Monday, May 17, 2021

Substack: Mounting Violence Casts Doubt Over 'Reform' D.A.

"I'm excited to publish the old school muckraking city reporter Ralph Cipriano," Glenn Greenwald said on Twitter. 

He was talking about a story I wrote about Krasner headlined, "Mounting Violence Casts Doubt Over the Project of Progressive 'Reform' Prosecutors.

The story can be read here at 

[Photo by Mark Makela/Getty images]


  1. This is an article from the LA Times (a bit more to the left than the Inky) about Krasner's west coast twin George Gascon. In spite of the Time's fawning over left wing progressiveness, there seems to be a major uprising. People don't feel safe anymore.

  2. Tomorrow is the 75th Birthday of a Legend and Son of Philadelphia, My Former Team Mate Reggie Jackson. Most often Lovers of Sport and Politics cheer for Winners and not Losers.

    This Date should be significant because Bells will Toll and proclaim the Defeat of the Wicked Witch of Locust Street, the Felonious Usurper of Power, DA Krasner.

    It Took Greenwald long enough to pick up and run with Your tireless efforts to expose the Corruption Collusion and Criminal Betrayal by Local Media who support Quaker Cracker Krasner.

    Congratulations on Moving Forward to bring the Documentation and Fact Driven Truths to a wider audience.

    Hoping for a Great Defeat Tomorrow.

    Jason Brando

  3. Greenwald is a mensch.
    He'd include Weiss in the earlier story.
    Ralph, I enjoy your blog and appreciate your contributions.
    But be inclusive. I restrained myself when you showcased Stu.


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