Wednesday, November 4, 2020

In 'Corrupt and Contented' Philadelphia, The Dead Still Vote

By Ralph Cipriano

On Aug. 18, 2012, Police Officer Moses Walker was robbed and shot to death as he was walking to a bus stop after he finished his night shift at the city's 22nd Police District.

But according to city records, death didn't stop Walker from voting in the 2018 general election.

On July 8, 2012, Police Officer Brian Lorenzo was riding his Highway Patrol motorcycle when he was killed by a drunk driver going the wrong way on I-95.

But after he died, according to city records, Lorenzo miraculously voted in the 2016, 2017, and 2018 general elections.

On Sept. 17, 2017, Gerard Grandzol, a community activist, was shot to death in front of his two-year-old daughter during a robbery.

But according to city records, that didn't stop Grandzol from voting in the Nov. 7, 2017 and 2018 general elections.

When asked about the possibility of voter fraud happening with these three dead voters, Lisa Deeley, chairwoman of the city Board of Elections, did not respond to a request for comment; neither did board Vice-Chair Al Schmidt, or Secretary Omar Sabir. 

The commissioners were busy counting some 350,000 mail ballots in the presidential election, where Philadelphia and the Keystone State may have a big say in determining who becomes president.

Schmidt told WHYY this morning that when it came to counting the votes, "It's more important to do it right rather than meet artificial deadlines."

"We're pushing out the results as quickly as we can. We're not holding back," Schmidt told WHYY. 

Deeley was quoted by the Inquirer as saying, "We're doing the best we can to get the count done as soon as possible, and it's going to be accurate. We'll be done when we're done."

In corrupt and contented Philadelphia, voter fraud is nothing new. 

In July, the feds charged Michael "Ozzie" Myers, a former U.S. Congressman, with eight counts of bribing a poll worker to stuff the ballot boxes with fraudulent votes for specific candidates in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 primary elections.

Myers. a blast from Philly's corrupt past, spent three years in prison in the early 1980s after he was convicted of attempting to bribe a phony Arab sheik offering cash in exchange for political favors in the FBI's infamous Abscam investigation. 

"Money talks in this business and bullshit walks," Myers famously told the FBI during a sting operation where he was caught on camera taking a $50,000 bribe. 

In 2016, 6ABC found 20 cases of the dead voting in Philadelphia. When Elections Commissioner Schmidt was interviewed by the TV station, he blamed innocent mistakes. Some voters who were alive were erroneously listed on death rolls, Schmidt said. Other voters with names similar to dead people mistakenly signed voting records in the wrong spot.

"There is no voter fraud in these cases," Schmidt told the TV station. 

This year, the FBI is investigating the case of how a Philadelphia man with full dementia and confined to a city nursing home was able to vote, both while he was sick with dementia, as well as after he died.

Philadelphia, where the dead come back to life when local Democrats need them. 

It's one of three cases of dead people voting that the FBI is known to be looking at, a source familiar with the investigation told Big Trial.  

In case you're wondering who Lisa Deeley, chairwoman of the city Board of Elections, is pulling for in that presidential election, the photo at right should give you a clue. That's Lisa posing with "The Big Guy."

Neither Deeley nor Commissioners Schmidt and Sabir responded to a request for comment about whether they knew of any dead people who wound up voting for Joe Biden for president. 


  1. Yesterday, while Biden was campaigning, he identified a Granddaughter as his deceased son Beau and thanked the crowd for their support for electing Beau to the Senate.

    At what point will Sleepy Joe be diagnosed with dementia and then the Real Obama Scam will begin with Camel Toe Blow Job Professional Harris as the President???

    The Democrats are a disgrace and we will pay a hefty price for their misconduct and treachery.

    Jason Brando

    1. They will not pay a hefty price. The ultra-left propaganda outlets will sing praises of everything they do and define any dissent as "hate speech". Joe Biden or Kamala Harris could fling diarrhea at a crowd and the MEDIA would call it "a heroic act against sexism" or something along those lines.

    2. As he does with great regularity with brilliant wit and wisdom, Tucker Carlson has nailed the central issue regarding the Democrat Philadelphia Leaders acting in defiance of All Laws and trying to steal another Election.

      When will US Attorney McSwain start arresting the Mayor and his Confederates who should not be permitted to continue along their treasonous paths??

      How Ironic that as this Civil War unfolds, the North is the Cesspool for Insurrection and make every effort to Govern Unlawfully and attempt secession.

      It has never been so obvious that President Trump will be forced into the Battle of Philadelphia and I would suggest that He does not attend a Play at the Walnut Street Theater in a City of 'Triggered Democrats.'

      A Trial of the Criminal Politicians would probably end in an Acquittal in This City, considering the Corrupt Jury Pool, so the question is, in what Jurisdiction would they be fairly tried??

      Jason Brando

    3. Agreed. Furthermore, this city government of ours here in Philadelphia, in my opinion, the rancid status quo of the utter malfeasance and the fetid stench of corruption oozing from City Hall and the disgustingly cavalier attitude of they employed there, is merely a microcosm of what our President Trump discovered in Washington, D. C., what he refers to as "the Swamp."

    4. The Major Networks Yesterday, decided Unilaterally to Deny the President his Right and Obligation to Address the Public. Just as the Story of Biden Corruption was censored because there are alot of Politicians and their Partners who have been part of the Conspiracy and Corruption which has ensnared Biden and His Family.

      They are forcing Trump to padlock Major Corporations and Indict CEOs and Politicians for Treason.

      They are screwing with the Wrong Guy and He Will Fight Back.

  2. How does one look into family members who have recently passed on in the year 2020 to make sure their identity wasn’t included with the votes for the election?

    1. You can call they county they lived in, give their information such as name, DOB and ask if they are registered to vote. They should also be able to say if they voted.

  3. I wish you had a share button fb prevents me from pasting article. Add one please

    1. Cut and paste the article. I share Ralph's articles on facebook all the time especially on Kenny and Krasner's pages!!!! I always post them on my wall and also often on and the other "news" pages.

  4. Today we might learn who will be our next President. In 2024, barring anything like the pandemic, we will return to the way we voted by registering to vote at your local polling space. Mailed ballots will be reserved for the physically disabled and people being out of state or out of the country like travellers or the military.

    To protect the integrity of our electorial systems, all candidates for President of the United States would have to sign a contract to indemnify the Government from damages sustained in a vote recall unless it was proven that voting data/ballots were tampered with or altered. This will prevent angry baseless suits from being filed.

  5. Please post the link for how we can search who voted and when

  6. If these election frauds were caught and prosecuted as you have shown in your examples...Then it seem to me that they are doing their jobs...


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