Friday, July 22, 2022

Top Larry Krasner Supervisor Who Said Her Integrity Has Never Been Questioned Falsely Claimed She Lived In The 'Hood'

Winkelman's "residence" features a coffin
By Ralph Cipriano

Nancy Winkelman, supervisor of the law division in Philly D.A. Larry Krasner's office, is a woman of integrity.

Just ask her.

"My professional reputation is extraordinarily important to me," Deputy District Attorney Winkelman told U.S. District Court Judge Mitchell Goldberg during a June 23rd hearing, where the judge had summoned Winkelman to explain what His Honor described as a "lack of candor."

"My integrity, my reputation, my candor, my ethics have never been questioned," Winkelman lectured the judge. "And it's something I take very, very seriously," she said, adding that she was "stunned" to learn that the judge had dared to question her integrity.

But this self-proclaimed woman of integrity, who gets paid $176,171 a year, has a dirty little secret. According to two of D.A. Krasner's campaign finance reports filed last year with the city's Board of Ethics, when Winkelman gave her boss a $1,000 donation on March 18, 2021, and a $500 donation on April 10, 2021, she twice declared that she lives in a rundown rental property featuring one and two-bedroom apartments and a coffin in front at 650 S. 51st Street in West Philadelphia.

Winkelman, who, as an employee of the D.A.'s office since 2018, is required by the city charter to live in Philadelphia. But where she really lives is in a house on a scenic lake in rural Medford Lakes, N.J., that according to Burlington County property records, she has owned since Sept. 21, 2015. It's a house with a new deck, a sunken hot tub, and a Koi pond that has an estimated value of more than $750,000. That's where a recent visitor to her home found her. 

According to New Jersey voting records, Winkelman, who did not respond to requests for comment, is currently registered to vote in the borough of Medford Lakes. A car parked in her driveway has a New Jersey license plate.

It's a cozy set up. Winkelman only shows up at the D.A.'s office twice a week. There, she's a top honcho in Larry Krasner's office where his lenient treatment of criminals has raised the local murder rate from 315 in 2017, when Krasner first got elected, to an all-time record of 562 last year, a 78% increase. [As of yesterday the city has already racked up 306 murders this year, just two percent off last year's record pace.]

But Winkelman, the self-proclaimed woman of integrity, doesn't have to worry about the consequences of running into any of the armed and dangerous criminals that her boss, known as "Let 'Em Loose Larry," routinely lets out of jail.

That's because Winkelman lives in Medford Lakes, N.J. in the Pine Barrens, where the
population of 4,288 is 92.7% white, the average annual household income is $158,477, and there hasn't been a murder for at least the past 17 years.

And while Winkelman has been sweating it out in the Philly D.A.'s office, working for a humble public servant's wages, her old law firm has been raking it in.

Before she joined the D.A.'s office in 2018, Winkelman for nearly three decades was a partner in the Philadelphia law firm of Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP. And since Larry Krasner got elected D.A., the Schnader firm has done very well. That's because D.A. Krasner keeps sending them a steady stream of business.

When Krasner got sued for age discrimination in February 2020 by six former prosecutors that he fired, the Schnader firm was hired to represent the D.A. in court in all six cases.

When Assistant District Attorney Anthony Voci got sued in April 2021 by a motorist that he falsely arrested after he got involved in a road rage incident with her, the Schnader firm was hired to defend Voci and the city in court.

And when former homicide prosecutor Carlos Vega, Krasner's opponent in last year's Democratic primary, sued Krasner for libel in May 2021, the Schnader firm was hired to defend Krasner in court.

On campaign finance reports filed with the city and state, Krasner listed among his campaign debts more than $148,000 that he owes the Schnader firm for just seven months of work on his libel case.

For the Schnader firm, with cases like that, it's potentially worth millions of dollars in revenues.

The city solicitor's office did not respond to a request for information seeking the number of cases the Schnader firm has taken on since 2018, and how much has been paid to them.

Regarding Winkelman's apparent violation of the city charter's residency requirement, a spokesperson for City Controller Rebeca Rhyhart said that "unfortunately, we do not verify personal addresses." 

The spokesperson, however, said she would share the information about Winkelman's residency in Medford Lakes with the controller's investigations unit, which reviews residency violations.

City agencies, including the revenue department, require a Philadelphia address before they will issue a paycheck. That means for the past five years, in order to get paid, Winkelman would have had to provide the city with either the West Philly address or another address within the city limits.  

The building in West Philadelphia that Winkelman twice listed as her address on campaign finance reports, 650 S. 51st Street, is owned by Kadimah Development LLC of Bala Cynwyd. A next-door neighbor who contacted Big Trial said he makes it a point to know his neighbors, and that Winkelman has definitely never lived there.

The neighbor said the owner of the property, who lives outside of the country "is kind of a slum lord who does little or no exterior maintenance." The coffin in front of the house, the neighbor said, is an annual Halloween decoration. 

Spokespersons for the mayor's office and the city's Inspector General's office, did not respond to requests for comment.

And as usual, District Attorney Krasner, who promised to be the most transparent Philly D.A., ever did not respond to a request for comment.

Krasner has been stonewalling all of Big Trial's requests for information for the past three years, as has Jane Roh, his alleged spokesperson. At two recent press conferences, Krasner also refused to answer any questions from this reporter.

So we know that Krasner's not talking about Winkelman's apparent violation of the city charter's residency requirement, an offense that in previous years, would get a city employee fired from their job.

But at an April 26th budget hearing, Krasner told the City Council that the residency requirement was a factor in his inability to retain many of the "amazing" young lawyers that he hires.

Krasner complained that not only do his rookie prosecutors get paid low salaries comparable to what a police officer makes, but he added that Philly cops are no longer are required to live in the city, but that his lawyers have to.

"They [the police department] have a relaxed residency requirement, we do not," Krasner told City Council President Darrel Clarke. 

As supervisor of the D.A.'s law division, Winkelman oversees the D.A.'s Appeals Unit, appeals under the Post Conviction Relief Act, the Federal Litigation Unit, the Federal Habeas Unit, as well as any civil litigation.

Regarding Winkelman's conflict with U.S. District Court Judge Goldberg, she was one of three top supervisors in the D.A.'s office who were called on the carpet for, in the opinion of the judge, breaching their "obligation to be candid with the court."

At issue was the case of Robert Wharton, who, with a co-defendant, was convicted in 1984 of strangling and drowning to death a minister's son and his wife. 

After Wharton and his codefendant got through brutally murdering the couple and ransacking their home, they turned off the heat in the dead of winter and left the couple's infant daughter, then 7-months old, alone to freeze to death. Before they left, the killers even stole the infant's crib.

The D.A.'s office under Larry Krasner got involved in the case, not to protect the public from a depraved killer, nor to advocate on behalf of the daughter of the murdered couple, who had somehow miraculously survived being left for dead when she was rescued by her minister grandfather.

No, in the case of the Commonwealth v. Wharton, the D.A.'s office under Larry Krasner took the side of  Robert Wharton, the convicted killer, by trying to get Judge Goldberg to agree to let Wharton off death row. 

In doing so, the D.A.'s office claimed that Wharton had rehabilitated himself while in prison. 

In making that argument, however, the three supervisors in the D.A.'s office neglected to tell the judge that in 1986, the supposedly rehabilitated Wharton had tried to escape a courtroom in City Hall, and was only stopped after he was shot twice by a sheriff's deputy.

At the June 23rd hearing, Judge Goldberg told Winkelman that the D.A.'s office was required by law  during the Wharton appeal to present to the judge not only evidence favorable to the argument that Wharton had rehabilitated himself in prison, but also any unfavorable evidence. 

"And you withheld the fact that Mr. Wharton violently escaped from a City Hall Courtroom," the judge said. "So why did you do that?"

That's when Winkelman gave the speech quoted above about her integrity.

The judge agreed with Winkelman that "your reputation in the legal community is exemplary," but he added," I am here to ask questions," and, "I'd rather avoid all the speeches."

"So will you answer my question or not?" the judge asked.

"I absolutely will," Winkelman said.

But about her speech about integrity, she told the judge, "I needed to get that off my chest. . . . if it felt like a little grandstanding, I apologize."

Winkelman, however. never did get around to answering the question about why she didn't tell the judge about Wharton's attempted escape. 

It was something that didn't escape Judge Goldberg's attention.

"So I'm going to ask the question for the third time," the judge said. "Why didn't you tell me that Mr. Wharton, in his rehabilitation as a prisoner, had escaped?"

"We did not withhold evidence," Winkelman insisted. "We followed a practice that the office had followed in numerous other cases."

"We got in the facts at a very high level. And I . . ., " she said before the judge interrupted her.

"You don't think an escape from City Hall's high level?" the judge said.

"I did not know about the escape," she said.

The frustrated judge finally said, "So you know, honestly, I don't think you've answered my question. But I'm going to move on, okay?"

"I answered that the best that I can," Winkelman responded.

The judge couldn't let it go. He told Winkelman that under the law, he was required to do an "independent review" of the motion to get Robert Wharton off death row, but, he "wasn't told about the escape."

In the Wharton case, when Wharton's lawyers made a motion to get their client off death row, instead of fighting it, the D.A.'s office issued what's known as a notice of concession, stating that the D.A.'s office was basically rolling over, or conceding to the defense request.

According to Winkelman, these notices are routinely filed by the D.A.'s office.

"And we have not had an experience with a judge rejecting the concession," she said.

Until Judge Goldberg said no. 

"We hadn't had any Judge question it, or have any problems with it," she told Judge Goldberg, "much less to the point of violating a duty of candor that we take so seriously."

Yeah, right. About as seriously as the D.A.'s office takes the city charter's residency requirement.


  1. Interesting how none of the social/eco justice rules the leftist elites think up ever applies to them or their stooges. They can drive or fly a fuel guzzler, obtain permits to carry assault weapons, live in non-diverse areas, and so on. Some animals on the farm are clearly more equal than others.
    Don't criticize them too much ralph, otherwise you'll be arrested for insurrection and denied bail.

  2. The law board that oversees this stuff is really sucking at their job. How many lay ups do they need to sanction or discipline the DAO do they need? It’s disgusting corruption.

  3. I have friends in Medford lakes. That know her. She 1000% lives there on the daily.

  4. Ralph, Pass this on to Sgt Jerry Rocks in Special Investigations and see if he looks into this. If he does not a impeachment subpoena should be coming his way since he only cares about looking into cops. The DA Office has an entire unit dedicated to insurance fraud staffed by Philly Detectives and the supervisor the is no other than Voci!!! How convenient. Please pass this on to the IRS for tax fraud implications! Surprise!! Send the inquiry to Rocks and Voci certified! Entire office is Crooked!!!!

    1. Jerry Rocks isn’t going to do a damn thing he’s a krasner flunikie taking his city issued car home to Perkiomemville every night, Rocks forgets all the things he did on the street as a cop in the 15th dist.

    2. Which wasn’t much. He was a pretty boy… and an ugly one at that.

  5. HEY FOX 29! Let Jeff Cole do his job!!! U guys knew about it!!! Why are you putting the breaks on him?????

  6. Can verify that while she does have a house in Medford Lakes, she also lives in the city. This address by the way is not a “run down” rental of tiny one bedrooms. The building consists of a studio basement apartment, a large one bedroom, and a two bedroom apartment.

    1. Thanks, Larry. This is the kind of information we can take to the bank. BTW, does the place in the picture look run down to you? And what's up with the coffin?

    2. Benny Waxman thanks for the informative info we will now sit on that property and prove you wrong. Medford has already been proven and not on a simple internet search actual eyes wide open on it!!!


    4. Kadmiah be careful who you go up against

  7. Hey Seth! All this gun violence etc is on your hands buddy! If would would have not had that NARCISSISTIC DISORDER that you still have Ralph would have nothing to write. Do us a favor stop stroking yourself on Twitter with those lame posts because you are the same Seth but with no major pulpit. Speaking of Pulpit did Britto the kick you out of the church because of your disgressions and stealing from your mother? Stop trying to be popular again....your not.

  8. How about Lisa King who stole a shit load of money from the candy store!! She was never in the office. She was at the shore with her lady friend while the cops over there covered her. This city is full of corruption.

    1. LT LISA KING FROM GUN PERMITS? OH YEAH WE ARE ON HER! Yes her GF down the shore......we have pics!!

  9. Obvious question: does Miss Winkelman own the rental building at 650 S. 51st Street? The article does not tell us, but it would be interesting to know if she is a slumlord.

    1. She does not own it. It's owned by Kadimah Development LLC of Bala Cynwyd.

    2. No. unless she owns this shell company? KADIMAH DEVELOPMENT LLC? 353 BALA CYNWYD PA

    3. Registered at same address as the home of Frederic Goldfein, a lawyer.

  10. I live directly next door at 648 South 51st Street. I can say without a doubt that Nancy Winkelman does not live at 650. A camera from my security system covers the entrance to that building providing an undeniable photographic record. If you want more information, feel free to reach out at

    The coffin is actual mine and is part of the extensive Halloween decorations we put out that wrap around the corner and thru the alley behind the house.

  11. Rules for thee but not for me! “They” don’t believe in transparency anymore than they believe in prosecuting crimes. As a Police Officer I’m routinely testifying to two public defenders and a judge who doesn’t judge, just “listens” then takes their moment to be a social justice warrior in the case of Karen Simmons or Lyde-Frazier. Our whole system is a joke, nothing is real anymore, everyone can and does do whatever they want with zero consequence, except of course for “you and I”.

  12. The person ultimately responsible is George Soros. convicted felon in France and admitted Nazi collaborator

    1. Agreed. This convicted felon and admitted Nazi collaborator is also the chief financial source of the District Attorney of Philadelphia, the Coward Lawrence Samuel Krasner, a George Soros flunkie.

  13. Yes we all know about Rocks when he was in the 15th. Why is he the only Sgt that gets a take home car when he lives the furthest out of the city than other Sgts? Because he stays on his knees under Krasner's desk swallowing!!!

  14. "My integrity, my reputation, my candor, my ethics have never been questioned," Winkelman lectured the judge. "And it's something I take very, very seriously," she said, adding that she was "stunned" to learn that the judge had dared to question her integrity."

    Oh my God, that is a classic. Same thing occurred many years ago in my life when the CEO of a $1 billion nationally recognized disability services organization made reprehensible and unprofessional decisions in the care and treatment of an immediate family member. My response to the CEO when he offered a statement eerily similar to Ms. Winkelman's was:

    "Don't worry, the next time this happens (i.e., an integrity challenge), you won't feel so bad."

  15. I wonder what address she used in her attorney registration. It could be cause for a disciplinary hearing with her law license if she lied.

  16. Schnader firm getting rich off of the tax payers. This whole campaign has been a cash grab for Larry. Surprised he didn’t give those lag ups to his best butt buddy from the public defender board.. Paul Hetznecker. Sniveling little rat liar.


  18. Hey Ralph, do you see any ethical issues with publishing details about the personal home addresses of DAO employees? Does publishing personal details, such as an individual’s public address, create any safety concerns for that person?

    1. Did you read the article? You actually believe Winkleman lives in West Philly lol. No specific place is mentioned. It could be anywhere is Medford Lakes. Hey Jane something just doesn't seem right! lol. She was caught! who will be next???

    2. Dear Anon: do you have any ethical issues with a D.A.'s office that elevates the rights of criminals over the rights of public safety and victims of crime? Do you have any ethical issues with a D.A. who lies about everything?

      Sorry you're offended. Memo to the DÅO -- expect more bombs to fall.

    3. Hey anonymous, you’re worried about the safety of those in the DA’s office while simultaneously the DA’s office has the least concern for the citizens of the city? Honestly I hope everyone of them live here and real what they sow. Each and everyone of them, starting from the top down deserve to be assaulted, robbed, car jacked, home invaded, and harassed by every single violent felon the put back on the street. So I say publish all their addresses, from the top down, so they can expedite my dreams.


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