Sunday, June 13, 2021

Top Krasner Aide Involved In Road Rage Incident With FBI Agent

By Ralph Cipriano

At approximately 9:15 a.m. Friday morning on Lincoln Drive, several police sources say, G. Lamar Stewart of the Philadelphia District Attorney's office used his lights and siren to pull over the driver of a Chevy Suburban whom Stewart claimed had allegedly cut him off in traffic.

Problem No. 1 was that Stewart, who is D.A. Larry Krasner's chief of community engagement, was not in uniform and was driving a unmarked police car, so he didn't have the authority to pull anyone over.

Problem No. 2 was that the driver of the Chevy Suburban turned out to be an FBI agent who flashed his badge at Stewart, and asked to see Stewart's ID. 

Stewart, according to several police sources, responded by hopping in his black Ford Crown Vic and taking off, with the FBI agent in pursuit. On police radio, the FBI agent asked for assistance, saying he was a federal agent who needed police help in stopping a black Ford CrownVic that he was following.

When Stewart pulled over at a car wash on Wayne Avenue, several police sources said, he allegedly refused again to show his ID to the FBI agent. When several cops from the 14th District arrived at the scene, they found Stewart shouting at the agent, sources said. And when the cops asked to see Stewart's badge, he repeatedly refused to cooperate with them as well.

"He was very unprofessional," one cop source said.

Problem No. 3 was that Stewart was not carrying a gun because, according to several police sources, he had a protection from abuse order filed against him in Montgomery County by his ex-wife. 

Any Philadelphia cop who has a PFA filed against him typically has to turn over his gun, and isn't even supposed to be out on the street.

But in Larry Krasner's D.A.'s office, which is rife with unethical and illegal behavior, there is zero accountability. So it will be interesting to see whether Stewart skates on this one, especially since the state attorney general's office is said to be investigating the incident, along with the FBI.

In the past, the A.G. has acted as a clearing house for Krasner's employees accused of breaking the law.

A spokesperson for the A.G. did not respond to a request for comment.

The alleged road rage incident involving Stewart took place on a winding section of Lincoln Drive near the intersection with Harvey Street. As both the FBI agent and Stewart were headed for the city, the FBI agent driving the Chevy Suburban jumped over into the next lane and then tried to correct that by jumping back. 

After Stewart pulled the FBI agent over, and the agent asked to see Stewart's ID, he took off, and was pursued by the FBI agent and several local cops from the 14th Police District. Stewart ended the chase by pulling over at a car wash in the 5800 block of Wayne Avenue.

The FBI agent, according to police sources, did everything by the book. First, he radioed the cops for assistance, rather than attempting to pull over Stewart by himself.

Next, the FBI agent remained calm during the argument with the Stewart, but repeatedly stated that Stewart didn't have the authority to pull him over.

When cops from the 14th District were questioning Stewart, they repeatedly asked him to identify himself but Stewart repeatedly refused. 

Stewart wouldn't even make eye contact with any of the officers who were asking for his badge, police sources said. Instead, holding a hand-held police radio, Stewart repeatedly told the cops that he was calling their captain. And when he couldn't get the captain on the line, he asked to speak to an inspector.

One of the officers on the scene who knew Stewart finally identified him. 

In his discussion with the cops, Stewart claimed that after he got cut off by the Suburban, he believed that he might be in a life-threatening situation, dealing with a driver who might be having a heart attack or a stroke.

But the cops saw it as a simple case of road rage, followed by some bad behavior on the part of Stewart.

"It's a black eye for someone in the D.A.'s office to act like that," one police source said. "They're supposed to be the higher standard, the law of the land."

"He [Krasner] is preaching accountability with the police but he's not holding his own people accountable."

Stewart could not be reached for comment.

Spokespersons for the FBI and the Philadelphia Police Department did not respond to requests for comment.

As he has done for the 22 months, Larry Krasner, who pledged to be open, honest and transparent as a "reform" D.A., did not respond to requests for comment. Neither did Jane Roh nor Dustin Slaughter, the D.A.'s alleged spokespersons. 

Cops familiar with Stewart, a former Philadelphia police officer, say that technically he is assigned as a county detective to the D.A.'s office, but comes and goes as he pleases, and is accountable to no one. 

"He has no supervision," one cop said. "He does whatever he wants. He has carte blanche. Every week, he puts down whatever he wants for overtime. Nobody in the office can ask him anything."

According to police sources, the incident involving Stewart is under investigation by the FBI as well as the state attorney general's office. 

This is the second time in two years that a top official in the D.A.'s office under Krasner has been accused in an alleged road rage incident.

.Last September, Assistant District Attorney Anthony Voci, Krasner's former head of homicide, was accused of abusing his authority after he allegedly led a posse of cops in pursuit of a young black female motorist who had allegedly cut him off in traffic.

When Voci, who was riding a motorcycle, allegedly tried to pull the woman over, she took off. Voci and the cops pursued the woman to her home, where she was arrested and her car was impounded.

Now she's suing the city, Voci and the Police Department for allegedly violating her civil rights. 

On the campaign trail last month, Carlos Vega, who lost the Democratic primary for D.A. to Krasner, pointed out that after the alleged road rage incident, Voci kept his $160,000 a year job at the D.A.'s office.

"Where's the accountability in that office," Vega asked. "He [Voci] abused his power" by bringing a police inspector with him to arrest the black female motorist at her house. He [Voci] brought "the full force of the police department" down on that one person, Vega charged

Other employees in Krasner's office who have been accused of breaking the law include Assistant District Attorney Joseph Torda.

Last June, a stripper and self-proclaimed "e-slut" who used to be Torda's girlfriend accused Torda of breaking into her home, assaulting her and stealing porn from her, porn that allegedly featured Torda as a co-star.

But last November, the state attorney general's office decided not to charge Torda.

Next, there's Assistant District Attorney Dana Bazelon, who in May 2020 was arrested and charged with child endangerment after she left her four-year-old daughter unattended in a locked car.

In December, the state attorney general's office dropped the charges against Bazelon after she completed a parenting class and managed for six months not to get arrested again.

And finally, last October, DeVonte' Douglass, Krasner's former gun violence counselor, shot and killed a male prostitute he had arranged a tryst with during office hours for $500. But on Feb. 25th, the A.G.'s office decided that Douglass acted in self defense when he shot and killed Vernon Harris, whom he met on Instagram.

The A.G.'s office, however, did arrest Douglass for soliciting a prostitute, possession of an instrument of crime, and misleading investigators about the facts surrounding the fatal shooting.

The misconduct in the D.A.'s office doesn't end with criminal allegations. Two of Krasner's overzealous ADAs, Patricia Cummings and Rachel Black, have been formally admonished by judges for lying in court.

And next week, a judge will hear arguments on whether the D.A.'s office should be barred from prosecuting former Chief Inspector Carl Holmes, because Krasner himself hid personal conflicts of interest in the case. 

Krasner's list of miscreants would not be complete without mentioning Adam Foss, a former Boston prosecutor and TED talk star who was brought in for nine weeks in 2018 to train Krasner's young prosecutors. 

After Foss left town, he was publicly accused by several women of being a serial predator and rapist who was knowingly spreading STDs. 

In Boston, Foss is the subject of a criminal investigation. Meanwhile, back in Philadelphia, Krasner has refused to divulge how much Foss was paid and whether he abused any of Krasner's young prosecutors.

But Krasner continues to get away with all of this thanks to The Philadelphia Inquirer, and other media outlets in town, who don't consider the unlawful and unethical behavior of Krasner and his staff to be news.

As in progressives covering for fellow progressives. 

G. Lamar Stewart joined the D.A.'s office in 2019 as assistant director of community engagement. He's an Army veteran and former Philadelphia police officer who's also the senior pastor of the Taylor Memorial Baptist Church in the Nicetown-Tioga section of Philadelphia.

At crime scenes, Stewart has been a familiar sight in the TV cameras at Krasner's side. Such as last March when Krasner, Stewart, and a couple of other top Krasner aides were turned away from Temple University Hospital, where Corporal James O'Connor died after being shot to death by a drug dealer that Krasner repeatedly let out of jail.

At the hospital, police memorably locked arms to prevent Krasner from visiting O'Connor's family.

When he got promoted last year, Stewart spoke as an advocate for social justice.

“As a faith and community leader working in law enforcement and the justice space, I have a responsibility and calling to advocate for underserved, vulnerable, and marginalized communities in Philadelphia,” Stewart said last September, when he was appointed chief of the D.A.'s community engagement unit.

“The fight for social justice and speaking truth to power can create opposition for those who are on the front lines of this fight — but we stand on the shoulders of Fannie Lou Hamer, Malcolm X, W.E.B Dubois, and so many other great leaders who fought the great fight as well," Stewart said.

Stewart's predecessor in that job in the D.A.'s office was Leigh Owens, a former convicted drug dealer who did time on Rikers Island, before serving as a deputy campaign director in Krasner's 2017 upstart campaign for D.A. 

When Krasner won the election, Owens became the D.A.'s director of community engagement. 

In a podcast interview, Owens described the job as being Krasner's liaison to the black community.

"He's a little awkward socially with people he doesn't know," Owens told the host of the  Decarcerated podcast. "Especially with black folks."

As Owens explained it, his job was to be able to bring Krasner the great white hope "into those rooms" with black people, to "validate him and be a buffer."

But now Owens's successor, G. Lamar Stewart, is a lighting rod for anyone who believes that Krasner doesn't hold his own people accountable for breaking the law. 


  1. Story is 100% true. We shall see what happens to him!! Our AG is worthless but maybe the Feds will do something!!!

  2. This guy is a joke to Law Enforcement. He has absolutely no credentials behind his name! Complete FRAUD!! If Mcswain was still in charge he would have been locked up that day? Is Jerry Rocks his Sgt? Who is investigating? Oh I forgot he's not a Philly cop so this asshole gets a pass!!

  3. Heard you on Chris Stigall this morning talking about this incident. You are very good.

  4. Philly cops are "detailed" to the DA's office from the PPD. Why does Outlaw continue to supply the DA's office with officers? Just how many officers are "detailed" there? They should be "on the street" protecting the citizens of Philadelphia. Time to clean house Outlaw.

  5. Ralph, your relentless effort to expose the corruption in the Dan's office is much appreciated. However, until the Republican party can win over the illiterate people in the hood being exploited by the democrats not much is going to change in Philly.

  6. Republicans in this town truly suck. They run bag ladies for mayor, won't spend a cent to win an election. They even lost to communists running for City Council.

    The GOP sucks!


  8. Ralph. There is currently a petition passed around at the Police districts calling on the FOP to remove Jerry Rocks from the Union because he has an agenda and wants to ignore any rules whatsoever.

  9. He needs to be fired by Krasner and if Krasner won't do it he free, the honorary Mayor Feckless if he has any balls left. Both of them should be removed from office for cause

  10. Fire him and Krasner at the same time!

    1. Voters had a chance to "fire" him last money, but passed on the opportunity.

  11. So far G.Lamar has made over 6k in overtime in 2021. How is this possible when he has no gun? His ass should be behind a desk limited duty!! Someone sick Jeff Cole on his ass! Oh yeah a civilian signs off on his overtime. Cecelia Madden can you explain? That's right folks a civilian employee!! Curious to how she was doing this while her ass was working from home????? Hmmmm.

  12. Ralph seems to me Krasner has no problem holding LEO that don't work in his office accountable. Examples- P/O Frank Bonnett- arrested in Fla for assault on a Sheriff Deputy in Florida. P/O James Allen left a voicemail on a man his wife was sleeping with and threatened him. Man contacted internal affairs. Allen gun not taken biz as usual. G. Lamar....well we all know the story here......

  13. Ralph, you forgot about Movita.

  14. Oh My GOD!!! This whole car thing is absolutely childish and should not be given anymore press coverage. Its silly. BOTH of them over reacted. One flashing a badge, the other chasing him through the streets, calling the police. What a waste of law enforcement time. Nobody wants to lose..too many egos here. They are BOTH guilty of stupidity and bad judgement. NO investigation needed.


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