Friday, June 25, 2021

Female Cop Accuses Krasner Aide Of Trying to Pull Her Over

By Ralph Cipriano

Two weeks after G. Lamar Stewart was accused of a road rage incident where he allegedly made an unauthorized stop on an FBI agent, a female Philadelphia police officer has come forward to claim that Stewart previously tried to pull her over as well.

Last November, the cop said, she was driving to work in plainclothes at 11 at night on Midvale Avenue and Wissahickon Drive when the driver of a black Ford Crown Victoria came alongside her and attempted to pull her over.

The cop said that the man who was trying to stop her was not in uniform, and was driving an unmarked car. But he had his lights and sirens on, and was yelling for her to pull over. When she yelled back who are you, according to police sources, he drove off. She subsequently identified the man who tried to pull her over as G. Lamar Stewart, chief of community engagement in the D.A.'s office 

This is the same G. Lamar Stewart of the D.A.'s office who, on June 11th, according to what FBI Agent Joseph Donahue told Philadelphia police, turned on the lights and sirens on his black Crown Vic, and ordered the FBI agent to pull over on Harvey Street. The FBI agent complied. But when he flashed his badge and asked for Stewart's ID, according to the FBI agent and a police report, Stewart fled the scene.

According to the regulations of the Philadelphia Police Department and the Philly D.A.'s office, only armed cops in uniform are supposed to pull anybody over. That's another problem for Stewart, because, according to police sources, he's not carrying a gun because he has a protection order for abuse filed against him. Technically, instead of being out on the street and pulling over other cops, Stewart should have been in the office on restricted duty. 

All of this amount to a credibility problem for District Attorney Larry Krasner and his scandal-plagued office.  At a press conference last week, when asked about Big Trial's original report regarding Stewart allegedly pulling over an FBI agent, Krasner chose to attack the messenger, saying that your faithful Big Trial correspondent was "highly unreliable," not "truthful," and, "should write fiction."

What does Larry Krasner have to say now?

According to a police report, On June 11th, FBI Agent Donahue "stated that while on Lincoln Drive, he swerved into [the] lane next to him by accident. When doing so, the below offender [identified as G. Lamar Stewart of the D.A.'s office] almost was hit."

The FBI agent "turned onto Harvey [Street] and the below offender [G. Lamar Stewart of the D.A.'s office] followed behind" the FBI Agent, the report said. "Offender activated lights and sirens trying to pull [the FBI agent] over."

After Agent Donahue "identified himself as federal agent, offender [G. Lamar Stewart of the D.A.'s office] then drove off," the police report says. The agent "followed feeling he [G. Lamar Stewart of the D.A.'s office] was impersonating a law enforcement officer."

Donahue pursued Stewart to a car wash at 5800 Wayne Avenue, where Stewart pulled over.

"Police arrived and asked for ID," the police report says. "The offender [G. Lamar Stewart of the D.A.'s office] would NOT identify himself to police or show badges."

According to police sources, the female cop who recently came forward to accuse Stewart may not be the only victim, and that there may others. Anyone who may have been victimized by Stewart should consider coming forward and contacting the police.

Meanwhile, in another ongoing scandal, the media is still covering for the corruption in the D.A.'s office.

After Krasner publicly attacked my credibility at his press conference, I published the police report written by the Philly cops who interviewed the FBI agent. 

I then invited the rest of the reporters who were at the press conference where Krasner tried to cover up yet another example of misconduct by one of his staffers, to start holding the D.A. accountable.

Of course, they didn't. 

To date, only Your Content news has taken up that invitation. YC news cited the Big Trial blog post, and said they were able to confirm that Stewart "fled the area to avoid the confrontation" with the FBI agent who was pursuing him.

But the rest of the local media, led by Krasner's staunch progressive allies at The Philadelphia Inquirer, are actively aiding and abetting the D.A. by covering up yet another scandal in his office.

It's hard to keep up with all the scandals in the D.A.'s office. Let's start with Anthony Voci.

Last fall, Voci, then Krasner's head of homicide was accused in another alleged road rage incident of abusing his authority when he allegedly pulled over a young black female motorist. When she supposedly panicked and took off, Voci allegedly led a police posse back to her house, where she was arrested and her car impounded.

At the time of the alleged road rage incident, Voci was in plainclothes and riding his motorcycle back from a crime scene when he ordered the woman to pull over. She has subsequently filed a civil rights lawsuit against Voci, the D.A.'s office, the cops who arrested her, and the city. 

Voci joins a veritable hit parade of misconduct and lawlessness in the D.A.'s office under Larry Krasner.

Previously, a Krasner ADA who's a top policy aide was arrested after she left her four-year-old daughter unattended in a locked car. 

Another Krasner ADA was accused of stealing porn from a stripper

And Krasner's gun violence coordinator was arrested after he shot and killed a male prostitute that he arranged a rendezvous with during office hours.

All three Krasner staffers subsequently got breaks from the state attorney general's office under Josh Shapiro, who seems to think his duties include protecting Larry Krasner from scandal.

Other offenders in the D.A.'s office include Patricia Cummings, the head of Krasner's Conviction Integrity Unit. Cummings has ethical problems of her own that were the subject of a five-part Showtime series about how she repeatedly betrayed a high school football star who was her former client, leaving him to rot in jail for a crime he didn't commit. 

While working for Krasner, the overzealous ADA Cummings and a second overzealous Krasner ADA , Rachel Black, were both formally admonished by judges for lying in court

Another Krasner overzealous ADA, Tracy Tripp, has been accused in a federal lawsuit of trying to intimidate a black detective, Derrick Jacobs, into perjuring himself by changing his findings on an investigation into a police involved shooting of a black suspect by a white officer. 

Jacobs exonerated the cop but Tripp and Krasner wanted to indict the cop for murder. So when Jacobs refused to change his findings, according to Jacobs's lawsuit, ADA Tripp threatened him with arrest and indictment. 

Meanwhile, Krasner himself has been accused of prosecutorial misconduct for not disclosing personal conflicts of interest in his ongoing witch hunt against former police chief inspector Carl Holmes. 

Other Krasner ethical lapses include him being a tax deadbeat. And, as a political candidate, Krasner brazenly violated the city's campaign finance laws in both of his victorious election campaigns. 

Lawrence Krasner is allegedly the city's chief law enforcement officer, but apparently, he's accountable to no one. And we're not even through listing all the scandals in his office.

Another top Krasner aide is a disbarred attorney who forged a judge's signature on a divorce decree, and then lied about it to the judge. 

Yet another top Krasner aide was the infamous Movita Johnson-Harrell, who subsequently went to jail for corruption. 

But Movita was still on Krasner's staff when the D.A. did her a favor by not prosecuting her son after he beat up his baby mama in broad daylight. 

No list of miscreants that Krasner has recruited would be complete without mentioning Adam Foss

Krasner hired Foss in 2018 to run a whacky nine-week training session for his young ADAs, where he had them engaging in group reflection sessions and sleeping overnight in homeless shelters.

After he left town, Foss became the subject of a criminal investigation after several women came forward to publicly accuse him of being a serial predator and a rapist who was knowingly spreading STDs.

While Foss was under investigation in Boston, back in Philadelphia, Krasner refused to disclose how much he paid Foss, and whether Foss had abused any of his impressionable young staffers while he was allegedly "training" them. 

And now we can add G. Lamar Stewart to the list. 

While G. Lamar Stewart has not responded to a Big Trial request for comment, his 2008 black Crown Vic that's assigned to the district attorney's fleet of cars has been seen in recent days parked on the west side of City Hall, where, hopefully, it can do no further harm. 


  1. Ralph. DA Detectives are assigned parking cards to certain parking lots. Why is this asshat parking outside of city hall which is reserved for the press with not 1 but 2 placards???? One from the DA Office and a City of Phila parking placard?? G.Lamar big brother is watching!

  2. Must check about Stewart's MPO status. Thanks for all you do Ralph!!

    1. Please tell me he's not MPO certified! Please!!!

  3. Looks like this pussy and Ex-Chief Claude Thomas went to the same car stop school! He's gonna pull over the wrong one and end up getting his ass kicked. Anyone got pics of him visiting his he on city time? Jerry Rocks are u investigating? Clown!!!

  4. Let's see if the PPD brass attempts to get the female cop to change her story. We will know, if the cop ends up parachuting to a special unit that she's not qualified to be in. That's how it works.

    1. She’s probably getting transferred to swat as we speak

  5. Geez.
    It sounds like the violent serial sexual and physical assaults at the Philadelphia Art Museum,and the Inquirer,and Inquirer Curtis Institute, and the 2016 NJ Governor Campaign, all of which were briefly and shallowly reported and investigated by the Inquirer.

    Of course, the Inquirer is funded by Trump-like Gerry Lenfest's vast tax avoided wealth. Lenfest covered up decades of child sex abuse at the Curtis Institute of Music.

    So, how could we possibly be surprised?
    The Inquirer: funded by billionaires to serve oligarchs.


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