Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Danielle Outlaw Vs. Christine Coulter

By Ralph Cipriano

Twitter fans were the first to learn that Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw was allegedly slugging it out with Deputy Police Commissioner Christine Coulter.

On Sept. 8th, reporter Steve Keeley of Fox 29 initially tweeted that the two top cops had squared off. And that after an "argument/disagreement over handling of a shooting incident, Coulter resigned," Keeley tweeted, and she was supposedly packing up her office.

That same day, Sharrie Williams, a news anchor at 6ABC, quoting sources, tweeted that Coulter "expressed disappointment" that she was being demoted to chief inspector and "is considering retiring."

Later that day, however, Coulter told Keely, "I did not resign. No decision has been made yet."

Coulter, who joined the police department in 1988, became the first woman to lead the department when she assumed the role of acting police commissioner in August 2019, after the sudden resignation of former P.C. Richard Ross.

Six months later, Coulter returned to her duties as deputy police commissioner after Outlaw took office in February 2020 as the new P.C. But if you believe Twitter, and who doesn't, the two don't get along. 

A week after the alleged blow-up between Outlaw and Coulter, Sgt. Eric Gripp, a police department spokesperson, confirmed that Christine Coulter has not resigned or been demoted. And that Coulter continues to serve the department as deputy police commissioner of organizational services.

Gripp also said he has heard but can't confirm or deny any of the rumors that Coulter hung onto her title as deputy police commissioner after reported interventions on her behalf from [a] Mayor Jim Kenney; [b] Managing Director Tumar Alexander and [c] unspecified City Council members. 

Alexander did not respond to a request for comment. Neither did a spokesperson for Mayor Kenney.

Joe Grace, a spokesperson for City Council President Darrell Clarke, said he was unaware of any intervention by any City Council members on Coulter's behalf. 

"I haven't heard that," Grace said.

The only rumor that Sgt. Gripp hadn't heard was the one I started. That shortly before her death, which suspiciously also occurred on Sept. 8th, that the late Queen Elizabeth had personally intervened on Coulter's behalf. 

Outlaw has a history of not getting along with her deputy commissioners. Before she even got to town, she reportedly had then-Managing Director Brian Abernathy fire Deputy Police Commissioner Joe Sullivan.

Since she's been here, Outlaw has gotten rid of former Deputy Commissioner Dennis Wilson, First Deputy Commissioner Melvin Singleton, and Deputy Commissioner Ben Naish. 

Her latest clash with Deputy Commissioner Christine Coulter has prompted all kinds of rumors that haven't been confirmed. But a motion filed yesterday in U.S. District Court may shed some light on why Coulter and Outlaw aren't getting along. 

The "plaintiff's motion for severe sanctions after second violation of the court's order and dissemination of sealed depositions" was filed by former homicide detective Derrick Jacobs, who is suing the city of Philadelphia, Outlaw and the Police Department, alleging violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

In his lawsuit, Jacobs contends that the city failed to pay him overtime for hours worked while on "on call status," and that in not paying him, the defendants were retaliating against Jacobs because he was a whistleblower. The lawsuit names as defendants, the city, the Police Department, Wilson and Coulter.

During his lawsuit against the city, Jacobs, acting as his own attorney, deposed former deputy Police Commissioner Wilson, as well as Deputy Police Commissioner Coulter.

In an April 4th videotaped deposition in the case of Derrick Jacobs v. City of Philadelphia et al in U.S. District Court, Wilson spoke out for the first time about the teargassing of protesters on the Vine Street Expressway on June 1, 2020 during the George Floyd riots. 

The official story, as promulgated at a joint press conference held in 2020 by Kenney and Outlaw, is that the decision to deploy tear gas against the protesters who were illegally blocking the highway during rush hour was made solely by Wilson.

At the press conference, then Deputy Police Commissioner Wilson came to the podium and took the entire blame for the teargassing. 

"I didn't call the commissioner, I gave the approval," Wilson said. "And it was me and me alone."

Wilson then announced that for "violating the rules of engagement and the commissioner's trust, I'm going to take a voluntary demotion" to chief inspector.

"Falling on the sword," was how Outlaw characterized it at the press conference before she dispatched Wilson with a condescending pat on the back.

So why did Wilson take the fall, along with a voluntary demotion to chief inspector, and an annual pay cut of $26,000, from $206,000 down to $180,000?

Because, as Big Trial has previously reported, according to police sources, Wilson had been told that District Attorney Krasner was planning to arrest him. And if convicted, under Pennsylvania law, Wilson stood to not only lose his pension, but also a DROP bonus of some $800,000.

In his deposition with Jacobs, Wilson did not admit that he had lied at the press conference. But he did change his story.

"Everyone knew that decision was going to be made," Wilson testified about the use of tear gas. Wilson added that "everybody" included the police commissioner, whom he had just had a cell phone conversation with "immediately before" the tear gas was dropped. 

"And I took a voluntary demotion when the heat, I guess, got too much for the city," Wilson said. 

At the 2020 press conference Wilson said he was taking a voluntary demotion because he "didn't call the commissioner" to get her final approval to drop tear gas. 

But in his deposition with Jacobs, Wilson testified that he did speak to Outlaw via cell phone right before the tear gas was deployed.

"How long before you approved the use of tear gas, were you in communication with Police Commissioner Outlaw?" Jacobs asked.

"Immediately before," Wilson replied, "but I'm not exactly sure of the time."

Wilson's deposition made headlines on Big Trial on May 2nd. A day later, on May 3rd, the city filed a motion for a protective order prohibiting the parties in Jacobs's lawsuit from "disseminating" deposition testimony to any third party who was not involved in the case.

At a June 7th hearing, at which Jacobs was present, Jacobs writes, "the defendants' counsel strenuously pursued the sealing of the depositions . . . to prevent Ralph Cipriano and website from exposing public corruption."

In motions filed in court, the city solicitor's office contended that excerpts from Wilson's deposition testimony published on big were allegedly used to "harass, annoy and/or intimidate" former deputy police commissioner Wilson.

The city solicitor's office similarly argued that if Coulter's deposition was excerpted on, it would expose Coulter to"harassment and undue distress."

During her deposition, Coulter was asked some pointed questions about the indictment of former Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna, and the city obviously did't want the public to hear what Coulter had to say about that subject.

In her depositionCoulter was asked by former homicide detective Jacobs, who is acting as his own lawyer, about District Attorney Krasner's indictment of former staff inspector Bologna, who was subsequently fired by Outlaw.

D.A. Krasner accused Bologna of striking a protester in the head with his baton during the George Floyd riots, a wound that allegedly required 10 staples and 10 sutures to close.

Coulter, however, had a different take on Bologna's clash with protester Evan Gorski.

According to Coulter, Bologna was the victim of an assault and robbery, as in the theft of his extendable metal baton known as an ASP by Gorski, who was seen on video grabbing Bologna's baton and throwing it to other protesters.

During her deposition, Coulter also expressed her opinion that Gorski was guilty of interfering with an officer who was attempting to make an arrest. The video, which was broken down frame-by-frame in court, also showed that Bologna never struck Gorski in the head with his baton. 

On June 10th, however, Judge Joel Slomsky bought the city's argument, and granted the city's motion for a protective order. The judge's order effectively sealed both depositions in the case, and continued an ongoing cover up in the Police Department, not only in Bologna's case, but in Jacobs'.

During his depositions of Wilson and Coulter, Jacobs writes in his latest motion, "both defendants were asked during depositions why was Detective Jacobs disciplined." And, Jacobs added, "Both defendants could not provide an answer as to why Detective Jacobs was disciplined."

On Sept. 1st, Jacobs filed a motion to unseal the depositions of both Coulter and Wilson, alleging that the motion was filed "due to the defendants's effort [counsel] to cover up public corruption."

In his latest motion, Jacobs asserts that city officials violated the judge's order not to disseminate Coulter's deposition by sharing it with top city officials, including Outlaw.

"Upon information and belief, due to the information contained in the plaintiff's filings, counsel for the defendants disseminated the deposition testimony of defendant Christine Coulter to non-parties" to the lawsuit," Jacobs writes, non-parties that included Mayor Kenney, Police Commissioner Outlaw, and District Attorney Krasner, "in violation of the court's order."

"Upon information and belief," Jacobs stated, Outlaw "confronted defendant Christine Coulter regarding her 'truthful' and under oath 'deposition testimony,' which the defendants requested to be sealed."

"Upon information and belief, after the confrontation," Jacobs writes, "an ongoing feud (for lack of a better word) developed between Coulter and Outlaw, which led to Outlaw giving Coulter the options of demotion or resignation, on or about Sept. 7th." That was six days after Jacobs filed his motion to unseal the depositions of both Coulter and Wilson.

According to Jacobs, Outlaw was provided with Coulter's deposition so that she would "retaliate against Coulter for her truthful testimony provided under oath" with Jacobs.

A spokesperson for the Police Department declined to comment on the allegations made by Jacobs.

"The Police Department can't comment on ongoing litigation," Sgt. Gripp responded. 


  1. Outlaw needs to own up to her incompetent shortcomings and get out of town before she does more damage to the department. From what I have read about her she has never experienced a real shift on the street like a real cop. If Kenny had any balls he would order her to get her ass out on the street for a few weeks do do some real police work. It's one thing to be a textbook politically correct cop and another to be an in the trenches street cop dealing with scumbags everyday.

  2. Outlaw is singlehandedly driving the PPD into the ground. Not only is the PPD getting a rough-go from the state of society generally, but they're sailing on a rudderless ship with Captain Kangaroo at the helm. The level of incompetence on display by this Commissioner is jaw-dropping. What a disgraceful embarrassment!

    1. Kenny is helping Outlaw drive the police department in the ground.

  3. Outlaw's policies have set the police department back 30+ years! With help, of course, from a good portion of the ppd brass. If only someone up in rank had the balls to send up to her.

  4. We necessitate more people like Jacobs, who are unearthing information that the main NEWS media channels have underreported. Making public the deposition testimony and the honest statement that Deputy Commissioner Coulter provided in response to questions during the deposition is why she was asked to step down, would be a significant corruption concern.

    Problems have arisen due to Commissioner Outlaw's restructuring PPD, and eliminating top brass, one by one since she arrived. Having the Chief or Commissioner do so is highly unusual in large departments across the country.

    Recent officer resignations and a lack of interest in this department speak for itself. This City deserves more, and the Mayor should rectify the situation before he leaves office.

  5. Jim Kenney is supposed to be the boss. His gross incompetence and deals apathy is creating all of this. He doesn't lead; he hides.

  6. We all know Outlaw wasn't hired for her police IQ. So, let's continue to expose Outlaw for the fraudulent and clueless dope she is. This is your biggest case Jacobs. Make sure you win it!

  7. Police officer's would lie are usually are fired. It seems to be that the commissioner lied and there is no consequences?

    1. All cops lie. Especially in court when they testilie about how they came across evidence. For some strange reason criminals always seem to leave it in plain view. Sure! Seriously when will they have to start paying out of their own pockets for their corruption. It’s time to end acquired immunity.

    2. If these crybaby cops don’t want to do the job then put on a diaper and go flip burgers. I can’t remember the last time I heard an actual gun pinch in the 15th. WTF are the T units or 5sq doing all night? A blind man who does t know his way around Philly can get a gun arrest. I’m so sick of everyone related to cops blaming the mayor. Last I checked he’s not riding around locking people up he’d definitely do a better job than this bunch of sad sacks. Then I hear Krasner will just let them out. STFU and do your job if you go t want the job your daddy got you go back to working at Walmart. In order for Krasner to let a criminal out of jail he actually needs to get locked up by a cop first he’s definitely not gonna lock himself up. I guess that’s what you’re hoping is gonna happen? It won’t. It’s embarrassing to say I was a member of this department. It sure as heck wasn’t like this. I witnessed 6 cops ignore a priority one call as they were in a circle jerk at wawa on aramingo Ave as the sergeant picked it up and nobody was available or made themselves available to back him. My question is why? Why are you even cops? Besides daddy got you the job?

    3. Thanks Larry for ur comments A hole

    4. Tell us that you’re Jim Kenney with out telling us you’re Jim Kenney.

  8. Kenney is responsible for hiring Outlaw above all other outstanding police commanders in a misguided effort to denazify the PPD which was never in need of such treatment. Kenney failed to accept that the role of the PPD was to protect people from those intending to do them harm. He tried to turn them into social reformers while knowing full well that this was not the way PPD operated. Aided and encouraged by progressives in City Hall, he has made Philadelphia unsafe for its citizens and visitors.

    1. Larry "do your job & i'll throw you in jail" krasner also takes credit for turning philly into a lawless hellhole. The ppd knows that if they enforce the law and something bad happens, larry and his socialist goon squad will indict them. So they don't enforce the law. What do we get? Drug use in public, large illegal dirt bike gatherings, rampant car theft, human trafficking and drug dealing as one pleases, the list goes on.

  9. A Journalist in Chicago had his Press Credentials revoked because the Democrat Politicians refused to respond to His Questions?

    You have stated clearly for years that the Masters who control information have been corrupted and weaponized to attack the Journalist who once had power to face and examine the accused.

    The Puppet Government can now charge You with Sedition.

    You clearly stated that there was proof of irregularities in Philadelphia during the last Presidential Election Cycle, as was evidenced by the refusal by AG Barr to allow US Attorney McSwain, the support of the Justice Department to commit resources to develop a Case involving 2020 Election Fraud, as Evidenced with the prosecution of Ozzie Myers, his Guilty Plea for participating in Organized Election Fraud having been trained and educated by " ThSenator," an Icon ib the Unicerse o Carrer Criminal Political Masterminds.

    Ozzie just continued to be Ozzie a bagman, fixer, a Joey Coyle Type of Politician who loved playing in shit.

    It got him elected, removed, and caught in more bungles from ABSCAM through fixing an election that got an Ed Rendell Manufactured Politician elected President and a brain dead Fetterneck. who wears a hoodie to cover a mole, the size of a pig sty in Braddock where he was hatched as a Mayor and certified Slumlord. running as a Democrat for Senate.

    If You force Them to answer a question or submit to a Debate with the Opposing Candidate, but refuses, They should be declared inompetent, Illegal and shpuld be removed from tje Ballot before an Election, of course that is a Successful Technique for rigging am Election for Reprsentative GovernmentUp in their face with the Facts. THEY NOW BELIEVE THEY HAVE THE AUTHORITY AND RIGHT TO REM0VE YOU.

  10. Coulter made her bed by sleeping with Outlaw and in other words, not literally but investing everything to please Outlaw only to be thrown in or pushed to roll under the bus! Sorry we cannot do anything about making the mattress comfortable for her as she did what she wanted to do

  11. Philly grow up n stop fighting with each other. No more firings. Join forces n fight the bad in crime with God as your leader. Give it a chance. Truth shall win.


  13. Need to find out who outlaw’s rabbi is !

  14. The problem for the police, and why shootings will continue to spiral upwards, is clear. They know Kenney hates them ( proof is he essentially told every one of them they can’t run the department), Krasner will go out of his way to prosecute them if he can and Outlaw doesn’t know what she is doing. The cops aren’t stupid. They can do the minimum and still get by. Don’t be aggressive, don’t stop any Black guys ( because they know the department is keeping track), and just go in and pick up the bodies when the shooting stops.

    1. Kenney is not unlike Biden in his appointments in that if YOU DON'T CHECK ALL THE BOXES DO NOT APPLY....
      Actual qualifications do not matter in the least.
      The BOXES are:

      Pro abortion

      When was the last time Biden appointed a straight white male to any Senior post in his administration.

      Also, with all the negative press Krasner gets about the dramatic increase if. Crime in the city and deservedly so Outlaw is totally insulated from any criticism. The Reason ..She checks off the majority of the boxes and no one will dare call her on for fear of being called a racist and more.

  15. And if Fetterman gets elected the state will go down the same path as Philly.


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