Saturday, November 23, 2019

New Cop-Hosted Podcast Probes Crime, Corruption & Media Bias

"What if everything you thought you knew about the criminal justice system in high-profile criminal cases wasn't true?

"What if the mainstream media was too corrupt and compromised to tell you about it?

"Join a veteran Buffalo city detective, a veteran Canadian Pacific police captain and a veteran NCIS special agent -- along with special guests -- as they dissect the criminal justice system in high profile criminal cases from their perspectives in an unedited podcast focusing on crime, corruption and media bias.

"It's Search Warrant, a new podcast coming right at you."

That's the teaser for a new podcast featuring Tom Purcell, a former Canadian Pacific police captain; Anna Mydlarz, a former undercover Buffalo detective; and John Snedden, a former NCIS special agent.

In Episode One of Search Warrant, the trio discuss a new crop of defense lawyers who have hijacked the criminal justice system by masquerading as District Attorneys, featuring Philly's own Larry Krasner.

In Episode Two, "Headlines Can Be Deceiving," the trio takes a look at the ongoing Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal at Penn State.

Ralph Cipriano of appears in both episodes. In Episode Two, the hosts replay a 10-minute interview Cipriano did last January to explain the scandal behind the scandal at Penn State. The interview was originally broadcast on the Morning Show with Bill and Joel at WDUN 550 AM and 102.9 FM, at North Georgia NewsTalk radio.

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