Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Larry Krasner Doubles Down On Stupid

By Ralph Cipriano
for BigTrial.net

The "Wall of Remembrance" in the D.A.'s office that honors 24 cops killed in the line of duty remains covered by a shroud that bears the repeated emblem of the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office.

And at a press conference yesterday, District Attorney Larry Krasner compounded his prior sins of arrogance and deceit by doubling down on stupid.

"I do not regret doing what is legally required," Krasner told reporters. To get himself out of a public relations jam, the D.A. yesterday blamed the pandemic. Because of the pandemic, the D.A. claimed, the large conference room on the mezzanine level of the D.A.'s office where the Wall of Remembrance is located inside had to be used for "new" purposes that legally required the "temporary blockage" of the wall.

What Krasner was attempting to do through obfuscation and legal mumbo-jumbo was to imply that because of the pandemic, the conference room where the wall is located was being used by the D.A.'s office to convene a grand jury, about which everything is supposed to be kept secret.

Krasner also attempted to use the police commissioner as a shield to protect himself from further negative political fallout. He did this by telling reporters that he contacted Outlaw to explain what happened, and by implying that everything was Jake with the P.C. 

"The commissioner is now aware of the details surrounding the temporary blockage of those photographs from public view," Krasner assured reporters. Of course, he refused to admit he made any mistake and of course he didn't apologize, which would have ended this sorry episode.

Because here's what the general public may not understand about Larry Krasner -- he views himself as a messiah. A messiah who's leading a criminal justice revolution to free the oppressed, which constitutes anybody who's currently behind bars. 

And as a messiah who's trying to free his people, Larry Krasner is not only infallible. He's also far above being questioned by mere mortals about any of his lofty new policies and procedures. All of which apparently came down from Mount Sinai the day the anointed one took office

"I do not regret doing what legally is required," Krasner told reporters. Because of the pandemic, he said again, the D.A.'s office was required to "use spaces, including our largest spaces, for purposes that were new and we were required to do it in an unprecedented way."

As a former D.A. publicly explained, this explanation is B.S.

Veteran prosecutors have also confirmed that in the past few decades, conference rooms in the D.A.'s office were never used to convene grand juries. Because past precedent in the D.A.'s office was to convene grand juries in either courtrooms at City Hall, or in city-owned offices scattered around town.

The idea being that grand juries should be held in neutral sites, which, of course, doesn't include the D.A.'s office. 

The Wall of Remembrance that features memorial plaques bearing the faces of fallen officers was dedicated in 2009 when Lynne Abraham was district attorney. In an email to the Inquirer, Abraham blasted the official explanation from the D.A.'s office, first issued by Jane Roh, Krasner's spokesperson on Twitter, as “utter nonsense” and “Jive talk!”

“I don’t accept any of those statements and you shouldn’t either," Abraham told the Inquirer. "If Krasner wants to take the photos down, he should hitch up his big boy pants and remove them instead of having his people make up baloney."

At his press conference yesterday, Krasner said that's exactly what he's planning to do. And that when he talked to Outlaw, they agreed that what should be done next is to move the Wall of Remembrance to a new location. 

Krasner furthered attempted to defend himself against the public outcry over his blatant insult to dead cops and their families by blaming his opponents, like the FOP, and saying that they were just playing politics. 

What Krasner left unspoken was that he's above that kind of thing, as he proceeded to explain in a lecture to reporters.

"I think you all better strap in to your seats and put on your seat belts because what you're about to see, unfortunately, will be some people who are much more interested in politics than they are in prosecution," Krasner said.

"We cannot treat this as a reality show."

This is rich because Krasner, who has zero interest in prosecution, is also playing politics. And he's betting that by floating some legal gibberish and hiding behind the police commissioner and the pandemic, he'll get his sorry ass out of this scrape.

Sorry, Larry, that ain't happening.


Because we all know that the police commissioner is a timid puppet of the mayor, who does whatever he tells her to. We're talking about the mayor who employed the same campaign manager that's working right now on the D.A.'s own reelection campaign.

All progressives feed at the same trough. 

We also know that right now that Jim Kenney the career politician is casting a covetous eye around the political landscape for the next public office that he plans to run for. Because as a bloated career politician who's been on the public dole his entire life, that's all he knows. 

And to get there, to reach his next elected office, Kenney, who's repeatedly sold out the citizens of this city to further his own political ambitions, is going to need some George Soros bucks, the same millions that got Larry Krasner elected D.A.

And so not only is Jim Kenney never going to criticize Larry Krasner, even though people are dying in the streets every day because of his policies. Outlaw, as Kenney's puppet, is also never going to criticize Larry Krasner.

So hiding behind the mayor's masked and muted puppet, Mr. Krasner, isn't going to get you anywhere.

The truth, Mr. D.A., is that if you're actually convening a grand jury in that conference room, you shouldn't be displaying all those logos of the D.A.'s office, which is what that shroud is plastered with that you've presently got draped over the Wall of Remembrance.

And if there actually is a grand jury meeting in that conference room, Mr. D.A., could it possibly be the one that's presently at work trying to indict the two officers who shot Walter Wallace Jr. last year, setting off three days of riots and looting in the city?

The fact that you're scheming to indict those two cops for murder is not exactly a big secret. 

We're talking about the incident where the mentally unstable Wallace, who was the subject of three protection orders taken out by members of his own family, was menacing his own parents with a knife. 

And when the cops showed up after the family called them to the scene, Wallace, with his knife held high, repeatedly pursued the two cops out into the street, and repeatedly ignored their orders to drop the knife.

Hey Mr. D.A. Is the real reason you covered up that Wall of Remembrance because you didn't want the grand jurors to see all those plaques of those fallen officers?

Is the real reason you covered up that Wall of Remembrance because when you present your twisted version of the facts to a bunch of gullible citizens, you didn't want them to look up and see the faces of those fallen cops?

Because you didn't want those grand jurors to realize that when those two cops pulled the trigger, what might have been going through their heads was how they didn't want to wind up as another couple of plaques on that same wall?


  1. Ralph, Again you have hit it again. Krasner is running scared! He knows that Vega is a tremendous threat! That office is full of frauds starting with him!! His first asst.Listenbee trays to act like he is tough. He got his ass kicked on the bus in school. G. Lamar Stewart his so called Chief of Community Engagement has 5 years in Law Enforcement! No credentials whatsoever stealing money and showing up at shooting scenes like he is a seasoned investigator! FRAUD!Truth be said someone better let Krasner know his detail doesn't go with him when he gets voted out! He's not a former President. U better believe Vega is gonna clean house when he wins!! That includes attorneys and Law Enforcement.....He has a list for sure! That Soros money hasn't come in yet! Hmmmmmm.he is worried for sure!

  2. Thanks again Ralph. Outlaw believing that bullshit is just as much an outrage. What happens when you have a Commish that never testified in court at a Grand Jury and probably does not have much experience testifying about arrests she ever made if there was any. His followers and those that believe his disgrace Jane Roh don't "qwhite" have high IQ's.

  3. Why were the glass window panes not blacked out or covered up if the Grand Jury is supposed to be in secrecy? Complete and utter horseshit comment by the DA and his racist spokeswoman.

  4. Outlaw is a fucking jokeeeee. And Krasner should have been a stain on his mother’s mattress. The audacity they both have is incomprehensible. McNesby should walk in there and rip that shit down. This is utter bullshit. No one has a backbone anymore and it’s disgusting.

  5. Another great story on the office of this inept DA.
    He thinks he is the prince and Kenney is the king
    Again,great article Ralph!!

  6. The filthy disgusting degenerate philly liberals have two big sugar daddies now: Tom Wolf the alleged governor of Pennsylvania who doesn't apparently give a damn that krasner and his sidekicks kenney and outlaw are turning philly into a literal dump of used hypodermic syringes, and mr. Joe Biden himself the alleged president who in one month has done quite a bit for the chinese communist party while throwing his own county under the bus.

  7. Looks like Krasner is scared to pull the trigger and fire Det. Vince Rotundi for his vile Facebook post. He is still banned from the DA Office and sitting at home collecting a paycheck doing nothing!!!


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