Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Son Of DROP -- The Triple Dip!

By Ralph Cipriano
for Philadelphia magazine

The first time he "retired from the City of Philadelphia, Ruben David was project director for public safety in the department of property, a job that paid him an annual salary of $83,063. Thanks to Philadelphia's DROP program, which lavishly rewards municipal employees just for showing up during their last years on the job, David left his city gig in 2015 with a parting gift from taxpayers: a lump-sum cash bonus of $268,224, plus an annual pension of $61,320.

But for David, his initial retirement as a public servant was just a prelude to a far more lucrative career as a private contractor. One year after he retired the first time, David took a new position that would eventually pay him more than double his old salary, laboring as a contractor for -- surprise! -- his old employer, the very same City of Philadelphia.

How is that possible? Well, get this -- it's all perfect legal. That's because David (who couldn't be reached for comment for this story) is part of an exclusive club at City Hall we'll call the "triple-dippers." And exactly how many members are in this club is a mystery.

The rest of the story can be read here.


  1. Ralph, now that Kenney is threatening PhillyMag in an effort to silence the incoming laser attacks on his Performance as Mayor, will you take off the gloves and really let this WIMP taste the bare knuckles of an OLD REPORTER'S agile wit and guile unfiltered by 'an IN THE TANK' Editor and Publisher.

  2. Outstanding reporting, Ralph — and appalling and absurd financial malfeasance with taxpayer money.


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