Friday, July 23, 2021

Shooter At Pat's Steaks Tells Cops, 'I Was Getting My Ass Kicked'

By Ralph Cipriano

When the suspect turned himself in after shooting a man to death outside Pat's King of Steaks early yesterday morning, the cops asked him what happened.

"I was getting my ass kicked in a fight but I don't know what happened and I shot the guy," Paul Burkert, 36, of Reading told the cops.

When the cops asked about the whereabouts of the white Nissan van that Burkert had attempted to escape in before turning himself in, Burkert replied, "I said all I'm gonna say and I'm done talking." 

The D.A.'s office charged Burkert with murder, reckless endangerment, obstruction, tampering with evidence, conspiracy, possession of an instrument of crime, plus two gun charges -- firearms not to be carried without a license, and carrying firearms on public streets or property.

It was a high-profile murder that involved two big Philadelphia tourist attractions. The fight that preceded the murder took place while the suspect was standing in line outside the popular South Philly cheesesteak palace ordering two pizza steaks. After he shot David Padro, 23, of 2700 block of Federal Street in Camden, Burkert fled in a van, before turning himself in to park rangers at Sixth and Chestnut, near Independence Hall.

As of today, the city's homicide total is at 314, up 35% from 232 murders on this same date a year ago when the city racked up a near-record 499 murders, one shy of the all-time homicide record set back in 1990 at 500. 

At this rate, the city will set an all-time record this year with 673 murders. Meanwhile, CBS Philly was reporting that Philadelphia has pulled past Chicago and now has the distinction of having the highest per capita murder rate among the country's ten largest cities. 

Now there's an accomplishment that District Attorney Larry Krasner, Mayor Jim Kenney and Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw can all be proud of as they continue to pander to the public about the gun violence and bloodshed that they are clearly powerless to stop. 

 The fight at Pat's started out in the street, when a couple of women pulled into a parking space. 

A woman subsequently identified as Burkert's girlfriend, who was sitting in a 2015 white Nissan van, accused the two women of hitting her car. They denied it, and an argument ensued.

During the argument, witnesses told the cops, Burkert came over to the van saying "Yo, Yo, Yo," and he started arguing as well. 

That's when Padro allegedly got involved, telling Burkert not to talk to the women like that. 

Another witness told the cops that Burkert told Padro to "stop that macho shit," and that Padro told him to relax.

According to witnesses, Burkert told Padro, something like, "When I get this cheesesteak, I'm going to fuck you up."

At approximately 12:55 a.m., the argument escalated into a fistfight. In a 28-second cell phone video of the incident taken by a witness, Padro clearly comes off as the aggressor. 

"What the fuck you talking, nigger," Padro is heard saying before he charges Burkert at full speed, ramming him at shoulder height.

After he collided with Burkert, Padro fell down. And then, as Padro was getting up, Burkert took a swing at Padro's face, which only served to further anger Padro.

Padro is heard calling Burkert a nigger three times. Then, Padro got Burkert into a headlock and yelled, "Let me tell you something" three times before the fight went out of reach of the witness filming it on a cell phone.

Witnesses told the cops that Burkert's girlfriend, identified as Jamie Frick, then took a metal bucket used to hold straws at Pat's and bashed Padro over the head with it.

Padro appeared to lose consciousness for a few seconds, one witness said. Another witness told the cops that after he was hit on the head, Padro released his headlock on Burkert and staggered into the street.

Then, Burkert pulled out a gun from his waist, bent over and extended both arms in a shooting position known as the "Weaver Stance," and shot Padro once in the back.

Padro, according to a witness, took a deep breath and walked toward a car, trying to hold himself up before he collapsed in the street. 

That's when Burkert fled in the white Nissan van. Meanwhile, Padro was taken to Jefferson University Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1:23 a.m. A medical examiner subsequently told the police that the one shot that struck Padro traveled through his left shoulder and chest. 

Before the fight started, witnesses said, they heard more inflammatory racial rhetoric.

A worker at Pat's told police that before the fight broke out, Burkert was at the takeout window, muttering something about "white power."

And during the argument that preceded the fight, witnesses said, Padro was heard yelling, "White power, huh? White power. Is that what you want?" before he charged Burkert.

Police found a 9 mm fired casing outside, Pat's plus one live 9 mm round.

The victim's girlfriend, Amber McShane, 24, also of Camden, was taken to Jefferson bleeding from a head wound. She told the cops that she had been struck with a metal object.

That's when the cops had to break the news to McShane that her boyfriend was dead.


  1. As a Matter of Clarification in case Peruto decides to Represent the Shooter.

    The Shooter lost his bearings when overhead speaking of 'white power." and was at the Wrong Take-Out Window.

    It's across the Street at Geno's where the Ventos got rich moving the White Powder, not the grilled horse meat with the "wiz."

    1. My Sympathy, Ralph, for Your Hope that Peruto could emerge as a viable Candidate to take out Krasner.

      Anyone who has seriously followed Peruto's Career knows that He is the Worst Candidate to Unseat another shyster Lawyer.

      Peruto is all about the Headlines, the Flash, and the thick roll of cash in his pocket.

      Representing this punk coward who shoots his victim with an illegal firearm in the back in front of witnesses and Peruto argues in the Press, that the shooter was acting in self defense stands out as the height of an attorney's arrogance, ignorance and delusion.

      He might win the Case in the Phila. Courtroom against the Incompetent DAs Office, but will lose in the Court of Public Opinion and the Ballot Box.

      Hey Chuck, take a Ride on Your Million Dollar Speedboat and get swallowed by a Great White Shark.

      You will be doing Us all a favor.

  2. He doesn't have a permit to carry a gun. He's finished.

  3. This guy is going to get screwed by Krasner because he is white.

    1. Don't be so sure. Larry sucks at running his office so there's a decent chance of them just screwing up the case in general.

  4. I just watched the Pierre Thomas report on gun violence. He was on site at Pat's Steaks shortly after the shooting the other night. He interviewed the police commissioner to get her spin on what is causing the spike in gun violence. What he failed to mention is that the mayor is useless, the commissioner is in over her head and the waste of sperm DA is more interested in prosecuting police than the multiple offenders committing the murders.

  5. There is reason to believe that the Olivieri Family, owners of Pat's King of Steaks, has enlisted the services of Benji Waxman, the former erstwhile flack for DA Larry" it's not my fault" Krasner.

    Pat's Steaks has long been accused of marketing life threatening food products, branded as Philly Cheesesteaks.

    Now that the Media Fueled Frenzy involving a murder by One Cheesesteak Buffoon by Another has brought to advertise a Vigil for the newly slain Martyr.

    Benji Waxman, who has made a career of promoting the failed DA will promote a Photo Op for Krasner during a Vigil Tonight at 9th and Wharton.

    Free Steaks and Kisses from the Smacked Ass posing as a DA.

  6. From the Details of Your Report, there is no mention of whether either Party got to indulge in the poisonous and overpriced sandwiches.

    Once again, rats with wings, the Phila. Pigeon, comes out the Victor.

    When will the Justice Warriors and Cancel Culture force their Patron Saint Lurie to change the Football Team Mascot to the true Philly Icon, the Pigeon?

  7. Prado employed the N word???!!!?!?!!
    Oh lordy!
    The N word! The N word!
    Is there no greater crime!
    Not the N word!
    All bets are off when a throw down includes the N word!
    Stop the presses!


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