Thursday, May 6, 2021

Carlos Vega Filing Libel Suit Against D.A. Krasner & Shaun King

By Ralph Cipriano

In the campaign for Philly D.A., the gloves are officially off. 

And the increasingly hostile and overblown rhetoric emanating from the camp of the increasingly desperate incumbent, Larry Krasner, may ultimately come with a price tag. 

Carlos Vega, running for the Democratic nomination in the May 18th primary, yesterday filed notice of a libel and slander suit against D.A. Krasner's campaign committee, the Real Justice PAC of San Francisco PAC that is Krasner's biggest campaign contributor, and Shaun King, the PAC's co-founder.

The notice was filed in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court  on the day that Krasner and Vega competed in their only televised debate on NBC 10. At the debate, Krasner, looking as jumpy as Rodney Dangerfield, repeatedly called Vega a liar after just about everything the challenger said. And when the cameras went off, Krasner yelled at Vega to "grow up" before storming out of the studio and refusing to talk to reporters.

Maybe it was yesterday's notice of the libel suit that the D.A. was served with that set him off. In a press release, The Beasley Firm, which represents Vega, stated, "In the last week, Shaun King, through his social media platforms, and in coordination with Real Justice PAC and the Krasner campaign, has targeted maliciously false and misleading rhetoric at Mr. Vega to defame him in an effort to dissuade Philadelphians from voting for the change this city needs."

King began his online crusade by calling Vega a "super villain." And that was just the start of it.

"Almost every day Shaun King has published malicious and known falsehoods about me as the gasoline to direct his 4 million online followers to harass our supporters of color, my family, my children, and me," Vega said in the press release. "Shaun King has a history of these tactics."

"I've called on Larry Krasner to stop King’s incendiary lies, but he has not," Vega said. "So I have begun legal action against Larry Krasner's campaign, Shaun King, and Real Justice PAC. Voters deserve to know the truth. While my campaign continues to focus on ending the gun violence epidemic and rooting out the injustice in our system, Larry Krasner and Shaun King have resorted to actionable defamation, which has caused relentless online harassment and bullying."

Shaun King is co-founder of the Real Justice PAC which is Krasner's biggest campaign contributor. At the moment, King, Krasner and the Real Justice PAC are brazenly breaking the city's campaign finance laws. So maybe that's what emboldened them into thinking that in the last two weeks of this campaign, they can also get away with libel.

The city has a limit of $12,600 on annual donations from a PAC. But the Real Justice PAC last year lavished more than $100,000 on Krasner's reelection committee including $75,000 in cash, $29,450 in rent money, and in-kind contributions of $10,375 paid to Krasner’s campaign staffers. 

It's a subject that The Philadelphia Inquirer won't touch because they're in the bag for Larry Krasner. 

According to its website, the Real Justice PAC was founded to "fix our broken criminal justice system" by electing "reform" D.A.s across the country. The PAC has served as a cash cow for Larry Krasner and his two political campaigns. 

Since 2017, the Real Justice PAC has funneled more than $230,000 to Krasner, including $109,000 in cash. They've also paid $106,813 to Brandon Evans, the national political director at Real Justice. Evans previously served as Jim Kenney's campaign manager, and is also Krasner’s campaign manager. Since 2019, he's rented an office at a building Krasner owns at 1221 Locust Street. Real Justice has also funneled another more than $50,000 to Evans through another nonprofit. 

What complicates this cozy relationship is that when it comes to violating the city’s campaign finance laws, both Krasner and the Real Justice PAC are repeat offenders. Two years ago, the city’s Board of Ethics finalized an agreement that called for both the Real Justice PAC and Krasner's campaign committee to pay a total of $23,000 in fines and forfeitures for breaking city laws back in 2017, when Krasner first got elected D.A., with donations over and above the city's legal limits.

But while the money is rolling in from out of state contributors, Krasner has been feeling the heat for the city's out of control murder rate, which is directly attributable to Krasner's soft-on-crime policies. It's the reason the city's Democratic committee decided not to endorse Krasner for reelection.

Krasner is so radioactive because of the soaring murder rate that even our cowardly mayor, Jim Kenney, declined three times when asked if he was going to endorse Krasner for reelection.

The year Krasner was elected, 2017, the city had 315 murders. Last year, the city had 499 murders, the highest total in 30 years; that's a 58% increase in murders over Krasner’s first three years in office.

And over the first 95 days of 2021, the murder rate as of yesterday was already at 177, a 35% increase over last year. At this rate, the city will set an all-time record of more than 670 murders.

"The Krasner campaign cannot defend Larry Krasner’s record over the last four years," Louis Tumolo, Vega's lawyer, wrote in an email. 

"In recent weeks DA Krasner has become increasingly uncomfortable as Philadelphians fairly question his ability to reform the criminal justice system and keep our communities safe. Instead of addressing the historic epidemic of violence, DA Krasner and his out-of-town cohorts have resorted to baseless attacks on the character of Carlos Vega" who served for 35 years in the D.A.'s office, including 30 years as a homicide prosecutor. 

"The truth is this: Larry Krasner does not care about Philadelphians; he has resorted to shameful tactics in his bid for reelection as he pursues his national political aspirations," Tumolo wrote.

"For example, Shaun King, co-founder of The Real Justice PAC with Krasner’s campaign manager on the payroll, wrote 'They (the police) know that Carlos will NEVER hold them accountable. In his 35 corrupt years in that office, he didn’t hold a single cop accountable.'"

"This is false and Shaun King, DA Krasner’s campaign, and The Real Justice PAC know it," Tumolo wrote. "Why do they ignore Mr. Vega’s successful prosecution of, for example, Officer Ryan Shiver or homicide detective Ronald Dove? Is it because those prosecutions defeat their false narrative?"

At yesterday's debate, Vega set Krasner off by pointing out that he was the only lawyer on stage who had ever successfully prosecuted a police officer. Even though D.A. Krasner has gone after some 50 Philly cops, he's never won a conviction. 

"King also claims that Mr. Vega “framed and convicted” Anthony Wright," Tumolo wrote. "Why does Mr. King withhold from his readers that Mr. Vega was never involved in the conviction of Anthony Wright? Even The Innocence Project has acknowledged: (1) Mr. Vega did not convict Anthony Wright at his 1993 [trial]; and (2) it was the decision of elected District Attorney Seth Williams, not Mr. Vega, in 2016 to retry Anthony Wright for murder."

"These writings are shameful and maliciously false at their core," Tumolo wrote. "We have filed this lawsuit to expose the truth, not hide from it. Philadelphians deserve an honest election. Larry Krasner for DA, Shaun King, and The Real Justice PAC are on notice that the palpably false information they continue to feed voters will not be tolerated."

King, who is also a Black Lives Matter activist, has been dubbed "Talcum X" by critics who questioned his claimed status as supposedly being biracial, because both of King's biological parents are white. 

That led the resourceful King to claim that his mother had an affair with a black man who was his real father.

On April 26th, Vega sent out a fundraising email that objected to King's rhetoric.

"Apparently serving victims of crime and securing justice as a steadfast public servant for 35 years means I am a 'real life super villain' -- or that's according to out-of-state 'activist' Shaun King, who has spent his career profiting off of the trauma of black and brown people," Vega wrote.

"Shaun King, co-founder of the California based Real Justice PAC, who is the main financial backer of Krasner, actively targeted, harassed, bullied, and threatened my supporters," Vega wrote. "Clearly, Larry Krasner and Shaun King are two peas in a pod -- two fake progressives who lie with impunity on the backs of marginalized people."

On his part, King went online to return the fire, and ratchet up the rhetoric. 

"The most evil man in Philly just pulled a Donald Trump on me and Larry Krasner," King wrote. "He just filed a notice that he plans to sue us."

"It’s garbage," King wrote. "Hot garbage. And it’s coming from a man that is so afraid of his own shadow that when you tell him about himself he panics and sues you because the truth about his evil record is so ugly that he can hardly stand to have it said out loud. I don’t know how this guy lives with himself."

"This is what happens when a monster of a man, Carlos Vega, who worked in the single most corrupt division of the single most corrupt DA’s office in the nation for 35 years, without any accountability, without any media scrutiny, without anybody ever saying out loud how horrible he is, finally has somebody punch back for a change," King wrote. 

"So yeah, I’m standing by every single word I said about you, Carlos," King concluded. "You are a monster."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what you would call hissing from a snake. It seems remarkably in chorus with Krasner, who at yesterday's debate, couldn't stop calling Vega a liar, while running as fast as he could from his own miserable record.

What does Krasner have to say in response to a libel suit that targets him? As they have for the past 21 months, both Krasner and Jane Roh, his official spokesperson who never speaks, declined to respond to a request for comment. 

Krasner and Vega, the two candidates for D.A., are already adversaries in court.

Vega filed an age discrimination lawsuit against Krasner in U.S. District Court, after Krasner fired Vega in January 2018, during his first day on the job, along with 30 other seasoned prosecutors. 

Now those two candidates are on opposite sides of a libel suit.

See you in court, Mr. Krasner. Please bring along a muzzle for your little attack dog, Shaun. 

And don't forget your checkbook. 


  1. Is this Filing an effort to Pierce the Veil of Secrecy behind the collusion of DA Krasner not to prosecute the criminal acts instigated and protected by the Democrats?

    Where and When do the Radical Elite meet to plot their insidious crimes.

  2. It is due time that someone take on Real Justice and Shaun King, who claims to have had a strong role in electing 20 “progressive prosecutors.” This mafia of anarchists share blood in their hands and we cannot cower. Every Philadelphian should relish the opportunity to turn back this frightful movement and restore sanity and freedom to law abiding citizens by electing Carlos Vega. Philadelphia will show other cities how to rid themselves of their progressive prosecutors. Birthplace of freedom...

  3. As a Black Philly Citizen, Homeowner and Mother of 6 Black Children I view D.A. Larry Krasner as a Blanketed Racist who uses his No Cash Bail System and Personal Bail Fund to pay the Bails for Violent Criminals up to $200k per person to further fuel the Violent Tragedies and Murders taking place in Philly, knowing that most Violent Crimes are being committed by Black People against other Black People! D.A. Krasner claims that he is stopping Black People from being abused by the Cash Bail System because most Violent Criminals can't afford to pay Bail after being arrested! I totally disagree with Krasner's No Cash Bail Rhetoric and I believe that he Sets Violent Criminals free from jail without having to Pay Bail so that they can continue to terrorize people in Philly Neighborhoods and he doesn't care until they literally kill somebody after getting out of jail without paying Bail or by being given their freedom from jail by using Krasner's Bail Fund! D.A. Krasner has Successfully made Philly the Nation's Largest City waiting Room for the Cemeteries for 1 in every 3 Black Philly Family Member! I have 4 underage children, 3 being High School Students who don't even go outside, basically being held hostage in their home which I pay Philly Taxes to live in after spending almost 20 years to pay off! My children panic if I go outside even if I'm only going to the Supermarket to buy groceries because the Violence plaguing Philly is so horrifically dangerous! Nobody especially children should have to live in fear like my children do, from the mouths of Babies like in the Bible Passage is true, children through their Peer Activities and Social Media Posts know better than most parents the dangers lurking Philly! I'm putting my home on the Market on Friday and as I interviewed Realtor after Realtor to Represent me in selling my home, every time they asked me why I was moving, my response was that Black People have allowed D.A. Krasner to successfully Manipulate them into believing that he cares about the lives of their Loved ones being snuffed out by Gun Violence and that every child deserves a good Childhood that they don't have to recover from including having to attend the back to back Funerals of their friends! I'm leaving Philly to move to a city in another State that hasn't experienced a Homicide in 7 years so that I can teach my 5 year old Black Son how to ride his bike without the high probability of a a Violent Criminal that Larry Krasner freed from jail without Bail trying to kill somebody and accidentally shooting or killing my son and I! I will continuously pray for Philly but all the way from over there in my New, Safe City and State where Violent Criminals actually face consequences for committing Crimes beginning with being Ineligible for Bail if they have already been convicted of Violent Felonies and where City Cops feel like their Mayor and District Attorney slapped them in the face after they Physically Struggle and risk their lives to lock up Violent Criminals but see them right back on the streets less than 24 Hours Later! I don't even blame Philly Cops for waiting until the Gunfire stops before running towards the scene of the crime knowing that if the Victims don't die on the spot that the Shooters will definitely be out of jail by morning because they don't have to pay Bail!

    1. Thank you, really well said, good luck to you and your children.

  4. Larry Krasner serves billionaires and their agenda to foment racial tensions, create chaos, so the oligarchs can divide and conquer.
    It's not race. It's class. It's economic. But the elites dont want to have that discussion.
    So race it is. King, Kranser, kenney, Biden Harris et al are the capos.

  5. Even KYM pointed out Larry's lies. Losing the liberal media too. Of course except the trash Inky. But no one reads them anyway!

  6. We need a happy medium here in the city, a DA who has respect for the force but is able to speak up if he has an issue with an officer. Krasner displays a total lack of respect for the Police Department and victims of crime and families of crime victims. His inability to hold criminals responsible for their actions shows how little he respects the citizens of Philadelphia. Crime is up nation wide, large cities and small are experiencing a uptick in their murder rates. Having a DA thumb his nose at officers and citizens in these dire times has had real time consequences for all of us. Firing DA’s with experience hurt the entire justice system and stymied justice for victims, he needed to do a better job of filling those positions with experienced lawyers. Victims of crime should have our support and sympathy but they have neither with Krasner and company at the helm.

    Hopefully the Democrats will support someone other than Krasner for DA, While Chuck Peruto may make a great DA, I cant vote for him, with the backing of Crooked Castille and the one of most deadly DA’s in the United States Lynne Abraham, they are two reasons why I could not support Peruto. Castile puts party before right and self serving over truth, I cant think of more despicable lawyer in the state of PA.

    His handling of Family Court and Traffic Court were abysmal, we need no more of him. His willingness to sentence innocents to a life in prison was revolting and unconscionable . The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that Castile should have recused himself from a PA death row case, the court ruled he was wrong to participate in an appeal from an inmate he prosecuted. We do not need their style of justice.

    Besides the Republican party did not condemn Trump for the insurrection on Jan. 6th, which was unforgivable to me. That being said I will NEVER vote for a Republican, regardless, even if that means voting for the most arrogant, inept DA the city has ever had, Uncle Let-Em Loose Larry Krasner.

    Krasner is entitled to his opinion of the police but letting criminals walk free is not what he was elected to do. A professional needs to reign in his feelings and control his emotions to be fair and effective to all. Reform is needed its a must across the nation, its long overdue. I am all for reform. If a police officer or a prosecutors lie to get an indictment and conviction, then they need to be jailed.

  7. THE MFers of the Editorial Board at the StINKY couldn't let another Mother's Day pass without lowering Themselves to Once Again defame the Honored Profession of Journalism.

    Endorsing Krasner is an affront to the Citizens of This Once Great City and is a clear Indictment of Political and Editorial Misfeasance in the glaring Light of Day.

    Jason Brando


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