Saturday, March 19, 2022

Parents of 2 Carjacking Victims Won't Let Them ID Perps By Race

By Ralph Cipriano

In a city that's leading the nation in murders, and carjackings are through the roof, it's great to know that the citizens retain one good old-fashioned bedrock virtue -- identity politics.

Last night, we had a fresh example of this. Parents of a couple of carjacking victims -- both of whom had been shot and were in the emergency room at Temple University Hospital -- who wouldn't let their kids ID the perps who shot them by race. 

As a consequence, the two suspects who matched the initial IDs given by the victims had to be released by the cops.

It started at approximately 9:59 p.m. last night in North Philadelphia, when police responded to a report of several gunshots being fired, and two people being shot.

A Temple University police officer was flagged down by a couple of black teenage girls driving a Nissan Altima. The two teenagers told the cop that at 1400 N. Broad Street, two black males armed with guns had just attempted to carjack them.

The two girls told the cop that they responded by pepper spraying the males, and the two suspects opened fire, striking the vehicle six times.

A 16-year old black female was hit once in the left leg; a 17 year-old black female was hit in the back of the neck. The girls drove off to 1500 Cecil B. Moore Avenue, where they flagged down the Temple University cop who transported them to the emergency room at Temple University Hospital.

Both victims were reported in stable condition.

The first suspect was originally identified as a black male, about 5-foot-10, wearing a black mask, and a hoodie with a flag that said "Freedom." The second suspect was another black male wearing a pink hoodie that said "Bape."

Highway cops, working with the assistance of a police helicopter,  stopped a suspect that fit the initial description. He was seen tossing a firearm away in the vicinity of 1900 Montgomery Avenue, and then hiding in the back of a house on that same block.

Highway cops also found a second suspect matching the original identification. The cops transported both suspects to the emergency room at Temple University, for identification by the victims. 

By then, both juvenile complainants had parents on location, who, according to the police, "refused to let juvenile complainants identify the suspected shooters because of their race."

Because of the negative IDs, the police had to release both suspects. 

Cops investigating the scene at 1400 Cecil B. Moore Avenue found eight casings. 

Philadelphia continues to be a war zone. As of today, Philadelphia leads the nation in murders, with 106.

As of March 16th, Houston, with 700,000 more residents than Philadelphia, had 103 murders; Chicago, with a million more residents than Philadelphia, had 102 murders.

As of March 13th, New York City, with more than five times the population of Philadelphia, had only 76 murders.

In Philadelphia, since D.A. Larry Krasner took office, another identity politics practitioner, murders have jumped from 315 in 2017, the year before Krasner took office, to an all-time record of 562 last year. 

That's a 78% increase.

Meanwhile, carjackings have jumped from 244 in 2019 to 757 last year.

That's an increase over just two years of 210%.

The vast majority of gun violence here, and across the nation, is the result of black-on-black crime. But in their endeavors to cover this epidemic, journalists at the city's only daily newspaper are handicapped by the mental disease known as identity politics.

According to Publisher Lisa Hughes, The Philadelphia Inquirer, in its campaign to become an "anti-racist" newspaper, has set up a community news desk to address "long-standing shortcomings in how our journalism portrays Philadelphia communities, which have often been stigmatized by coverage that over-emphasizes crime."

It's hard to over-emphasize crime in the middle of a record murder and carjacking rampage.

But according to the Inquirer publisher, being an anti-racism newspaper means "establishing a formal process that will allow, upon petition and approval, for certain types of stories to be rendered harder to find in online searches."

That's why you won't read about this incident in the Inquirer. 

Instead of judging people by the content of their character -- where have we heard that before? -- the only thing that matters is the color of their skin.

The mental disease known as identity politics also reigns at City Hall. 

The only reason the incompetent and totally ineffective Danielle Outlaw is our police commissioner is because Mayor Kenney had promised to appoint only a black female as the city's top cop.

But according to a couple of in-house police bloggers widely believed to be African Americans, while the murders continue, "Outlaw does nothing, but no one can complain about her because she is a Black female," the bloggers wrote. "This is the real 'elephant in the room.' Identity politics is Philadelphia’s number one underlying problem."

"The Black community continues to enable Outlaw, and the Black bodies continue to pile up," the bloggers wrote. "Children are dying. People are hurt. Excuses don’t fix anything."

Tell that to those parents in the emergency room, who just let a couple of suspects go who may have been responsible for attempting to carjack, as well as shoot their own daughters.

In a town gone mad, let's keep practicing insanity. 


  1. The "REAL" systemic and deadly reality is that Black men, women & CHILDREN are being slaughtered in Democrat-lead cities and communities of color across this great country of ours in HUGE numbers {by BLACKS!} that can only be compared to war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. *EVERY* single one of those cities are being run by Democrats, and in some cases ~ for as long as 50+ years.

    They've embraced a narrative that pushes the blame from their INCOMPETENCE, to this "boogeyman" of "systemic racism" and/or "White supremacy" where it barely exist. You don't need to worry about "White" people killing you (KKK, NEO, White supremacist, etc), you're doing a *FINE* job all by yourselves!

    Black and minority communities are being "marginalized and destroyed" by Democrat policies. Democrats have betrayed the public trust and made our major American cities less safe... Gangs killing each other over "TURF!"

    Do we not *SEE* that "WE" are killing each other faster than the Police, Neo or KKK ever could!? We miss / ignore this & turn a blind eye(s), and remain silent about it. The Lame-Stream-Media & politicians ignores it. Black lives taken by other Blacks over *turf*! And you don't hear anything from "Black Lives Matter" (BLM), nor politicians ~ or shall I say "CHARLATANS."

    Why would the people of Philly or any other city listen now? ~ They never listened before. Let them kill themselves until there’s none left, they’ll STILL blame it on the Police & White people. They feel oppressed >> well maybe when there’s none left >> the oppression will turn to depression. Sorry to say (figure of speech), but they are doing it to themselves and have no one to blame but THEMSELVES! #AreYouAwakeYet Black-America!? 🤔 ... NO, YOU'RE NOT! 😡

    First come the tears, then the empty words, then it's back to business as usual. Our silence is *NOTHING* compared to that of our Lawmakers & Ministers whose "thoughts and prayers" are *hollow* / *shallow* excuses for their inaction(s). They cling to religion to comfort themselves and others {I call it *Blind Faith* & *Bull Shit*}. I can only hope that one day God will laugh in their face(s) as he gently nudges them out of the clouds. Heaven is already too full with the young victims of gun violence & bull-shitters.

    We as BLACK-AMERICANS {*NOT* African-Americans} watched for DECADES as the Democratic-Plantation politicians offered Black-Americans {cliché} and {hollow} promises in exchange for political loyalty. In the meantime, this Democratic-Plantation policy(s) reduced our inner cities to crumbling, crime-ridden, drug-ridden, *Black-on-Black* shootings & *economic wastelands* (SHITHOLES!).

    And yet, we are supposed to continue on not questioning the policies or politicians that brought us to this point. I'm talking about the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), N.A.A.C.P, Rainbow Coalition, Al Sharpton, etc. *Black-on-Black* murder is the problem >> *NOT* the Police. Stop making excuses for the disaster that YOU/WE created ... Start Accepting Responsibility!

    Almost all the city’s crime and homicide victims are Black and Latino, living in the city’s most impoverished neighborhoods {Democrat-lead}. 😠

    1. Jim Kenney's next statue initiative will be a statue to The Beyonce outside City Hall!
      Jim Kenney so loves the Beyonce!
      He'll speak in tongues and roll around in ecstasy at the feet of the statue from of the false goddess.
      Kenney embraces his inner pagan!

  2. I've said it before and I will say it again. Black folks are their own worst enemy. As for the worthless PC, her policies are one of the main reasons that good cops are leaving the job. She wonders why there is a shortage of new recruits. Why would anyone want to work in a city where the PC, mayor and an asshole DA won't support them. As for people not wanting to identify the bad guys, it's mostly because they know that there will not be any protection or support by the three stooges.

  3. Two Outstanding Comments, to another Stellar Piece of Reporting.

    What are the Odds that the Parents have a Criminal History, both Past and Present and May Exercise the Privilege of Paybacks and seek Revenge on their Own Terms.

    A Couple of Well Placed Bullets is a fitting Act of Justice when Planned Parenthood continues to fail.

  4. Hopefully, Ralph, You will make the Time to cover the Kenyatta Johnson Trial which opens Next Week after 2 Years of Delay, while this Black Corrupt Councilman, bribed and partnered with Kenny Gamble to further their Corrupt Enterprises.

    This Certainly is a Trial that the Inky will not fairly cover as it might expose the Kenney/Gamble History of Corruption which dates back decades.

    Uri Feibush, the Local Developer and Real Estate Magnate, who initially exposed the Corruption of the Royal Theatre Scam, when He ran against Johnson for the City Council Seat, would be an excellent resource to help document the Trail of Corruption which could be enough to finally bring down Kenney and Krasner.

    This would be a Lesson in Civic History that eclipses the pattern of carjackings that Killadelphia has Institutionalized.

    Your Interest and Earnest Efforts would be greatly appreciated and rewarded.

    1. The city should be investigating Jim Kenney's decades long gift and crime spree under the guise of his public service.
      Kenney did exactly what Henon did. But Kenney gets away with it all! Kenney made almost $400K his last year in council, doing Henon-like side jobs. Kenney did this throughout his decades long stay in council.

      The only difference I see is that Henon supported working class labor in ways that drove up costs to our local Trump alike oligarchal developers.

      While ethically flexible, oligarch and Inquirer-favored Kenney gave tax breaks, manufactured loop holes, abatements, corporate welfare, and lax enforced corporate tax laws to the very rich.

      Behold! The recipe to make Philadelphia the biggest, poorest city in the country. For decades!
      Kenney et am steal from the poor and give to the rich.

      Kudos Jim Kenney! You receive the Gerald Lenfest Institute for Journalism and Child Sex Abuse Cover Up Lackey of The Century Award!

  5. Jim Kenney loves identity politics! He's going to morph once again, changing into a transgender, former sex worker of color.
    Kenney once supported arises and was an early supporter of erecting a statue in Rizzo's honor, only to do a 180 area years later, when it benefited him.
    Kenney has attacked, marginalized Catholics, American Italians, and he's starting now on the Jews. Because Kenney believes to change in concert with what he believes is in his benefit.

    Before the pandemic, mayor Kenney was glamorous with the identity politics.

    Like the Democratic party, Kenney embraced it, in contrast to how the democrats and Inquirer-like media falsely presented Trump. I don't care for Trump, but his rise ( like Sanders')grew out of a general dissatisfaction with both parties and their nominees.

    Jim Kenney: biggest poor city's great white hope! All hail Kenney!

  6. Black intellectuals face execution at the hands of black thugs. That's why black organizations shy away from discussing black on black crime. Lisa of the Inky knows this very well as she issues passive, submissive comments aimed at pleasing her black masters. Nobody believes anything the Only days.

    Smart black men with college degrees don't live on the hood-they love in apartments/condos in suburban locales and take Regional Rail to work


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