Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Police Commissioner Outlaw To Tour Barber Shops & Nail Salons

By Ralph Cipriano

Here's a rundown on the early highlights from this week's police blotter.

On Monday, a man who claimed to be the victim of an armed carjacking in Center City whipped out a registered gun and shot an alleged perp twice in the head. 

Up in the Somerton section of the city, neighbors were still reeling from the murder of Pete Gerold, whom they described as a gentle soul. His body was hacked to pieces last week by a crazed felon who was yet another recent recipient of a get-out-of-jail-free card from our district attorney.

And as of yesterday, the city's body count over the first 47 days of the New Year was up to 71 murders. That's a whopping 48% increase over last year's murder rate of 499, the highest body count in 30 years. At this rate, we'll  set an all-time record this year with 738 murders!

And meanwhile, over at police headquarters, what was Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw up to? Why in her latest crimefighting effort, the P.C. was ready to embark on a meet and greet tour of the city's beauty salons, barber shops, and nail salons. 

Seriously. It's a goodwill effort that has some of her troops laughing and snickering in disbelief.

The P.C.'s goodwill tour was announced on Tuesday, when Police Officer Waleska Garcia of the Community Relations Unit sent an email to community relations officers in all 21 police districts on behalf of her boss, Captain Maria Ortiz-Rodriguez.

"In the future, the Police Commissioner is looking to visit Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, and Nail Salons in your district," Garcia wrote. "Please survey your districts and create a list of the Salons and Shops in your area. Can you please provide a list by Feb. 24, 2021."

"Thank you and be safe."

The proposed goodwill tour seemed to baffle FOP President John McNesby.

"This is the first I have seen or heard this," he wrote in an email. "Not sure if this is real or not. If real, I can't see why."

"She is going to be laughed out of most of these places," one cop predicted. "What a fucking joke! How naive can one person be?"

"Just another smoke and mirrors attempt to not look at the pink elephant in the room," said another cop, referring to the city's soaring murder rate. "You can only pull the wool over peoples' eyes for so long before the mayor makes you the next Dennis Wilson," he said, referring to the former deputy police commissioner who was scapegoated by Kenney and Outlaw. 

Memo to FOP President McNesby: it's for real. It took me three tries over two days, but I finally got an official police spokesperson to confirm that the barber shop tour was on.

"The Commissioner is looking to interact with business owners and the community in a less formal forum," explained  ​Corporal Jasmine Reilly of the Philadelphia Police Department Office of Media Relations/Public Affairs."

"Commissioner Outlaw is hoping that engaging with community members in this way will encourage people to feel comfortable voicing their concerns. It's also a great opportunity for the community to get to know Commissioner Outlaw on a more personal level," Corporal Reilly said.

"In the past, we have had other Police Commissioners engage with the public in this way and the results are always positive."

In 2018, eight police officers from the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the National Black Police Association launched "Blades, Fades & Engage," a tour of city barber shops done in conjunction with the Southwest Police Division's Community Relations Office.

“Young men and women of color ages 15 to 30 come in contact most frequently with law enforcement," G. Lamar Stewart, vice president of the local NBPA chapter, told The Philadelphia Tribune. "This program is designed to create intentional dialogue between police and that particular demographic; addressing key problems and developing solutions to build bridges and better serve the city's young adult population." 

After all, Stewart told the newspaper, the barbershop "has historically been a place where men can go to get a haircut, but also have honest, judgement-free dialogue about religion, politics, home life, the justice system and more.”

Stewart's emphasis was on men. Three years later, it was a natural for Outlaw to expand the barber shop tour to be more inclusive, by adding beauty salons and nail salons.

Who can forget Commissioner Outlaw's first policy directive, issued the morning after her first official day on the job?

The new policy directive stated that a previous directive that "only clear nail polish is acceptable while in uniform" was "hereby deleted."

That new policy directive cleared the way for Outlaw's signature black nail polish, a laudable achievement.

At least she's consistent, right? 

So if anybody bumps into Mayor Kenney, who's been hiding under his desk during the current murder rampage, feel free to thank him for making such a brilliant hire. 

This is just what we need to fight crime in Philadelphia -- a PR tour that will pacify the city one barber shop and one nail salon at a time. 


  1. Right now I'm projecting 90% probability that 2021 will have between 546 and 556 homicides assuming Commissioner Outlaw takes no effective action to lower the homicide rate. But it is way too soon to tell, the 2020 spike did not hit until June. My guess is that we will continue the 40 % increase until June, and that the percentage rate will lower to only a 15 to 20 % increase by the end of the year. Then, one can reasonably expect the the Commissioner will claim that the lower rate of increase is proof positive that "We are on the right track." The Commissioner relates what we are seeing, but makes no mention of what she is doing to stem the flow of blood.

    1. And that’s on a optimistic outlook. Philly might very well crack 600 this year.

  2. I don't like to prejudge but are there any up to date crime statistics on barber shops and nail salons? If your job is to go directly to where crime is being committed then her move is to be commended. How many recent positive tips have resulted in arrests from our hair cutting society. It would be more advantageous if the Mayor and DA went along so the voters in these businesses could meet both for the first time and ask about their new taxes and question why they see the same criminals getting a hair cut the day after they were arrested. Yes the Circus is still in town and each act has its own clown.

  3. Will the event include performances by a "Barbershop Quartet"?

  4. Ralph, Great piece. Good work, as usual. It sounds like Outlaw is running for office...

  5. The Outlaw is definitely trying to be consistent. The nail polish policy is certainly the biggest challenge facing officers on the street. It’s been her most successful decision since coming to Philly. She was chosen by ‘Talcum X’ aka Shaun King during his policy meetings with Limp Larry and softheaded Jim Kenney. Kenney’s and Krasner’s campaign managers are the National Political Director and Treasurer of King’s Real Justice PAC, Brandon Evans and Becky Bond.

    1. Real Justice PAC is the Contemporary Financial and Political Life Form born from the Merger of the Weather Underground and the Black Panther Party.

      Fifty Years Ago the Revolutionaries bombed Government Buildings, Robbed Brinks Trucks, and murdered Police and Civilians.

      Now their Spawn have been placed in Power and seek Amnesty and Freedom for the Cop Killers, who rot in their Cells.

      What has changed Today, is their Children and Indoctrinated Supporters are now in Control of Wealth that they have stolen and accumulated as revealed by the Major Donors, Wealth Managers and Insurrectionists who are Now the DAs in Major Cities and Fighting to release the Criminal Scum who are bent on destroying the very Fabric of Society.

      The Democrats have Fueled Financed and Led the Insurrection and now seek to Frame the Opposition to Protect and Serve Their Ultimate Goal of a New Totalitarian Government that They Run.

      Fencing and barbed wire and the National Guard were to be deployed No Matter who was Declared Victor in the November Rigged Election.

      The Biden Installed Government has been trained to remove Despots and Now its Their Turn to Assume that Role and maintain Power by Any Means Necessary.

      Jason Brando


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