Friday, April 17, 2020

Judge Stands Up To D.A.; Protesters Verbally Assault, Harass Her

By Ralph Cipriano

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Common Pleas Court Judge Anne Marie Coyle presided this week over emergency hearings designed to expedite the early release of supposedly non-violent inmates.

The judge was expecting to deal with  small-time criminals in jail for low-level, non-violent offenses.

But the 80 case files brought to Judge Coyle's virtual courtroom over two days included some major heroin dealers, and other convicted criminals jailed for crimes that included arson, aggravated assault, domestic violence and assaults against police officers.

The public defender, with the district attorney's approval, wanted the judge to sign off on group releases. But the judge said, no, we're going case by case. The judge subsequently found that none of the defendants fit the criteria of being small-time criminals jailed for low level and nonviolent crimes. So one by one, the judge denied the releases and ordered all 80 criminals to be kept in jail.

For doing the job she was elected to do, Judge Coyle was attacked by the D.A. and the public defender's office, and vilified by the Inquirer. Finally, after the Inquirer published the judge's photo, a gang of protesters on Wednesday verbally attacked, harassed and tried to spit on the judge as she was escorted by cops to and from the Criminal Justice Center.

Besides the crazed demonstrators she had to wade through, Judge Coyle was up against a dedicated team of social justice warriors.

Let's face it, the public defender's office and D.A. Larry Krasner -- the self-described "public defender with power" -- as well as the Progressive reporters and editors at The Philadelphia Inquirer are all playing on the same team.

They view criminals as the victims of an oppressive criminal justice system that's racist, sexist, etc. So when the coronavirus hit, everybody on the team decided it was a great time to use the health crisis as an excuse to empty the jails.

Standing in the way was Judge Coyle, a former prosecutor for 15 years in the D.A.'s office who's got a reputation among her fans as being a strict but fair judge. The Inquirer, however, did an analysis a while back that found the judge sentenced criminals who had violated the terms of their probation to state prison at a higher rate than any other judge in Philadelphia.

The judge, who carries a heavy case load, explained at the time that this may have been the result of overseeing so many serious cases in a major trials courtroom. But she was marked as an enemy of the people by the Inky's social justice warriors.

On Tuesday, the Inquirer ran a story with the headline, "A Philly judge has denied every inmate's bid to get out of jail amid the coronavirus. Defense lawyers are trying to cut her out of the process."

The story reported that the judge over two days had rejected every bid for early release, and in four cases, had actually increased bail. Now that's what you call moxie!

That prompted the public defender's office to send a letter to the leadership of the First Judicial District to complain about the judge. Amazingly, that email was "obtained by The Inquirer" -- a fancy way of saying it was deliberately leaked -- so the Inky could write another hit piece against the judge on behalf of the coalition of social justice warriors agitating to empty the jails.

According to the email from the public defender, the judge told the lawyers lobbying for early release "that they should be careful what [they] wish for." And then she sent them packing, and kept all their clients in jail.

"We are compelled to reach the unfortunate conclusion that Judge Coyle does not share the understanding reached by all of the stakeholders involved in this extraordinary circumstance," Chief Defender Keir Bradford-Grey wrote in an email that managed to be simultaneously both lofty and condescending.

So yesterday, the public defender's office moved to withdraw another 70 cases before Judge Coyle because they believe it was not in their clients' best interest to argue their cases in front of the judge. It was time for the public defender's office and the D.A. to go judge-shopping for a more pliable jurist, which happens to be illegal, but Larry Krasner won't let that get in the way of his revolution.

So far, according to the Inquirer, the public defender's office has succeeded in releasing 380 prisoners early because of the coronavirus. City officials told the newspaper that one inmate has already died of the disease and that 54 more inmates were infected.

In the Inquirer story, District Attorney Larry Krasner, who's been stonewalling this blog for the past nine months, huffed to his favorite newspaper that he fully supported the public defender's plan to go around Judge Coyle.

"There's not much point in doing all that work and then having every single case rejected," Krasner told his ideological comrades at the Inquirer.

Later that day, the Inquirer updated the story to add Judge Coyle's photo. So the protesters outside the Criminal Justice Center were able to recognize the judge when she was coming to and from court.

Unicorn Riot video posted on Wednesday shows the protesters chanting "Free Our People" as they honked horns and agitated outside the courthouse, accompanied by a couple of coffins with slogans written on them that equated judicial inaction with murder.

On camera, the host of the video yelled at Judge Coyle over blaring car horns, wanting to know if she considered the inmate who died of the coronavirus "blood on your hands."

It didn't matter that the judge wasn't the one who put away the inmate who died.

Protesters screamed at the judge, calling her a racist and a murderer. A few tried to spit on her but missed. They told the judge, who was carrying her King Charles spaniel, that one of the coffins they brought to the demonstration was for her.


One rabid dreadlocked protester, who was interviewed after she appeared on camera screaming at the judge, said, "All they want to do is lock us up and rape us."

OK, so you're certifiable. The next angry protester on camera explained her screaming at the judge by saying, "People are dying and she's playing politics."

Uh no, it's the social justice warriors, led by Larry Krasner, who are playing politics. Their tactics are right out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals," as in never let a crisis go to waste, and "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

After they got through protesting at the courthouse, some lunatic hung a banner over a Schuylkill River expressway tunnel that said "JUDGE COYLE IS A MONSTER." The cops subsequently took it down.

One of the judge's supporters went on Facebook to point out that the judge had actually risked her health by showing up in court while the public defenders and prosecutors made virtual appearances. The prisoners, of course, showed up in court files.

"Anne Marie has never forgotten that she is an elected official who serves the people not the criminals," the supporter wrote, adding, "Krasner you are a POS!!!!!!"


  1. Judge Coyle is the very thin line that separates us from complete anarchy--apparently the goal of the Public Defender with Power.

    1. I have a thin line that's about .44 wide that is my last line of defense.

    2. Judge Coyle did what ALL Judges do serve justice!!! Keep philadelphians protected. Unlike the pdf's office or criminal Larry the bitch can run krasner...and to take her cases is plain old judge shopping...usually the da does this. Find a judge who does what they want right or wrong...where is pa. Supreme court. Allowing criminals to threaten a GOOD JUDGE!!!

  2. When will Judge Coyle announce her Candidacy for DA. She has the resume and backbone to challenge the" peeps candidate" and Darling of the Criminal Underclass, Quaker Cracker Larry.

    This City will have a clear choice and "Hanging Judge Coyle" has the clear mandate from the Taxpaying Oppressed and Victimized Citizens to start cleaning the Cesspool of Civic and Criminal Justice Toxicity that the Inquirer prefers to champion.

  3. Stand your ground Judge Coyle!! You have my utmost respect.

  4. Ralph, Nice read. Is A. Charles Peruto Jr a serious candidate for the DA position?

  5. Not in my book. If you ask me, he's a vaudeville act. Saw him at the Sean Kratz trial and he did a horrible job.

  6. Ralph, has anyone provided a clear explanation for the "stall" in the Federal Trial of Johnny Doc, and his Co-conspirators.

    Do you believe that the Feds underestimated Kenney and his pattern of cooperation in cases such as The Senator's???

    It was Kenney's participation as a source for the Inquirer and the Feds to bring down Vince and perhaps they thought he would play a similar hand with the Doc???

    You would think Ret Police Captain Frank Wallace former Head of Organozed Crime, would have been called in front of the Grand Jury and have been forced to reveal incriminating evidence against Kenney as he did when he served as a back channel to bring Vince down.

    It is anazing that Vince kept Wallace on the payroll for so long, knowing his history as a corrupt cop, that the esteemed Bill Marimow failed to include in his Career Defining Tome of Philadelphia Police Corruption.

  7. Ralph, your readers would enjoy your talent as an Obituary writer, to give your send off of the Mother of one of the Country's most ruthless Media Tycoons and one of the leading jackals in a coup designed to bring down Trump during the World's Worst Crisis of a lifetime.

    The autopsy of Mrs. Roberts would reveal the heart of a Lion and the brain of an Evil Sorceress, who lived beyond the Life of the co-founder of Comcast, Ralph Roberts, but inspired Ralph's and Brian's Ascendancy to a Position of Media Power very few imagined and lived to enjoy the fruits of their dreams.

    How can this woman get a pass to Sainthood without examining her Son and the inherited Fiefdom founded by the Roberts Crime Partnership.

  8. Thanks to Judge Coyle for putting the safety of our community first and not allowing more of these predators back on our streets. I just wish the elected District Attorney took this position, he doesn't understand reality.


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