Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Lubrano Speaks Out About PSU Cover-Up, Lack Of Due Process

Anthony Lubrano, an outspoken Penn State trustee, opened up about the inner workings of that board during the so-called Penn State sex abuse scandal.

Lubrano did his talking on the latest episode of Search Warrant, a podcast hosted by three former cops, and joined by your humble Big Trial correspondent. 

During a two hour interview, Lubrano talked about the lack of due process at every stage of the scandal and the ongoing cover up that the board has engaged in until today. 

Lubrano, who left the board in 2018, when his term was up, but was reelected again and returns as a trustee today, also outlined some unfinished business that he wants to pursue -- a proposed resolution  to go to court and sue former FBI Director Louis Freeh, to recoup the $8.3 million that the university paid for a "fact-free report."

The entire two-hour podcast can be heard here.  But Lubrano wasn't done downloading on Penn State. Part II of the Lubrano interview can also be heard here.

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