Monday, March 23, 2020

On 'Search Warrant' Podcast Big Trial Explains 'The Krasner Virus'

This week's "Search Warrant" podcast digs into the insane events of the past two weeks in Philadelphia, beginning with the murder of Cpl. James O'Connor.

Along the way we learned that the murder suspect should have been in jail, as was a drug dealer the cop killer was holed up with. But thanks to District Attorney Larry Krasner and his revolving door style of justice, both dangerous criminals were at large when Cpl. O'Connor and his SWAT team showed up.

The guest on the cop-hosted podcast is your humble Big Trial correspondent. Other topics of discussion: why Larry Krasner refused to lift a finger to help an opioid task force, why Larry Krasner called 911, and Philly's new no-arrest policy for drug dealers, thieves, etc. The podcast also provides an update on Detective Derrick Jacobs' lonely crusade to expose corruption in the D.A.'s office, the latest insanity in the long-running "Billy Doe" sex abuse case involving the Catholic Church, and the ongoing efforts of the Progressive journalists at The Philadelphia Inquirer to lead the cover up for Progressive D.A. Krasner. The podcast can be heard here.

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