Friday, November 5, 2021

Report: "Extraordinary" Outlaw On Short List To Be NYC's Top Cop

By Ralph Cipriano

Her troops call Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw "MIA," as in Missing In Action.

One of her senior police commanders just testified in court that Outlaw lied to the press and public about who gave the controversial order to teargas protesters during last year's George Floyd riots. [She did, and not the official scapegoat who said he did, and then took a voluntary demotion and pay cut].

Some bloggers who are probably cops recently posted an inside exposé that everybody in the Police Department, including Outlaw, read, an exposé that painted Outlaw as a coddled, lightweight desk jockey and identity politics hire who is universally disrespected within the department because she has zero practical experience out on the streets as a patrol officer.

But Danielle Outlaw is still black and female. And so, according to the New York Post, she's an "extraordinary" police officer who's on the short list of black female candidates that Mayor-Elect Eric Adams may appoint to be New York City's top cop.

In a story in Thursday's Post, reporters Craig McCarthy and Julia Marsh wrote that three candidates were "leading the pack" to become NYC's next top cop -- former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, Outlaw and former Newark Police Chief Ivonne Roman.

According to what an anonymous source told the Post, the "Adams campaign started making calls to candidates last week to gauge interest."

“It is a true nationwide search but it’s mostly going to come down to a few candidates, including Outlaw and Best,” the source told the Post.

“They are both extraordinary police officers," the anonymous source told the Post. "Outlaw has more executive experience, while Best is viewed as a cops’ cop who is liked by Fox News and MSNBC viewers."

Wow, that's quite a gulf to straddle. I emailed the N.Y. Post reporters to see if they were smoking crack, but they didn't respond to a request for comment.

Memo to the New York Post: the only thing extraordinary about Danielle Outlaw is how long she's gotten away with being a complete incompetent. 

I also tried to get somebody from the Adams campaign to comment, but to no avail. 

However, ​Sgt. Eric Gripp, of the Philadelphia Police Department's Office of Media Relations/Public Affairs, had an official response about whether Outlaw was interested in the New York City job.

"Commissioner Outlaw's focus remains on leading the Philadelphia Police Department while making Philadelphia a safer city in which to live, work, and play," Gripp wrote in an email. 

I followed up by asking Gripp if P.C. Outlaw had been contacted by the Adams campaign, and if so, did she tell them she was interested in doing an interview with Eric Adams.

But Sgt. Gripp was not too talkative about that subject.

"P.C. Outlaw will not comment on rumors or speculation," he replied. 

According to the New York Post, however, Mayor-elect Adams, a former NYPD captain himself, is very impressed with P.C. Outlaw.


“Her coming to Philadelphia as a black woman and an outsider shows she can handle that kind of challenge,” the anonymous source told the Post.

It's the second time in the past few months that a New York newspaper has linked Outlaw to the top cop job in New York City. 

On Sept. 19th, the New York Daily News reported that Adams was looking to hire a woman as police commissioner and that Outlaw was among three top candidates under consideration for the job.

Back in September,  however, another spokesperson for Outlaw issued a more extensive denial about taking the New York job. 

"Commissioner Outlaw has not been approached about a position with the NYPD," wrote Officer Tanya Little, who added that Outlaw's "focus remains on leading the Philadelphia Police Department while making Philadelphia a safer city in which to live, work, and play."

And how's that going?

Well, as of last night, the number of people murdered in Philadelphia stood at 466, a record pace that's 12% higher than last year's near record of 499 murders.

The all-time murder rate in Philadelphia was 500 set in 1990. At the current rate, Philadelphia will break that record this year with 558 murders.

Meanwhile, in New York City, which has more than five times the population of Philadelphia, as of Oct. 31st, the city had only 399 murders, a 2% decrease over the previous year.  

Makes you wonder why they'd be interested in hiring Outlaw, since under her leadership, the PPD is floundering when it comes to reigning in gun violence.

Also reporting that Outlaw was a candidate for the NYC job yesterday was Marcia Kramer of CBS2 TV in New York. According to Kramer, Mayor-Elect Adams is another identity politics practitioner who's considering only women for the job. There are some six to eight candidates for the job, Kramer reported, including a few civilians who have never been cops.

“The next commissioner must be really emotionally intelligent and have the empathy and compassion and only should they have worn a gun belt, but if they didn’t, they should understand that we need to boost morale,” Adams told Kramer. 

Adams also said that he wants the city's top cop to get some corporate training on how to be a leader.

“I want my police commissioner to get a quality training of what leadership is all about, what it is to be a CEO of a major police agency, and that’s what we need, that type of leadership. And, unfortunately, in law enforcement, we don’t do that enough,” Adams said.

In Philadelphia, nobody has ever accused the laid-back, low-profile Outlaw of being a leader. And, as everybody knows, morale in the PPD is in the tank because Outlaw has no idea how to run a big city police department.

Is that something they can teach you in a class? I kind of doubt it. 

According to the Philadelphia Police Department's suspected in-house bloggers, Outlaw doesn't get much respect because she's long been the beneficiary of identity politics, starting in Oakland, where she was primarily a desk jockey for 20 years, and then in Portland, when she was hired in 2017 to be police chief.

"She can thank liberal whites for giving her the police chief job," the bloggers wrote. "Yes, she got the job because she is a black female."

As far as the bloggers are concerned, Outlaw's a lightweight used to preferential treatment.

"It was wrong to coddle Danielle in the formative years of her police career," the bloggers wrote. "Coddling encouraged Outlaw to become (or stay) delusional, egotistical, and whiny. She enjoyed a lifestyle that was geared more for administrative work instead of being a cop. Even today, she has only known police work as Monday to Friday day work. Ask her to do anything beyond that, and she feels drained and irritated."

When Outlaw was hired as the top cop in both Portland and Philadelphia, the bloggers wrote, it was because a "black female police chief is a sought-out and prized commodity" who become "the showpieces of progressive white mayors."

But if Outlaw is hired in New York City, this time she'll be a showpiece for a progressive black mayor.

In the world of identity politics, that's what we call progress. 

Regardless, many Philly cops are rooting for Outlaw to get that top job in New York.

As one cop put it, "Good luck and good riddance."


  1. Jesus Christ, Almighty.....I was going to opine 'unbelievable', but this current charade, in fact, is quite believable in this very sick Nation. Of course, Philly's gain would be New York's loss if it goes down that she leaves but the knowledge of her short comings has to be inside information in the NYPD. We'll see. There is also no guarantee that Kenney's chosen replacement will be any better. What happened to the country I grew up in ?


  3. Bye Felicia! Now instead of bending over to Political pressure Kenney can bring in Joel Fitzgerald or Branville Bard 2 Ex PPD commanders who are actually well respected among the ranks!!

  4. Can she take Kenney and Krasner with her?

    1. Oh! Jim Kenney would LOVE to do something in New York! Something! Anything!
      That's where the Beyonce lives!
      "And Margate is so last year! " Squeals the Jim Kenney.
      "I'm all about the Hamptons, right now," said Jim Kenney.
      "It's so much safer in New York, too. All these dead, blacks in Philadelphia are harshing my buzz. Someone should do something."

  5. Thanks, Mr Cipriano for doing what you do.

  6. Thanks Ralph for your reporting.First thing the new PC needs to do is have a 5am seize and confiscate of all these paper license plate criminal enterprise vehicles roaming around the city.

    1. It doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon...
      "Philly police soon will no longer pull drivers over for minor infractions"
      Really disgusting article.

  7. It probably does not matter who is named the next NYPD Commissioner. It is very possible that Mayor-elact Adams,as a former captain, will take a very hands on approach and run the day to day operations of the department. The police commissioner may very well be just a figurehead.

    1. True. In Jim Kenney's city of despair and hopelessness, all Kenney's appointments are figure heads, with nice hair and nails.

  8. Hope she gets it. Get the hell out of here and take the other 2 stooges with you!

  9. Hopefully the next PC will be a no nonsense leader that will support those officers on the streets and let them do the job they were hired to do. A leader that will challenge the asshole DA and expose him for what he is. A self righteous, twisted coward. It's time to take back the city by installing fear into the criminals, start cracking heads if necessary (start with Krasner). Start letting those living in fear in the most violent areas that their so called leaders are doing nothing to help them.

    1. Your idea might sound extremely cruel to some people but as a Black Mother of 4 Underage Children and Philly Homeowner, I have to agree with you wholeheartedly! Both Mayor Kenney and District Attorney Krasner have given Philly's Violent Criminals the sense of a Demonic type of Feeling of Evil Hearted Entitlement to commit as many Violent Crimes as they possibly can up until they finally kill somebody, which is the only time when both Kenney and Krasner Officially Remove all efforts to coddle them! To literally Forbid Philly Cops to do their jobs and pull over Philly Citizens who are driving Unregistered Cars, which also means that they don't have Insurance on their Cars is yet another way for them both to Blatantly tell Philly's Violent Criminals that they now have Extra Protection for the Illegal Guns, Ghost Guns, Heroin laced with Fentanyl, Pills laced with Fentanyl and Pounds of Marijuana that are sprayed with Formaldehyde and other Deadly Chemicals because Philly Cops who do pull them over for Issues with their Cars will definitely face Disciplinary Action from both Philly's Mayor and District Attorney! Philly Car Stops for Car Registration and Car Insurance Policy by Philly Cops LITERALLY saves lives, specifically Black Lives because every 1 in 3 Philly Car Stops leads to the Arrest of Black Criminals who have already been proven by their Prior Felony Convictions that are Absolutely Violent for having Illegal or Ghost Guns and Drugs in vast amounts inside the cars they are driving with many driving on Suspended Drivers Licenses! The other Public Safety Issue with both Mayor Kenney and District Attorney Krasner forbidding Philly Cops from pulling over Philly Drivers for Paperwork Issues is because the cars are not Legally Registered or don't have Insurance, the Victims who get involved in Car Accidents with them can't even get compensation for Medical Bills or Damage done to their cars because they don't have Insurance Coverage to cover Victim's Losses! God Forbid a Philly Child is killed by a Person who wouldn't even have had a car to drive if Philly Cops weren't forbidden to pull them over for No Registration, Expired Registration, Expired Inspection Stickers, Broken Taillights or Broken Headlights! I guess grieving Moms and Dads would have to File Lawsuits against the City since Philly Politicians Collectively Agreed to allow Selfishly Evil Hearted Philly People with Unregistered and Uninsured cars to drive them through the streets of Philly without ever having to worry about being pulled over by Philly Cops and having their cars taken! The Insurance Companies that Insure Philly Drivers just got the first of their many Bonuses coming to them for the next 4 years because Mayor Kenney and District Attorney Krasner's Progressive, Philly Laws let's Philly's Violent Criminals continuously make great strides of Progress on their Lifetime Crime Sprees until they are stopped by being held Legally Accountable but Kenney and Krasner has let them know that they don't even have to worry about being stopped and held Legally Accountable until they literally kill somebody! Philly's Law Abiding Citizens are Officially Hostages in their Philly Homes that they pay Property Taxes to the city to live in because Philly's Violent Criminals don't have to worry about being locked up for hurting us or killing us, Philly Cops have to worry about being locked up for locking up Philly's Violent Criminals if they pull them over! Philly is Doomed because Philly's Violent Criminals have Their Uncles Jim and Larry protecting their Legal Rights! Prayers for Philly's Law Abiding Citizens and for Philly Cops!

  10. Why was my response to "Razor Shines" not published?
    I would appreciate a response.


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