone.

However, this conference, in light of a steady rise in homicide since his election and the murder of Cpl. James O’Connor by a murder suspect and his friends who were all on the street despite recent criminal charges; Krasner’s “briefing” was more of an attempt at public reassurance than a simple update on ongoing prosecutions in the city.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Judge Stands Up To D.A.; Protesters Verbally Assault, Harass Her

By Ralph Cipriano

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Common Pleas Court Judge Anne Marie Coyle presided this week over emergency hearings designed to expedite the early release of supposedly non-violent inmates.

The judge was expecting to deal with  small-time criminals in jail for low-level, non-violent offenses.

But the 80 case files brought to Judge Coyle's virtual courtroom over two days included some major heroin dealers, and other convicted criminals jailed for crimes that included arson, aggravated assault, domestic violence and assaults against police officers.

The public defender, with the district attorney's approval, wanted the judge to sign off on group releases. But the judge said, no, we're going case by case. The judge subsequently found that none of the defendants fit the criteria of being small-time criminals jailed for low level and nonviolent crimes. So one by one, the judge denied the releases and ordered all 80 criminals to be kept in jail.

For doing the job she was elected to do, Judge Coyle was attacked by the D.A. and the public defender's office, and vilified by the Inquirer. Finally, after the Inquirer published the judge's photo, a gang of protesters on Wednesday verbally attacked, harassed and tried to spit on the judge as she was escorted by cops to and from the Criminal Justice Center.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

D.A. Krasner Gets Caught Near Gun Battle -- 'He Ran Like A Bitch'

D.A. [center] and entourage moments before shooting
By Ralph Cipriano

A common criticism of elites is that they never have to suffer the consequences of their own beliefs and policies.

For District Attorney Larry Krasner, it was a close call this afternoon as he almost had to face the deadly consequences of his radical policies that both the mayor and police commissioner have blamed for escalating gun violence and a record murder rate.

Krasner was politicking this afternoon on the 600 block of Clementine Street in North Philly, with several police officers and bodyguards in tow, when a few blocks away, a gun battle erupted.

"He ran like the bitch he is and got out of Dodge," Stinky Feat, a frequent Krasner critic, reported on Twitter. Stinky added a smiley clown face to his tweet, before dissing the D.A. as a "punk."

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

My Twitter Spat With Will Bunch -- And Why He And His Newspaper Are Full Of It

By Ralph Cipriano

It had to happen at some point.

For months on this blog, I've been trashing my old paper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, for its coverage, or should I say non-coverage of the corruption and dire consequences of the radical policies imposed by District Attorney Larry Krasner.

Finally, somebody at the Inky decided to fight back.

And not just anybody. Will Bunch, the paper's lofty national opinion columnist, who usually hyperventilates daily about the evils of the devil named Donald Trump, went on Twitter yesterday to attack me. His target was a blog post I wrote about the brazen cluelessness of Mayor Kenney, Managing Director Brian Abernathy, and Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw when it comes to fighting crime.

At invitation-only virtual press conferences held daily, this trio of public officials hasn't been able to articulate a single idea about how to handle the current surge of gun violence in the city. Except for Kenney and Outlaw to suggest that perhaps D.A. Krasner should start prosecuting people for illegally carrying guns. Instead of giving them a pass, like he does for so many other criminals.

Monday, April 13, 2020

City Officials Clueless About How To Stem Rising Gun Violence

AP/Matt Rourke
By Ralph Cipriano

On Easter in Philadelphia, the churches were closed, but out on the streets, people were busy shooting and stabbing each other.

Over the weekend, police recorded eight incidents where a total of 13 victims were either shot or stabbed, with four of those victims winding up as murder victims.

The city's homicide rate now stands at 104. Meanwhile, the city's leaders appear to be clueless concerning what, if anything, to do about it.

At the mayor's daily invitation-only virtual press conference about the coronavirus, Brian Abernathy, the city's empty suit of a managing director, told reporters today that "Violence is not new in the city of Philadelphia, unfortunately."

When asked what concrete steps city officials were taking to stem the violence, Abernathy, never at a loss for platitudes, mumbled something about how "We're working very closely" with the police department, presumably to get a fresh update on the body count.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Virus Postpones Pet Therapy Session For Stressed-Out D.A.'s Office

By Ralph Cipriano

During the recent coronavirus pandemic, everybody's had to make  sacrifices. For overwrought prosecutors in the Philadelphia District Attorney's office, it's meant the postponement of a planned two-hour therapy session with six therapeutic dogs, a cat and a bunny.

On April 20th, volunteers from PAWS for People, a nonprofit organization based in Newark, Delaware that provides therapeutic pet visits, was originally scheduled to visit the D.A.'s office.

According to Clarice Ritchie, director of operations and events for PAWS, the plan was to give prosecutors a chance to "de-stress," by stroking some lovable pets, but the event had to be postponed because of the lockdown over the virus. It's a shame because the prosecutors in the D.A.'s office were certainly stressed out for a variety of reasons, and could have used a pet therapy session that even included a seasonally-appropriate Easter bunny.

As Ritchie explains, when you stroke a therapy pet, it "lowers your blood pressure, and releases all the endorphins." And when you're a prosecutor, "I can't imagine what they deal with with their jobs," she said.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

What's Up With The Commish?

The Commish On Zoom
By Ralph Cipriano

If she was in self-quarantine, it didn't last long.

A day after the city's managing director said the new police commissioner was working from home -- prompting several sources to say that she was in self-quarantine -- Danielle Outlaw returned today to the Police Administration Building to announce, "I am well, I am here."

At a "virtual" press conference, Outlaw told reporters calling in on Zoom that she had indeed been tested for the coronavirus and that the test results had come back negative. Outlaw stated that police officials who work at the department's Center City headquarters will continue "rotate our time" so that there's a limited number of officials in the office at any time, to minimize health risks. She also said she plans to continue to split her work day presumably by not only coming into the office, but continuing to work part-time at home.

The speculation surrounding the police commissioner began when Captain Sekou Kinebrew, a department spokesperson, was hospitalized this week with the virus. Kinebrew had been seen chauffeuring Outlaw around the city during her first weeks on the job, prompting health worries about the commissioner. Also a deputy commissioner is said to have tested positive this week for the virus.

Outlaw did not say when she had been tested for the virus, and when her test results came back, so in the way city officials continue to ration the news, it's not possible to know what Outlaw's true situation is. In coming back to work right away, however, some are questioning whether the commissioner was doing the right thing. Depending on a couple of facts we do not know, the answer to the question of whether the commish is doing the right thing may be no.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

McNesby On Krasner: 'It's Time For Him To Go"

The most popular new T-shirt for Philly cops
By Ralph Cipriano

FOP President John McNesby has an explanation for why Mayor Kenney, after three years of silence, suddenly blasted the district attorney last week for his soft-on-crime policies that have resulted in another wave of shootings and murders.

"I think for quite some time he [Kenney] has been taking the high road and the high road has come to an end," the FOP president said this morning in an interview.

McNesby said it's been lonely at times being Krasner's most vocal and often his only public critic. But after three years the results are in on Krasner's radical social experiment, and it's as bad as McNesby and the FOP had originally predicted. That's why the mayor is finally speaking out.

"We see crime is up just as we said," McNesby said. "We see murder is up just as we said." And still, McNesby said, Krasner refuses to work with anybody. The list of people the radical D.A. won't work with, McNesby said, now includes the mayor, the cops, the attorney general, and the U.S. Attorney. Instead, McNesby said, the D.A. is just "out there doing his own thing," which means doing more favors for criminals while emptying the city's jails.

"He doesn't work with anybody and we're all sick and tired of it," McNesby said about Krasner. "It's time for him to go."

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Why Did The Mayor Turn On The D.A.?

By Ralph Cipriano

Last week, there was a seismic shift at City Hall.

At yet another press conference called to update citizens on the coronavirus crisis, Mayor Kenney woke everybody up by suddenly switching the topic of discussion to what he described as the city's other "public health crisis . . . gun violence."

Kenney proceeded to turn on a fellow Progressive Democrat, D.A. Larry Krasner, blaming his soft on crime policies for the most recent upsurge in shootings and murders. Next, Kenney's new police commissioner, Danielle Outlaw, came to the podium and promptly turned the spat into a tag team match by dumping on the D.A. over his "revolving door" style of justice that lets criminals out of jail and puts them right back on the street.

Suddenly, Larry Krasner, the darling of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and progressive but gullible Center City liberals, was all alone in his radical crusade to remake justice. But three years into Krasner's destructive policies, the lingering question is why? Why after three years of holding his tongue and saying nothing publicly critical about Krasner, why is the mayor coming out now against the D.A.?

Here's an educated guess -- our wily mayor, whose progressive policies share in the blame for the city's current state of lawlessness, might be trying to get out ahead of a couple of ticking time bombs.