Tuesday, May 17, 2022

'Hey Larry, What About Your Taxes, Larry?'

By Ralph Cipriano
for BigTrial.net

No reporter in the city has had the guts to ask the D.A. about his unpaid tax bill of $86,043.57.

So yesterday, Bill Newbold did just that. And then he posted a video of his confrontation with Larry Krasner on Twitter.

"Hey Larry, what about your taxes, Larry. You pay your taxes?" 

Newbold was shouting at Krasner across the street from a press conference the D.A. was holding in front of 448 N. 10th St. That's a seven-story vacant office building in North Philadelphia that Krasner was using as a backdrop yesterday to announce the official activation of the D.A.'s "Election Task Force." 

Yep, that's right. Krasner, the guy known as "Let 'Em Loose Larry," the Philly D.A. famous for letting armed and dangerous criminals go free, so they can become murderers and carjackers, was busy touting a special hotline he'd set up.

So the D.A. can follow through on his big threat to put in jail anybody who tries to invade Philadelphia and commit any "potential violence" at the polls during today's primary elections. 

"Hey Larry, Larry, " Newbold yelled. "What number do I call to put you in a jail cell for campaign finance nonsense?"

Newbold was referring to Krasner's brazen and repeated violations of Philadelphia's campaign finance laws.

Philadelphia has a limit on annual donations that a political candidate can receive from a PAC -- $12,600. 

But Krasner and the Real Justice PAC of San Francisco have teamed up to make a mockery of our local campaign finance laws. 

In 2020, the Real Justice PAC brazenly funneled more than $100,000 to Krasner. And last year, the Real Justice PAC topped that by raising and donating some $1.3 million to Krasner.

The city's Board of Ethics has responded in limp-wristed fashion over the past three years by levying a total of $63,000 in fines and forfeitures on Krasner and Real Justice. 

That's chump change compared to the illegal cash that's been flowing into Krasner's campaign coffers. 

"Thank you so much, Sir. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that," Krasner sarcastically replied to Newbold, when asked about his repeated campaign finance violations. 

Newbold then ripped Krasner for his frequent habit of passing the buck whenever he tries to explain away Philadelphia's out of control gun violence that resulted last year in an all time record of 562 murders.

"When you gonna stop blaming the pandemic and Donald Trump on everything that you're doing wrong," Newbold yelled at Krasner. "Come on, Larry, take some responsibility."

This is what happens in a town where the news media is too timid to do its job, and hold public officials accountable.

Such as the city's top law enforcement officer, who not only didn't pay his taxes, but also had the nerve to pose in an online add promoting "fully-funded public schools," the same public schools that he's stiffing by not paying his taxes.

On the video posted on Twitter, Krasner kept jawing at Newbold, but whatever he had to say was inaudible. That's when Police Officer Agnes Torres, one of two full-time security cops assigned to protect Krasner from the armed and dangerous criminals he routinely lets out of jail, opened and raised her umbrella to shield her boss from his critic. 

"The umbrella goes up, that's a good one," Newbold yelled. 

Next, Newbold brought up Krasner's unpaid tax bill.

Krasner, as you may have heard, has a 40% ownership stake in Tiger Building LP, which owes a total of  $86,043.57 in back taxes, interest, penalties and fees on the former Princeton Club at 1221-23 Locust Street.

"Hey Larry, what about your taxes," Newbold yelled. "Larry, you pay your taxes?"

Newbold then wondered aloud whether any other regular citizen could get away what Krasner's been doing for nearly a decade, namely being a persistent tax deadbeat. 

"Hey Larry, can I not pay taxes one day, Lar, or am I gonna end up in a jail cell if I do it," Newbold asked before firing his final shot, which involved calling the district attorney of Philadelphia a "douchebag."

Krasner has previously refused to comment to Big Trial about his unpaid taxes; he also stiffed Fox News when the TV network posted a story on its websitelast week about Krasner's unpaid taxes.

After Big Trial broke the story about the latest episode of Krasner being a habitual tax deadbeat, a couple of weeks went by and none of the local news media outlets had the balls to pick up the story.

That's because woke journalists such as Samantha Melamed and Chris Palmer at The Philadelphia Inquirer believe that rather than hold public officials such as Krasner accountable, their job is to spin and propagandize on Krasner's behalf, as well as shield him from any criticism.

Sadly, the other reporters in town have followed suit, and joined the cover up.

When Krasner had a press conference a few days after Big Trial broke the story on April 29th, no reporter dared to ask the D.A. about his unpaid taxes.

So yesterday, on a morning that Krasner was going to hold another press conference, I posted this observation on Twitter:

"Larry Krasner's having a press conference at 11 a.m. today. What are the chances somebody asks him about his unpaid tax bill of $86,043.57?"

On Twitter, nobody was too hopeful.

"Certainly not the lame Inquirer," wrote PW James.

"I guarantee you it won't be from NBC, ABC, CBS or any of the news rags in the city," wrote CroPat.

But it was "Tony Ultra FJB Bruno" from the Tony Bruno Show who topped them all.

"Media will have to wipe his splooge off their faces first," Bruno wrote. 

That's when Newbold apparently decided to take matters into his own hands.

After he confronted Krasner, Newbold tweeted that he never expected any real answers out of the Philly D.A.

"He's such a smug arrogant prick," Newbold wrote. "I cannot wait to see him in handcuffs one day."

For more on Krasner the tax deadbeat, see Broad & Liberty -- Who's Investigating Larry Krasner?


  1. Is Torres and his security detail actually PPD or does the DAO have their own unit ?

    1. They are detailed from the PPD. The office pays salary and OT. Let it be said these officers are turncoats are totally under the desk of Krasner!! Sellouts!

    2. That’s what I was wondering. Are they the people that go into Internal Affairs after that detail. I don’t know how any cop could want to work that detail. I mean you gotta be a really special one to draw that post.

    3. That cop with glasses holding his coat the entire time is a fraud. Failed the swat tryout ( after doing nothing to even earn a tryout) then blamed it on “ they make it harder for black people”. Meanwhile…several poc were transferred there at same time….because they passed. Good picking Larry. Cops with horrible aim on your detail.

    4. But he's a good DJ. Does that count? Lol

  2. Watched the video, too funny, didn't see that on any of the local news. I wonder why the local news outlets are afraid to expose this shit head? This clown needs to be heckled whenever he is out in the public.

  3. Who is the other clown holding his jacket like he is Secret Service. Must be another cop that came in under Krasner. Head in a swivel dude!!!

    1. He’s a joke. Always playing race card.. failed swat tryout…made a Facebook rant…was told to take it down by other black cops cuz he was crying for no reason. Other black cops transferred to swat at same time…they passed.

    2. His name is P/O jeter. Used to work in the 14th Dist.

    3. Mr. DJ? Lol. G. Lamar Stewart Flunky!

  4. Agnes was a toad when she worked in the 3rd. The only reason why she got picked for Krasner detail is because she's been drinking buddies for years with Councilwoman Sanchez!!!! Also her son was working for Sanchez.

  5. Chris Palmer is a privileged gentrifier disgrace just like Larry so I'm not the least bit surprised he acts as a Krasner mouthpiece.

    Lol sure Larry went to public school.... in Haverford. Privileged disgrace.


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