Saturday, September 15, 2018

Philly's Looming DROP Apocalypse

By Ralph Cipriano

He was the only son of the Big Bambino, but even that couldn't save him from the political firestorm over DROP.

Seven years ago, Frank "Franny" Rizzo Jr. was one of a half-dozen incumbent City Council members who -- under the city's extravagantly generous Deferred Retirement Option Plan, or DROP -- were eligible to "retire" for a day at the end of their terms, collect six-figure cash bonuses, and then, upon winning reelection (and making a quick trip to the bank), go right back to work the next day.

This being Philadelphia, it was all completely legal.

The rest of the story in Philadelphia magazine can be read here.

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  1. Two weeks after this blockbuster story that nobody commented on and brought the Lord of Rittenhouse Sq. Condos to ride your coattails. You may be able to make him as famous as Vince if you were commissioned to write his Bio. I'm sure that PhillyRag would salivate over anything Domb.

    Wish you would write a review on the most riveting testimony of the Senate Judiciary Hearing for Kavanaugh. What was presented has to make legal history for the contempt displayed by Senate Democrats to denigrate jurisprudence and political decency.


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