Sunday, March 3, 2019

Former Federal Agent On Attorney General & Louis Freeh: 'Two Politically Motivated, Agenda-Driven & Collusive Reports'


  1. Hopefully soon, Tom Corbett and Frank(the Rat)Fina will be the most hated men in America.

  2. High profile cases are all political, who besides prosecutors or former prosecutors can cause such far-reaching destruction. Only those with authority or political influence over the media would be able to succeed in such a large scale scheme. Much like the Philadelphia Traffic Court case, journalists who did not attend the trial are still spouting the prosecutions edict.

    A recent Inky article suggests that "Only in Philadelphia" could three former Traffic Court Judges run for office. If only the articles headline was "Only in America" can an FBI agent who lied for the prosecution, and was caught lying not make the front page news. "Only in America" can federal prosecutors with the backing of a corrupt former Supreme Court Justice create a case which was not a federal offense, and" Only in American" can journalist from the Inky who did not attend the trial continue to write scathing articles condemning the Traffic Court Judges.

    The Judges were found innocent but sent to prison in the perjury trap game the feds are so expert at playing. It's one of the superpowers the feds have in their arsenal besides being able to indict a ham sandwich, is the much played perjury trap game. One of the Judges went to jail for lying to the lying FBI agent.

    The article goes on to say how the voters of the region voted to disband the court and the General Assembly shut down the court in a bipartisan move, much like the hysteria of Penn State what choice did voters or jurors have, voting with erroneous information that was feed to reporters by the prosecutors to advance their scheme. The reoccurring theme in all these cases is the absolute power these well-connected individuals have over public opinion and human life.

    Journalists who write so vehemently supporting the accusations of prosecutors, who have so much to gain politically and personally in settling an old vendetta, should realize they too were part of the entire scheme to defraud. When suggesting they got it wrong and were dupped, the banner of fighting corruption is waved by journalists who can't believe that a former governor, or retired Supreme Court Justice would have anything to do with corruption. With a little investigative reporting, the corruption would have been uncovered.

    Once again, Ralph Cipriano has dug deep to uncover these findings and share them with bigtrial readers, who are now enlightened. No matter how many times a lie is told it's still a lie, regardless of what mainstream media outlet is standing behind their "facts' and waving the banner of fighting corruption, a lie is still a lie. Good Luck to all.


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