Saturday, June 6, 2020

D.A. Krasner Ditches Usual Protocol To Indict Police Inspector

By Ralph Cipriano

There was rioting in the streets. Looters ran amok. Criminals were blowing up ATMs and setting arson fires all over town.

But while Philadelphia lay in ruins,  District Attorney Larry Krasner's top priority was to indict a cop for allegedly striking a demonstrator.

The normal protocol for any officer accused of misconduct is to wait for the Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau to complete an investigation, and then forward the results of that investigation to the D.A.'s charging unit. So the D.A. can make a decision on whether to charge the cop with a crime.

But when it came to the case of Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna, accused of striking a Temple University student with his nightstick during a demonstration, Krasner dispensed with the usual protocol. It famously took Krasner's office five weeks to get around to charging all three accused killers of Corporal James O'Connor. But when it came to Inspector Bologna, Krasner immediately pounced.

A day after a video of alleged brutality hit the Inquirer and YouTube, Krasner on Friday announced his intention to charge Bologna with felony aggravated assault. This was supposedly after a quickie investigation done by Sgt. Gerald Rocks Jr., interim head of the D.A.'s detectives, who could not be reached for comment.

Bologna, 54, chief of operations for the department's patrol bureau, was taken off the street Thursday night, hours after videos of alleged police brutality hit the media. Bologna was ordered to turn himself in on Monday to face charges of aggravated assault for allegedly using his nightstick to attack a demonstrator.

While the Inquirer referred to Bologna in a headline as a "notorious Philly cop" who had a "checkered and charmed past," other cops who know him had a different take.

"A cop's cop," said one. "A real leader" said another.

One of the department's "most decorated and respected police leaders," said FOP President John McNesby. "Inspector Bologna's dedication to our city for over 30 years is unmatched."

But D.A. Larry Krasner saw a rogue cop in need of speedy prosecution.

"We are trying to be fair," Krasner claimed in a statement to the media. "Accountability has to be equal, and this moment demands a swift and evenhanded response to violent and criminal acts."

From an email she sent out, it sounded like Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw was blindsided by Krasner's end-around the usual protocol of waiting for Internal Affairs to complete its investigation.

"Today, I learned from Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner that he has filed criminal charges against Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna," Outlaw wrote on Friday in an email to officers.

She stated that she had "not been made privy to the entirety of the information that led to Mr. Krasner's decision to charge" Bologna.

"An internal affairs investigation has already been initiated," Outlaw wrote, and that "irrespective of the District Attorney's prosecution, the internal affairs investigation will continue."

Some cops, however, didn't believe Outlaw wasn't being completely straight with the troops.

"We all suspect Outlaw knew," one cop said. "Outlaw has lost the PPD. Everyone is saying it. Everybody hates her. She is a coward. She hides in her office sending emails while we are all getting our asses kicked."

Asked if Outlaw knew that Krasner was going to indict Bologna, Inspector Sekou Kinebrew declined to elaborate beyond what Outlaw had to say on Friday in her email.

"We may have further comment at a later time," he said.

FOP President McNesby called Krasner's indictment of Bologna "a disgrace."

"It's a slap in the face to every police officer in the city of Philadelphia especially under these conditions," McNesby told 6ABC. "While we're out there hustling in the community from morning to night protecting businesses, protecting the community, protecting everybody."

McNesby said that Bologna had to make a split-second decision in a chaotic situation. The FOP president condemned Krasner for rushing to judgment, especially after the D.A.'s office has been releasing from jail protesters accused of assaulting police officers, after prosecutors declined to charge the protesters.

One of those protesters the D.A. declined to charge was Evan Gorski, 21, a Temple student accused of attacking a police officer. Krasner dropped the charges against Gorski, who is the student that Bologna is accused of striking with his nightstick. Instead, the D.A. announced plans to indict the cop.

Gorski had been accused of assaulting a police officer by pushing him off a bike, causing the officer to break a hand. Cops who watched the chaotic video involving Gorski and Bologna said that it appeared that Gorski, wearing an Eagles jersey, was interfering with an arrest of another demonstrator when he sprayed a couple of officers.  And that the inspector was trying to defend the officer who fell off the bike when he raised his nightstick to attack Gorski.

The video also clearly shows another demonstrator spraying Bologna while he's tackling Gorski. While Gorski is on the ground, he is also clearly seen on the video throwing what looks like a collapsible baton into the crowd.

Cops who watched the video said that Gorski appeared to duck when Bologna was swinging his baton. And if he hadn't, he would have been struck in the arm or shoulder, which would have been a permissible use of force.

All of this may end up being debated in a courtroom.  What's clear, however, is that there are a lot of witnesses to interview. And there also may be more video.  The question of how the typically slow-moving D.A.'s office could wrap up such a complicated investigation in 24 hours is something that needs to be explained.

Gorski, according to the D.A., needed 10 staples and 10 sutures to close his head wound.

Meanwhile, with the city under siege for the past seven days, cops have been working 12-hour shifts without days off. They've been taking all kinds of abuse. And they don't feel the leaders in charge of the city have their backs.

Plenty of cops were already upset with the police commissioner after her decision last week to demote a commanding officer for using pepper spray.

"She has lost the entire department," said one female cop. "I am finished. I tried to support her but I am done."


  1. Congratulations on picking the absolute stupidest hill to die on.

  2. Is this Jane or Lawerence? Or possibly little Benny Waxman? So nice to hear from you. Keep the compliments coming.

  3. And make sure you always hide behind your anonymity.

  4. fucking crazy. no idea why theres any "actovity" whatsoever. we need to respond to incidents like the fire dept.

  5. Nothing surprising here. Leadership, integrity, honor in city administration?? In order to take on one of those senior roles, one must learn how to wash their hands of any responsibility in serious and critical matters. It is in the tradition of Pontius Pilate.

  6. Rocks is a Weasel and a Sellout!!!

  7. There is no accountability in the DA's office as Krasner moves to have a kangaroo trial for this officer. He is not interested in looking for the facts but in seating a jury with a lynch mob mentality to convict.

  8. The only good thing for Inspector Bologna is that the prosecutors in Krasner's office are so incompetent they have a hard time convicting anybody of anything. Ask Michael White.

    1. It depends who the judge is and how willing would he or she be willing to grand dismissal of the case.

  9. Ralph, I'm hoping that you will explore the Internal Rage and Warfare at the Inquirer that is forcing Senior Management to resign rather than capitulate to black lives insurrection.

    The Race Hustlers are pushing for a Civil War and Liars and Bandits like Colin Powell and his sniveling Band of Generals should be reminded that they were promoted more often as a result of White Guilt rather than for their ability, truthfulness, and competence.

    Commissioner Outlaw is the poster child for a failure in leadership and the Path to Defund the Police Department. When Police Leadership is condemned and prosecuted for responding to being attacked, as is the Case of Inspector Bologna, we are witnessing a more foreboding time than just the takedown of Statues.

    The 3 Stooges are stuffing their faces in City Hall on a cold cuts buffet supplied by their LGBTQ Handlers and there is plenty of baloney going around.

  10. Ralph, I follow Bykos Blogs, not to absorb his weak thoughts, but in fact to follow the comments of the many wise and experienced people who share their opinions. That of course would include your remarks which often lead the pack.

    Like many who comment on his Blog, I have been boycotting the Inquirer for many years, not because they forced Byko's deserved dismissal after stealing his check for so many years, and I will continue to do so.

    Today's post of Tom Garvey, who if memory serves me, was a former Philly Police Officer, was especially thoughtful and sets the table for the lying inflammatory manipulation of data by the Liberal Media and the Path we are moving toward in an all out Race War, followed by Civil War.

    It should be obvious to all serious students of Political History, that when Eisenhower forced Federal Law over States Rights on the Issue of School Desegregation, we are now living in the quickly eroding ill effects of Cultural Degradation and Revolution.

    Public School Education has spawned the dummying of Amerikan Society and the rise of liberal celebratory anarchy, which we have witnessed in the most recent orchestrated events.

    Delores Tucker, a brilliant Prophet, warned of the threat by Rap Culture as a poison that will bring down social order, and when the 1st half white President extolled the life of killer thugs as pillars of our Society, it is no wonder that rioters and looters have been rewarded by the poisonous traitors who lead the liberal leftist DemonRat Cities.

    It is not a coincidence that Obama was reared by Communist Ideology and was supported and nurtured by Bill Ayres and the Weather Underground. They are the forbearers of Antifa, the Resistance and the DemonRats emerging from the sewers of our Cities.

  11. The DA'S Investigation Unit is a joke! Rocks has a personal agenda and everyone knows it. We are watching......

  12. DA Office employees parked illegally in front of the office and apron got ticketed today!!!!!Love it!!


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