Friday, March 27, 2020

A Reporter's Rogues Gallery

His Eminence
By Ralph Cipriano

If you're looking for some light reading while under Coronavirus-induced house arrest, I've recently updated It's a virtual rogues gallery of all the lowlifes, hypocrites and scoundrels I've had the pleasure of exposing during a long career in journalism.

Among those prominently featured: the late Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, who presided over a criminal enterprise as archbishop of Philadelphia, and his faithful spinmeister, Brian Tierney, who later went on to own and then bankrupt The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Rufus Seth Williams, our first Philly D.A. to land in jail, is another juicy target, as is Billy Doe, the lying, scheming altar boy.

I've also spotlighted the negligent and corrupt behavior of the board of trustees at Penn State who to this day are still in full cover-up mode, as well as the unscrupulous prosecutors who presided over the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case.

Also singled out for attention: former FBI Director Louie Freeh, who mistook opinions for facts in his $8 million PSU report that he wrote so he could get the NCAA to hire him as their "go-to" scandal investigator.

Of course the newest star of the show is Progressive Larry Krasner, the self-described "public defender with power." Since Krasner, with the help of George Soros's millions, got elected as our latest corrupt Philly D.A., he lets killers and drug dealers out of jail, but twists the law so he can indict cops.

In case you've missed any of the bombshells we've been dropping on Progressive Larry for the past year, I've included a lengthy greatest hits collection under a "big trial series" page on the website.

So if you feel like slumming with some shady characters who so richly deserve what's coming to them, check it out.

Fair warning: none of these stories would have ever been deemed fit to print in the sanitized pages of the Inquirer, as they would have made the Progressive editors there collectively wet their pants.


  1. The Archbishop and his alleged Mistress would certainly have unsettled the Church if that charge was ever brought to light through your reporting or exmamination in trial discovery by your esteemed Counsel the Late Great James Beasley.

    Rosenthal clearly had stood in the way of ever exposing Church Corruption as most defenders of the Rich and Powerful have performed through the Millenia.

    The Great Irony that your case, in particular, exposes is the Hallmark of the Decline of the Church, the Fall of the Inquirer and the Media that protected it, the extreme devaluation of a Corporate Giant to be taken over by a maniacal egotist like Tierney. The loss of faith in the great Institutions that were considered the Bedrock of Civilization.

    That lying scheming slime like Danny Gallagher were able to extort the Church out of millions, that Grand Jury findings were used by the felonious DA Williams to bring down Church Officials who were scapegoats, while there were real sexual deviants at the leadership of the Church who carried on their depraved holier than thou lifestyle and demanded protection from Investigation and Reprisal.

    I doubt that neither You or Gallagher would ever sit down together and enjoy great cigars to share the lessons of emptying the coffers of two corrupt Institutions but thanks for your efforts to continue to educate and remind us of Great Lessons in History.

    Your work on DA Krasner has served to ignite National Interest as was exhibited by US Attorney McSwain when interviewed by Tucker Carlson last evening.

    McSwain should have made the argument that Mayor Kenney and Commissioner Outlaw are complicit in their Web of Misconduct.

    You and McSwain would make great Media Partners to share with the Public the great threat to Public Safety by allowing Krasner to continue his reign of terror.

    Thanks Ralph for your great work and continued pursuit of the Truth.

  2. i don’t see the seth williams stories on the website

  3. Go to:

    He's the fourth headline down.

  4. Ralph, in the years that your Editor Bobo Rosenthal censored your most damning charges against the Archbishop are you prevented by self publishing based on your settlement, and sharing those nuggets of muckraking history??

    When Rosenthal moved on to his next Paper, is there documentation from any other Journalist, that he continued operating in similar Corrupt Ways?

    Now that you have chosen to pursue your career in a fashion that is totally at odds with past and current Inquirer Editors, can you allow us to explore in more detailed fashion, a Complete Insiders Guide to Fake News and HOW and WHY the Inquirer methodically spins the News to meet a Corrupt Agenda.

  5. Ok, let's go point by point.

    1. I haven't held back on the worst parts of my story regarding the paper's censorship and cowardice while covering the archdiocese. The whole story is told in a chapter of a book I wrote about the late Jim Beasley Sr., who was my libel lawyer when I sued the Inquirer.

    The chapter from the book that tells the whole story is posted on this page of my website:

    It's at the bottom of the page, under the headline, "The Inside Story of the Case," from Courtroom Cowboy.

    2. Have no idea what Rosey was up to after he left the Inky. We didn't exactly stay in touch.

    3. Regarding a complete insider's guide to fake news, if you read my postings on the Billy Doe case, and the corruption of Larry Krasner, I'm always pointing out what the Inquirer is up to in their sanitized but relentlessly Progressive view of the news.

    In a nutshell, at the Inky, rather than report the news impartially, they're out to remake society according to their Progressive ideology, which resembles a false religion, or worse, a cult. So that's why they only write and promote certain stories that agree with their ideology, and totally ignore other stories that don't.

    Such as: an alleged sex abuse "victim" such as Billy Doe has to be telling the truth, right? So that's why we ignore the mountain of evidence that proves he's a fraud.

    And: A Progressive D.A. like Larry Krasner is really a reformer, trying to remake a corrupt criminal justice system, right? So that's why we have to support him in the news columns and not report any news that doesn't fit that story line.

  6. Thanks for the insights and references in response to the Question of how you have experienced and understand the ravaging results of Media Bias.

    I wonder if Marimow taught in his Journalism Courses at Arizona State that the responsibility of an Editor is to search for truth and not as he practiced to present his version of events to fit his Agenda.

    In all your years of investigating and reporting Real News, did you ever envision that your humbling experiences have been manipulated to reflect lies that the mandate of a once noble and honest Media should be held accountable when they become part of a conspiracy to lie and defame Journalists in the course of fulfilling an honest exercise of their Profession.

    Why aren't Editors and Reporters held accountable when they publish false and misleading testimony from Secret Grand Jury Findings that are generally manipulated by the Prosecution to fit their, in many instances, Bogus Charges?


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