Monday, January 20, 2020

Detective 'Jake' Details D.A.'s Manipulation Of Officer-Involved Shooting

In the latest episode of "Search Warrant," the cop-hosted podcast, Detective Derrick "Jake" Jacobs of the Philadelphia Police Department explains his conflict with the Philly D.A.'s office over the detective's investigation of an officer-involved shooting.

Jacobs investigated the 2017 fatal shooting of dirt biker David Jones,  by Officer Ryan Pownall. Jones, like Jacobs, is black; Pownall is white.

Jacobs discovered that the dirt biker was armed, and that the officer involved in the shooting was not only defending himself but also witnesses that included two children, so he exonerated Officer Pownall. The D.A.'s office, however, wanted Jacobs to change his story, but Jake is a stubborn guy, as outlined in a recent Big Trial blog post.

"Something political and beyond my pay grade" is how Detective Jacobs described what the D.A.'s office, under Larry Krasner, and ADA Tracy Tripp, wanted to do with the investigation of Officer Pownall. The D.A.'s intention, according to Jacobs, was to engineer a "political hit job" against the officer. To accomplish that, the D.A.'s office had to get a key witness to change his story "to fit their narrative," Jacobs said. They also had to make some grand jury transcripts disappear, as well as manipulate a grand jury investigation "to elicit an indictment," by reaching a false conclusion.

It a story you won't read in the P.C. Inquirer, which is actively covering for a fellow progressive, Comrade Krasner. But the entire explosive podcast starring the courageous "Jake" can be heard here.

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  1. The DA is one who would change the rules of baseball as he is trying to get a judge to change current rules given the use of deadly force by a police officer. Were he to succeed in doing so, Pownall would be royally screwed over and sent to prison for the rest of his life.

    Krasner knows damn well he has no case against Pownall as no jury would find him guilty on the charges. He knows that damn well, yet he won't ask a judge to dismiss the case against Pownall. He won't ask a judge to dismiss the case against Monsignor Lynn

    Time for Krasner to resign from the Bar Association


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