Friday, October 29, 2021

D.A. Won't Approve Warrant For Man Who Shot Girlfriend 3 Times

By Ralph Cipriano

Yesterday morning, after James White shot his girlfriend, Kayleigh Miller, once in the chest and twice in the stomach, she dialed 911 and told the dispatcher that White had just shot her.

When police arrived at the scene outside her house, Miller identified White as the man who shot her to five different police officers. When a medic unit arrived to transport her to the hospital, Miller identified White as the shooter to yet another witness.

Miller's 911 call is on tape; there's also surveillance video of White shooting Miller outside her house. Another witness saw White flee the scene in his white Jeep Cherokee.

With all this evidence at their disposal, a total of seven witnesses, plus a 911 call on tape and surveillance video of the actual crime, you'd think the cops could get an arrest warrant from the D.A.'s office to lock up James White on attempted murder charges.

But you'd be wrong. Last night, the D.A.'s office under Progressive Larry Krasner declined to approve an arrest warrant for White.

Why? Because, according to the D.A.'s charging unit, "the domestic violence victim cannot confirm her identification of the person who shot her."

There's a pretty good reason why Miller, an adult performer known on the internet as Paris Banks, can't currently confirm the identity of the man who shot her. That's because last night, she was lying unconscious in the intensive care unit of Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital, in critical condition. An intubation tube was keeping her alive, after doctors performed seven hours of emergency surgery trying to save Kaleigh Miller's life.

That's progressive justice Larry Krasner style. The rights of the accused criminal always trump the rights of the victim. And just think, in overwhelmingly Democratic Philadelphia, Larry Krasner, whose office just repeatedly failed to protect Kayleigh Miller, is only four days away from cruising to his second consecutive landslide election as D.A.

Kayleigh Miller is a 29 year old white female who's billed on, which features "HD interracial amateur porn," as that "bad ass white girl." She's also featured on, a website that displays triple-X rated content to paid subscribers. 

Uncle Larry's newest client
James White, a 33 year-old black male, is a drug dealer out on probation. His criminal record, which runs 12 pages, lists 24 prior arrests. 

Seventeen of those of arrests were for narcotics, two were for robbery with a firearm, one for aggravated assault with a firearm [against Kayleigh Miller], one for an assault in a public school, plus three more arrests for motor vehicle theft.

He's a career criminal who packs guns and has a history of violence.

Kayleigh Miller already has three young children. She became pregnant sometime in August with James White's child. Miller, however, didn't want another child, so she told White she wanted an abortion.

But this didn't go over with White, who turned out to be violently pro-life. He wanted Miller to have the child, and so the couple began arguing. 

Three times, the arguments turned violent, and police had to be called.

At 10 a.m. on August 30, 2021, James White showed up at the gym that Kayleigh Miller worked out at, and started arguing with her about the pregnancy. During the argument, White kicked in the driver's side door of Miller's car, causing a large dent. 

When police arrived, White had already fled the scene. The cops advised Miller to obtain a protection from abuse [PFA] order.

Later that same day, at 11:30 a.m., White arrived at Miller's home at 844 Welton Street, in the Somerton section of the city, and wanted to argue some more. It ended when White took a trash can and dumped the contents all over Miller's car. 

When the cops arrived, White had already fled the scene. Once again, the cops advised Miller to obtain a PFA.

At 11:15 a.m on Oct. 1st, White arrived at Miller's home and pulled a gun from his waistband. Then he began to pistol whip her. 

Miller passed out. When she woke, up, White was standing over her, pointing the gun at her head and threatening to kill her if she went through with an abortion.

Once again, White fled the scene. His car was spotted by police, who pulled him over.

Miller was transported to the spot where the cops were holding White. On her way to the hospital, Miller positively identified White as the man who pistol whipped her, breaking her left eye orbital, left eye socket and left cheek bone. Miller needed surgery to correct those injuries.

To protect Kaleigh Miller, the D.A.'s office could have sought what's known as a probation detainer, an order from a judge that would have kept White in jail until a hearing could have been held on White's alleged parole violation. 

Such detainers were routinely sought by the D.A.'s office for decades when dealing with violent repeat offender on probation. But all that came to an end when Larry Krasner got elected.

Instead of seeking to put White behind bars, and protect Kaleigh Miller, the D.A.'s office under Krasner gave White a pass.

On Oct. 2nd, the day after he was arrested for pistol-whipping Miller, White was out on $350,000 bail after he plunked down a 10% deposit of $35,000. The judge in the case also issued a stay away order, warning White not to go near his girlfriend. 

At an Oct. 18th preliminary hearing, the defense was ready but the D.A.'s office wasn't because Miller wasn't available to testify as a witness against White. So the preliminary hearing was postponed until Dec. 1st.

Some time this month after White pistol-whipped her, Miller did have an abortion. And so White decided to make good on his threat.

Miller was no Girl Scout herself. She was arrested on Jan. 20, 2020 for stabbing a 50-year-old Chester County man that she met online. The cops charged her with aggravated assault and prostitution, among other crimes. 

On March 12th, she pleaded guilty to simple assault and possession of an instrument of crime. She was placed on probation for seven years.

Yesterday, at approximately 9 a.m., Miller was standing out in front of her home, drinking coffee from a metal mug when White drove up, got out of his Jeep, and aimed a 9 mm pistol at her. 

The first shot went through the coffee mug, and stuck Miller in the chest. 

The second two shots hit her in the abdomen. 

White missed the next three shots he fired at her. He fired a total of six times; one of his misses hit a parked car. 

And so while Kayleigh Miller is in the hospital fighting for her life, James White is still on the lam and the cops can't even get a warrant to arrest him.

Meanwhile, Larry Krasner is planning his victory party.

UPDATE --- This afternoon, the D.A.'s office reversed themselves, and approved an arrest warrant for James White. 

No new evidence was submitted. They just got embarrassed into doing the right thing.


  1. Thank you for your work!!! Only reporter doing his job!

  2. Larry Krasner really hates white women who date black men.
    I guess Larry showed her!
    "She should date in her own race!" is what must scream in Larry's head.
    Larry hates himself most of all, but with all of the money he gets from out of state funders, Soros, and from not paying his taxes, it makes up for it.

    1. Larry loves fat Spanish girls that carry guns!!

  3. If it was a cop. Jerry Rocks would have that warrant written up faster than you can blink an eye!!

  4. He didn't want her to have an abortion, but had no problem with filling her up with lead. I wonder if he is a conservative. Wait ! Larry doesn't like conservatives- well cops he doesn't like; however, why isn't this poor girl's family seeking justice? I'm confused. The evidence is overwhelming, so why not charge this guy for this heinous act.

  5. Good work, Ralph. I had better stop there. The rest of what I think should not go to print.

  6. Krasner is a criminal for for pushing his Liberal agenda get out and vote him out of office Tuesday if You don't you could be the next Victim of Violence

  7. He should use the Alec Baldwin Defense..." but Kingfish, someone else loaded the gun, I didn't check to see if the gun was loaded...I fired at her chest and after being struck, she then laid in a pool of her own blood."

    "... So You see Your Honor, I fired the gun, but it's someone else's fault."

  8. He was too busy calculating his portion of the 2.5 million of proceeds stolen from citizens and given to his colleague Shaka Johnson

  9. He didn't want her to get an abortion,... so he shot her in the stomach... twice...?

  10. Time for bigtrial and lawyer supporters to collaborate on writing a voluminous dissertation on the fitness of Krasner to serve a second term as our DA. He needs to be removed from office ASAP.

  11. Hey Ralph, any updates on these two model citizens?

  12. Kayleigh miraculously pulled through. I understand her ex-boyfriend is still at large.

  13. I don't condone white s actions. But she murdered his child. And that's ok?

    There is more to this then anyone will probably never know. If somebody tried to kill my child or somebody killed my child I would kill too yeah okay thank you very much

  14. Shut up you don’t know what my mom has been through


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