Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Is Larry Krasner Above The Law?

Ben Mannes just asked the question the mainstream media would never ask, "Is Larry Krasner Above The Law?"

He certainly acts like it. 

Writing for Philadelphia Weekly, Mannes asks, "Are numerous acts of corruption at the District Attorney's Office getting 'a pass' from state and federal authorities?"

The disturbing answer seems to be another yes. 

The full story can be read HERE.  


  1. Surprise!: "The Attorney General’s Office did not respond to PW’s request for comment."

  2. How about the tax fraud That Is being committed by some of his staffers. Ralph have you heard about this?

  3. Joe Biden's handlers will make sure that larry krasner and his entourage receive nothing more than a slap on the hands from the feds.


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