Monday, September 19, 2022

D.A. Krasner Hangs Cop Defendant Out To Dry

By Ralph Cipriano

The embattled district attorney of Philadelphia today turned a press conference at the D.A.'s office into a political rally against the members of the state House of Representatives who just voted to hold him in contempt for ignoring a subpoena.

With a blow up of the preamble to the U.S. Constitution and a blindfolded Lady Justice behind him as a backdrop, Krasner talked about "the necessity of protecting Philadelphia's democracy" against a list of enemies, real and imagined.

According to Krasner, the enemies of democracy who are trying to impeach him and overturn free elections everywhere include not only the state legislators who voted 162-38 against Krasner -- including 51 Democrats -- but also past Republican presidents such as Donald Trump and Richard Nixon, the neo-Fascist Proud Boys as well as the anti-government militia known as the Oath Keepers. 

While he was on his political soapbox, Krasner also trashed Ryan Pownall, a former police officer whom the D.A. has indicted for murder. In publicly hanging Pownall out to dry, Krasner divulged what will surely be inadmissible evidence when the former cop goes on trial in November. But as Krasner has previously demonstrated, a cop's civil rights means nothing to him. 

In the Pownall case, a state Supreme Court Justice, Kevin Dougherty, has publicly charged Krasner with abusing the grand jury process by withholding relevant case law from grand jurors about what constitutes justifiable use of force by a police officer. 

Why did Krasner do that? According to what state Supreme Court Justice Dougherty wrote in a concurring opinion, Krasner did it so that the grand jury, purposely kept ignorant of the law, would produce a "tainted" grand jury report that Krasner could feed to the media, so they would tar and feather defendant Pownall before he goes on trial.

Krasner's latest assault on the civil rights of a police officer came just days after a Common Pleas Court judge admonished Jane Roh, Krasner's spokesperson, for tweeting about an ongoing case involving another former police officer indicted by Krasner, Eric Ruch Jr., currently on trial for murder.

Last week, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Common Pleas Court Judge Barbara McDermott "grew irate" when she learned that Roh had tweeted about the Ruch case, including a report that the city had agreed to pay $1.2 million to the widow of the suspect who was shot to death by Ruch.

According to the Inquirer, McDermott told Roh, “I will warn you, ma’am. You have heard me.” According to the Inquirer, the judge advised Roh that she had the power to hold people in contempt of court if Roh didn't stop tweeting about the case.

McDermott is also the judge in the Pownall case. And wait till she hears what Krasner said today, which far outweighs what Roh did to undermine a defendant's constitutional rights.

At today's press conference, Krasner complained that the select committee in the state House of Representatives that's trying to impeach him demanded in a subpoena that he give up "secret grand jury records in a particular case."

"Out of the 35,000 or so cases we do a year they wanted the contents of a file for one case," Krasner said. 

"Guess which one?" the D.A. said. "It would be a case in which a police officer is charged with murder for twice shooting in the back a man who was running away and who was unarmed at the time he was shot," Krasner said, giving his twisted version of the facts of the case.

And then Krasner made the mistake of divulging his account of a second officer-involved shooting that Pownall was involved in, details that lawyers familiar with the case say will clearly constitute inadmissible evidence when Pownall goes on trial.

"This same officer previously and in uniform had shot another man in the back and paralyzed him," Krasner said. "That is the only case that this committee wants to get in the middle of and they know it's going to trial in November." 

At the end of Krasner's press conference, I asked Krasner what he had to say in response to the allegations that state Supreme Court Justice Dougherty had publicly made against him in a concurring opinion. 

As I previously mentioned, the state Supreme Court justice had charged Krasner with abusing the grand jury process and withholding relevant case law that would have acquitted the defendant, so that the grand jurors would produce a tainted report that Krasner could feed to a gullible news media.  

Here, Krasner got pissed at me while I was asking my question.

"I'm sure you can put that speech in your article," he snapped, confirming once again what I've heard, that Krasner is's most loyal reader.

Then, Krasner got around to answering my question.  

"My response to that is we are under strict instructions from the judge in that case not to talk about the case, and we will not be doing it until it is over," Krasner said.

Here, the D.A. in broad daylight was admitting that he wasn't supposed to talk about the Pownall case right after he had just trashed the former police officer.  

But Krasner wasn't the only speaker at his press conference who trashed Pownall. 

The Rev. Andrea Harrington of the Whosoever Metropolitan Community Church of Philadelphia began her remarks by condemning former President Trump for taking classified documents home with him.

"No one" will do anything about Trump, Harrington complained. "But the man who decides to seek justice for that man shot in his back and paralyzed by a police officer, oh he's horrible, get rid of him," Harrington said, referring to D.A. Krasner.

Trampling on a police officer's constitutional rights is nothing new for Krasner.

Last November, the state Commonwealth Court ruled that a "Do Not Call" list of allegedly tainted cops compiled by the D.A.'s office -- a list that would prohibit those cops from testifying in court -- was unconstitutional.

Why? Because the list, subsequently published in the Inquirer, amounted to a "black list,"  the court stated. Why? Because it did not afford the accused cops due process where they could contest the charges, and have a chance to clear their names.

And for Krasner, pissing off judges is nothing new either. Last week, U.S. District Court Judge Mitchell Goldberg officially sanctioned the D.A.'s office for an "egregious" and "exceptional" lack of candor. The judge got angry after he caught two of Krasner's top supervisors repeatedly lying to him.

As part of his sanctions, the federal judge ordered Krasner to personally apologize in writing to a crime victim, as well as three of her family members. Why? Because Krasner's office neglected to inform them -- as required by law -- that Krasner had intervened in the case and was conspiring with defense lawyers to let the vicious killer of the crime victim's parents off death row.

While Krasner was on his soapbox today, he complained about the societal forces driving violent crime in the city, which he said included the state legislature in Harrisburg, for not fully funding Philadelphia public schools.

That gave me a chance to ask Krasner about the back taxes he owes on the former Princeton Club, located at 1221-23 Locust Street, which means that Krasner is also personally guilty of not fully funding Philadelphia public schools.

As he often does, Krasner, a habitual tax deadbeat, used a technicality to lie to reporters at the press conference. 

"OK, that's absolutely false," Krasner said about my statement that according to city tax records posted online, he owes the city of Philadelphia $77,933.66 in back taxes.

"I owe the city of Philadelphia absolutely nothing," Krasner contended. "That is completely incorrect."

According to Krasner's most recent statement of financial interest, however, filed on May 2, 2022, the D.A. has a 40% ownership stake in Tiger Building LP, which technically owns the former Princeton Club, with an estimated value of $3.8 million. 

So, technically it's the Tiger Building LP, of which Krasner has a 40% stake in, that owes back taxes of $77,933.66.

That's Larry Krasner, always looking for a loophole to slither through.

But that's not the full story.

Because on his May 2, 2022 statement of financial interest where Krasner listed his 40% stake in Tiger Building LP,  the D.A. was also required to list his personal debts.

So on his statement of financial interest the D.A. listed among his creditors -- you guessed it -- the city of Philadelphia!

That's something Krasner couldn't fess up to today in front of a roomful of reporters.


  1. They did the SAME thing at officer Ruch’s grand jury. They left out the 508 law. They left out pictures and videos that witness’s this week said they had never seen before. Which means they were never shown to the grand jury. DA office is full of LIARS! Lie after lie.

    Lying about calling victims family members. Lying about evidence presents to grand juries. Lie lie lie.

  2. It is apparently clear that Krasner is not a good DA, and is solely responsible for the uptick of crime in the city. However, the guy is not even a competent defense attorney.

    At least with being so good at lying, he has finally found his niche as a politician. Good for you Larry to finally find some modicum of success in your life! The City around you that you are tasked to legislate burns around you with your lack of prosecution of smaller crimes, pro-criminal stance and refusal to correlate smaller crimes with repeat offenders.

    Attaboy Lar, show these Trump lovers who’s boss!

  3. The wall of Karma is closing in on this lying sack of shit and it is obvious some of the black community is no longer drinking the Kool Aid Larry! The blacks you had standing behind you as a photo op are sellouts! You say most of your votes came from where the majority of the Homicides happened well those folks are not smart! As a black man in Philly WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!!! HE IS NOT THE GREAT WHITE HOPE! KRASNER A FRAUD FROM DAY 1!! Lets see if he takes any of your calls for help when he is outta here! Just watch! Larry as far as threatening to bus the Kool Aid drinkers to the hearings...... Sounds like exactly what Trump provoked at the Capitol! Hypocrite!! City Council who is gonna grow a set and denounce this fraud!! All of you are sellouts also! Selling souls for votes and cash! He cringes every Monday he sees you Ralph!!! Great job!!

  4. Keep running your arrogant ass mouth Larry! See how tough you are when you are ousted!!

    1. People cannot wait until he doesn’t have a security detail. Larry. If you’re reading this. That day is coming.

  5. LArry and Kenney let rioters loot burn riot and steal since 2020 so Don't go blaming Trump for ANY DAMN THING! Blacks hate EACHOTHER and kill EACHOTHER and all others are collatteral damage. The proof is in the body count

  6. No law student would do what Krasner did and the judge should have stepped in to ask exhaustive questions about Krasner's compliance with the 508 law letting the jury see pictures and videos in order to render a just decision. Having received zero compliance with the 508 law, the judge should have granted the defense's motion to dismiss the third degree murder indictment against Rich and leaving the useless assault indictment for the jury to dismiss.

    I hope the jury will demand Krasner to turn over to them the sought after pictures and videos called for under the 508 law.

    1. Have to love this week during Ruch trial…the weasel Ada with the terrible hair had to put on the record that they objected to the jury getting the 508 instructions and McDermott said…”why? You already tried that …and lost”. Lol. Bunch of clowns man. They have to know they are the laughing stock in the lawyer world.

    2. Corrigans closing was terrible. Love how he said the officer that was struck by fleeing car was just treated and released. Completely glossing over his testimony that he had shoulder surgery shortly thereafter

  7. Where is the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General in this matter? It has the authority to investigate matters of public corruption. Is it part of the solution or part of the problem?

    1. Or fire him as the AG and voters will dump him for governor. Time for him to dump Krasner by firing him f
      as DA unless he wants Mastro to take over Governor.

  8. The LIES begin at the grand juries. Get the grand jury transcripts How in the world did they charge Pownall and Ruch with 1st degree? That’s premeditation….what language could they possibly have said the the grand juries. FULLY expecting those transcripts to never be seen or scrutinized. RELEASE THE TRANSCRIPTS! CIVIL RIGHTS LAWSUITS TO FOLLOW!

  9. Joe McAllister Justice WarriorsSeptember 20, 2022 at 12:32 PM

    Is time to Circle the Wagons FOP President John McNesby . its time for the truth . The Rank and file want the truth ,The Law abiding Tax Payers of Philadelphia want answers . Philadelphia Police Officers need leadership , Mayor Ayatollah Assahola and His Commissioner Nails Outlaw and Her ( Deputy Commissioners ) They need to be fired .

    There's a certain Deputy Commissioner that tamper with Evidence . That Deputy is still drawing a Pay Check . Talk about double standards . Police Officer excise their right on Social media. They make a Statement on Face book they get fired . A Deputy Commissioner can commit a felony .They get to keep their Job . What's wrong with this picture . It hard to get people who want to become Police Officers . Welcome to Killadelphia Circus of Horrors . Thanks to turn them lose Larry ( i don't pay taxes ) Krasner.
    We need a Federal Grand Jury to investigate rights violations . The pick and choose policy of who gets fired , and who stays is a disgrace and Criminal . And the upper echelon who knew about this and kept quiet . Especially Deputy Police Commissioner Coulter. She was acting Police Commissioner , when She added two more Police Officers to the Face book list to be fired . She was giving testimony in front of The Clown House AKA City Council .

    Face book Officers who were fire they want answers , and law-abiding Citizens of Philadelphia they want answers. Why Lieutenant Josie gets a free Pass and a Pay check . He puts Racist remarks on Face book . He gets a pat on the back We need Federal to investigate because Attorney General Josh Shapiro has no guts . But he wants your vote if he runs for Governor .

    Somebody Call The Clown House AKA City Council . Call 40 year man Councilman O"Neil And Council Man Oh . To get some guts and call for and Investigation . And reinstate Those Police Officers who rights were violated . We need to put The Commissioner and Her Deputies in front of Grand Jury . Its time for Law and Order not Pick and choose

  10. I will comment after the Ruch verdict

  11. It is clear that prosecutors cannot prove that Rich showed malice when he shot Plowden in the hand and bullet bounced off his hand and hit him in the head.

    Plowden was considered armed and dangerous while blowing through stop signs a busy intersection at speed of 77mph.

    Yet prosecutors and the judge were arguing over whether or not third degree murder was still applicable for the case and they added malice of Ruch to the case.

    Judge McDermott chose to let prosecutors try Rich on third degree murder.

    Judge should have dismissed third degree murder on the spot as Krasner failed to provide evidentiary documents and video to the defense.

    Now jurors are squabbling.

    1. I think it’s telling that when confronted with all of the video …officers stated it was the first time they had seen it …or that they had never been asked to show positions of certain cars In their grand jury questioning. ADA Corrigan clearly has been setting this up since day one to just call everyone a liar since they know the use of force was justified under the totality of the circumstances

    2. James. You left out the biggest factor… taking off from the lawful car stop and driving directly into a police officer and his door. Which he went on to shoulder surgery as a result of being struck.

  12. Notice to anonymous poster -- no more comments about oligarchs, OK? We've had enough.

  13. The defense in the Pownall case filed a motion to dismiss under Rule 600, the speedy trial rule. If a trial is not commenced within 365 non-excludable days then the case is dismissed and can never be refiled. Case precedent appears to protect prosecution appeals from being counted as non-excludable time (even when the prosecution loses the appeal) if the appeal is done in good faith and with due dilligence. None of which applies in the Philadelphia DA's frivolous, inappropriate and unauthorized appeal where they asked an appeals court to rewrite a law that may or may not have even mattered to the case. Let larry krasner squawk to the press like the lousy little parrot he is, when the case is dismissed it won't matter.

    1. EXACTLY. can’t see how McDermott doesn’t approve that motion.

      Then Pownall Should hire the best civil rights attorney for being over charged, sitting in jail, having to barter options away just to get out of jail since it was first degree, house arrest, bail, libel , etc etc. same goes for Ruch. I pray they get their Justice in the end of all of this.

  14. Ralph, i commend ya work man, but people elected Krasner. They elected him twice. Writing about his many crimes won’t really do much. The local pols refuse to do anything but back him. Most of the Black community continues to believe him. None in the media are willing to call him out. Its nothing we can do unless he resigns. He seems like the type that will drag out his impeachments through lawsuits. And what if he is elected for a third time?

    1. RC here. You sound like the voice of doom. Krasner is a fraud; he lies about everything. His support is shallow; the media have failed to do their job, but at Larry's last press conference, I wasn't the only reporter asking tough questions. The only way Krasner continues to get away with it is if your mindset prevails.

    2. I completely understand Ralph but people voted for this clown. Twice. Krasner is letting these criminals out on the street, but its also Kenney and Outlaw that are lax on laws. You hold all three accountable, that is commendable and appreciated. What i am saying is that the “Philly Shrug” has gone on too long and everything did not go straight to hell under Kenney and Krasner, it was always heading to this for a long time.

      I was also the person that mentioned the “oligarch” earlier. They all act the same, they promise to help us, then they fail is. Seth Williams is a putz morally but had kept violence under bay similar to DA’s Abraham and Johnson. Even with a new DA, it will take time to repair the city and the reputation because of the failure that is Larry Krasner. I do not want to make a fuss to help get Krasner impeached only for voters to elect someone likeminded in 2026.

      I agree with you, if you call one out, every politician must be accountable, including the derelict Council President and the Councilmembers that only used the job for running for Mayor. As a lifelong Philadelphian that has seen this city on a downward trend for more than 30 years the current state of the city is breaking my heart. I am frustrated, tired and sick of the government in our City, especially with Krasner. But i am on your side and on the side of politicians who will hold him accountable.

  15. It’s telling…that the DAs office used all of their jury strikes..on VICTIMS of crime for the ruch trial. They got rid of anyone who was robbed etc. lol. Just goes to show ya what side of things they really are on. Clowns.

  16. Totally surprised that Pownall’s reps haven’t filed for MSJ against the plaintiffs yet due to their conduct and candor

  17. They need to file appeal on Ruch verdict as State law protects police officers who have to kill somebody firing a gun at them or in the Plowden case when he hid a hand behind his back and tried to convey that he had a gun behind his back. If we don't appeal many Philadelphia police officers will go to jail under involuntary manslaughter.

    Bullshit case!

  18. Krasner is on Biden's Short List to replace outgoing Hack AG Merrick Garland at the Dept. of Injustice.

    RC and Krasner on the National Stage, asking the same questions and getting the same answers.

    A Debate between You and Krasner conducted at Constitution Hall would be a Must See Event.


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