Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Mayor Kenney Gives 756 Protesters A Free Pass

By Ralph Cipriano

Mayor Kenney today decided to give a free pass to 756 people arrested during the George Floyd protests for code violations such as disorderly conduct, violating curfew, and failure to disperse.

"My decision to waive the violations is not a statement on the validity of the individual citations," the mayor said in a press release. 

"Rather it is a recognition of the core concerns that caused thousands to demonstrate on the streets of Philadelphia," Kenney stated. "In waiving these notices, I recognize that those issues are vitally important, that the pain of those marching is very real, and that the message -- Black lives matter -- needs to be heard every day until systemic racism is fully eradicated from the city and nation."

Noble sentiments, Mr. Woke Mayor; even though you're a guilty white liberal, we know you're down with the struggle. But Kenney's generosity -- and endless pandering to the Black Lives Matter mob -- may end up costing the city big time.

From May 29th to June 25th, 756 of the more than 2,000 arrests made by police during the George Floyd protests were for code violations. Since all the protesters who were cited for code violations were detained by the cops, transported by bus to police districts in handcuffs, booked and released, Kenney's generosity may result in hundreds of civil rights lawsuits being filed against the city for false arrest, and for being unlawfully detained. 

Right on cue, Paul Hetznecker, a civil rights lawyer who represents protesters, told Samantha Melamed, the official social justice reporter for the woke Philly Inquirer, that all the arrests during the protests were illegal, and whether or not the citations were waived, those arrests could be grounds for civil rights lawsuits.

This is what happens when you have a surrender monkey for a mayor, a left-wing sad sack who can't get off his knees. It's another victory for lawlessness. Just like toppling gigantic public works statues in the middle of the night to appease howling mobs, without any regard for due process. It's something our Progressive mayor has already done with the Rizzo statue, and would have done with the Columbus statue if he hadn't got jammed up in court.

In announcing his decision to free the protesters, Kenney said he was accepting a recommendation from the law department as well as the city's Office of Administrative Review to waive all protest-related code violations.

"As city officials and employees focus on reform and reconciliation, the city must use its administrative resources consistent with those efforts," lectured city Solicitor Marcel Pratt. "We believe that moving forward with these [code violations] would have served no useful purpose, and we are glad that the mayor approved our recommendation that they be waived."

Of the 756 code violations, 338 were for failure to disperse, 316 were for violating curfew, 21 were for defiant trespass, and one code violation was for vandalism.

The code violations are civil matters, and "do not include criminal matters that are within the purview of the district attorney's office," the city said in its press release. That means that the Great Emancipator, District Attorney Larry Krasner, can take care of the rest of the alleged criminals arrested during the protests, by no doubt giving them free passes as well. 

Kenney and Krasner, partners in lawlessness.

In the press release announcing the mass passes for protesting, the city said that anybody who was arrested between May 30th and June 30th and owes a fine after being cited for a code violation doesn't have to pay. And anybody who has already paid should call the city to get a refund. 

Is this a great town or what?

Come to our city during the middle of a pandemic, march in the streets shoulder-to-shoulder by the thousands, and in the process, break every social distancing rule in the book. And by all means provide cover for hundreds of rioters, looters and arsonists so they can terrorize the city and leave behind hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage.

As far as Surrender Monkey Kenney is concerned, it's no harm no foul. We can't lift a finger to stop our righteous social justice marchers from airing their grievances, and in the process, running up a million dollars a week in just police overtime alone.

Forget about any citizens whose neighborhoods are being invaded, or any business owners who had to watch their businesses go up in smoke, or seen their store windows smashed, and their businesses looted. And hey, if any cops, in response to all kinds of provocations and abuse, stray over the line, well, we'll unleash swift justice on them, and fire their asses, whether those pesky Internal Affairs investigations are done or not. And as far as those accused cops are concerned, we'll make sure to hang them in the media as well. 

Anything to appease the mob. Due Process? Not in the middle of an emergency when there's more pandering to be done.

In the same spirit of lawlessness, more than 100 homeless squatters took over a ball field on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, broke the law against camping out there, did drugs, had a couple of stabbings, and of course, no cops were allowed.

What did our mayor do to preserve law and order? He ordered the cops to stand down while he has his bureaucratic lackeys still negotiating with the lawbreaking squatters over their "demands" for more [and free] helpings of social justice.

Invade Philly and take over our town. Don't expect any resistance. It's a guaranteed victory whenever you're dealing with a mayor who won't protect the citizens, won't protect property, won't enforce the laws he swore to uphold, and can't get up off his knees. 

Except when he's climbing on a bar stool. 

Attention Pennsylvania state legislators: please impeach this traitor before he does any further damage. 


  1. Ralph, your comments describe the lengths to which this city administration and its officials will go to excuse such reckless and cowardly conduct by certain protesters. As you know, I have contacted and shared with city officials egregious and fact based instances of improper, unethical and unprofessional conduct over the past few years and the City Solicitor, the Chief Integrity Officer (old and new) and the Inspector General (old and new) and others have abdicated their responsibility to investigate corrupt conduct and fulfill their duties to Philly citizens. Such stories as this only strengthen my resolve and advocacy to publicize the failures of city professionals. Sure hope Kenney gives me a pass when I start my neighborhood picketing and leafleting in key neighborhoods throughout the city.
    Michael Skiendzielewski Captain (ret) PHILA POLICE

  2. Meanwhile, this city is BANKRUPTING honest restaurant owners by keeping them closed. Worse, this ASSHOLE teased them into believing they would open on 7/3 and revoked that opening AFTER they all put in their food orders.

    Support Martina White's amendment to the state constitution. WE NEED TO RECALL THESE CORRUPT BASTARDS!

  3. He will hands down be the worst mayor in the history of this once great city!


  5. Thank you Ralph. You are a beacon of light in this mess Kenny got the city into. Keep up the good work.

  6. My Theory is that Kenney is going to extreme measures now, to provoke the Feds before he and Johnny Doc are indicted.

    There are Indictments forthcoming, and the Pussy in City Hall will look like the weak queer that he is when handcuffed and held without Bail.

    Get Ready Jimmy your Time is Up.


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