Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Dept. Of CYA: D.A. Issues Tardy Warrants For Two Teen Robbers

By Ralph Cipriano

Councilwoman Helen Gym may still be silent. But for the incompetent D.A.'s office under Larry Krasner, it was time to play cover your ass.

At 1:38 a.m. on April 28th, police reported that two Asian women, ages 46 and 51, were assaulted, beaten and robbed by a group of juveniles in the vicinity of the 100 block of N. 10th Street.  The first victim, age 46, was pushed to the ground and punched in the head. The second victim, age 51, was punched in the left ear.

The robbers made off with Pennsylvania ID cards, credit cards, a brand new iPhone 10, and a total of $7,000 in cash. Police called to the scene of a robbery in progress at 10th and Cherry apprehended two black males -- Maurice Pollard, 18, and Zahkeir Norman, 14, both of West Philadelphia. 

The two suspects were arrested by the police after they were positively identified by the victims as among the suspects who were there when they beaten and robbed. But when the incompetent D.A.'s office's charging unit declined to prosecute the case, both suspects were subsequently released.

Today, after the D.A.'s office reversed itself and issued arrest warrants for both Pollard and Norman, the police detective bureau in the 6th District issued a "patrol alert" city wide to more than 6,000 cops, saying that both suspects were wanted for the April 28th robbery, theft and related offenses. 

"Use caution," the patrol alert advised. "Subject considered armed and dangerous." 

"Law enforcement sensitive," the alert advised. "Not for public distribution. Robbery warrant."

Score another victory for "Let 'Em Loose Larry," the D.A. that Helen Gym loves, but the D.A. who loves to let armed and dangerous criminals go free, so they can roam our streets and commit more crimes and hurt or kill more victims.

Why did the D.A.'s office do what amounts to a complete reversal on this case?

A police source said this is what happens when a cover-up is "brought to the light." He was referring to an earlier Big Trial report that noted that the D.A.'s office had declined to issue an arrest warrant for the two suspects, after they were positively identified by the two victims.

The police source described the D.A.'s reversal as a "100% cover-your-ass move."

"He realized that he fucked up," the cop source said about D.A. Krasner, who on Tuesday is running for reelection in the Democratic primary.

Meanwhile, Councilwoman Helen Gym, a noted crusader against anti-Asian violence when it happens in Atlanta, stayed silent for a third straight day after Big Trial attempted to solicit comment on the D.A.'s decision to free the two suspects accused of local anti-Asian violence

Gym and two different spokespersons in her office did not respond to requests for comment. In her defense, the councilwoman has been busy on Twitter extolling the virtues of Larry Krasner.

Gym tweeted how the office of District Attorney Krasner is supposedly "defined by the discretion, judgment, and decency of its occupant."

Poor Progressive Helen Gym, torn between her love for Larry Krasner, and her crusade against anti-Asian violence.

In the end, Helen chose Larry. 

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