Monday, November 9, 2020

Feds Launch Criminal Probe Into Alleged Philly Voter Fraud

By Ralph Cipriano

According to federal and local sources, the U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia has launched a criminal probe into multiple allegations of voter fraud here in the city, including Big Trial's own report about dead people voting, like Smokin' Joe Frazier.

The criminal investigation is part of a two-pronged legal approach as Republicans continue to attack the legitimacy of last week's presidential election where the media has unanimously already declared Joe Biden the winner. 

On Saturday, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's personal lawyer, announced at a press conference in Philadelphia that he would be filing a civil rights lawsuit in U.S. District Court, alleging that Republican voters were deprived of their right to a fair count of the vote. 

At the press conference, Giuliani introduced three local Republican poll watchers who said they were prevented from watching the counting of more than 100,000 mail-in ballots at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Despite a court order allowing them in, two of the three poll watchers said, they were never allowed closer than 15 feet.

The third poll watcher, Lisette Tarragon, a longtime city resident and retired attorney, said that when she and other Republican poll watchers tried to get into the Civic Center to watch the count, "I never got past the first identification stage . . .  I felt insidious fraud going on. I felt we were kept from doing our civic duty."

At his press conference, Giuliani attacked the "decrepit Democratic machine" and said that Philadelphia had "a sad history of voter fraud."

"After all, Joe Frazier is still voting here," Giuliani said, despite the fact that the former heavyweight champ died in 2011. "We should go see if Joe is voting Democratic or Republican now from the grave."

The mayor was referring to a Big Trial report that according to a database that only city employees have access to, a parade of 22 dead people, led by Smokin' Joe, had previously voted in past city elections, according to data provided by the Board of Elections. The dead voters included seven hero cops who died while serving in the line of duty, and eleven dead relatives of police officers.

Asked if this alleged practice was disrespectful to police, FOP President John McNesby said, "disrespectful is putting it lightly if in fact true."

"We look forward to seeing the outcome of what the investigation brings."

In addition, the city's Republican party went through state voting records, and announced on Saturday that they had found at least 840 dead people who had voted in last week's presidential election who were 101 years old or older. Those elderly voters included at least 39 people who had lived through the Civil War. 

In addition to dead people voting, Giuliani said evidence of voting fraud included statements from four individuals who allegedly witnessed backdating of mail-in ballots. 

U.S. Attorney William McSwain could not be reached for comment. The investigation is said to be led by Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Gibson, a veteran prosecutor who also could not be reached.

Giuliani said he would be filing a civil rights lawsuit in either Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. He said that his legal team had interviewed at least 50 poll watchers who were "uniformly deprived of their right to inspect any single part of the mail-in ballots." 

"It's really simple," Giuliani said about what happened at the Convention Center. "If you have nothing to hide with these mail in ballots you allow inspection." But in Philadelphia, Giuliani said, "not a single Republican got to view a single ballot." In addition to the lack of access for Republican poll watchers, Giuliani said, "there was no security, zero," at the Convention Center. 

The former New York City mayor and mob-busting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York said that because Republican poll watchers in Philadelphia were deprived of inspecting of any of the mail order ballots, they could have been written by anybody, including the "Democratic party hacks that were all over the Convention Center."

Giuliani then launched into a speech about the "decrepit Democratic machine that has ruled the city for 68 years, describing Philadelphia as "a city where voter fraud is professional."

Democrats win election after election, he said, but "the city gets no better."

"Crime goes through the roof," he said, and when the city was besieged by riots, "You have the police stand by and watch it. Not because of the police [but] because you have a mayor that stands by and watches it. You've got a district attorney who lets people go free." 

Mayor Kenney and District Attorney Krasner, please stand up and take a bow. 

"You are poorly served, ladies and gentlemen of Philadelphia," Giuliani continued in remarks that didn't make The Philadelphia Inquirer. "Mayors who let riots take place and district attorneys who set criminals free, I don't think they're gonna care much about ballot fraud." 

Giuliani then introduced Darrel Brooks, a Philadelphia resident and Republican poll watcher.

"Basically, they put us 20 feet away," and didn't allow any cameras, Brooks said. In addition, Brooks said, he was "harassed by democratic poll watchers," which he was able to record.

Despite a court order that allowed the poll watchers in, Brooks said, "They still would not allow us to see anything that was happening."

"I came out here to support our president," Brooks said, adding, "Listen, we just want a fair election."

But Brooks immediately became a credibility problem for the Republicans. Politico ran a story that said the correct spelling of the poll watcher's name was Daryl Brooks, and that he was a longtime New Jersey resident and sex offender who ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. 

Next up was Matt Silver, a Philadelphia lawyer and another Republican poll watcher, said that from a distance of 15 feet away, he saw suspicious looking mail order ballots that appeared to have the "same unusual pen, the same individual handwriting."

At the press conference, Giuliani had some fun with the press when they brought to his attention that all the TV networks, and all of the mainstream media newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post had already declared Biden the winner.

"Oh my goodness, all the networks!" he said, as he threw his hands up to the sky in mock surrender. Based on what the media says, "We have to forget about the law; judges don't count," Giuliani jokingly suggested.

"All the networks thought that Biden was going to win by 10 percent," Giuliani reminded the gaggle of reporters. "Gee, what happened? Oh, come on. The networks don't get to decide elections. Courts do." 

"I know you won't accept it because of your hateful biases, but let's see if you can try thinking rational." 


  1. Thank you Ralph for all you're doing!!

  2. Rudy is the man and so are you Ralph. Keep shining light on the darkness. We appreciate you.

  3. Anonymous sources? I thought Republicans didn't believe in them. If the U.S. Attorney is really leading an investigation, the only agency conducting investigations in these matters is the FBI. The U.S. Attorney doesn't have his own investigators.

  4. Obviously, I've upset some people with these stories. But this is the only place in town you can find out what's really going on with dead people voting.

  5. Who did those 840 dead people vote for?

    If PA Democrats have been so good at voter fraud for so long then how come Trump won PA in 2016 by 44,292 votes?

    1. The story of the 2016 election is that Dems got caught napping. They were so high from sniffing their own fumes they felt they didn't need to do anything. PA wasn't even considered a battleground state in 2016. It's also why Hillary didn't bother going to Wisconsin.

  6. The New York Times called election officials in all 50 states and found no evidence of voter fraud

  7. Well, if the mighty New York Times said so why the rest of us mere mortals must take it as gospel. They were right about calling that Joe Biden landslide, weren't they?

    1. I don't recall saying or implying anything like your reply. What I am saying is that any voter fraud found won't be on a scale large enough to close the gap in all the states under investigation to change the outcome. You seem to believe that the New York Times, Democrats and all 50 states election officials colluded to defeat Trump. If Democrats were really doing this why wouldn't they give themselves a landslide victory expanded control in the house and control of the Senate?

    2. As Joseph P. Kennedy famously said back in 1960, "Don't buy a single vote more than necessary. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a landslide!"

    3. Democrats aren't the enemy, we are American citizens who love our country just like you. If any progress is going to be made it has to be with compromise and listening to each other not demonizing each other. It has to start somewhere-why not here-meet halfway to save some lives and rescue the economy instead of bitter finger pointing and things just get worse.

    4. The Dems have done nothing but demonize this president for four years, so any attempts at reconciliation now sound hollow to the rest of us.

      If the Dems aren't the enemy, the media surely is. And the Dems own the media.

    5. Well perhaps if he didn't lie all the time, didn't cozy up to dictators, try to black mail a foreign leader into digging up dirt on his opponent, deny the pandemic when he new as far back as February it was real and 250,000 Americans have died. Perhaps if he didn't claim Obama wasn't born in the U.S. Perhaps if Mitch McConnell didn't say on camera his goal was to make Obama a one term president. The Dems own the media? Did you watch the 60 minutes interview of Biden? As a reporter who deals in facts that you can't possibly believe that. That the media is all evil and so are Democrats. I don't believe all Republicans are evil, there are some I disagree with but I don't think they're all my enemy.

    6. Any rational person would have to conclude that the media is in bed with the Democrats. The media itself is populated at least 98% or more by Democrats. I know this from personal experience. So please go tell your fairy tales somewhere else.

    7. The alleged quote by Joseph Kennedy is considered by Oxford Essential Quotations to be a joke by JFK at a Gridiron Dinner in March 1958. The Gridiron Club is a famous journalistic organization in DC.

      The Gridiron Dinner is known for satiric and self-deprecating remarks by politicians. Trump attended in 2018 and had a lot of jokes at other people's expense, e.g.

      “I would like to apologize for arriving a little late. We were a little late because Jared could not get through security.”

      “Attorney General Sessions is here with us tonight, and it is a weird deal. I offered him a ride over, and he recused himself.”

  8. Thank you for the most complete report on Giuliani's voter fraud allegations that I've seen. The allegations raise a number of questions that I assume you are following up on.

    1) Are the 840 allegedly fraudulent votes from people who are actually 100+ years old? Are there death certificates on file for these individuals? Or does the voter database output birthdates like 1/1/1900 because these voters have Protection From Abuse orders that shield their personal info, or because their birthdates were illegible or misentered? I assume you are looking into this. How soon will you be able to confim or deny these allegations?

    2) Is the city database with Joe Frazier’s name and voting record accessible to and used by the Philadelphia City Commissioners and Board of Elections? I can’t think of a plausible scenario where bipartisan agencies with multiple Republican members are using the city database to run elections without knowing about these issues. Nor does it seem plausible that bipartisan agencies would be complicit in fabricating or deleting entries before passing them on to the state, which they would have to do since Joe Frazier and the other 22 dead voters you cite don’t show up in the state voter database. How soon do you think your investigation into this secret city database will bear fruit?

  9. Jeff, so far I have no answers for your questions on the the 840 allegedly fraudulent votes allegedly uncovered by the Republicans.

    Regarding the city database, it is not accessible by the public, it is only accessible to city employees. But city employees can not edit data, it's read only, and all voter information is inputted by the Board of Elections.

    I don't know how much more reporting I can do without access to that database. Several additional employees are emailing or calling me to say that they and their colleagues at work are discovering on a daily basis that they have dead relatives who have been recorded in the database as voting in recent elections.

    The feds are investigating. The locals aren't talking. Right now, that's where we're at.

  10. Come on everyone knows the motto in philly Vote Early +Vote Often I watched a girl throwing away Trump votes by the hundreds till she seen people watching


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