Friday, May 13, 2022

Fox News Calls Out Larry Krasner For Being A Tax Deadbeat

By Ralph Cipriano

In case you missed it, Fox News just called out Philadelphia D.A. Larry Krasner nationally for being a local tax deadbeat.

Krasner has a 40% stake in Tiger Building LP, which owns the former Princeton Club at 1221-23 Locust Street. 

In the two weeks since Big Trial broke the April 29th story about Krasner being a tax deadbeat again, the bill for unpaid taxes on Krasner's former Princeton Club posted online has jumped from $84,752.46 to $86,043.57.

Isn't it curious? saw a national story in the hypocrisy of Philadelphia's top law enforcement official being a habitual tax deadbeat, especially after he appeared in an ad promoting "fully funded public schools." But here in Philadelphia, not a single media outlet saw Krasner's tax delinquent status and hypocrisy as worthy of a local story.

At The Philadelphia Inquirer, with the primaries next week, Inky staffers were busy talking up John Fetterman, the "Democrat socialist" lumberjack running for U.S. senator, while trashing as many GOP candidates as possible for senator and governor.

At Philly mag, they were busy writing about backyard chickens and wild martinis. 

For reporters and editors covering corrupt and contented Philadelphia, holding our corrupt and incompetent local politicians accountable seems to be a low priority.

So you can understand why last week, I was happy to be contacted by Fox News reporter Joe Schoffstall. He came across my Krasner the tax deadbeat story while doing research about Shaun King and his Real Justice PAC. 

The PAC from San Francisco, which was Larry Krasner's biggest campaign donor last year, was heavily involved in a campaign to save "far left" San Francisco D.A. Chesa Boudin from a June 7th recall election.

In his story about Real Justice and Boudin, another George Soros D.A., Schoffstall wrote:

The Real Justice PAC, co-founded by King, is working overtime to ensure Boudin remains in office as critics seek to oust him over what they say is his lack of criminal enforcement and failure to make San Francisco safe.

King and individuals associated with Real Justice have a vested interest in the controversial DA through a separate and little-known group called the Grassroots Law Project, which was co-created by King and houses a criminal justice campaign involving Boudin.

The Grassroots Law Project campaign also counts far-left Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner as a member. The Real Justice PAC has likewise worked alongside Krasner for two of his past campaigns and, in the process, has twice broken campaign finance laws.

The Real Justice PAC is now aiding Boudin through the San Franciscans Against the Recall of Chesa Boudin PAC, which the Real Justice PAC sponsors. The PAC also sponsors the Stand With Chesa website, which looks to gather volunteers and garner support for Boudin.

The Fox News story noted "a daisy chain of entities tied to King" that was funding the campaign in San Francisco to save D.A. Boudin from recall with a series of shell game money transfers. Such as the Grassroots Law PAC donating $200,000 to Real Justice, and the Real Justice PAC turning around and donating $150,000 to the campaign to save Boudin.

And what was the arrogant Krasner's response to Fox News? As he has done to Big Trial for nearly three years, Larry Krasner stiffed 'em.

In writing about Shaun King, who bills himself as an advocate for the downtrodden, the Fox News story contained a link to a New York Post story last year about the purchase by King's wife of a "lavish" $842,000 lakefront home in North Brunswick, N.J.:

King has been dogged for years by allegations of shady dealings in his charitable efforts in movements he has founded. Haitian orphans to the families of black men killed by police have repeatedly raised questions about King’s leadership, and, in some cases, asked where the donations have gone.

The Post story also mentioned King's professional collaboration with Patrisse Cullors, the Black Lives Matter founder who had to resign after she was outed for spending $6 million in BLM donations on a lavish mansion in largely white Culver City, CA. 

Many of the same corrupt carpetbaggers currently involved in the drive to save San Francisco D.A. Boudin from a recall previously worked here in Philadelphia to elect and re-elect Krasner, while simultaneously violating Philadelphia's campaign finance laws. 

In 2019, Philadelphia's Board of Ethics levied fines and forfeitures against the Krasner campaign committee and the Real Justice PAC for a total of $23,000. The fines and forfeitures were for not following Philadelphia's annual limit of $12,600 on campaign contributions from a PAC during the 2017 campaign, when Krasner was first elected D.A.

Undaunted, and in open defiance of that $12,600 annual limit on donations from a PAC, the Real Justice PAC in 2020 poured more than $100,000 into Krasner's reelection campaign. The donations came in the form of cash and in-kind payments made directly to campaign staffers, plus $29,450 in rent money paid for leased office space.

And where was the Real Justice PAC renting office space in Philadelphia? Why at the former Princeton Club co-owned by Krasner, the same building that currently owes the city $86,043.57 in back taxes.

In 2021, the Real Justice PAC was even more brazen, bragging online about how they had raised and donated some $1.3 million to Krasner's reelection campaign that resulted in a couple of landslide victories for the Philly D.A. in the primary and general elections.

After the elections were over, instead of cleaning things up and enforcing the city's election laws, Philadelphia's Board of Ethics under the "leadership" of executive director J. Shane Creamer Jr., took a dive. 

On Dec. 8, 2021, the Board of Ethics signed off on two settlement agreements that call for fining the Krasner campaign $10,000 and the Real Justice PAC $30,000. That total of $40,000 in fines amounted to chump change compared to Real Justice's $1.3 million in campaign contributions donated to Krasner.

Worse, the Board of Ethics sold out the city by rubber-stamping a new January 2021 contract between the Krasner campaign and the Real Justice PAC that allows Real Justice to legally redefine their relationship with Krasner, from PAC contributor to campaign vendor.

The bottom line -- now that the Real Justice PAC is just a vendor, it doesn't have to follow any of Philadelphia's campaign finance laws for PACs, such as that $12,600 annual limit on campaign contributions.

That "daisy chain" cited by Fox News that was working in San Francisco to save D.A. Boudin from a recall functioned similarly in Philadelphia to benefit D.A. Krasner. 

Last year, in addition to $1.3 million in donations to Krasner, the Real Justice PAC paid the Grassroots Law Project, which operates out of the same San Francisco office building as Real Justice, and also worked on the Krasner campaign in Philadelphia, a total of $100,484 for "payroll" expenses.

With shady characters like King and Cullors, and all of those shell game money transfers going on, shouldn't a bunch of auditors for the IRS or FBI be looking into this mess?

For the past five years, Shaun King and Real Justice have been bankrolling the campaigns of so-called progressive prosecutors across the country, the first of which was Krasner.

Federal campaign finance reports show that between Dec. 31, 2019 and April 13, 2021, Real Justice paid $150,250 to Boudin, and another $450,000 to Los Angeles County D.A. George Gascon.

During that same time period, Real Justice also donated $84,000 to Philly's Krasner, for a total of $684,310 in contributions to the trio of progressive prosecutors.

In addition, between Dec. 27, 2018, and Aug. 9, 2020, the Real Justice PAC also paid a total of $79,681 to the Janaya & Patrisse Consortium, an LLC run by former BLM founder Patrisse Cullors and her spouse, Janaya Khan. 

On top of breaking campaign finance laws in Philadelphia, Shaun King has also been accused of slandering and libeling Carlos Vega, Krasner's opponent in the Democratic primary.

In an online smear campaign, King, a Real Justice PAC co-founder and its chief fundraiser, claimed that Vega was a "real life super villain," a "monster," and "evil personified."

While those statements can be passed off as opinions, King made the mistake of libeling Vega in a series of allegations that can be factually disproven.

For example, to get Krasner elected, King falsely claimed that Vega was "fired from the Philadelphia D.A.'s office for corruption." King also falsely stated that Vega had a habit of framing black men, and sending them to jail for crimes they didn't commit.

Good luck, Shaun, when it comes to defending all of that in court. 

What a group of bad actors they are -- Shaun King, Real Justice, and the Grassroots Law Project -- as they roam from city to city, to elect prosecutors who prioritize the rights of criminals over crime victims, and open the floodgates to more urban violence.

In San Francisco, since Boudin was elected in 2019, murders went up from 41 in 2019 to 56 last year, a 36% increase. 

In San Francisco, non-fatal shootings went up from 137 in 2019 to 222 in 2021, a 62% increase.

Since Krasner was elected in 2017, homicides went up from 315 in 2017 to an all-time record of 562 last year, a 78% increase.

Meanwhile, non-fatal shootings in Philadelphia went up from 1,028 in 2017, to 1,846 last year, a 79% increase.

So kudos to Fox News for outing Larry Krasner as a tax deadbeat and hypocrite. Maybe a miracle will happen, and some other sleepy media outlet in Philadelphia will pick up the story.


  1. Kudos to Fox News, indeed. But here's to hoping that Fox News realized the hidden gem we here in the corruptly governed city of Philadelphia have in and very especially in Ralph Cipriano, its heart and soul. I don't think you'll ever realize just how important you are to a great number of peaceful, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens in this once great town. When I'm king of the world, you will be, at the very least, a Fox News contributor, handsomely compensated.

  2. Listenbee. Giampetro. Holston. Winkleman. Paying attention????

  3. George Soros Will pay Larry Krasner tax bill off

  4. Imagine a mysterious right wing conservative fund raising group backing a far right law and order DA in Philadelphia.The Inquirer Pulitizeros.would be falling all over themselves investigating.

  5. Here's something to think about. There is six months until the election, if the Republicans take control of the house and senate they should immediately start impeachment proceedings against Harris and then Biden both for dereliction of office. The Republican speaker of the house would then become president. All funding for the out of control Democrat run cities should be stopped and investigations should be started into the corruption of these cities. This would be one way to stop the PAC'S and assholes like Krasner.
    It's a thought, how do you feel?

  6. Ralph, another Great Investigative Piece of Journalism that would be greatly enhanced if the Tiger LP could be forensically penetrated to determine who owns the other 60% of the Property.

    Is there a Hunter Biden like "sugar brother" lurking on Camac Street who will rescue Uncle Larry?

    What other Properties in the Krasner Real Estate Portfolio shield Parties that may be criminally connected?

    How long can Krasner be protected before the Property in question is declared in default and a Sheriff Sale is pursued?

    Doesn't Krasner have a Legal Obligation to disclose who His Partners are?


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