Thursday, January 24, 2019

Big Trial Explains The Scandal Behind The Scandal At Penn State

in less than 10 minutes on the Morning Show with Bill and Joel. [Not Billy Joel, but the morning guys at WDUN 550 AM and 102.9 FM, on North Georgia NewsTalk].

The travesty at Penn State begins with a headline crime about a boy getting raped in the showers that turns out to be a work of fiction.

Then, the investigations at Penn State are tainted by willful prosecutorial misconduct and the incompetence of the Freeh Report.

It's a travesty enabled by media-induced hysteria and a board of trustees that breached their fiduciary duties by handing out $118 million to 36 alleged victims without asking any questions. Such as, excuse me Sir, but do you have a criminal record? Any evidence of any kind? And why can't you ever tell the same story twice?

Here's a link to the radio spot that explains it all in less than ten minutes.

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  1. Glad you were given the opportunity to allow the listeners to hear another side of the Penn State fiasco. The prosecution does not allow for an opposing point of view regarding a case or a defendant and the media follows the game plan. Jumping on the guilty bandwagon, proclaiming the defendant guilty of all charges, mimicking the prosecution.

    In the event a jury would find a defendant innocent, the prosecution states to the media how disappointed they are, as of course, they are always right.

    Media outlets have to play to their base, whipping the readers into a fevered pitch of hatred and loathing, never considering that a defendant could actually be innocent.

    How easy it is for a journalist to comdemn a defendant on the word of a prosecutor, who has the most to gain by a conviction.


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