Friday, November 8, 2019

Philly Police Probe Alleged Cheating On Training At D.A.'s Office

'By Ralph Cipriano

The Philadelphia Police Department has launched an internal investigation into whether police officers and detectives in the D.A.'s office cheated during annual training exercises by participating in abbreviated sessions.

On June 3-6, approximately 30 officers and detectives under the direction of Lt. Kenyatta Lee attended daily sessions held at the Philadelphia D.A.'s office, as well as at a conference room located at 1339 Chestnut St., in Philadelphia Municipal Court. Lee was appointed interim Chief County Detective by D.A. Larry Krasner.

The classes, which lasted approximately one hour in length, were part of the required annual training and re-certification of police officers done under the auspices of the Municipal Police Officers' Education & Training Commission.

In contrast to what was going on at the D.A.'s office, however, at the Philadelphia Police Academy, the daily MPO training and certification courses lasted eight hours. One example of the short cuts the Philadelphia police are investigating: at the police academy, according to the schedule, for "CPR & First Aid," the officers "Need Mask." But at the abbreviated CPR classes held at the D.A.'s office, no CPR masks were required.

In response to the allegations, the Philadelphia Police Department was far more forthcoming than the District Attorney's office.

"Thank you for reaching out to us," wrote Capt. Sekou Kinebrew of the Philadelphia Police Department's Office of Media Relations/Public Affairs in an email. "Having now been made aware of the allegation, the Department has initiated an internal investigation. Because the investigation is active we are unable to comment at this time. Thank you again."

"Sincerely, Capt. Sekou Kinebrew."

Over at the D.A.'s office, however, over a period of five days last week, both Lt. Lee and Jane Roh, a spokesperson for Krasner, did not respond to questions about the abbreviated training sessions. In doing so, they continued a recent tradition in that office under Krasner of stonewalling.

But in defense of the D.A., he probably prefers dealing with the Inquirer, where, if a story is too critical, friendly progressive editors oblige by killing the story.

Of the 50 or so officers and detectives assigned to the Philadelphia D.A.'s office, approximately 30 officers and detectives are from the city police department. About 15 detectives assigned to the D.A.'s office are from the county, in addition to six sergeants and one chief. Two of the officers who attended the abbreviated training sessions at the D.A.'s officer are part of Krasner's security detail.

The Philadelphia P.D. may not be the only government agency investigating the D.A.'s office. Anonymous complaints about the abbreviated training sessions have also been made to the state police commissioner and the state attorney general's office. Spokespersons for the state police commissioner and the state attorney general, however, did not respond all last week to requests for comment.

The abbreviated training sessions at the D.A.'s office appeared to have been officially sanctioned.

Back on May 31st, Sgt. Stephen Purcell sent out an email to police officers and detectives in the D.A.'s office, saying, "FYI, Monday we have MPO in the Ray Harley room. Should start at 8:30. Steve."

On June 5th, Purcell sent out another email, saying "FYI The instructor just called me and asked for everyone to be ready for First Aid and CPR tomorrow by 8:30 on the 10th floor."

Masks, of course, weren't required.

For cops, cheating on required annual training classes can have consequences. In 2011, 14 Delaware County police officers and a Chester County cop were fired for allegedly cheating on a routine MPO re-certification class.

Other recent allegations of cheating on police training classes were detailed in a recent sex discrimination lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court by two Philadelphia police officers, Audra McCowan and Jennifer Allen. The lawsuit targets the city of Philadelphia and former Police Commissioner Richard Ross, in addition to several other officers.

The lawsuit alleges that in January, Cpl. McCowan and Officer Allen attended a annual mandatory MPO training class on workplace sexual harassment. According to the lawsuit, Officer Tonetta Dawson borrowed Allen's pen and Allen watched as Dawson "marked officers who were absent as 'present' on the attendance sheet."

According to the lawsuit, Dawson also showed Allen a text message where another sergeant sent along his payroll number, "which Dawson used to sign the attendance sheet and submit a test on his behalf."

According to the lawsuit, Allen also saw that Officer Shawn Hagan, who was signed in, was not in attendance at the training class.

And now the Philadelphia Department is investigating the Philadelphia D.A.'s office to find out if any other officers are guilty of cheating as well. 


  1. Waiting on Ben Waxman to chime in......wait... He know longer works for Krasner. Lol. How did Lee get promoted to LT.? Was another Sgt. Eligible like he was?

  2. You won't run into Bennie here. He confines his character assassination to twitter. But it's good to see that his replacement has continued his fine tradition of hiding under his desk.

  3. We found out how Lee got promoted. He supplied Rufus with the HIDTA Cars that were only supposed to be used for Drug Investigations.Hmmmmm. Lee has alot of explaining to do to Uncle Larry. State Police Investigators and the AG Investigators will be visiting soon rumors are. Mcswain are you listening?

  4. Hey Jane! Something is not QUITE RIGHT! Larry when are you gonna let her speak?

  5. How come your not covering the rappers ( AR AB ) TRIAL , ITS SUPPOSED TO BE A PUBLIC TRIAL BUT ITS BEING HELD IN SECRECY ?

  6. How come your not covering ar abs trial , its the major case in the city

  7. How come your not covering ar abs trial , its the major case in the city

  8. Kenyatta "The Liar" Lee. This guy avoids anything that has to do with questioning him or he pus blame on someone else and takes care of whomever kisses kid butt!!! Let's start with P/O Bonett whom was arrested in Florida yet nothing happens to him. A Fencl award winner gets sent back to the PD after an allegation that started with a third party. A Sgt. That is at the gym in the am on city time! Changing cops hours so he can have the same hours as his fiancee whom works in the same office. Double standards everywhere. Cops allowed to work on holidays yet others are refused.....shall I continue? He blows as a wanna be leader!!

  9. Question. If these officers are currently under investigation why haven't they been removed from current assignments? Isn't that jeopardizing and state or federal investigations? Oh I forgot KrASSner thinks he can do whatever he wants!!!

  10. Two faced Lee. One day he is so far up KrASSners butt then the next day he is trying to play the FOP. Hey Mr. Interim Chief get ready for a wakeup call. There is a reason the office won't comment or you have no comment. Still looking to throw someone under the bus?

  11. PG stop commenting on the story. NOBODY CARES.....

  12. Ralph you Aretha voice for fairness in the city but I’m wondering where you been on the rappers trial ? I get that he’s not of fumos status but a fair trial should of been granted & it was not . So are you out to just get the inky or the truth?????

  13. Was there an outcome to the article?


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