Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Priest's Ordeal

By Ralph Cipriano
for Bigtrial.net

In the last five years, Father Charles Engelhardt has lost 50 pounds.

But as his boss, Father James J. Greenfield, will tell you, "This is a weight loss program I wouldn't wish on anyone."

It began in 2009, when a man subsequently identified in a grand jury report as "Billy Doe" accused Father Engelhardt of raping him back when the alleged victim was a 10-year old altar boy.

In 2009, the 5-foot-11 priest weighed 220 pounds. He had a double chin and a pot belly. But last week, according to his family, when they visited him in jail, Father Engelhardt looked frail and barely weighed 170. His arms, sticking out of a bright-yellow jumpsuit, were skinnier than his baby sister's.

The priest wore a bandage from a recent blood test. A prison doctor told the family he had ordered an EKG. The 66-year-old priest suffers from hypertension and acid reflex. When his family visits him in jail, he is often moved to tears.

It's stress, his family said, the cumulative toll of being unjustly accused of rape by somebody the priest can't even remember.

Father Engelhardt is an Oblate of St. Francis DeSales. He's taken vows of poverty, chastity and obedience to Father Greenfield, the provincial who leads the Wilmington-Philadelphia province of the Oblates.

On Jan. 30, a jury convicted Father Engelhardt on four counts of sexual abuse of a child. Next week, on Wednesday, June 12th, the priest will be sentenced by Judge Ellen Ceisler. He faces a maximum jail term of 37 years.

Father Engelhardt's family is braced for the worst. And yet from his cell at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Northeast Philadelphia, the priest remains hopeful.

"His faith is so strong that he truly believes that the truth will win out," says Elaine, his older sister.

His family, however, has their doubts.

"I think God's taken a vacation on this one," Elaine said.

Jennifer, who married one of Father Engelhardt's nephews, tried to explain "Uncle Charlie's" role in his large extended Irish-Catholic family based in Northeast Philadelphia.

"Picture in your mind the most respected person in your family, the one who's the hero in your life, the one that you would look up to for support and advice," she said. Now imagine that hero's been locked up in jail for a terrible crime he didn't commit.

That's what Father Engelhardt's family is going through. They describe the priest as the spiritual leader of the family.

Uncle Charlie baptized nearly all of his three nieces and four nephews, as well as a dozen great-nieces and nephews. He presided over every family communion, confirmation and graduation; he presided over the weddings of three nieces and three nephews.

"He was central to our family," Tracey said. "Every one of us went to college and graduated because that's what he did."

A dozen members of the Engelhardt clan gathered Monday night to talk about Uncle Charlie, or as they pronounce it, Uncle Chollie. The family has one request; please don't print their last names because they are worried about protecting a dozen grand-nieces and nephews from "the crazies out there who believe he actually did this,"as his sister Elaine put it.

To somebody who's been calling the victim in this case Billy Doe for two years, it seems like a reasonable request.

When they stripped Father Engelhardt of the right to say Mass publicly, the priest said Mass at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday at his mother's house for at least four years. Father Engelhardt's 88-year-old mother, Elaine, who has Parkinson's disease, isn't doing too well lately. She used to visit her son in jail every Tuesday.

"We would sit with Uncle Charlie as long as they would let us," his niece Tracey said. Then on April 16th, the priest's mother fell as she was leaving the prison. She suffered only bruises. A week later, however, she fell again at home and this time she broke her hip. She's had a partial hip replacement, and now is bed-ridden. She hasn't seen her son since April 16th.

The priest calls his mother every day, but she doesn't always recognize the prison phone number in time to answer. The family believes the stress of Father Engelhardt's situation has caused the onset of dementia in his mother. Tracey, a nurse, talked about the "sadness in her grandmother's eyes" that she's ben there for the past four years.

"We think the only thing that keeps her living is she's holding out for the day he's found innocent," Elaine said.

Father Engelhardt's family wants the world to know who the real Charles Engelhardt is.

In the past five years, his family has never heard him utter the words, "Why me?"

They have never heard him say a single negative thing about his accuser.

They have never heard him raise his voice, or curse.

"We get frustrated with the fact that he never gets angry like us," said his nephew Kevin.

"I would love to hear him curse once about it," his sister Elaine said.

"He feels this is what God's will is for him," Tracey said, of her uncle's life in prison. "That's how he gets through the day."

When the family goes to see him in jail, Father Engelhardt wants to talk about what's going on in their lives. What are the twins up to; how's Gram doing? Then he'll answer questions about himself and his situation.

"He's always tries to protect us and he's the one who's suffering," said Kathleen, his younger sister. "He's putting up a front for us. He's a broken man."

Father Engelhardt's ordeal began on Jan. 30, 2009, when Billy Doe told an archdiocese social worker that the priest had raped him in the sacristy at St. Jerome's Church in Northeast Philadelphia right after the 6:30 a.m. Mass.

On December 3, 2010, Father Engelhardt testified before a grand jury, voluntarily waiving his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. The priest was under the impression that the grand jury proceedings would be solemn occasions. 

Instead, he told his family, he saw several jurors eating hoagies. Another juror was reading the Philadelphia Daily News. The priest wondered if the jurors could even hear him when he spoke in his usual quiet voice.

Assistant District Attorney Mariana Sorensen asked Father Engelhardt about the day he was removed from active ministry, hours after Billy Doe made his complaint:

Q. When did you first learn of that accusation?

A. Around 4:30 in the afternoon, I received a call from Father [James] Greenfield saying that the diocese had received a complaint and where I, at that point firmly denied [it] saying that there was no credibility to that accusation. It's nothing but a lie or a falsehood ... 

The provincial agreed that they didn't see anything credible in that accusation from my record and from what they knew and could see in the accusation. And they asked me to leave Resurrection Parish and move to where I'm presently residing up in Wynnewood ... 

That is the procedure which is followed especially by the oblates. Any kind of accusation, credible or non-credible, they ask you to leave until things can be thoroughly checked out ...

Q. Tell us what was your understanding of who the person was that was making the accusation against you? Did you know the name of the person?

A. The name, but I have no knowledge of who the person is. If he's sitting in this room today, I can't pick him out.

Q. Ok.

A. I could never pick him out. So I have no idea exactly who he is ...

Q. [By Assistant District Attorney Evangelia Manos] Is there anything you want to add, Father?

A. Well, of course, you know, the accusation doesn't -- wasn't expected, you know, heart wrenching, you know and I found it to be a very humbling thing to be called on the phone by your provincial and say somebody's made an accusation against you, when you know, there was no truth or that was something unrealistic that was happening to you. So you try and figure out, you know, what could have brought it on ...

He still hasn't figured it out; neither has his family.

Father Engelhardt's pre-trial advice to his lawyer, Michael J. McGovern, was, "Mike, you do the best you can do and God will take care of the rest."

However, the trial, which began on Jan. 14, got off to a rough start. The court crier asked Father Engelhardt to stand so the jury could hear how he would plead to the charges against him. To the shock of the priest's family, and his lawyers, the first charge that the court crier read against Father Engelhardt, rape of a child, was an offense that the priest had not been charged with.

The court crier made a similar mistake with Bernard Shero, Engelhardt's co-defendant. When Shero stood to plead not guilty, the court crier read an extra count, conspiracy, that Shero hadn't been charged with.

The family felt the judge should have declared a mistrial right then and there. Judge Ceisler, however, did not appear concerned.

"It was an error," the judge told the lawyers in the case. "He should not have been arraigned on that. It was never listed as a charge against Father Engelhardt."

McGovern, Engelhardt's lawyer, asked the judge to instruct the jury that the rape charge was never filed against his client.

"It was an error," the judge repeated. "What will happen, we will get through the trial and then as we go through the trial, and in the end when we discuss what the charges are and the elements, [and] you will have a greater understanding. For now, we will keep moving forward."

But at the end of the trial, when the judge instructed the jury, once again she read an extra count against Shero, aggravated indecent assault, that the defendant was not charged with. Again, the judge apologized, saying, "Sorry about that."

When Billy Doe testified on Jan. 15th, he was asked by the prosecutor about Father Engelhardt's demeanor.

"When I would see him, he was pretty nice," Doe told the jury. "He would come talk to us, ask us how our day was going, tell us a couple jokes; a pretty easy-going guy."

Right away, the Engelhardt family knew that Billy Doe didn't really know their uncle.

"I've never heard my uncle crack a joke in the 38 years I've been alive," Tracey said.

"He's a man of few words," Father Greenfield agreed. "Not a jokester at all."

On the witness stand moments later, Billy Doe described a black bag that Father Engelhardt was carrying that Doe claimed was stuffed with pornographic magazines:

Q. You mention his bag. What did his bag look like?

A. It was like a little black briefcase almost. It was like a black briefcase, not a hard one, a bag though.

When Billy Doe tells a story, it's usually the details that give him away. Remember when he claimed to a member of the bell choir maintenance crew back in fifth grade?

Father Engelhardt, who has taken a vow of poverty, has carried the same briefcase since the 1970s, his family said. It's a gift from his parents, a large, gray heavy, hardback American Tourister briefcase.

It was the kind of detail that would elude lawyers and jurors. But to the Engelhardt family it was more proof that Billy Doe was making it up as he went along. They were convinced he was lying about everything.

The jury, however, didn't see it that way.

On Jan. 30, the jury reached no verdict on a count against Father Engelhardt of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child. But the jury convicted Engelhardt on four remaining counts -- endangering the welfare of a child, corruption of a minor, indecent assault on a person less than 13 years old, and conspiring with another priest, Father Edward V. Avery, to commit sexual assault on Billy Doe.

The family was stunned; no one could speak. Several women broke down in tears. One of Uncle Charlie's nephews ran down the hall vomiting.

The count alleging a conspiracy between Engelhardt and Avery was especially ludicrous, family members said. The prosecution had alleged that after Father Engelhardt raped Billy Doe, he told Avery about it, and Avery went out and also raped the boy.

It's an incredible allegation on a couple of levels.

Avery was merely an "acquaintance," Engelhardt told the grand jury. In their entire lives, Father Greenfield estimated, Fathers Avery and Engelhardt spent maybe a grand total of five minutes talking to each other. "They were two ships passing in the night," Father Greenfield said.

The prosecution claimed that Doe was the victim of a conspiracy as he was passed from one abuser priest to another. It's an unprecedented claim in the archdiocese.

During the trial of Msgr. William J. Lynn last year, the prosecution entered into evidence some 250 secret archive files from past archdiocese cases of sex abuse dating all the way back to 1948. Not once during the 13-week trial was there a mention in all  those files of a single incident where a priest passed a victim of sex abuse on to another priest.

The family believes the entire prosecution case defies common sense. Take the notion of a priest locking four doors to the sacristy after the 6:15 a.m. Weekday Mass so he can take off all his clothes and rape a 10-year-old altar boy.

The doors lead to the only bathroom in the church, as well as the sanctuary. According to Billy Doe's initial accusations, the priest kept those doors locked for five hours while he pounded away at the victim, from 7 a.m. to noon.

Father Engelhardt's niece asks a logical question.

"What happened to the 8 o'clock Mass?" she said. "Did they cancel it?"

"There was so much reasonable doubt,"Tracey said. The jury verdict sent the family into a tailspin.

"For a whole month, nobody could even speak without crying," Tracey said.

"I did nothing but sob and cry," his sister Elaine said.

She thought the verdict was against the Catholic Church.

"God himself could have been on that stand and he would have been guilty," said Michael, Elaine's husband, and brother-in-law to Father Engelhardt.

Before the deputies led him away to prison, Father Engelhardt's last words to his sister Kathleen was, "I'm innocent," and, "Take care of Mom."

When Father Engelhardt's niece, Lauren, got married in April, two Oblates had to pinch-hit for Father Engelhardt.

"It was so sad that we had to fill in for their uncle," Father Greenfield said. "There is no reason in the world why he [Engelhardt] shouldn't have been the one doing it. He's a priest sitting in prison and he's not guilty of a crime. That's how I see it."

As far as Father Greenfield is concerned, Engelhardt and Shero got caught up in "the war on the Roman Catholic priesthood" waged by an "overzealous" prosecution. The two defendants were "collateral damage."

"In my opinion, there is something not right inside the D.A's office," Father Greenfield said.  "I do not believe my man is guilty of anything."

As far as Engelhardt is concerned, "I think he's a deeply-centered human being," Greenfield said.
"He believes that he is innocent and trusts that he will be vindicated. That speaks to his religious spiritual core. He really believes that when you have the truth on your side, the truth will win out. That has been his greatest witness. This is the moment, ironically, where he is shining."

Kathleen, Father Engelhardt's younger sister, sees her brother as a martyr.

"He's a martyr for the Catholic Church," Kathleen says. "He's not even an archdiocese priest and he's taking the blame for what the archdiocese [of Philadelphia] has done."

Father Greenfield agrees, to a point.

"I think Charlie is suffering for the sins of others," he said. "But it goes beyond the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. We're all flawed. I don't want to just blame the archdiocese. They have their problems but we all do. Everyone in the church, all religious orders."

But that doesn't mean that the Oblates plan to passively accept Engelhardt's conviction and imprisonment.

"We cannot just roll over in the face of being falsely accused," Father Greenfield said. "That is wrong. We need to stand up for what's right."

Members of the Engelhardt family are writing letters to the judge, asking for mercy.

"I was drafted into the Army in 1969, served as a combat sergeant in Vietnam," wrote Michael, Father Engelhardt's brother-in-law. "After the Army, I worked 30 years, traveling the world, with a secret clearance for the Department of Defense. I would say I thought I have seen it all, but I have never witnessed a man have his SOUL ripped out of him, which is what happened to Charlie ... I can't imagine if I were in his shoes, being falsely accused by someone you don't even know and then somehow being convicted."

The Engelhardt family is angry. They're angry that a false accusation made its way to court. They're angry that the district attorney called a press conference on Feb. 11, 2011, and declared that Father Engelhardt and the rest of the Catholic defendants facing upcoming trials were "bad men doing bad things." The Engelhardt family is angry at the media. They're angry that Billy Doe is a free man and that Father Engelhardt is sitting in  jail.

After Father Engelhardt was indicted, he couldn't drive over the Ben Franklin Bridge to attend his great nephew's baptism. Then, after the trial was over, Father Engelhardt went off to jail. And on Facebook, Billy Doe posted pictures of himself surfing in Florida and vacationing in Puerto Rico.

But the family still has hope. In a written statement, the Engelhardt clan elaborates by saying they "hope that someone who knows the truth [relatives and friends of Billy Doe who know this is based on a lie] will come forward and tell the truth. Hope that they can no longer live with their guilt and will want to make things right."

While Father Engelhardt never says a bad word about his accuser, his family members have plenty to say.

"Here's this lowlife liar, dope-addict drug-dealer who can just accuse someone who has done nothing but good in his life, and has done nothing but dedicate himself to God and his family," his sister Elaine said.

She has a point. How could twelve jurors have believed this guy?

The accuser


  1. Is he from St. Jerome's parish or 8th and Diamond st.? I didnt know that parish was producing such gangsta's. What a shame for these families. So many lives ruined. You could blame him. But really it's the DA who's guilty of an injustice here. They were just looking to make a name for themselves. Reasonable doubt and common sense were absent from these jurors minds during this trial. Mob mentality prevailed. RALPH, any news on the State investigating the DA or were they just blowing smoke?

    1. Axel, nobody from the state disciplinary board will talk to me, so I don't have a clue what they're up to.

  2. Great article Ralph, I've known this family and Fr Engelhardt for many years, everything quoted is right on the money. this speaks volumes about this bizarre accusation against hthis good priest and the subsequent chain of events that started with the grand jury report that was written by the Philadelphia DA's office. Reasonable doubt permeated this trial from start to finish, perhaps someone with the state Attorney General's office will investigate this matter

  3. does anyone know if Billy Doe skated on the "much delayed" drug case from 2011 that the Philadelphia DA continued and continued and continued while they tried to keep this drug addict/dope pusher clean. A good priest with an impeccable reputation with over 45 years service to his religious communty against a 23 rehab & counting lowlife criminal loser and those 12 jurors chose the lowlife. ONLY in Philadelphia where the entire case was fabricated and orchestrated by the current Philadelphia DA.

  4. Hi Ralph - Excellent article - one of your best!

    Have you (or anyone else) noticed that Kopride, Fan of Kopride (etc) have not commented for some time now? I - for one - would be interested in their take on the allegations filed with the state disciplinary board. Wonder why these previously outspoken lawyers have been so silent?

    I hope that the investigation into the DA's office is not just narrowly focused on a financial 'referral fee' aspect. I find it hard to believe that seasoned lawyers could be that stupid - but one never knows as greed can be very compelling and the ADA's are not as well paid as lawyers in private practice.

    In my opinion, the context of the bigger picture needs to be investigated, e.g, from:

    - Judge ('Snapdoodle') Hughes' supervision of the 2011 Grand Jury, the
    - DA's hasty and improper indict before investigate stance in this particular case,
    - Ed Avery's coerced plea 'deal',
    - Sarmina's unconscionable 6 month delay in sending her Lynn trial opinion to the Superior Court,
    - Right on through the Shero / Engelhardt miscarriage.

    For all we know, the State Attorney General's office may already be in the loop.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes - Kopride and the other lawyers - MIA!

      Requesting commentary from most lawyers on investigative actions such as these would evoke a response similar to showing Count Dracula garlic or a crucifix.

  6. Ralph,

    Has anyone ever ask the convicted or family members why Billy Doe would have picked these three specific individuals ? Three individuals who ALL have questionable pasts. We all know that Avery had past complaints. There is a question to what one of Engelhardt's own family member meant by his statement in court, a statement the defense failed or did not want to cross, and was not Shero spoken to by others regarding boundary issues with children ?

    I can understand your attempt to pull at the heart strings of your readers, and I too feel for the family of Engelhardt and Shero because they have done nothing wrong and no matter what the sentencing is for their family member they too will also receive a sentence of not being with a loved one.

    However, I cannot let those feelings get involved and I believe those charged have been found guilty in a court of law by a jury of their peers and NOT me or anyone else who posts here. And if you or anyone else can come forward with that evidence that shows Billy to be a liar let me know. The request for a mistrial because the court crier read out the wrong charges does not tell the guilt or innocence of these individuals,

    Welcome Back.

    1. Hi Dennis. The Engelhardt family has no clue why Billy Doe fingered "Uncle Charlie." I will be talking with the Shero family and asking them the same question.

    2. Dennis - I'm sure bam and his family will remain silent until they get the payday from the archdiocese.

      I'm sure if you took the time to read the grand jury report and the testimony of so named billy for you would see where the lies and fabrications exist. If you decide to do then I think you would bring some credibility to yourself.

    3. Dennis,
      "And if you or anyone else can come forward with that evidence that shows Billy to be a liar let me know".

      Really? I am pretty sure you have read Ralph's prior articles. Ralph's articles spell it out in such a way that a 3rd grader could determine Billy is a liar.

      I am still in the dark on why the brain trusts in the jury box could not determine Billy was a liar. Maybe they never did make it to the 3rd grade or maybe McGovern confused them so much they needed a translator to understand.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. phils.of.reading,
      How did McGovern confuse the jurors? I think it's pretty clear that the jury made up their minds long before any evidence was presented. I followed the trial every day, and I was 100% that no intelligent adult could convict these 2 men of anything. I don't see how you're blindly blaming McGovern.

  7. Heartbreaking and infuriating.

  8. Another excellent article.
    Two quotes say it all:
    Judge Ceisler: “ Sorry about that”
    Father Engelhardt's brother-in-law: "God himself could have been on that stand and he would have been guilty."
    Looking forward to the release of the Philly Four, and to the investigation into the behavior of the likes of Sarmina, Williams, etc. I've seen more decorum at a chimpanzees' tea party.
    Useful photo of the false accuser.

    1. @justone1618 - yeah, he's his family's pride, joy and....putative...'cash cow'.

  9. Dennis- time to get a new therapist as yours is not working! Stop assuming that everyone accused is guilty, just because it happened to you. You obviously have not figured out how to move past your horrific ordeal, so you want to see everyone suffer-Guilty or not. Fr. Englehart has NO questionable past. Do you still want to invite that derelict over to your house for dinner w/ your family?!?! If so- you hold ZERO credibility from here on out! Hey- maybe he'll teach your kids how to do that pose for their Instagrams!

  10. Dennis: just click on the picture of your friend, Billy Doe...that's the liar that you are attempting to defend, lowlife might not accurately describe what this dope addict/dealer/thief/criminal is. The only abuse here is the abuse of the legal justice system that the DA's office has thus far gotten away with. May the truth be told to free these innocent men.

  11. I find it very interesting that Bam deleted his FB page. Green Day says it best, "Am I just paranoid or am I just stoned?"

  12. Question re: procedure to post on here: Obviously, comments are no longer reviewed before published, as was the case not long ago? So it is fine to throw around someone's real name and a false accusation and then have it deleted later after the damage is done? Do you consider that acceptable, Ralph?

    1. I don't consider it acceptable. We do review the comments but we don't catch everything.

    2. I thought since he wanted it on the record that he was at the trial supporting the accuser, it was okay to use his name. Pardon me!

    3. are you talking about the 5 hour long assault allegation made by Billy doe in the sacristy after the 6:30 mass on a busy weekday during a school year, the sacristy with not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 doors leading out of that 1 sacristy (and it held the only bathroom in the church at that point in time, oh forgot about the 2 sacristans/grown men who took care of the church, prepared the vestments & the host and wine for the masses EACH AND EVERY DAY.....or the shorter versions of multiple abuse events that the accuser ultimately chose to reduce down to a single accusation, which he testified about in court during the most recent trial. This of course, is in addition to the 3 different versions of the assaults involving the teacher. Everyone here is still calling him BILLY DOE so what's the problem?

    4. Ralph: i don't see anything wrong with names, any names inadvertantly mentioned on this blog or any other blog were printed and reprinted in every local and national newspaper publication/rolling stone magazine and spoken on every radio station within a 1000 mile radius of the city of Philadelphia. The truth is the truth, these men were railroaded in the political interest of putting an archdiocesan official, namely Mgsr LYNN in prison for the offenses and neglect of this archdiocese from decades ago. everyone else in this scam is just "collateral damage", especially the Father Charles Engelhardt and Bernard Shero.

    5. Anonymous does have a point; this individual did appear at the trial as a witness and did give his name on the stand.

  13. SMH, Ralph... Something seems not quite right here.

  14. I am saddened that politics,greed and the advancement of one's career are more important that a human being. There are people in all walks of life who do bad things. This doesn't mean that all in that group are guilty of wrongdoing. Politicians, policemen, lawyers, doctors, teachers as well as every person in any group can be accused AND guilty of anything but there are also those who are accused AND innocent!!!! A Catholic priest, a school teacher - can be accused AND be innocent. I'm not so sure how some in the DA's office who persevered to have these men brought to trial can sleep at night. I can only do what Fr. Engelhardt is doing and that is pray! I pray for the truth and for the people who know the truth to come forward.

  15. It stinks when someone accuses you of something not done. Welcome to our world anonymous 9.05am

  16. It is Prosecutor Seth who is losing the war but not even aware that he is losing. Once appellate court rules against the prosecution of Lynn and Avery, then Seth will start looking for a new job. What blue chip Philly law firm would want to hire someone who manufactured evidence to win dubious convictions against innocent priests?

    Even worse will it be when the convictions are overturned and Billy Doe has to hear it.

  17. Trying to get the facts straight here, Ralph. If an adult gets a subpoena to go to court and they are called to testify, they do not have to give their name?

    1. They usually give their full name when they're sworn in. Don't know if he had a subpoena though.

  18. I know now how the jury decided this case, since they couldn't pin down exactly which assault actually happened amongst the several versions offered by Billy Doe dating from 1-30-2009 thru the conclusion of the actual trial involving both Fr. Engelhardt and Bernard Shero, the prosecutor's office kindly brought in a dart board, put the various accusations up individually starting with the infamous 5 hour assault that must have lasted thru noonhour that particular day, and each juror got 3 darts, the story with the most total darts won in each of their cases. Why use common sense and the defense's testito decide their fate when a dart board is available, complements of the Philadelphia District Attorney's office and their crackerjack investigative team. Oh, forgot, they didn't significantly investigate the case until the grand jury indictments had already been handwritten by Asst. DA M.S. (no full names allowed, someone got offended a few days ago), rubberstamped by Judge "H" before she bailed from the court system. Bottom line, no one involved with the archdiocese of philadelphia esp these 2 defendants could have received a fair trial in the city of Philadelphia

  19. But the jurors DID believe this guy. 12 of 'em. different people from different walks of life all believed this guy. You Billy haters are in disconnect.

    1. jim robertson: deaf, dumb and blind.

    2. Jim and Dennis, I'm selling a magic Elixir! It will make you live forever. If you would like some, it's only a thousand dollars a bottle. No refunds. Cash only. (You two will believe anything). Open your eyes.

    3. Those two dopes would believe anything if it was against a Catholic priest.

    4. I guess this dope and the dope named Jim and thousands upon thousands of citizens must all be dopes or as Elaine states in this blog we all must be crazy.

      So what is it are we dopes or are we crazy ?

    5. O.K.
      If I'm deaf dumb and blind then so are 12 jurors who sided with Billy.
      But at least I use my name when I insult people Anon.
      I don't hide behind anon, Anon.
      What's your need to hide, coward?

  20. Yes - he was subpoenaed.

  21. Yet another case of false accusation against a priest. In this case the woman, Eileen Culloty, lied that Father Liam O’Brien of Currow, Co. Kerry, Ireland had abused her. The woman wrote a letter to the Bishop of Kerry in which she made a series of untrue allegations against Fr Liam O'Brien.
    She later repeated them to the gardai, HSE and the Personal Injury Advisory Board, and also disrupted a funeral mass where the priest was officiating.
    Yesterday, she apologised in a letter read out in court and undertook never to repeat the false allegations. Robert Dore, solicitor for Fr O'Brien, who is now living in Killorglin, Kerry, said the priest had agreed not to pursue his action for damages for defamation against Ms Culloty.
    I hope Billy Doe (you all know his real name) is not shown the same leniency.



  22. Interesting article on themediareport.com about the lying SNAP lawyer Marci Hamilton ("How Many Lies Can SNAP Lawyer Marci Hamilton Tell in One Minute?"). She was apparently firing off one lie after another at a public meeting. She was there to promote proposed "window" legislation in Pennsylvania, which would abolish decades of established law and lift the statute of limitations for abuse claims for a set period – a so-called "window" – so that contingency lawyers can bring 50-, 60-year, or even older abuse claims in order to bankrupt the Catholic Church.


    Can you imagine anything more insane? Given the miscarriage of justice playing out in Philadelphia today based on the rambling, incoherent allegations of the above pictured liar, opening up the pandora's box for further travesties of justice by allowing more liars to come forward with fabrications that nobody can possibly investigate (not that the Philadelphia justice system seems to want to do that anyway) would reduce Philadelphia to even more of a laughing stock than it is today.

  23. ".....which would abolish decades of established law and lift the statute of limitations for abuse claims for a set period – a so-called "window" – so that contingency lawyers can bring 50-, 60-year, or even older abuse claims in order to bankrupt the Catholic Church...."

    Just a little bit of "hyperbole" to start our week here........

  24. I'm sure this new proposed law will not only be designed to bankrupt the philly archdiocese, but will extend to all aspects of our society, if I'm a parent, what fool would willingly volunteer to coach, to participate in scouting, and let's not limit it there, school coaches on every level are now suspects for child abuse all in the name of the 40% contingency by the lawyer predators led by the SNAP advocate mentioned above. I wonder how much the Philly DA's office is getting as a referral on the Billy DOE case as he so willingly testified in court back in January. Can anyone spell "CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND VIOLATION OF THE PUBLIC INTEGRITY RULES". But they won't be investigated by the DOJ, the prosecuting DA got his promotion just months after the wrongful convictions in this case. Hopefully, the state will.

  25. August 2011

    The Oblates of St. Francis de Sales have settled all 39 lawsuits against the order and its Salesianum School in Wilmington under the Delaware Child Victims Act for charges of sexual abuse of minors by its priests.
    According to the settlement announced Aug. 4, the plaintiffs in the Delaware Superior Court lawsuits will share $24.8 million paid on behalf of the order with significant contributions from insurance carriers.

    Oblate Father James J. Greenfield, provincial of the Wilmington-Philadelphia province, which includes 170 priests, brothers and seminarians, said that while he is grateful the suits are settled, he knows there is more work to be done toward healing and reconciliation.

    1. No one has been able to satisfactorily explain how such a large financial settlement brings about any healing. Such settlements only victimize the broader Catholic community which suffers because necessary funds which would have been used for the Church's mission now lines the pockets of attorneys who have made a cottage industry out of suing the Church. I am all in favor of the church paying for therapy for the victims but such settlements rob the ordinary, faithful Catholics who love their faith

    2. "....No one has been able to satisfactorily explain how such a large financial settlement brings about any healing....."

      Anonymouse, where did you get that idea? Money does not equal healing, never has, never will re child sexual abuse.

  26. and therein lies the problem. from day 1 billy doe's goal has been to sue the archdiocese. that has his only plan and his parents and family are onboard as now they look to be rewarded too


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