Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Philly P.D.'s Double Standard On Cops Attending Protests

By Ralph Cipriano

A white female Philadelphia detective attended last week's pro-Trump rally in Washington D.C. that turned violent, resulting in the storming of the Capitol Building, and the deaths of five people.

The detective, who was outed by the media, had her gun taken away, and was reassigned. 

And although she hasn't been accused of engaging in any violent behavior, she's now the subject of an internal police investigation after she went on social media and called Vice President Mike Pence a "traitor and a cabal operative and a pedophile."

Sounds offensive? Now here's an interesting comparison. Last summer, a black male lieutenant showed up as a demonstrator alongside Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw at one of the George Floyd protests, which featured three days of rioting, looting, and arson fires, with people torching police cars, defacing public monuments and blowing up ATMs all over town. 

Nobody ever accused the lieutenant of participating in any mayhem. But that same lieutenant went on social media to post an image of President Trump wearing a KKK hood, and then he called Trump a "mother fucker."

In contrast to what happened to the white female detective at the Trump rally, however, the black male lieutenant was never called out by the media, or reassigned by his department, and nobody ever took away his gun.

Anyone see a double standard there? The Philly P.D. doesn't.

The Inquirer reported that on Saturday Detective Jennifer Gugger was removed from her role conducting background checks on potential police recruits at the Police Academy, after an anonymous tip to the department prompted an internal investigation.

The tip was about since-deleted posts from Gugger’s Facebook account placing her at the D.C. rally. Nobody alleged that she entered Capitol grounds or broke any laws, the Inquirer reported, but the detective was reassigned and her gun was taken away.

According to the Inquirer, "Gugger's vitriolic, far right rhetoric on social media" sparked the internal police investigation. Her offense: she called Vice President Pence a "traitor and a cabal operative and a pedophile" after he "condemned the Jan. 6th insurrection and publicly lamented the death of a capitol police officer." 

In the offending Tweet, the detective identified herself as Jennifer Traynor. 

Note the Inquirer was quick to condemn the "Jan. 6th insurrection" and "Gugger's vitriolic, far right rhetoric." But the Inky had no problem with the George Floyd and Walter Wallace Jr. riots and protests. 

The newspaper consistently defended the protesters, consistently attacked the cops, and consistently contended that the protests that caused millions of dollars in property damage were peaceful. 

And as far as vitriolic left-wing rhetoric goes, the Inquirer prints reams of it every day under the bylines of its progressive reporters and columnists. And nobody ever sees a problem. 

Regarding Detective Gugger's alleged offenses, FOP President John McNesby was dismissive, telling 6ABC, "It's cut and dry. She was there, she didn't do anything according to her, and we move on to the next issue."

"She went somewhere on her day off and that's her First Amendment right, to legally gather or do whatever they intended to do," McNesby said. 

Mayor Kenney, however, thought the detective's attendance at the D.C. rally was a big deal, telling 6ABC, "This is not just a police issue. We are looking a few other potentials, in a couple other departments and we'll see what the extent of their activity there was. Hopefully it's just their First Amendment."

Across the country, 6ABC reported, police and fire departments are opening probes into officers who attended the rally. In Seattle, Western Pennsylvania and Texas, officers are under investigation to determine if they took part in the violence.

The always woke Mayor Kenney subsequently released a statement to Fox 29 that said, "We are currently looking into at least one instance of a city employee said to have attended the activities last Wednesday, and we are specifically looking at whether that individual joined in the lawbreaking and violence."

"I sincerely hope that is not the case — I hope good judgment prevailed," Kenney wrote. "But rest assured that should this individual or any city worker be implicated in criminal activity as a result of that demonstration, he or she will be disciplined up to and including termination."

This is the same pandering Mayor Kenney who repeatedly had trouble getting up off his knees during the George Floyd protests. The same Mayor Kenney who repeatedly ordered the cops to stand down rather than defend the citizens and property. The same Mayor Kenney who dispensed with due process, and acted unilaterally as judge and jury, to give 756 protesters who got arrested a free pass out of the criminal justice system. 

The black officer who participated in the George Floyd protests was Lt. Jonathan Josey, the commanding officer of the Crime Scene Unit. He posted an image posted on a since-deleted social media account showing President Trump standing on the debate stage wearing a KKK hoodIn another since deleted post, Lt. Jonathan Josey stated as "facts:" "It's not wrong to call this president a motherfucker. It's wrong to call this motherfucker a President."

Last October, when I originally inquired about Lt. Josey, Police Officer Torres of the Police Department's Office of Media Relations/Public Affairs responded, "The department is aware of this and Internal Affairs has opened an internal investigation into these allegations."

When I contacted public affairs yesterday about the apparent double standard between the handing of First Amendment issues involving Lt. Josey and Detective Gugger, Corporal Jasmine Reilly responded:

"There are marked differences between Lt. Josey's investigation, and that involving the detective that was placed on administrative leave earlier this week. Lt. Josey's post was found to be in violation of the Philadelphia Police Department's Social Media Policy."

"The freedom of speech and assembly are both 1st Amendment rights protected by our constitution. However, the events that occurred in Washington, DC traversed that of peaceful assembly when criminal acts were committed."

"Because of the criminal nature of some of the events that occurred at the nation's Capital, the detective that is currently under investigation was relieved of her weapon while Internal Affairs determines whether she was involved in any criminal acts. If, at the conclusion of the internal affairs investigation, there is no evidence of wrong doing, the detective's weapon and full police powers will be restored."

"I also wanted to be clear that the investigation into Lt. Josey's social media posts is still ongoing," Corporal Reilly wrote.

When I asked why Lt. Josey never had to surrender his gun, Corporal Reilly responded, "If during the course of an internal affairs investigation, IAB determines that there was the potential for criminal activity, the officer's weapon will be taken from them, and they will be placed on restricted duty. Of course, as previously stated, once cleared from any criminal wrongdoing, the officer will be given their weapon back and placed back into full-duty status."

Some cops took issue with Corporal Reilly's comments.

"People have had their guns taken away for lesser allegations of wrongdoing, and have been benched," one cop said. 

The Philadelphia Police Department's official social media policy prohibits cops, even when they're off duty, from posting "ethnic slurs, profanity, personal insults," as well as the display of "sexually explicit images." 

So much for the First Amendment. As far as the Philly P.D. is concerned, if you carry a badge, you can forget about your rights to free speech. At least certain types of free speech.

As Big Trial has previously reported, there's a double standard when it comes to enforcing that social media policy, a double standard that's black and white.

Of the 15 cops fired by the Philadelphia Police Department for offensive social media posts, 14 were white males; one was Hispanic. 

Meanwhile some black cops who have violated that same social media policy by posting such comments as "Fuck them racist ass crackers," or portraying "WHITE PEOPLE" as KKK members, or posting nude pictures of the first lady have gotten a pass. 

Over in the D.A.'s office, an assistant district attorney who posted "FUCK THE COPS" on Instagram during the George Floyd riots didn't run into any problems on the job. Neither did another assistant district attorney who repeatedly posted on social media how much she doesn't like white people.

It's a double standard, sanctioned by the media and the mayor, that continues today with Detective Gugger. 

And with others in the P.D. Last night, a poster on social media, said to be a black male highway patrol officer, printed the following note on Facebook:

"All these people getting arrested and losing their jobs for storming the Capitol building are realizing why their grandparents wore hoods."


  1. In All the Years that You have reported and analyzed Acts of Corruption that has led to Prosecution for Criminal Misbehavior, where does the Current Crisis in Government and Censorship of Reporting the Truth now Rank??

    The Overt Attempt by the Political/Corporate Fascist Establishment to Silence Dissent is Sweeping the Country, and do "They" recognize the Costs?? or The Events that will surely follow.

    1. The forces of fascism are ascendant. As far as journalism goes, it's the worst I've ever seen in my lifetime.

      The rulebook has been thrown out the window.

    2. "...the rulebook was thrown out the window," NO, the erstwhile Former Eagles Coach Pederson, followed Orders of Team Owner Lurie to throw the Final Game of the Season, thereby fixing the outcome and the Point Spread.

      Even the Great Sports Pundit and Handicapper Fast Eddie Rendell can't defend the Actions of His Asshole Buddy Lurie.

      It's pretty hard to lose when one side is so corrupt that not only do they have a license and Authority to steal, but will censor and prosecute anyone who shines a light on their Corruption.

      The Armies of Dissent will amass in DC and this Time, All the Tyrants Bodyguards may turn against The Party that Stole the Election.

      Are We Still Permitted to make Accusations that may be heard in a Court of Law?? Apparently only Democrats can Impeach a President without Hearings and Evidence presented or a Defense to Answer the Charges.

    3. To put a More Defined Point on the Argument, AOC will Lead a Truth Ministry in the Next Congress, sanctioned by the Incoming Corrupt Biden Dictatorship.

      This Ministry will have Powers to Regulate and Reconcile All Information that is Contrary to "Their" Established Truth.

      Isn't that the Policy reflected by the Yellow Journalism Rags like the Inquirer who are Rewarded by Silencing the Truth and perpetuating the Cultural and Political Fraud that will install a Puppet Dictator??

  2. Fabulous article. The level of hypocrisy is astounding. Josey went to the rally off duty. He even lived streamed it on facebook. Funny, half of Phila was looted at that time for Floyd. There was nothing peaceful about it. Thanks again for exposing the truth. The clown show is in charge though.

  3. Bottom line:. Both officers will have to leave the department for violating departmental protocol by posting inappropriate social content To favor one above the other on racial grounds will not cut the mustard.

    1. Not gonna happen. One already got a pass, the other faces a lynch mob led by my friends at the Inquirer.

    2. With friends like that who needs enemies!!

  4. Defamatory speech, such as calling someone a "traitor and a cabal operative and a pedophile" is not protected speech. Falsely accusing someone of a crime is defamatory

    You are not accusing someone of a crime if you call them a "motherfucker", which means "a despicable or very unpleasant person." That's a matter of opinion and is protected speech.

    1. What about putting a KKK hood over the president? That's not defamatory? You're missing another point. Everything we're talking about is a violation of the Police Department's social media policy, whether it was defamatory or protected.

  5. Josey was lucky to have his job after striking a woman in the face in the hood. So does he thank God he still has a job? Nope, he goes out and acts like a fool AGAIN on social media. NOTHING will ever come of his "investigation".

  6. Your selective biased journalism is offensive. You actually aim to compare a officer attending a peaceful daytime protest (evidence in the pics) protesting the murder of a handcuffed American Citizen by 4 Minneapolis police officers who slowly choked a man to death on camera for 8+ minutes to an insurrection against the U.S. Gov't which was the single most treasonist event in American history since the Civil War. Where off duty police officers who used their badges to gain access & storm the Capitol along with white supremacist, neo nazis & ex military officers from around the country to gain access & assault & murder Capitol Police, destroy & steal Gov't property, sought after Congress members to kidnap with zip ties to take them hostage.
    Threatened the Vice President, Mike Pence, chanted "Hang Mike Pence", erected a hangman's noose on Capitol grounds to perform said deed.
    For you to compare these two events only implies your complicit bias for the insurrectionist.
    You clearly have an agenda!
    Elect a clown you get a circus & all the pomp & circumstance that goes with it. Including your biased rhetoric. It is only right that police dept.'s around the country investigate officers that they know were in attendance at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

  7. Nobody has accused either the detective or the lieutenant of engaging in any violent or unlawful behavior. Both, however, have certainly voiced some strong political opinions on social media that clearly violated the Philly PD's social media policy.

    My agenda is to point out an obvious double standard in how each officer was treated by the PD, the media and the mayor. Take a deep breath, re-read the story, and try to grasp that simple concept.

    If you're unable to perform that simple task there's another news source in town that will no doubt be more agreeable to someone with your agenda, and political views. I'd suggest you visit and rest comfortably in your safe space.

  8. Bottom line every single white officer on the force should file a class action suit for racial discrimination, defamation, libel etc.

  9. @bigtrial I dont have to reread your story. You compared an officer attending a peaceful protest. (Evidence is your red arrow) to an officer attending an insurrection against the U.S. Because you know the officer who attended the insurrection rally is being investigated you question is there a double standard. I'm telling you the two situations don't equate.
    F.Y.I I'm safe wherever I go!!!

    1. "I'm safe wherever I go!!!" That said, Anonymous, I, Stude, am guessing that, in reality, you are either Danielle Outlaw, Larry Krasner, or Jim Kenney.

  10. This Stalwart Defender of Civil Liberty should make a great contribution to the New and Improved Hunter Biden/George Floyd Injection Site coming to the hovel you may call Home.

  11. Hey Anonymous, you're wasting your talents. With your writing talent and liberal point of view, you could be a high-paid editor at the Inquirer. They're always looking for a few more progressives!

  12. The double standards and hypocrisy are absolutely disgusting. One side can do whatever they want, while the other gets suspended and fired. It’s been happening for years. I think people are finally starting to see it.

  13. I keep hearing double standard. This particular Philadelphia event was a peaceful day of protest. The D.C. event was an attack on the Capitol. Does everyone understand the difference. The LT was peacefully demonstrating repeated and unjust street executions by lawmen, while the other Philly Det was allegedly involved in an attack on the Capitol... do we get that. Please explain the double standard now.

  14. Just as Video Evidence was offered of Election Rigging in Georgia with suitcases of ballots pulled from under a table and then processed, so has Evidence emerged of BLM Provocateur John Sullivan, clearly a FBI Plant, leading the Charge into the Capitol.

    When Intelligence was gathered and presented in advance of the Rally, on Jan. 6, there was no Effort to further bolster forces at the Capitol, and Testimony is now emerging of coordination with Congressional Aides providing advanced planning to Future Insurgents.

    This was an Orchestrated Fraud to Support the Impeachment 2.0. and a Staged Photo Opportunity. Right out of the Jussie Smollet Playbook that was used by Kamala Harris in her Failed Campaign of Lies and Innuendos.
    The Only Thing missing was Obama leading the Gay Mens Choir with crack pipes, dildos, and kazoos with the authentic Hunter Biden Logo.

    Oh Wait that is the Opening of the Biden Inaugural where the Famed Transgender Freek Lady Gaga will perform with PR stripper/hustler JLO.

    Biden/Harris will be a D Grade NBA Halftime Show.

  15. If white cops knelt with MAGA supporters they would be fired. The black cops kneel with BLM and everything is okay. FYI.....choosing any sides during protests are against policy. Officers are to remain neutral, or that’s what I’m told. That is the double standard. One side will get fired and the other side will get a pat on the back.

  16. This who department is corrupt. You have Judges make deals with lawyers and Kenny and his Muppet have selective vision. If your black and female this isn't the job for you. These higher ups get away with EVERYTHING. And they wonder why cops go out mentally messed up.

  17. In the spirit of double standards, I hope you take a look at the Chief of IA who was involved in an incident in Bucks Co

  18. What I find interesting is how the picked a Latina female to speak on this subject. Also how she now speaks to the media even though she sued the police not long before her promotion. Maybe someone should look into that.


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