Tuesday, June 15, 2021

At Yesterday's Press Conference, D.A. Krasner Covered Up For Aide Accused In Road Rage Incident Involving FBI Agent

By Ralph Cipriano
for BigTrial.net

At a press conference yesterday, District Attorney Larry Krasner was asked what he knew about a Big Trial report that G. Lamar Stewart, Krasner's chief of community engagement, was accused in an alleged road rage incident involving an FBI agent.

Instead of answering the question, Krasner proceeded to cover for yet another one of his staffers accused of misconduct by trying to trash me.

"I know the source of that report is highly unreliable," Krasner volunteered to the assembled reporters. The D.A. then revealed that although he's a faithful Big Trial reader, he's not exactly a fan.

"Unfortunately the source of that report is someone whom I can say looking back over more than three years of watching his coverage, I have never seen provide truthful and consistently reliable information," Krasner declared. "In my opinion, he should write fiction."

Krasner then proceeded to fake an attempt at transparency while pandering to all of the reporters in the room, especially his fellow progressives at The Philadelphia Inquirer, who make it a regular habit to cover for his wretched performance as D.A. 

"I can tell you that if there is reliable information that indicates there's an issue to address than we will address it," Krasner assured the reporters. "But in my opinion, all of you legitimate journalists, and I say that with respect, can do a much better job than that source of information."

When asked again if he knew anything about the alleged road rage incident, Krasner said, "I have no further comment on that."

Sorry, Mr. Krasner, but instead of a work of fiction, there's a police report that documents all of the relevant details of the story that I published about G. Lamar Stewart. That report also discloses the name and first-hand account of the FBI agent who's accused Stewart of misconduct. 

And I'm happy to share.

The police report that details the altercation between G. Lamar Stewart and the FBI agent, identified in the report as Joseph Donahue, is printed in full below.

The incident allegedly happened at 9:13 a.m. last Friday. According to the police report, FBI Agent Donahue "stated that while on Lincoln Drive, he swerved into [the] lane next to him by accident. When doing so, the below offender [identified as G. Lamar Stewart of the D.A.'s office] almost was hit."

The FBI agent "turned onto Harvey [Street] and the below offender [G. Lamar Stewart of the D.A.'s office] followed behind" the FBI Agent, the report said. "Offender activated lights and sirens trying to pull [the FBI agent] over."

After Agent Donahue "identified himself as federal agent, offender [G. Lamar Stewart of the D.A.'s office] then drove off," the police report says. The agent "followed feeling he [G. Lamar Stewart of the D.A.'s office] was impersonating a law enforcement officer."

Donahue pursued Stewart to a car wash at 5800 Wayne Avenue, where Stewart pulled over.

"Police arrived and asked for ID," the police report says. "The offender [G. Lamar Stewart of the D.A.'s office] would NOT identify himself to police or show badges."

There you have it folks, the story is true. But rather than admit it, Larry Krasner, in an attempt to cover up yet another scandal in his out-of-control office, tried to slander me.

Sorry, Mr. Krasner, but we now have proof that the Big Trial story about G. Lamar Stewart is true. And so are the other more than 120 stories that I've written in the past four years that document your horrendous record as D.A.

Many of those stories concern armed and dangerous criminals that you let slip through your revolving door of an allegedly "reformed" criminal justice system, armed and dangerous criminals who went on to maim and kill other people. All those stories are based on police records and court documents.

Which of those stories, Mr. Krasner, is fictional? I dare you to go back through those more than 120 stories and find one that you claim is false. And then I'd like to see you prove that.

But you already know you can't. That's why you've been stonewalling. 

For every one of those stories, I emailed both you and your spokesperson, in advance, told you what I was working on, and asked you for comment. But you and Jane Roh refused every time.

Why? Because you can't handle the truth, Mr. Krasner, and that's why you've been hiding under your desk for the past 22 months. You have to run away from your own pathetic record because you know you can't defend it. 

That's why at your press conference you fell back on the age-old dodge of attack the messenger. 

You know that your only shot at keeping the stories that run on Big Trial from spreading to other media outlets is to keep pandering to the rest of the gullible press corps. To keep hoping that they will continue to cover for you, and never hold you accountable. 

And never expose you for the fraud that you are. 

The stories that I wrote, Mr. Krasner, about you being a deadbeat who hasn't paid his taxes -- as of June 11th you still owe $52,971 -- are based on city records posted online.

The stories I posted about your brazen repeated violations of the city's campaign finance laws are based on city, state and federal campaign finance reports. 

I'm talking about the stories that document how, just last year, you took in more than $100,000 in cash, in-kind contributions, and rent money from your favorite PAC, Real Justice of San Francisco, when the city's annual limit for contributions from a PAC is only $12,600.

And, Mr. Krasner, all of the stories I've written about the misdeeds of your staffers are all based on records and emails from authorities. You remember, the ADA who left her four-year-old daughter abandoned in a locked car? That other ADA who allegedly stole porn from a stripper? And how about your former gun violence coordinator who shot and killed a male prostitute?

It's all nailed down in facts that you can't run away from, Mr. Krasner. All you can do is continue to pretend that it's not happening.

Remember your two overzealous ADAs who were reprimanded in court for lying? Those stories are based on court transcripts. 

So is the story about how you failed to disclose your own personal conflicts of interest in your vendetta against former chief inspector Carl Holmes. A vendetta that may end up in a judge ruling that you are no longer fit to be a prosecutor in that case. 

Which of those stories, Mr. Krasner, are fictional? Which of those stories aren't true?

I dare you to either put up or shut up. 

And, in the event that you can't prove anything I wrote is false, you owe me a public apology, sir. How about at your next press conference?

Here's that police report that I promised on G. Lamar Stewart:

To the rest of the reporters at yesterday press conference --- here's proof that the story I published is true. 

So now you know that Krasner was playing all of you for saps. The only question remaining is, what are you going to do about it?


  1. Looks like Larry will be writing a check to Ralph soon!!! Larry the lying prick!!!

  2. Sue him Ralph. Now let's wait for you're the racist for reporting on Stewart. You know that's coming. Would like to know Stewart's MPO status. Your writing is Pulitzer worthy but after the 2 lying clowns from the Inky got it and Obama, the Pulitzer is worthless.

  3. G. Lamar Stewart!!! You are the laughing stock of Law Enforcement in the entire state!!!! FRAUD!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, guys. Wish some other reporters would jump on this story, but then they might offend their progressive editors, as well as Larry Krasner.

  5. Ralph. It's common knowledge in the office amongst Rocks and his cronies Sylvia Morales Stewart etc that they laugh at Mcnesby and the FOP. Curious to get his take on Rocks AKA Mr. Perkiomenville continues to take a car home and is telling everyone he is still the Interim Chief. Mcnesby needs to kick his ass out. He's being called soft. Oh yeah Sylvia everyone knows what's going on with you and Rocks. The same as with Claude Thomas. Some girls just are drawn to men in power. Lol

  6. Here's Hoping that Your future reporting on the Peruto Candidacy will allow the Public to see what the next Viable Option of DA may be,

    That is if Peruto emerges from the luxury that He inhabits before November and gives up snorkeling with Interns in his gilded bathtubs on Rittenhouse Square.

  7. U mean Sylvia that does nothing and looks like a crack girl on Kensington Ave? The chain smoker?? Clueless!!

  8. Unfortunately for larry the sad sack, it's not illegal yet to report on the misconduct perpetrated by his underlings.

    This is one of the reasons whoever is running the white house (mumbly uncle joe biden probably doesn't remember what day of the week it is at this point) wants to pack the supreme court, they want to nullify the first amendment and declare such honest reporting as illegal hate speech. Only speech that gets the green light from hardcore marxist "fact checkers" will be permitted in the sick disgusting future the liberals have planned for us.

  9. Fire G. Lamar Stewart as he was in the wrong chasing an FBI Black Suburban only to have the tables turned on him by the FBI agent who demanded he show his ID when he had nothing to show at all!

  10. I wonder how many other times he's pulled people over?


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