Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Listen to Anastasia On Radio Times 06/05/2013


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was looking on the radio station website and could't find the audio. You rock, George!

  2. Fascinating interview! You know, I really wish I was in the area. In particular because when you were talking about developing contacts in the African American drug community, I was like wow, I could be helpful! I am an AA female who has been reading about drug gangs from the Chambers brothers in Detroit, to BMF, who hailed from Detroit, Rayful Edmonds(DC),et al. When you talked about having common ground with the Italians, I thought I wish I could hook up with you, make some greens & macaroni & cheese and go talk to some folks:-P Again, fantastic interview. I'm going to read up on Maurice Phillips now. Never heard of him.

  3. Ok, just read three articles that you wrote on the Phillips case. He's particularly interesting because he was an educated guy. Now on this interview above about Kaboni's case, you mention that there is not as much of a market for the black drug stories. Perhaps you could write one book, and include Kaboni, Alton Coles, Phillips and Tommy Hill?


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