Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Is Uncle Larry Giving Looters A Pass?

By Ralph Cipriano
for BigTrial.net

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw has announced that the cops  made 429 arrests over three days of rioting, looting and arson fires.

But over at the District Attorney's office, several sources say, the Great Emancipator, D.A. Larry Krasner has been busy doing what he does best, liberating criminals.

According to sources, many suspects that the cops arrested for burglary or criminal trespassing over the weekend have gotten a free pass from the D.A.'s charging unit because of a technicality -- that the cops did not obtain an official "ownership non-permission," or "ONP" as it's known in cop jargon, from store owners.

What's ONP? It means that when the cops, who had days off canceled and were working long shifts in the middle of a riot, apprehended a suspect inside a burgled store, or caught the suspect red-handed carrying out loot, they also had to obtain from the store owner an ONP. Why? To certify that the burglar didn't have official permission to enter the store. So the D.A. could charge the suspect with a crime.

It supposedly didn't matter to Uncle Larry if there was video of the crime, or that the cops had personally witnessed the rioters or looters in action. The D.A. was also said to be releasing suspects "ROR," based on their own recognizance, without having to post cash bail.

Those actions shouldn't surprise anybody. Krasner has long opposed cash bail. He also has a documented history of representing protesters accused of breaking the law on behalf of all sorts of radical causes, such as freeing convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, or rabble-rousing on behalf of Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

In case anybody missed the point, Sonan Vachhani, one of Krasner's assistant D.A.'s who works in the charging unit, posted on Instagram a message on Saturday night, while the city was under siege, that said, "FUCK THE COPS."

In a Monday interview on MSNBC, Krasner, who only speaks to fellow Progressives in the media, described the majority of protesters as "good people expressing themselves about an issue that should have been addressed a long time ago."

Unfortunately, Krasner said, the "good people" were accompanied by "opportunistic criminals who are looting and who are doing other things in the city."

When asked how he was going to separate the "good people" from the "opportunistic criminals," Krasner said, "What we're doing is what we always do. We're doing individual justice."

"You don't lump anybody" together, Krasner lectured. If the people arrested were "simply protesting, we're not going to charge anything."

Krasner, who's been stonewalling this reporter for ten months, did not not respond to a request for comment. Neither did Jane Roh, his official spokesperson, who's also been mute for the past 10 months.

On another subject, in the insanity that engulfed Philadelphia this weekend, local media outlets lightened the mood by broadcasting heartwarming video of cops and National Guard officers kneeling in solidarity with protesters.

But some people got upset when the kneeling suddenly became mandatory. Deputy Commissioner Melvin Singleton was caught on cameral yesterday ordering cops and National Guard members to kneel in solidarity with protesters outside the Municipal Services Building near the Frank Rizzo statue.

Singleton was seen in the above video emphatically waving his arms to motion the troops to kneel down.

FOP President John McNesby, who couldn't be reached for comment, was quoted on social media as saying that he had talked to both Outlaw and Singleton about the incident.

If any cop wanted to voluntarily kneel "in support of George Floyd, you have that right," McNesby wrote on social media. "However, no one will be ordered to do so."

Some cops were angry about what Singleton did.

"Singleton's ridiculous display was the most embarrassing thing I have ever seen," one cop said. "No way that [MFer] would get me to kneel. I kneel in church. He had no clue what he was doing."

"That's what you do when you surrender," one critic said on Twitter. "Absolutely fucking embarrassing," said another.

On the positive side, after a third day of rioting, the police yesterday were seen on live TV firing tear gas, non-lethal pellets and bean bags to clear the Vine Street Expressway of protesters who wanted to block traffic.

"Today's deployment of tear gas was a means to safety diffuse a volatile and dangerous situation and restore order, when it became increasingly clear that other measures were ineffective in accomplishing that necessary objective," Police Commissioner Outlaw said in a statement.

Mayor Kenney, however, was apologetic about having to defend the city against further chaos, arson and looting.

"The use of tear gas during a demonstration is something that I never wanted to witness during my time as mayor," Kenney said in a written statement. "I"m deeply saddened that peaceful protests for such an important cause are being diminished by actions that threaten public safety."

Perhaps someone should remind Kenney that for three months now, law-abiding citizens have been robbed of their constitutional rights to go to church, or work, or open their businesses, or go out to a restaurant, bar, or movie theater because of Kenney's emergency orders that placed the city under lockdown because of official panic over the coronavirus.

A panic that should be over by now.

But none of these restrictions have been lifted. And now Kenney has added to the burdens a nightly curfew of 6 p.m., because of the actions of the rioters that he pandered to, in an unsuccessful attempt to placate them. And then when things got out of control, Kenney and his rookie police commissioner were caught flat-footed.

The result: looted stores on ransacked blocks, millions of dollars in property damage, and a city left smoldering with arson fires.

Ordinary Joes can't leave their houses. But in the Progressive mind of Kenney, the one right that trumps all the other rights of mankind is the right for demonstrators to assemble to protest the death of George Floyd. Even though for three straight days, those protests have served to provide official cover for rioters and looters.

At a press conference, State Rep. Martina White stated that the city was "under siege" by "well organized anarchists," and that the reason why was "a lack of leadership."

"Where was our governor? Where was the mayor? Where was the district attorney?" she asked.

While the riots were on, so was the usual gun violence. Over the weekend, there were 32 shootings in the city, including nine murders.

Meanwhile, a member of the police SWAT team posted a message on Facebook praising our rookie police commissioner for finally going on offense against the protesters.

The SWAT team member said that he knew "many of the PPD officers aren't thrilled with the new commissioner, especially during the first day of the riots."

"Remember, she has a boss too, the mayor, and we know he is an ultra liberal," the SWAT team member wrote.

But he added, "the commissioner allowed SWAT to use gas, pepper balls and bean bag rounds against the rioters/looters!!! She's the first commissioner to [have] the balls to allow this in at least 30 years!!! I, for one, greatly appreciate it!!"


  1. The Policies, Actions, and Total Absence of Effective Political Governance demonstrated by the 3 Stooges, {Kenney Krasner and Outlaw}, will stain the History of this City forever.

    Joe Biden came to Philly, Today, with a bundle of Drugs and a War Chest of Addled Thoughts and Programs to further advance the Most Disgusting and Bankrupt Administration in City History.

    Kenney should replace the Rizzo Statue at the MSB with one of Him in a rainbow dress with a syringe in his arm and a corkscrew up his ass.

  2. Sometimes when you enter into a discussion on Facebook It is difficult to make your point as most postings have already been decided by the writer so allow me an attempt to play devil's advocate and state as best I can both sides of a debate.

    I try to use google as a source of the latest and best information. Some refer to the media, newspapers, and rumor mills all of which usually are replete with misinformation.
    Protester-I am seeking justice and will picket until the murderer of George Floyd is brought to justice.
    Response-ex-officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with murder and will be prosecuted by Attorney General Keith Ellison who is known to be a supporter of Antifa known for its violent protest against Government. So you have an answer and can rest until trial.
    Activists-we choose causes that are usually in opposition to mainstream America and take actions that are destructive and illegal and take advantage of legal protesters.
    Response-you are cellar dwellers who hide behind masks and lurk in dark places for the opportunity to cause havoc and injure protesters and police officers and destroy property.
    Looters-you are the lowest forms of life and wish we could have an exchange program with countries whose citizens who want to live our way of life have applied for citizenship and would respect our values and rule of law. You stupidly destroy the providers of jobs and steal the necessities that your neighbors need.
    The Media-You have made it a crusade over the last few years to heighten tension by focusing on every alleged improper action by a minority of the police performance. Your coverage has become one
    dimensional focusing on what is wrong with our profession but never lauding what all 800,000 do right. The death of George Floyd was a spear into the heart of every police officer but your outrage and slanted coverage contributed to the deaths of numerous officers who left their homes and family never to return because of a segment of our society who see change through violence and death. On what page or TV coverage did you show the carnage done to police professionals like the federal officer killed in Oakland California, the secret service officers at the White House. The Retired captain killed in Chicago, or Officer Nieves in Philadelphia whose body was shattered by a lowlife driver who fled the scene. Hundreds of police officers on the receiving end of injuries trying to reestablish peace. Take an off moment from bias reporting and read the most recent studies on police shootings and abuse. Try NPR and Michigan State University. Listen to Harvard professor Roland Fryer distressed by the treatment of black people who studied over one thousand shootings by police and found no indication of racial bias. Listen attentively to U.S. commission on Civil Rights attorney Peter Kirsanow relative to the false narrative of the media about white cops targeting black civilians. More than 90% of blacks are killed by other blacks. Where is the outrage, the protesters, the activists, and of course the media? I like all my law enforcement brothers and sisters abhor any loss of life but don’t stir up this false narrative that we are in some way responsible for the ills of society when the only profession that runs toward the shooters, the fires, the screams are the police.

  3. To call people who defend their homes and businesses vigilantes but not to call rioters/looters vigilantes is way above sicker than sick. Martina White is the only same one in this city. I would love to put both Martina White and Helen Gym in a mud wrestling match with Martina literally owning be the soul bc and physique of Helen Gym!

  4. To all those so called "journalists" who stormed out of the Building in solidarity with their favored lowlifes and terrorists.

    A more fitting demonstration would have been to march down to the Vine Street Xway and have taken a knee during Rush Hour Traffic.

    Road Kill would be a great Epitaph for a failed Group of Miscreants.

  5. Let's raise money for Martina White to run for Mayor and to clean out the filth with something much stronger than baked soda. She has enough sass to shut up the most vitriolic black men and black women.


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