Friday, January 15, 2021

D.A. Krasner Loses A Big One; Inspector Bologna Beats The Rap

By Ralph Cipriano

District Attorney Larry Krasner loves to indict cops, even when there's no evidence to back it up.

Today, Krasner's reckless and irresponsible behavior blew up in his face. Former Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna walked out of court a free man after a judge threw out all the charges Krasner filed against him for lack of evidence.

At a preliminary hearing in Municipal Court, the dismissed charges against Bologna included reckless endangerment, possession of an instrument of crime, and felony aggravated assault.

Bologna was accused of striking a protester, Evan Gorski, in the head with his metal baton, his department-issued instrument of crime, which, according to the D.A., inflicted wounds on Gorski that required 10 staples and 10 sutures.

But when it comes to indicting cops, D.A. Krasner sees only want he wants to see. In video of the June 1st incident, which was broken down frame by frame in the courtroom, no such blow from Bologna's baton was seen striking Gorski's head. Neither was any blood visible, nor any gaping head wound. 

Instead, a frame-by-frame breakdown of the video showed that the trajectory of Bologna's baton was nowhere near Gorski's head. The video showed that when Bologna's baton struck Gorski, the point of impact was on Gorski's backpack, which covered his left shoulder blade, which, under department regulations, was an acceptable use of force.

On the witness stand, Gorski, a Temple University engineering student, claimed he was exercising his First Amendment rights at a George Floyd protest. But Gorski admitted that he was also interfering with Bologna as the officer was trying to arrest a young man wearing a pink bandana in the video.

The unidentified man in the pink bandana is seen spraying Bologna with an unidentified liquid shot from a spray bottle. On the witness stand, Gorski said the man in the pink bandana was a friend and co-worker at the Apple store where Gorski worked.

Gorski also testified that he grabbed Bologna's baton. In the video, Gorski was seen throwing the baton into a crowd while Gorski was on the ground, being subdued by the cops.

No baton blow to the head, no visible injuries; case dismissed. 

Gorski had orignally been charged with assaulting a police officer. But in the theater of the absurd that is Larry Krasner's D.A.'s office, the charge against Gorski was dismissed by the D.A.

But in court today, when none of the charges the D.A. filed against Bologna stuck, it was a humiliating defeat for Krasner. The D.A. now has 30 days to decide whether he will re-file charges against Bologna.

Logic would say to quit while you're behind, but when it comes to indicting cops, Krasner doesn't follow logic. 

Predictably, Krasner, who has stonewalled Big Trial for the past 18 months, told a couple of reporters at The Philadelphia Inquirer, Krasner's favorite local news outlet, that he intended to refile the charges against Bologna. 

Brilliant move, Larry. Retry the same sad case with the same lack of evidence, but expect a different result. Literally, the definition of insanity. We anxiously look forward to your next humiliating defeat. 

Outside the courtroom, Fortunato Perri and Brian McMonagle, Bologna's lawyers said that Bologna is now eligible to be reinstated as a cop. But that's a family decision that hasn't been made yet.

"This is really a great victory for those people like Inspector Bologna, who risked their lives for strangers, which is what he was doing," McMonagle told reporters. He said the case against Bologna was weak and not properly investigated by the D.A.'s office. 

"This destruction of his life and his career should have never occurred," McMonagle said. "And we're just happy today that justice was done for him and his family."

Bologna declined to talk to reporters. 

While it famously took the D.A.'s office five weeks to get around to charging all the alleged killers of Corporal James O'Connor, Krasner moved fast against former Staff Inspector Bologna. 

A day after a video of alleged brutality hit the Inquirer and YouTube, Krasner announced his intention to charge Bologna with aggravated assault, a felony. The prosecution was based on an amazingly quick investigation conducted by Sgt. Gerald Rocks Jr., interim head of the D.A.'s detectives, who declined to comment on his hasty and obviously defective work. 

Bologna, 54, chief of operations for the department's bicycle patrol bureau, was ordered to turn himself in.

"We are trying to be fair," Krasner claimed at the time in a statement to the media. "Accountability has to be equal, and this moment demands a swift and evenhanded response to violent and criminal acts."

Yeah, right.

Krasner and Bologna have a history. When Krasner was a criminal defense lawyer who sued the police department 75 times, Krasner represented many drug dealers who had been arrested by Bologna's officers, when Bologna was head of the Eastern Division of the police department's Narcotics Field Unit.

Gorski was accused of assaulting a police officer by pushing another cop, who at the time, along with Bologna, was coming to the aid of a fellow bicycle cop who had been pushed down to the ground by other protesters, and broke his hand. 

Today's result in court was a foregone conclusion. When I wrote about the pathetic case against Bologna on Sept. 28th, the witnesses in Bologna's defense included former Police Commissioner Richard Ross, who told Bologna's defense team that the arrest of Bologna "should have never happened."

In that Sept. 28th blog post, I made this prediction:

"Fortunately for Bologna, the D.A.'s office under Krasner is so incompetent -- and Bologna's lawyers, Fortunato Perri and Brian McMonagle are so good -- that my prediction is Bologna walks."

Today, that prediction came true.


  1. Good for Joe! Stand up guy!!!

  2. I bet the jerk off will try to rearrest. Hope Larry gets sued for malicious prosecution!! Not only is his office full of incompetent lawyers, they are obviously blind. The video evidence was clear he never hit the dude and the POS took his asp. Maybe Larry can answer why he wasn't charged for that.

  3. Greta news! now SUE the crap out of the DA,

  4. I remember the Inquirer headline....often violent often controversial Bologna arrested. A sad excuse of a biased leftist newspaper.

    1. Agreed, except that it's not a newspaper. Those days are gone forever. It's a tabloid, not unlike The National Enquirer. Difference would be that the National Enquirer is much more credible.

  5. Mind boggling. Congratulations, Staff Inspector Bologna. Sometimes the good guys still win. The degenerate DA is almost beyond belief. Great work, Ralph. I'm sure Joe Bologna found encouragement in your September prediction.

  6. Mind boggling. Congratulations, Staff Inspector Bologna. Sometimes the good guys still win. The degenerate DA is almost beyond belief. Great work, Ralph. I'm sure Joe Bologna found encouragement in your September prediction.

  7. A blind man could see where this case was going.

    Except Larry Krasner, the blind ideologue.

  8. A special thanks to private investigator Russ Kolins for his background work on Joe's behalf. Krasner will exhaust all the powers and money of his office to pursue every charge against any police officer. What he has accomplished is to increase the number of officers leaving and entering the drop program because the job is no longer what they signed up for.

    1. Russ came out of retirement to help Joe Bologna. He did a fantastic job.

    2. Ralph,good for the FOP getting top notch defense for Joe. Thanks for the great coverage as well

  9. Ralph. Here is a question. If a judge can see the video frame by frame and come to the conclusion the protester wasnt struck in the head then what the hell was Rocks watching? Did anyone look at the hospital report or go the the attending doctor and investigate if the injuries were self-inflicted? Rush job! Rocks did the investigation and he should be held accountable! No cop will get a fair shake as long as he is in Special Investigations. Vega wins get his ass out of there! By the way why is Rocks still taking a city car home and he lives outside the city? As a matter of fact he is the only supervisor that gets a take home car!! WHY??? As far as Vince Rotundi goes with his facebook post. Little Vinny should be gone! Mr. Napoleon Complex! VINNY RO GOTTA GO!!!FYI. Not his only questionable facebook post!! GO DJ VINNY!! LITTLE SQUIRT!

    1. Mr. Rocks's work should certainly be called into question. I guess he just does whatever the boss tells him to do, which is the perfect head of detectives for Krasner.

  10. Another great job by, in my opinion, the shiniest star in Philadelphia, Ralph Cipriano. With they'd give Ralph a gig on talk radio. How about 6:oo a.m til noon on 1210?

  11. Ralph, needs his Mornings to practice pigeon shootings before taking on the Bigger Game around City Hall in the Afternoon.

    I would bet that Inspector Bologna would attract a Great Radio Audience and articulate a Viewpoint from Real Life Experiences on the Front Line.

    If Retired Inspector Bologna attends a Rally of Trump Supporters, in order to Express His Right of Free Speech and the Right to Peaceful Assembly, would that jeopardize his Case??

    This is What Future Edicts may Mandate to Protect Former Cities which Inspired and Protected Rioters, and Prosecuted Law Enforcement Officers, but now are Ruling Against Future Dissenters who then are Classified as Domestic Terrorists.

    Sgt. Schultz would say, VERRRYYY INTERESTING.

  12. I think cases like these in Philly and the "forced retirement" of Lancaster PA Chief of Police Berkihiser spells out a painfully simple point: Do not bother working for liberals in any capacity, it is a waste of time and energy and can sometimes even result in jail time or career hardships. No matter how hard you work, your reward will be spit on the face so sayeth the bizarre and perverse modern liberal agenda. How to identify a liberal regime? Just look for the (D) beside an elected official's name.


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