Saturday, February 29, 2020

Inky Op-Ed Panning D.A. Krasner Cites Big Trial Scoops

In case you missed it, A. Benjamin Mannes, an expert on security and criminal justice reform, wrote an op-ed for The Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday speculating on whether the Philadelphia D.A.'s office could handle a major prosecution like the recent case against Harvey Weinstein.

The headline on the story: "Manhattan's district attorney took down Harvey Weinstein. Could Philly's do the same? Opinion."

Spoiler alert: Mannes has his doubts about whether the office headed up by Progressive Larry Krasner is up to the challenge. That's because Krasner got rid of 31 veteran prosecutors, and runs an office that according to Mannes, seems to "prioritize social justice over criminal justice."

In his critique of Philly's floundering D.A.'s office, Mannes sites two Big Trial scoops -- the first about 18 new assistant district attorneys hired by Krasner flunking the bar exam; the second about the D.A.'s failure to "charge a corrupt pharmacist arrested with $30,000 worth of Xanax." It's amazing the Inky ran the piece.

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  1. I think I have your answer as to why the Inky printed this article, public pressure, when situations become too big to overlook, they have to be dealt with and pronto. The author cites the Harvey Weinsteins trial but Cyrus Vance was forced by public pressure to indict Weinstein.

    Ronan Farrow articles in THE NEW YORKER helped to sway public opinion on Weinstein. Vance declined to prosecute Weinstein but now celebrates the demise of a "vicious sexual predator"


    But Vance did go after the only bank in America that was indicted in the savings and loan crisis, a small family owned bank in Chinatown in New York City,it was said that big banks were too big to jail, hence the name Abacus:Small Enough to Jail, Cyrus Vance plays the villain. You can watch it on FRONTLINE. The documentary was nominated for an Academy Award.

    Vance prosecuted cases he thought he could win until he had no other choice but to take action on cases like Weinstein. As for Krasner, the pharmacists theft seemed like a slam dunk. I am wondering if much like Cyrus Vance the pharmacists or his family make a hefty donation to Krasners re-election campaign?

    Krasner seems to have weaken the office,every DA who look office before Krasner did a house cleaning, but fresh recruits without experience is just dangerous and irresponsible.I also believe Ronald Castille is a crook.

    I could see why Krasner having had working relationships with the DAs office would want to fire people he thought were disingenuous. I can see some of that happening, but we needed more seasoned prosecutors and if lack of experience was a possible reason the pharmacists was not charged then shame on Krasner.

    When the media holds anyone regardless of their status up for scrutiny when they believe a crime has been committed, we are all better for it.Inky reporters draw the line at prosecutors and close their eyes to the damage they cause to families.The well being of the public should be a journalists first concern.

    Not their usual worshiping at the alter of all prosecutors, when corruption is brought to their attention regarding a prosecutor, the Inky reporters are deaf, dumb and blind. If one spoke of similar actions by a politician, it would be a completely different story, We would hear about if for years, no one would be allowed to forget,it would be printed on the politicians tombstone.

    Journalism helped to indict and ultimately convict Weinstein, had there not been an overwhelming pressure, Weinstein would still be sexually harassing women. I believe the Inky can be silent no longer.

    Regarding the power of journalism it boggles my mind that the Inky can run with the prosecutions story and defend it to the death, without knowing a defendants facts.Prosecutors hold all the cards, journalists are rendered powerless, unless they decide what is more important, hopefully its the truth.

    The photo of A. Benjamin Mannes looks like a selfie with Police Officers in the back ground. I need to check this individual out more thoroughly.


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