Friday, September 25, 2020

Big Trial On Dom Giordano Talking About Cops & Social Media

Ralph Cipriano of was a guest on Dom Giordano's radio show yesterday. 

The topics included the police department's double standard in enforcing its social media policy, and the continuing travesty of the homeless encampments on the Parkway, where for the past four months, Mayor Kenney has been too afraid to enforce the law. 

Meanwhile, the camps have been the site of several stabbings, rampant drug use, and unsanitary conditions.

Cipriano also discussed how it's become a full-time job at holding the mayor, the district attorney and the police commissioner accountable because the city's paper of record isn't interested in doing that.

The talk show segment can be heard here. Cipriano's segment is the second featured audio clip, after attorney George Parry discusses the Breonna Taylor grand jury.


  1. Ralph, another Great Adventure in Advertisements for Yourself.

    You are too photogenic for Radio, TV is your perfect Medium.

  2. Sorry to have missed Ralph, but cannot stand the noisy gas-bag Giordano. I've heard him hang up on many of us, Republican, for merely making a good point that he didn't think of. Reminds me of O'Reilly. Self-centered wind bag.

  3. My apologies for putting up the wrong link. I've got the right one up now.

  4. How has the Parkway Encampment affected the commerce at Whole Foods during this Siege??

    Have the Homeless Anarchists been forced to dumpster dive at Whole Foods or do they actually stand in line at the registers after loading up???

    Kenney has made it clear that shoplifting is no longer an enforceable offense.

  5. Ralph: Swallowed hard, and listened to the piece. Hope the gig with Philadelphia Weekly comes through for you ($$$) and for us, as well. Personally, I believe that you are Philadelphia's own Tucker Carlson. No offense intended, but still cannot swallow the utter pontification by Giordano. He yakked for almost five minutes before he put you on. Best of luck, and thanks for all you do. Greatly appreciated.

  6. Good work, Ralph. Proud of you again.

  7. I hope that you spend some of your valued time this weekend exploring the continued sham of the Kenney Administration who appointed and then excommunicate his top Cabinet Officer Christian Dunbar.

    If he can't find an incompetent Affirmative Action Appointment like the Clown Police Commissioner from the Black Panther Infested Slums of Oakland, he finds them in the wilds of Liberia, who has faked and embezzeled his way to a Position of Public Service.

    We can only hope that Jimbo will be kidnapped by a Tribe of Head Shrinking Pygmies on his next Job Search and this Philadelphia Nightmare will precipitously conclude because NO RANSOM WILL BE PAID for this Clown's Release.


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