Monday, April 18, 2022

For Larry Krasner, Truth Is Never An Option

By Ralph Cipriano

In a conference room at the luxurious Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C., Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner was on a national stage, but he was getting annoyed.

Krasner was a guest speaker last November at a National Lawyers Convention sponsored by the Federalist Society. And he was silently stewing as he listened to McGregor Scott, a Trump-appointed federal prosecutor from California, complain about how billionaire George Soros was spending millions to buy elections across the country for the benefit of progressive prosecutors like Krasner.

"It's an arms race to raise money that traditional prosecutors can't keep up with," Scott said.

That set Krasner off.

"Alright, now I do have to jump in," Krasner said. He proceeded to rattle off some facts about campaign finances from his own race for Philly D.A., none of which were true.

"I was outspent for the most part in this last election," Krasner claimed. "I had very, very little support coming from the outside. Of the couple million dollars that came in only about $200,000 were coming from an outside source like that [Soros]."

All of those statements are false, but at a national forum, the Philly D.A. was just getting warmed up. After he got through lying about campaign finances in the Philly D.A.'s race, Krasner proceeded to make some provably false claims about his own horrible record in fighting crime.

Why? Because when you're Larry Krasner, truth is never an option. Because when the subject is Larry Krasner, the truth is pretty damaging. 

The panel discussion sponsored by the Federalist Society last November was led by Stephanos Bibas, a sitting judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia, which handles cases from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and the Virgin Islands. 

The topic of the Federalist Society's National Lawyers Convention was Criminal Justice 2021 and the Rule of Law. The masked panelists included Krasner; McGregor Scott, former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of California; Tracey Meares, a professor at the Yale Law School; and Richard Stanek, a retired sheriff from Hennepin County in Minnesota.

video of the 90-minute conference is posted online on The relevant discussion begins at the one-hour mark.

The argument began when Krasner proudly claimed that in recent years the number of people who lived in cities where progressive prosecutors had been elected and reelected had basically doubled.

Then, Scott spoke up about why those progressive prosecutors were winning so many elections, because they were backed across the country by deep-pocketed carpetbagging donors like Soros.

Krasner took offense at that, and blamed the money flowing into local races for D.A. on the landmark 2010 Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case. That's when the nation's highest court decided, in the name of free speech, that the government can't restrict corporations, associations and labor unions from spending money in support or opposition to political candidates.

So don't blame me for the spending spree, Krasner said.

"If it's gonna be an infinite river of money going somewhere, guess what?" Krasner told The Federalist Society. "I can't stop a rich guy from liking me, and as it turns out, he did."

Then, Krasner rattled off some bogus facts about campaign finances in the Philly D.A.'s race:

"I was outspent for the most part in this last election," Krasner stated. "I had very, very little support coming from the outside. Of the two million or so that came in only $200,000 were coming from an outside source like that," referring to Soros. 

None of this is true. 

What is true is that Krasner is the poster boy for the progressive prosecutors with big war chests that Scott was complaining about. The Philly D.A. was first elected in 2017 after George Soros gave him nearly $1.7 million.
When he got reelected in 2021, Krasner's main campaign benefactor was the progressive Real Justice PAC of San Francisco, which bragged online about how they had raised a total of $1.3 million to re-elect Krasner. 

Soros, according to campaign finance reports, contributed another $274,100 to Krasner's reelection campaign through his Pennsylvania Justice & Public Safety PAC. 

Ok, but was Krasner really outspent in the race for D.A., as he told The Federalist Society?


Campaign finance reports on file with the Philadelphia Board of Ethics show that between Jan. 1, 2020 and Sept. 13, 2021, Krasner raised and/or incurred debts of $1,399,043 during his Democratic primary victory over Carlos Vega, who raised $888,442. 

So Krasner was not outspent by his opponent. But regarding his campaign treasure chest, did Krasner really get "very, very little support from the outside?"

Nope again.

On Krasner's campaign donations in 2021 where the addresses of the donors who gave $25 or more were disclosed, a total of $547,058 flowed to Krasner's campaign from donors outside of Philadelphia, while $213,786 came from Philadelphia donors.

 So Krasner wasn't telling the truth about outside donations either.

At the Federalist convention, former prosecutor Scott and Krasner also clashed over the sentencing of violent offender, with Scott contending that the pendulum had swung too far left.

"We also need to hold people who commit violent crimes and murder other people, assault other people, rob other people, accountable for what they have chosen to do," Scott said.

Once again, Krasner got riled. 

"I don't understand where the idea comes that we're not doing that," he said. "Every progressive prosecutor I know has been very clear that they want to clear the decks on the nonsense so they can focus on the most serious crimes." 

"Where is the study, where is the data, where is anything to show me that George Gascone or Rachel Rollins or someone like me is anything less than very serious," Krasner stated, about prosecuting violent crime.
Here's that data, Mr. Krasner, regarding you and your office, gleaned from your own Public Data Dashboard:

When Krasner took over as Philly D.A., he announced that his office would no longer prosecute crimes such as drug possession, prostitution and retail theft under $500. 

The number of crimes charged by the D.A.'s office subsequently plunged. For example, in 2014, under former D.A. Seth Williams, the D.A.'s office charged a total of 43,228 cases.

But by 2021 under D.A. Larry Krasner, the total of all cases charged by the D.A.'s office had fallen by 47%, all the way down to just 22,867 cases.

And what happened to the conviction rate?

In 2014 under Seth Williams, the conviction rate in the D.A.'s office for all crimes was 50.7%.

By 2021 under Larry Krasner, the conviction rate in the D.A.'s office for all crimes had fallen all the way down to 22.6%.

How about the conviction rate for violent crime? Remember, Krasner's plan supposedly was "to clear the decks on the nonsense" so he could focus on prosecuting serious violent crime.

So how'd that work out?

In 2014, under former D.A. Seth Williams, the conviction rate for prosecuting violent crime was 41.0%.

By 2021 under Larry Krasner, the conviction rate for prosecuting violent crimes had fallen to just 24.1%.

Not only has the conviction rate fallen for violent crimes, but under Krasner, the sentences for convicted felons are shorter.

How do I know that?

Because as someone who has investigated Krasner's sentencing for gun crimes, I can tell you that the D.A.'s office under Krasner routinely recommends or negotiates sentences that are below state sentencing guidelines.

And that's when they're not letting criminals caught with illegal guns out of jail, or dropping the charges, or watching as judges toss their cases out of court for lack of evidence. 

So according to all the above stats which are taken from Krasner's own D.A.'s own Public Data Dashboard, we know that Krasner isn't serious about prosecuting violent crime. Because his conviction rate is so much lower than his predecessor's, and because he believes in shorter sentences.

At the Federalist convention, when the discussion turned to the surge in violent crime nationwide, Krasner made one more ridiculous statement.

Richard Stanek the former sheriff from Minnesota, talked about how the average increase in gun violence was 42% nationwide.

That's when Krasner bragged, "It's 11% in Philly. If you want me to fix your town just give me a call."

This is how Krasner fixed Philly.

Last year, the city set an all-time record for homicides with 562. Since Krasner was elected in 2017, homicides are up 78%, from 315 in 2017 to 562 last year. 

Non-fatal shootings are also up from 1,028 in 2017, the year before Krasner took office, to 1,846 in 2021, a 79% increase.

This Easter weekend, a total of 33 people were shot in Philadelphia, including a three-year-old, who was shot in the hand. Five of the victims died, bringing Philadelphia's murder count as of Sunday night to 140. 

If there's a silver lining, its that so far, this year's murder rate is actually down 5% over last year's historic rate.

Krasner, as usual, did not respond to a request for comment for this story. Neither did his spokesperson, Jane Roh. 

Unfortunately for Krasner, lying is nothing new. Some would say it's habitual.

It's what he did when he hosted a virtual press conference where he deployed some BS and bogus crime stats to con the public about surging crime rates.

It's what he did when he was called to a City Council hearing on gun violence, and he served up yet another batch of lies and bogus stats to cover up his own horrible record. 

It's what he did when he told the public at a press conference, '“We don’t have a crisis of lawlessness, we don’t have a crisis of crime, we don’t have a crisis of violence."

And when he's not lying, he's stonewalling.

Meanwhile, at the Federalist Society, a group of conservatives and libertarians that boasts more than 65,000 members nationwide and a $20 million budget, officials were similarly reluctant to discuss Krasner's deceitful performance at their annual convention. 

On its website, the society states that its "main purpose is to sponsor fair, serious, and open debate about the need to enhance individual freedom and the role of the courts in saying what the law is rather than what they wish it to be."

According to Federalist Society, they're all about ideas, and they don't engage in "activism of any kind," which apparently includes commenting on when invited guests show up at their conventions and lie. 

The list of the Federalist Society officials over the past week who did not respond to emails, phone calls and text messages requesting comment is a long one that includes: former federal prosecutor McGregor Scott; Federalist Society Co-Chairmen Steven Calabresi and Leonard Leo; Vice Chairman David McIntosh; Senior Vice President Dean Reuter; and Secretary Gary Lawson.

Even Keith Appel, the official spokesperson for the society, joined the stonewallers; apparently he's paid to do nothing when reporters come calling.

Apparently, all of those conservatives and libertarians at the Federalist Society are determined to give Progressive Larry a pass for lying his ass off at their convention. But, as any parent knows, this will only serve to promote more bad behavior on the part of the Philly D.A.

So Big Trial prefers to suggest another approach. 

Hey Larry, the next time you go out of town for another speaker's gig, why don't you shock all of us by trying a radical new strategy known as telling the truth.

It would be such a refreshing change, rather than having to refute yet another pack of your lies. 


  1. '"I was outspent for the most part in this last election," Krasner claimed."'
    How do we value the corrupt, child-rape enabling Philalethia Inquirer's free public relations service Krasner enjoys?
    That kinda disingenuous, omission-ridden public relations one cannot buy.

  2. It's just mostly Blacks getting killed.
    No one cares about that.
    Our leader, according to Joe Biden, is a "dumb Irish Catholic" the Jim Kenney. We simply cannot hope to do better, as long as Kenney is in office.

  3. Ralph. Spot on as usual. Hey lying Larry... How many of your top staff live in Philadelphia? Have paid texts in Philadelphia? Have personal cars insured in Philadelphia? No need to answer because we have the proof and video to prove it!!! Tax Fraud. Insurance Fraud. All in a nice package to the Feds!!!

  4. Up is down, families unable to afford dinner is economic prosperity, and larry's ok on fighting crime in philadelphia. Fits right in to the liberal mindset. Maybe sleepy joe will swoop in and resolve everything with a couple hundred million of other people's money!

  5. Oh..... U mean his staff living in Medford NJ. Williamstown NJ. Jenkintown Pa and Garnet Valley Pa???? Hmmmmmm. Sounds like some resignations are in order.

  6. Heard him on the news this morning and what I heard was that he was bragging about the murders being down saying it was close to 5% from last year at this time. 147 down to 145. It was down two people murdered. This is almost no change, closer to 1% (1.38%) than to 5%.

    1. Summer's coming.
      Caps will be ablastin'. Does Larry get a cut in on the bullets and ghost guns? Kenney probably does. He wets his beak in many holes.

  7. Larry, Have u ever been here? Jenkintown Pa. Medford NJ. Williamstown NJ. Garnet Valley Pa??????

    1. He, like Kenney, summers in Margate. Fewer Catholics and Italians there. The Mayor hates them most of all.


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