Saturday, January 2, 2021

Carlos Vega, Candidate For D.A.: Larry Krasner's 'Social Experiment' Funded By Rich Elites Is Killing Black And Brown People

By Ralph Cipriano

Carlos Vega, who's running for the Democratic nomination for D.A., says that Larry Krasner is conducting a "social experiment" funded by rich elites, an experiment that's killing black and brown people every day on the bloody streets of Philadelphia.  
In an interview on the latest cop-hosted Search Warrant podcast, Vega talked about billionaire George Soros and the tech giants from California who are bankrolling Krasner's reelection campaign.

"There are millionaires and billionaires that are backing him for this social experiment," said Vega, who spent 35 years as a prosecutor in the district attorney's office, 30 of those years as a homicide prosecutor. 

"This social experiment is failing at the cost of the lives of black and brown people," Vega said. He cited statistics that show that 87% of the city's nearly 500 murder victims in 2020 were black, and another 10-12% were Latino.

While black and brown people are dying in Philadelphia, Vega said, the people funding Krasner's campaign "live in gated communities" in places like California where they are protected by private security. 

"The millionaire elite, the rules do not apply to them," Vega said. "They apply to you and me." 

As for the D.A., Vega said, "Mr. Krasner walks around" town guarded by "armed police officers," lives "in a million dollar home" and drives a Tesla.

"He's protected," Vega said about Krasner. Meanwhile, "people like you and me have to walk in the street" and risk being robbed, shot, raped and/or murdered by some criminal that Larry Krasner just let out of jail.

John Snedden, the former NCIS special agent who hosts the podcast, kicked off the interview with Vega by saying that Search Warrant was "focusing on the disaster that is Philadelphia," and the "defense lawyer masquerading as a district attorney" named Krasner whose so-called progressive reforms of the criminal justice system are "literally killing the city."

"Parents are burying their children," Vega agreed. He talked about all the murder victims, and their grieving families, as well as the survivors of gun violence who are left scarred, paralyzed or handicapped for life.

"You just can't even go to the beach because people are staring at you," Vega said.

As someone who prosecuted more than 450 murders in 30 years, losing only 14 of those cases, Vega has seen a lot of suffering, a lot of "broken hearts."

He talked about the pressure of being a homicide prosecutor and representing the grieving family of a murder victim in a courtroom. Vega compared it to pitching in the World Series in the ninth inning with the bases loaded.

Vega talked about how, after he was hired in 1982 by then District Attorney Ed Rendell, he worked for five years as a prosecutor, winning some 40 to 50 jury trials before they would ever let him work in homicide.

As a young assistant district attorney, Vega said, "I was surrounded by lawyers who were gods," seasoned prosecutors who won the vast majority of their cases. 

To become a successful prosecutor, Vega said, you have to go through a "grooming process" where you are tutored by seasoned pros. And then you have to put what you've learned into practice.

"You don't get that experience by reading a book," Vega said. "You have to be in the courtroom every day."

But that's not how Larry Krasner runs his office. When Krasner took over as D.A., the first thing he did was fire 30 of the most senior prosecutors, including Vega, who responded by filing an age discrimination lawsuit against Krasner.

Other veteran prosecutors left the D.A.'s office because they didn't want to be part of Krasner's social experiment.

To replace seasoned pros who knew what they were doing, Krasner personally recruited and hired 60 rookie lawyers straight out of law school.

"Twenty-one took the bar exam and failed," Vega said. Seven of those 21 retook the bar exam and failed again, Vega said.

As a result, the D.A.'s office is stacked with the young, the inexperienced and the incompetent. Regarding the two assistant district attorneys in Krasner's office who now run the homicide unit, Vega said, they don't have much courtroom experience prosecuting homicides.

"I don't think they've won a case," Vega said.

When you're representing the family, "it's humbling," Vega said. Seeking justice in a courtroom for a murder victim who has no voice, it's a high wire act. If you win, the family's gratitude is overwhelming, Vega said. "They'll never forget."

"I've always called them my family," Vega said about the relatives of murder victims. As a homicide prosecutor, Vega said, "I made a difference; I cared; I tried to do something."

But since Larry Krasner took over, "No one's protecting the victims, no one's speaking out for them."

When he talks to families of murder victims, Vega said, they tell him they "don't know whats going on" in the D.A.'s office with the prosecution of their loved one's case. That's because Larry Krasner doesn't care about crime victims.

Sometimes, Vega said, the only way relatives find out about Krasner's office giving a plea-bargain to the killer who murdered their loved one is when they read about in the newspaper. 

Not communicating with the families of crime victims, Vega said, is "inexcusable."

Vega also denounced Krasner for hiring people to work in his office who are law-breakers. Such as the former disbarred lawyer that Krasner hired to be a senior advisor.

"You have a disbarred attorney he forged the signature of a judge," Vega said. Another one of Krasner's top aides "left their child in the car in the heat," Vega said, something you wouldn't do to a dog.

Vega didn't get around to mentioning the D.A.'s gun violence coordinator who, after arranging a rendezvous with a male prostitute during work hours, shot and killed the prostitute.

"To surround yourself with people like that who are in charge of protecting us," Vega said. "I see no accounting for what their actions are. It's shocking."

As is customary, Big Trial reached out to Krasner and his alleged spokesperson, Jane Roh, for comment, and, as is customary, Krasner and Roe did not respond. 

It's nothing new. As D.A., Larry Krasner has demonstrated by stonewalling this blog for the past 17 months that he believes he's above being questioned by a member of the media who may disagree with him. Krasner prefers to speak to his official apologists at The Philadelphia Inquirer, who are down with his progressive reforms, even if they're killing black and brown people, so they continue to cover for him. 

The first thing he would do as D.A., Vega said, is to "institute proper training for the lawyers there." He also pledged to repair the fractured relationships of the D.A.'s office with cops, the state attorney general's office, and the U.S. Attorney's office, all of whom are not big fans of Larry Krasner. 

On the podcast, Vega, who is running in the May 18th primary, plugged his website,, and gave his address for anyone who wants to contribute to his campaign:

Carlos Vega For D.A.
1515 Market Street
Philadelphia PA 19102.


  1. Vega needs to first purge the entire 18th Floor starting with lapdog Jerry Rocks and the rest of his crew that have turned against the FOP. MORALES, WONG, CUMMINGS, GREENWELL, both of his drivers. amongst others. Fire every staff member Krasner brought in!!Oh yeah.....Holston lives in NJ and his dumbass had to nerve to accidently send an office wide email asking would he get an extension because of the covid. REAL SMART!!! Keep up the pressure RALPH!!

    1. so somebody who got sent back is a little salty? Ok.

  2. The Philadelphia Armory would be a great Meeting Place to start a
    Fife and Bugle Corps for Vega.

    Enlist the Support of Danny Garcia, the Peeps Champion of the Barrio
    and Box the Ears off the Quaker Cracker.

    Start enlisting all the Survivors of the Murderous Mongrels who
    Krasner freed from the Cages of Their Existence.

    Read Old Columns of Al "the Frog" Gaudiosi, Rizzo's Muse, who fled
    the Inquirer and pushed the Big Bambino to Great Political Heights.

    A Populist Candidate is the Answer to the Rule of a Failed D.A.

  3. Respectfully, I would submit that to understand the Pain and Suffering that Linda Schellenger suffered as the Mother of the Murdered Sean Schellenger by the Thug Rapping Assailant, and the Egregious Manipulation of Charges by D.A. Krasner.

    Her Recounting the Callous and Lying Conversations that she had with Krasner, prior to the Reduction of Charges from 3rd Degree Murder to Manslaughter is provocative and disturbing.

    By Her Account, The Head Homicide Attorney and the Prosecuting Attorney on the Case made clear that they were stunned by This Reversal and how Krasner clearly acted as an Advocate for the Defense and Obstructed the Submission of Evidence that would have potentially convinced the Jury of Willful Intent by the Murderer.

    Your Readers should watch the Interview conducted by Attorney Linda Kerns on the Website Broad &

    I hope that You Ralph, would Interview Ms. Schellenger. She makes as compelling a Case against Krasner as Your Ongoing Efforts to Date.

    This Interview and the Articulations by This Mother should be a reminder and further call to All, set forth by Attorney Vega of Why Krasner should be removed from Office and arrested for Crimes that even the Disgraced Rufus Williams would not have contemplated or was charged leading to His eventual imprisonment.

    Tales of which were so poignantly presented and defined long before the Government chose to Prosecute Krasner's Brutha from another Mutha, chronicled by the Esteemed Author of This Blog.

    Jason Brando


  5. Unless the Retired FOP members come together and switch parties for the Primary this support for Vega falls on Deaf ears. FOP leadership needs to get behind VEGA now and not wait on another Democrat to announce and make promises. This is the only way Vega has a chance. Latino leaders where are u? Step the he'll up! What are u waiting for? WTF?

  6. Ask Vega. if he would closely investigate fixing of an NFL Game, if Elected D.A. If he can't answer that Question, he can't be trusted.

    You can be sure Billionaire Eagles Team Owner Lurie will donate to Krasner's Campaign to ensure that He or His Staff are not investigated for betting on the Points and the Outcome of the Games.

    The NFL should fine this Gangster Owner, or force Him to Sell the Team, like they did to Tose, who was a degenerate gambler and who Bet Heavy on Games.

    Welcome to 2021 Philly Style. Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil,

    This Team is trying to Out Corrupt the Politicians.

  7. Doubt it's gonna get any better with everyone in the city being issued a license to carry now. EVERYONE.


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