Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Real 'Vince of Darkness'

Paul Davis of Philadelphia Weekly just wrote a column abut Target: The Senator, my 2017 book about former state Senator Vince Fumo, AKA "The Vince of Darkness."

I wrote the book to tell the full cat-and-mouse story behind the Fumo case. This was after The Philadelphia Inquirer had for years published a completely one-sided view of the federal investigation, indictment and trial of Fumo for political corruption, coverage that basically amounted to a cartoon version of reality.

While the Inquirer's relentlessly pro-prosecution anti-Fumo reporters subsisted on selective leaks from the feds, I was able to gain access to all 7,000 pages of the government's files in the case -- court transcripts, FBI interviews and grand jury transcripts.

Those files told a fascinating story about a colorful guy that the feds had been chasing since the 1970s, a politician considerably brighter and more able than the dim bulbs we now have running the city and state.

Although the feds had investigated Fumo for decades, they were never able to catch him committing a crime that they were looking for, such as bribery or kickbacks. Then, a brilliant prosecutor named Bob Zauzmer figured out a way to turn failure into success by cobbling together an all-encompassing 137-count indictment that basically sought to criminalize politics as usual. So that's how the feds, by bending a few of their own rules, and with the full force of the Inquirer behind them, were finally able to nail their man.

Here's a link to the PW story. 


  1. The Inquirer was so happy to take down Vince Fumo.He made sure the City had a voice in Harrisburg.Now they send powerless progressive errand boys and women who get the Republican Leviathan.

    1. Catholic - strike one.
      American Italian, strike two.
      Cards were stacked against him.

  2. Honest Journalism should be a Commandment and there should be consequences and prosecution for Publishers who the Journalist is obligated to answer to.

    Ed Rendell, David Cohen, Amy Gutmann, Brian Roberts are Ranking Members of the Penn Quaker Cabal, who are protected by the Inquirer, as it continues to be another Democrat Propaganda Organ.

    The MSM never does a true investigative hit piece on Penn. The Medical Psychiatric Operation that has never been fully examined and exposed that You Ralph were leading the Plaintiffs with Counsellor Bochetti.

    Bestowing Sainthood on the Powers at Penn goes beyond any semblance of true journalism. The New Cabal that is organized by a Team that Brian Tierney would support, where the Politicians exercise power without the slightest concern about the negative consequences.


    That is Why someone like Vince, Rizzo or Trump were hated by the MSM.

    They are the Story and "journalists" resent that power, that they want, and They will lie and obstruct the Truth to tell the story that They have constructed even when outside the truth.

    and when a Guy like Sandusky is rotting in jail based on prosecutorial misconduct that was the key that unlocked the door for Bill Cosby.

    The Greatest Black Spokesperson until he wasn't.

    Another Guy who was the Face of the Penn Relays for decades.

    The Biden Kitchen Cabinet who feeds The "big guy" ice cream while committing the most heinous crimes were in partnership and had clear association with Senator Fumo, but they get Presidential Rewards like Ambassadorships when They should be answering questions under oath of why the CCP donated $60 million to Penn and what did they get in return.

    Jason Brando

  3. The Philadelphia Inquirer: funded by billionaires to serve oligarchs! Philadelphia has a long ugly history of oppressing American Italians and Catholic immigrants.

    The FBI and Inquirer persecuted Fumo with the same agression, vim, and vigor they protected and or ignored/down played Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jim Kenney, Harvey Weinstein, ComcastNBC, the NJ Governor Campaign in 2016, the Curtis Institute, many others.
    But Fumo is an American Italian and a Catholic, so i guess that's the difference.
    Any updates on the lawsuit the American Italians brought against racist Jim Kenney, who casually employs ugly dog whistles, canards against American Italians, like when he dismissed them as "guidos."
    Jim Kenney and the Inquirer: making hategreat again.


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